David Harbour & Kyle MacLachlan - Full Actors on Actors Conversation


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  • WigglesEnthusiast
    WigglesEnthusiast 8 days ago

    From 16:40 David Harbour adequately describes living with social fear. Unfortunately it doesn't wear off.

  • Adda Ada
    Adda Ada 27 days ago

    my ttoo favourite shows.
    Twin peaks and stranger things 🔥

  • Masked Movie Man
    Masked Movie Man Month ago

    Season three of Twin Peaks was the best season of any show of all time IMO. Kyle is a brilliant actor, criminally underrated.

  • Cruz Valentino
    Cruz Valentino Month ago

    Great actors love both thier work dune and black mass

  • wildsmiley
    wildsmiley 2 months ago

    I want to see Cooper and Hopper sit down for some coffee and contemplation then go solve bizarre, mysterious crimes together.

  • Kelsey Robinson
    Kelsey Robinson 2 months ago

    This whole interview is amazing but I also love and appreciate that both of them--these two men over 40 from non social media generations--are appreciative of the cultural impact of social media and the fact that being able to compose a funny enough or poetic enough post can be skillful in and of itself.

  • Dia Dahl
    Dia Dahl 2 months ago

    My two favorite actors from my two favorite shows ever 😁👍

  • Madzlick Chinatown
    Madzlick Chinatown 3 months ago

    Two great actors from two similar great franchises interviewing each other, it's a match made in heaven.

  • Stein Ove
    Stein Ove 3 months ago

    David Lynch is fantastic!

  • Maalik Rahim
    Maalik Rahim 3 months ago

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

  • Vru Patel
    Vru Patel 3 months ago +1

    Kyle MacLachlan carries himself with such grace, and humility.

  • TheValeyard92
    TheValeyard92 4 months ago +1

    Cooper and Hopper, together at last!
    Now let's get Mulder in on this and we have the best spinoff ever.

  • Александр Евстюгов

    Guys, you need to use the make-my-logo-bigger cream more generously.
    You've only applied it to one half of the screen so far.
    And also, maybe get rid of the actors. They are quite distracting.

  • Matthew Barnhart
    Matthew Barnhart 4 months ago

    Looks like 13 people didn't have a damn fine cup of coffee this morning...

  • thefatman69fude
    thefatman69fude 5 months ago

    I could watch these two talk all day.

  • Дарья Мазовка

    Actors on Actors is one of the greatest and the most interesting things that have ever been created. Two clever, talented, real people, professionals, just sit there and talk about what they wanna know about one another, share their experiences. Just brilliant. Thank you, Variety for letting Conversations like this happen.

  • Amparo Narbona
    Amparo Narbona 5 months ago

    Best crossover ever!!

  • phycofox858
    phycofox858 5 months ago

    That's a Damn Fine Eggo Waffle

  • aloisbokowski
    aloisbokowski 5 months ago

    This is brilliant

  • Carlos Saraiva
    Carlos Saraiva 5 months ago

    I think the daddy of all cult shows where people were passionate has got to be Star Trek The Original Series.

  • Robert Paul Simpson
    Robert Paul Simpson 5 months ago +3

    Anytime someone compliments David I want to cry.

  • Gaia Hasadream
    Gaia Hasadream 6 months ago

    I shot a tribute video toTwin Peaks. Is the only video on my channel so far. But I'm working on 7 new "episodes". I put so much efforts in it, and I can say that is the only project I really completed in my life, I'm very proud of it. Check it out if you are TP fan 😉 You'll probably enjoy it! 🦉 ☕ 🌲

