Deadpool - Funny Moments

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Deadpool - Funny Moments
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  • chole vanhing
    chole vanhing 8 hours ago


  • Miranda Rausch
    Miranda Rausch 19 hours ago +1

    2:19 peekaboo

  • rilla
    rilla Day ago +1

    *Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, Wade Wilson, Vladimir Putin*

    and Ryan Reynolds is in the group under that and a lot of other names

  • the hunter
    the hunter 2 days ago

    4:12 wtf

  • Cabello _____
    Cabello _____ 2 days ago

    Why don't deadpool join the avengers ?

  • mason deeks
    mason deeks 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that see's a Johnny cage in Ryan Reynolds

  • Adonis Berry Goat
    Adonis Berry Goat 5 days ago +1

    Muhterfucker hahaha he said muatherfucker

  • Paradoxx_Zay
    Paradoxx_Zay 5 days ago

    Might as well just upload the whole movie lmao

  • Dayday 6297
    Dayday 6297 6 days ago +1

    I've never seen the movie, I want to, but my parents would never let me TwT

    • Mymy648
      Mymy648 3 days ago

      Well, if you can't watch this. You could watch the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2. It's called "Once Upon A Deadpool".

  • Logan Dunkley
    Logan Dunkley 7 days ago

    *punches colossus in testicle 's* DAD??

  • Fatemeh Mir
    Fatemeh Mir 9 days ago

    Deadpool isnt a movie he is a comic book francise

  • The big 21 The big 21

    Only Ryan Reynolds should be able to be Deadpool. He’s perfect for the character 🤣

  • Kanyon Bair
    Kanyon Bair 11 days ago

    it's fur kanyon spell eye movie

  • Sturdy_ Reese
    Sturdy_ Reese 12 days ago

    This shity video

  • Stanley Shady
    Stanley Shady 12 days ago

    Lets take a moment to all thank Ryan Reynolds for these Deadpool movies... Not only was he born to play and voice him, He tried for years to make this movie and finally did.

  • TheFinessedTea
    TheFinessedTea 12 days ago

    when me and my friend is together (hanging out) we make dead pool

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 13 days ago

    Stupid butch on her phone in the middle of a fight... 🙄

  • That one asshole no one likes. At all.

    F r e n c i?

  • Whiffymonkey 256
    Whiffymonkey 256 15 days ago


  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time 15 days ago

    Deadpool the best superhero ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Antony Dribinskiy
    Antony Dribinskiy 15 days ago +2

    6:41 she's. not thicc.

  • jeffery morago
    jeffery morago 15 days ago

    Every time I see her its like the first time
    Especially form this angel

  • Antony Dribinskiy
    Antony Dribinskiy 15 days ago

    him landing on the truck now makes me think that he's the one with the lucky powers...

  • Antony Dribinskiy
    Antony Dribinskiy 15 days ago

    And maybe more people admire the jokes he makes in the movie instead of all the action scenes

    which are also a part of the movie, basically everything that it's about...

  • Antony Dribinskiy
    Antony Dribinskiy 15 days ago +1

    0:26 Deadpool is actually the one who has something up his sleeve

  • Antony Dribinskiy
    Antony Dribinskiy 15 days ago

    0:01 yeah he makes like every possible sex joke in the entire movie...

  • YouTube Fan
    YouTube Fan 15 days ago

    "Ripley! From Alien 3!"
    "F*ck, you're old."

  • Stricko
    Stricko 18 days ago

    TJ Miller in 2016: Wade Wilson

    TJ Miller in 2018: Wade Owen Watts

  • Dirty Duck
    Dirty Duck 19 days ago

    Have you noticed how the only people who like the humour are ten year old kids.

  • Zise Riluo
    Zise Riluo 19 days ago +1

    If Deadpool skinned himself, wouldn't the skin just grow back with no scarring?

  • Zulfa Uwase
    Zulfa Uwase 19 days ago

    Really dumb

  • khosoo buinjargal
    khosoo buinjargal 20 days ago

    bull shit

  • Dan Mitch
    Dan Mitch 20 days ago +1

    Not funny

  • Tin Tuđan
    Tin Tuđan 21 day ago

    Piip is dedman dedpool is here is ded 2 and jou ded dedpool is crazy is jou

  • NiteFlite 6
    NiteFlite 6 21 day ago +1

    9:01, DP's one cool scene

  • bubblybaby_yoda
    bubblybaby_yoda 22 days ago +5

    “Love is blind wade.” “𝗻𝗼, 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗱."

  • Shades of Cinema
    Shades of Cinema 22 days ago

    Check out this Deadpool trailer as it was directed by awesome Tony Scott ->

  • Mikasa Kw 13
    Mikasa Kw 13 23 days ago

    Deadpool please date me-

  • Tashi And friends
    Tashi And friends 25 days ago +2

    9:09 is my favourite bit

  • Amel Kurjakovic
    Amel Kurjakovic 26 days ago

    Deadpool: *touches his private*
    Deadpool 2nd line: Dad? *in a very childish way*
    Colossus: FU** NO!

  • Justin
    Justin 26 days ago

    Hey anyone saw this in a drve-in theater in the 70s before Jurassic park lol

  • DC and Marvel
    DC and Marvel 26 days ago

    Deadpool is my idol.

  • Jhoan Palapar
    Jhoan Palapar 26 days ago

    I think deadpool said lots of bad words

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    I would take a bullet for him °^°

  • Doomer •
    Doomer • Month ago +1

    There's one ability missing on deadpool

  • -Toby-
    -Toby- Month ago +13

    The whole theater cried in laughter, when this movie was released. Good memories.

  • Shy
    Shy Month ago +1

    You are about to be killed by a zamboni

  • Shy
    Shy Month ago +8

    “I never carry a wallet when I’m working ruins the linings if my suit” ima use that and see if it works

  • Ellie Harris
    Ellie Harris Month ago +2

    Deadpool funny moments- someone plays the whole movie

  • Rafael Cabrera
    Rafael Cabrera Month ago

    Wait what dad oh hii

  • Xx_dartboi_Xx Dart
    Xx_dartboi_Xx Dart Month ago

    Is it just me or when he’s not wearing a mask does he remind anyone of Freddy Kruger

  • Still Chill
    Still Chill Month ago +4

    He is made it of metal so is that even possible that he has a 😬😬

  • Alex Joseph
    Alex Joseph Month ago +6

    8:20 I mean Gina is beautiful af

  • Ashura The Phoenix Fury

    Deadpool is my favourite anti hero

  • Kyle Jonze
    Kyle Jonze Month ago

    Is it just me or does Francis look like the Victor skin on pubg Mobile

  • GS- Vlogs and Games

    What song is that

    • Anson Anson1709
      Anson Anson1709 Month ago +2

      Patsgirl23 X gon give it to ya

    • GS- Vlogs and Games
      GS- Vlogs and Games Month ago +1

      Patsgirl23 that’s all I needed to know

    • Patsgirl23
      Patsgirl23 Month ago

      GS- Vlogs and Games it’s by DMX I can’t remember the name though

  • Pemchui Keishing
    Pemchui Keishing Month ago +4

    Dead pool never die lol

  • Tina Sun
    Tina Sun Month ago +1


  • rima stungyte
    rima stungyte Month ago +1

    My mom wouldn't let me watch the movie with her >:(

  • Ana Rocha
    Ana Rocha Month ago +1

    Se o Mamonas Assassinas estivessem vivos, estariam no filme do Deadpool