  • JDela10
    JDela10 6 months ago +5

    I think the best compliment you can pay David Harbour is that if you pay attention to his work on ST, he makes the actors around him better. So many of his co-stars strongest performances are with him. Millie Bobby Brown got an Emmy nomination for Season 2 and her best scenes were by far those with David Harbour. He has incredible chemistry with Winona which was apparently evident from the first scenes they ever shot for it (at the police station). He's one of those actors that others seem to get energy from.
    I see a lot of comments about him coming across as pretentious. I kind of understand that since he does seem to dominate conversations at times. However, I think the man just geeks the hell out when it comes to acting. It's his whole life, from when he was very young all he wanted to do was acting so that sent him on many different paths as he pursued it. He clearly isn't all that happy with most of his work too and he talked about how he was convinced at one point that Hollywood was pretty much done with him and he would be that guy you see in the background in a lot of movies and shows. However, ST came along at the perfect time because his attitude had changed. He even pushed back on character traits of Hopper that he felt weren't right. The reason Hopper wears that hat, for example, is down to him. They even asked him when he was auditioning, "hey let's try it without the hat!" and he said, "No, I'm good!" LOL. He was at a point where he realized doing exactly as he was told all the time was keeping him in supporting and background roles I guess.
    He clearly studied acting. He studied all of his heroes and tried to pin down his own methods etc. and I get the feeling he is still trying to do so and may never stop doing that. Kyle seems a lot more comfortable and at ease with it, David strikes me as the kind of guy who has to obsess over it because he has tremendous doubts about himself. That's not a bad thing though, plenty of people who create have talked about that nagging internal feeling that one day they will be "found out". It's what keeps them at their best.

    SUPERMEDIABROTHERS6 6 months ago

    I love Twin Peaks. But it's not the first cult show. Not when Star Trek exists

  • Nelson Chubby
    Nelson Chubby 6 months ago


  • Lucas Vidal
    Lucas Vidal 7 months ago

    David Harbour is the modern day Tom Selleck.

  • Daniel Duran
    Daniel Duran 7 months ago +1

    Mornings are for damn fine coffee and contemplation.

  • Suzie Park
    Suzie Park 7 months ago +2

    Whoever that dumpling is he called kyle out for being older than him but I think kyle looks a little younger and definitely better

  • Craig Morgan
    Craig Morgan 7 months ago

    I love this format you always get a dumbass reporter who asks stupid questions but actors like this know the industry inside out and ask really interesting questions :)

  • ElsaWhoaa
    ElsaWhoaa 7 months ago +1

    David Harbour is a lazy, unintelligent interviewer

  • darkgaze
    darkgaze 7 months ago

    There's no EGO here. Just people talking seriously about how they enjoy they work and admire each other. This is not very typical in actors and I enjoyed this interview a lot.

  • pancelticpiper
    pancelticpiper 7 months ago

    This is easily the best actor interview I have ever seen. I've watched a number of David Harbour interviews and he makes any interviewer look good, because Harbour is so thoughtful and articulate. MacLachlan takes it to a far higher level! He might be the best interviewer ever. He LISTENS and he relates to his own experiences, which are vast. It's pure magic, these two intelligent well-spoken empathetic acting veterans.

  • Guilherme Garcia
    Guilherme Garcia 7 months ago +13

    Kyle is the proof that coffee is medicine! The guy doesn't age

  • Davis Lestenger
    Davis Lestenger 7 months ago

    Very Interesting for both of them. Do they work on a role with a coach? Anybody know.

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 7 months ago +15

    No one can bring it like Kyle MacLachlan. Playing five characters in season 3 fucking flawlessly. One of the best ever.

  • Corissa Dorethy
    Corissa Dorethy 7 months ago +2

    This was a compelling conversation. They played well off of one another. I was captivated by them.

  • Софья Акишева


  • Rylan Woodrow
    Rylan Woodrow 7 months ago

    Damn, the bit at 16:40 sure hits close to home. I spend much of my time alone, and definitely live in that zone of alien discomfort often. *THE FEELS*

  • Aaron Simmonds
    Aaron Simmonds 7 months ago

    Kyle MacLachlan sounds a little like Woody harrelson(?)

  • Dalton Johnson
    Dalton Johnson 7 months ago +8

    Kyle is a treasure

  • Tim C
    Tim C 7 months ago +6

    Cheif Hopper and Agent Cooper. Now that would be awesome if Coop came to investigate Hawkins

    • Eleonora Branchesi
      Eleonora Branchesi 5 months ago

      ... to find a framed picture of Don Davis casually hanging on some wall inside the Department of Energy labs building. aw.

  • Z LA
    Z LA 7 months ago +39

    "Jesus, you look good!"
    "Thank you, it takes a village"

  • agresticumbra
    agresticumbra 7 months ago +10

    Shared this over on Kyle’s IG post about this conversation. David mentioned how people tend to love the messier, grosser parts of ourselves more. It caused me to think of a quote from Guillermo Del Toro, "...perfection is unattainable. Perfection is a conceit. Perfection actually lies in fully loving the defect. I think that's perfection. It's like what the guy says in Hellboy, he says, 'We like people for their qualities; we love them for their defects.' It's true in life. It's the same."

  • Madsf Jaada
    Madsf Jaada 7 months ago +7

    Twin Things

  • Deacon
    Deacon 7 months ago

    more like David Harbour on kale

  • search/local HTX YouTube

    They were both 'going through orchards?' A. For real, Kyle? B. How does that idyllic (likely fictionalized) childhood produce a David Lynch? I'm not buying it MacLachlan.

  • Timothy Hale
    Timothy Hale 7 months ago +5

    One of my favorite pairings for this show. I don't get all the hate for David Harbour. I agree he does talk a little much, but I think he's pretty cool and insightful.

  • apachedisco
    apachedisco 7 months ago

    IF you are into "this means this" Daves shoes tell me he has an amazing penis.

  • ThePharcydePhreak
    ThePharcydePhreak 8 months ago

    at 16:34 I've never related more to anything in my life

  • beflygelt
    beflygelt 8 months ago +2

    Comparing Stranger Things to Twin Peaks is blasphemic

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 8 months ago +7

    whoever's idea this actors on actors series was a goddamn genius! never even knew what variety was before these. these are amazing

  • 4705chelsea
    4705chelsea 8 months ago +2

    David Harbour has done AMAZING movies. I personally feel he should be in leading roles. He was sensational in Revolutionary Road...wish he had more scenes and dialogue. He should be in a romantic movie with Kate Winslet...they have great chemistry. I feel he is so underrated in Revolutionary Road...he's like an onion...he has SO many layers. Kyle MacLachlan in SITC as Charlotte's husband, Tray...he was quite darling in that...liked them as a couple. He's a good actor.

  • Jenn F
    Jenn F 8 months ago +18

    that could've easily have gone another 30 minutes and continued to be substantial and interesting.

  • Shuvankar Chakraborty
    Shuvankar Chakraborty 8 months ago +7

    When two actors talk, the one who talks more is the lesser actor. They are clearly more into talking than acting.

  • Bob Black
    Bob Black 8 months ago +27

    This is the best one, hands down. I've never heard someone be able to get one of David Lynch's ensemble players or himself to explain how he gets the performances. Because it is so stylized. Now I understand the Tarantino method more as well. It's not necessarily that the actor is that intuitive, it's the director knowing how to get the performance out of them. You can tell they truly respected each other's work. There was no sense of obligatory questions. Both really engaged. So good!

  • InfiniteCyclus
    InfiniteCyclus 8 months ago +3

    David Harbour roll in stranger things is incredibly sympathetic.. Indeed the rock of that show..

  • rocket science shorts
    rocket science shorts 8 months ago

    love this talk - so many golden nuggets to pick up.

  • dannydinosaur73
    dannydinosaur73 8 months ago +16

    6:14 Agent Cooper goes in for some damn good coffee!

  • Ju Bean
    Ju Bean 8 months ago

    I'm from the same town as Maclachlan.. don't know how he came out the way he did so elegant and the definition of a gentlemen when yakima is such a rough ugly place.. so many dumb ugly people from here.

  • Brandon Letkeman
    Brandon Letkeman 8 months ago +5

    "An understanding of his (Lynch) point of view" That puts him in a very unique position

  • Sam Burgess
    Sam Burgess 8 months ago +2

    This is an amazing, enriching conversation.

  • Olle Henriksson
    Olle Henriksson 8 months ago +5

    Kyle McLaughlin is what I imagine is inside my brain.

  • Sam Warren
    Sam Warren 8 months ago +44

    I'm now imagining what Stranger Things would be like if Agent Cooper took over the role of Hopper.

  • Fick Nitz
    Fick Nitz 8 months ago +4


  • 78deathface
    78deathface 8 months ago +150

    God, I love Kyle McLachlan.

    • J Dog
      J Dog 3 months ago +1

      Yes he is awesome! He is. SPC. Agent Dale Cooper!

    • Robert Wood
      Robert Wood 3 months ago +1

      Yes he's fucking amazing

  • rob slover
    rob slover 8 months ago +16

    comparing twin peaks to stranger things is absurd the later being a nostalgia kick for aging new parents who were kids in the 80's and the former a legit work of art.

    • Talib Hassan
      Talib Hassan 4 months ago

      Great fan of lynch and twin peaks but stranger things is hit among all generations. It has a great entertainment value.

    • Alexandra Fitzpatrick
      Alexandra Fitzpatrick 8 months ago +2

      i do enjoy stranger things, but you're completely right. twin peaks is completely unlike anything else and paved the way for so many other shows . Lynch is on a completely different level than his contemporaries

    • Evan Martin
      Evan Martin 8 months ago +1

      Yeah man, it's a great read so far. Mark Frost is an excellent author. I haven't quite got to the section on Jack Parsons, Crowley & L. Ron Hubbard yet, but from different videos I've watched on TheXvid, basically what I heard, is that when the real Trinity Atom Bomb happened, Jack Parsons, Crowley & Hubbard all believed that setting off the bomb, would basically open up a portal to another dimension that would allow a demonic entity that goes by the name of "Mother Scarlett" to come threw to our World. And they wanted this Mother Scarlett entity to find Satan, and give birth to the Anti-Christ. Whether they were successful with this plan or not, who knows. But it's pretty damn cool that Lynch & Frost symbolized this whole thing, almost down to a tee on Twin Peaks: The Return. Also, another interesting fact I heard, is that Bruce Dern (Laura Dern's father) wrote an autobiography on his life, and apparently, he traveled threw the Bermuda Triangle, or at least close to it, and he saw a spiral portal open up in the sky. I haven't read the book yet, but I'm guessing he must have talked to Lynch or Frost about it at some point. Maybe that's what inspired them to put the portals in the sky that lead to the White Lodge & The Dutchman's. And yeah man, I've been meaning to watch David Lynch's documentary. I'm really curious to see David Lynch's artistic process. And to learn more about T.M. I love all of his movies. Fire Walk With Me, Mulholland Dr. & Lost Highway are all incredible. I'll definitely check out the 2 classic films you mentioned too. They sound pretty cool.

    • rob slover
      rob slover 8 months ago +2

      fuck ya man! jack parsons, crowley, native myth surrounding the lodges,mark frost has an interesting brain for compelling storytelling, and lynch on the other side of the coin messmerizing and terrifying with his filmed "paintings" the new doc on david lynch is definitely worth watching. from i think 1961 "the innocents" film is heavy, but awesome.

    • Evan Martin
      Evan Martin 8 months ago +2

      rob slover Thanks man. I'll definitely have to check out 'Picnic At Hanging Rock'. I haven't heard of it yet, but if it's got similarities to Twin Peaks, than I'll probably love it. And yes! Funny that you mention the Mark Frost books, because I literally just bought 'The Secret History Of Twin Peaks' from the bookstore last week. I'm 60 something pages in so far, and it's a great book from what I've read so far. I love the fact that it ties Jack Parsons, Alister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, Freemasonary, Native American history & different topics like that into it. As soon as I finish this book, I'll definitely pick up The Final Dossier.

  • Comiendo Piedras
    Comiendo Piedras 8 months ago +163

    stranger peaks

    • J Dog
      J Dog 3 months ago

      No no its a song mash up, listen to it. Its amazingly awesome!!!!!!!

    • Félix Bergeron
      Félix Bergeron 6 months ago +2

      strange twinks

    • Madsf Jaada
      Madsf Jaada 7 months ago +10

      Twin Things

    • spiders spider
      spiders spider 7 months ago +2

      would watch

    • Las W
      Las W 8 months ago +10

      what a show haha

  • stockavuryah
    stockavuryah 8 months ago +11

    reminder that shutterstock sued google to remove the "view image" button and that's why it disappeared

  • bobbyfan418
    bobbyfan418 8 months ago +4

    David Harbour is my new favorite actor. My tops are Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, and Denzel.

  • balebooper
    balebooper 8 months ago +26

    my special agent

  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear 8 months ago +2

    This is soooooo interesting!!!!!!

  • Ronnie James Osbourne
    Ronnie James Osbourne 8 months ago +49

    David Harbour's mannerisms remind me
    of Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Almost Famous."

    • Haut Strange
      Haut Strange 5 months ago +1

      Ronnie James Osbourne Forgot about that! Agreed. He played Lester Bangs I think?

    • spiders spider
      spiders spider 7 months ago +2

      I would definitely like to see that!!!

    • spiders spider
      spiders spider 7 months ago +2

      This is omg yes!

    • Tory Johnson
      Tory Johnson 8 months ago +1

      mind blown

    • Jim Barton
      Jim Barton 8 months ago +4

      That occurred to me, too--that he might play him in a biopic.

  • Mateus Claudino
    Mateus Claudino 8 months ago +82

    Cooper and Hopper

  • Mateus Claudino
    Mateus Claudino 8 months ago +6

    Cooper and Hopper

  • Evasive Maneuver
    Evasive Maneuver 8 months ago +15

    Fear Is The Mind killer

  • Modupe Adio
    Modupe Adio 8 months ago +94

    Really happy to see my fathers together.

    • Haut Strange
      Haut Strange 5 months ago

      Modupe Adio lmao and you’re my dad 😗

  • Linda P Golan
    Linda P Golan 8 months ago +11

    Original cult show - Star Trek

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k 8 months ago +4

    Hellboy vs. Orson

    ANNA ROSE 8 months ago +63

    I could listen to David Harbour for hours !😍Great interview !

      ANNA ROSE 7 months ago +1

      DJD &c. 😁😁Right !

    • DJD &c.
      DJD &c. 7 months ago +2

      How does a vid like this get any downvotes? Like, you don't agree with their methods or insight or experiences or . . What?

  • Ana Carolina Vallarino
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  • Brown Bunny Meli
    Brown Bunny Meli 8 months ago +5

    WOW FAVES 😭💖

  • Nehir Akın
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  • Andreas Nordvall
    Andreas Nordvall 8 months ago

    That is a BITCHIN' cup o coffee!

  • Gerardo Ruybal
    Gerardo Ruybal 8 months ago +7

    I think the audio on Kyle MacLachlan's cut aways are echoing and distorted

    • Toxic Inferno
      Toxic Inferno 7 months ago +2

      Gerardo Ruybal it was taken from the red room

  • Jeho Do Carmo
    Jeho Do Carmo 8 months ago +70

    I feel Kyle is on a whole other level intellectually above David.

    • Stevie fan
      Stevie fan 4 months ago +1

      Giorgi Nemsitsveridze Thanks for the astrological info, now I understand the “different levels of sophistication” perceived by others but is just their personality.

    • Amparo Narbona
      Amparo Narbona 5 months ago

      +Giorgi Nemsitsveridze Amen

    • Giorgi Nemsitsveridze
      Giorgi Nemsitsveridze 7 months ago +3

      Well, Kyle is very calm and delicate as Pisces mostly are and David is a fiery Aries.
      You can clearly see they have a different aura, but please don't compare people like that, we don't need to know who's smarter or nicer, because this video is not about intellectual competition at all.
      Why not just complement both? They're both smart and great actors enjoying each-other's company.

    • Jerry The Ferret
      Jerry The Ferret 7 months ago

      6:29. Did you people watch the video?

    • Melissa Cameron
      Melissa Cameron 7 months ago +5

      I get what you mean by that. Kyle seems like a more quietly cerebral person. I think David Harbour is intelligent - an articulate person. David is more brawn and as others have said, some pretense there...prideful. Nothing wrong with some machismo (us ladies like it anyways lol) but a person can get in trouble w/pride and pretense. It's the ego getting in the way, a diamond in the rough as ppl used to say. The age difference is notable. A 59 year old like Kyle may be more humbled by life and experience than someone like David's and my age (I'm also 43). If David could chip away at that ego, I"m betting his acting would be even more meaty. I like both actors though. Good interview.

  • Burrito Gamer
    Burrito Gamer 8 months ago +139

    This is the crossover I always wanted holyyyy shit!!! Finally, and a great conversation as well. They both have such interesting things to say in every interview

  • SwimmingRobot
    SwimmingRobot 8 months ago +19

    you should get Nick Robinson and Ansel Elgort

    • Las W
      Las W 8 months ago

      SwimmingRobot hey, I like Ansel! Met the dude for a minute at the Baby Driver premier in Kuala Lumpur and he seemed real down to earth. Despite being pretty damn tall ha

    • SwimmingRobot
      SwimmingRobot 8 months ago +1

      Las Wijayatilake that’s true. Idk it was just a suggestion.

    • Las W
      Las W 8 months ago

      SwimmingRobot yeah I guess when you're nominated for an Oscar, there's an added focus on you and your career. Those other two young men have no such accolades.

    • freja201
      freja201 8 months ago +2

      These interviews are for campaigning for award shows. Ansel and Nick have no roles to be campaigning for.

    • SwimmingRobot
      SwimmingRobot 8 months ago +1

      Las Wijayatilake I mean, I see your point. But it’d be interesting to hear the perspective of younger actors too. Plus, Timothee Chalamet was on here and he’s only 22 which is the same age of Nick Robinson.

  • Tassiana Marques
    Tassiana Marques 8 months ago +7

    This channel isn't uploaded subtitles yet? I'm brazilian and want translate for my language :/

    • Tassiana Marques
      Tassiana Marques 8 months ago

      Generalíssimo se nao sabe o que comentar cai fora do meu comentário.

    • Tassiana Marques
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    • Generalissimo
      Generalissimo 8 months ago

      Aw boo hoo

    • Tassiana Marques
      Tassiana Marques 8 months ago

      Mas tabm tem a opção do canal liberar certo? Ou é só por meio de usuários...? na verdade eu nao gosto de ter que aprender mesmo sendo necessário. Nao falar com ele seria um problema? ta pode até ser mas nao entendi mt bem essa sua forma de ajuda... to procurando aprende nessas pequenas coisas... eu só queria ver a entrevista... td demanda mt tempo, e se fosse mais facil, tem tanta coisa pra aprende e eu aqui... mas né (:

    • Lucas Stamper
      Lucas Stamper 8 months ago +1

      Hi! I'm Brazilian too. Unfortunately, this video does not accept subtitles from users, otherwise, I would translate it to you.
      Keep learning English. It's very important. Just think; you couldn't talk to David Harbour in real life (I presume you like him) since you don't know English. Keep learning and a world will open up to you.
      Cheers :)