JL Collins: "The Simple Path to Wealth" | Talks at Google

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • Author and financial blogger JL Collins brings his refreshingly unique and approachable take on investing to Google.
    The author of "The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life", JL offers easy-to-understand, effective tips and resources to understand investing with confidence.
    In this interview with Googler Rachel Smith, JL Collins discusses money and investing, including: how to think about money and investing to build wealth, how to avoid debt, how to simplify the world of 401(k), 403(b), TSP, IRA and Roth accounts, TRFs (Target Retirement Funds), HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions).
    He also talks about what the stock market really is and how it really works, How to invest in a raging bull, or bear, market, and specific investments to implement financial strategies.
    Learn more at jlcollinsnh.com or get the book here: goo.gl/bvWZLq
    Moderated by Rachel Smith.

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  • Ired Ashenvale
    Ired Ashenvale Day ago

    Still this home bias around us market. If it worked in the past doesnt mean it will work forever.

  • Eliot Sagor
    Eliot Sagor 2 days ago +1

    JL Collins: "I don't like dollar cost averaging"

    Also JL Collins: "when the market drops you should celebrate because the 1,000 or $10K or whatever you are putting in this month is on sale and I'm getting more shares than I would have otherwise"

    That exactly describes what dollar cost averaging is and why it is recommended.

  • D Keo
    D Keo 5 days ago +4

    His book should be required to be read in high schools.

  • Arnab Bhattacharya
    Arnab Bhattacharya 8 days ago

    So simple yet so effective if followed

  • meetube2
    meetube2 11 days ago +2

    Hello JLC,
    You are doing a great job in helping so many like me who are novices in investing. Your talk at Google and blogs are convincing me everyday to buy and invest in total stock market index fund. I'm a little late into the game however, I'm 38 and haven't invested in any so far.
    Couple of questions: is it good idea to invest lump sum say like 50k now into total stock index fund and plan to leave it untouched for say 10 years?
    If I keep adding to the pot, would compound interest math still work in multiplying funds over the years? I think if I withdraw any funds from the index fund I'd get hit with penalty...
    Thanks again!

  • Ridvan Amrilda
    Ridvan Amrilda 14 days ago

    great book / great content
    listened to the audio a few times.
    is there any similar books / webinars for Uk audience ?
    thanks in advance

  • Marat Tolgambayev
    Marat Tolgambayev 20 days ago

    What a beautiful moderator

  • Atlanta718
    Atlanta718 21 day ago

    Biggest mistakes when investing
    1. Pick stocks
    2. Pick active investors
    3. Try to time the market, no one knows or can predict it
    Index funds are great
    Don't touch it
    Lose up gains not avoid losses
    Delay risks
    The best time to invest is yesterday and the next time is today
    Key takeaways
    1. Educate yourself
    2. Accept the fact the market is volatile, don't panic, stay the course
    Wealth accumulation vs preservation is cyclical
    Mitigate volatility
    Put money into the market
    VTSX, add during downtime
    Add bonds during the down times
    Financial advisers
    Everyone buys into the idea
    Buy and hold
    Market will buy everything via index funds
    Divesify via Global markets, commodities or bonds
    Emotion less investment
    GM General motors
    Better ways to do it and no government intervention
    Target retirement mutual funds or allocation on your own
    Hands off investment
    Aggressive- go out
    Conservative- go in
    Cheaper to do the allocation your self
    Advisers interests not aligned with your own

  • Atlanta718
    Atlanta718 21 day ago

    Simple is powerful, index fund.
    Rule of 25x or 4% withdrawal
    Blog then book, stock series and posts.
    Book is organized not as organic
    Learn how to invest: trial and error
    Pick stocks or managers.
    Learn from mistakes
    Index fund, start early - Jack Bogle, Vanguard
    Invest in index funds and get average returns. Out perform active managers.
    Be curious, explore and experiment.
    Invest in mf - Which one? How much?
    Letters to my daughter
    Share with others
    Archive the information, reach a broad audience
    What to do
    Wish I knew
    Get started
    100 million dollars, what do you do
    Vanguard total market fund - vtx
    Home ownership
    - Luck
    - not fire
    First home - lifestyle decision not an investment. Know the financial situation, run the numbers
    Failed daughter, simple path to wealth
    Why you need f u money
    Max 401k
    Emergency fund
    Save, check or active managers
    Index funds
    Bond and stock in
    Stock Vtx and S&P 500 fund
    Total bond market funds
    Fidelity and T. Rowell price
    HSA or 529 plans
    Read and learn
    Invest in 401k or IRA buckets
    TSP plan
    Mutual funds are investments
    Expense ratio, lowest ones to focus on
    Manage your own investment
    Use the simple way.

  • Obi Kenobi
    Obi Kenobi 22 days ago +1

    Ego in the room

    • endofsilence808
      endofsilence808 20 days ago

      She just has to make sure to say they are "above average". Typical .

  • kicik5038
    kicik5038 26 days ago +2

    Wow I love listening to this guy and I never heard of him prior to watching this video. He's so calm and father like. It's so rare to hear financial advice from a FI person who doesn't have any agenda to gain from it

  • Iskandar Ibrahim
    Iskandar Ibrahim 27 days ago

    Talks at Google _ Mr JL Collins _ guys USA educate yourselves/ go to Collins blogs / but he did not mention the web docs as attached _ check that first _ Good luck;
    Please check and review and if you will study as well VERY IMPORTANT / FIRST PRIORITY vs URGENCY_ the attached on line docs _ addresses vs titles shown as follows ; comment ??
    1. @ Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth.
    2a. @ Fractional Reserve Banking
    2b. @ _ Debt Slavery - The creation of the money supply.
    3. @ The Creature From Jekyll Island | G. Edward Griffin "The Federal Reserve System does NOT need to be audited ... ... It needs to be ABOLISHED." -- G. Edward Griffin -- Seven Reasons to ABOLISH The Federal Reserve Banking
    1) It is incapable of accomplishing it's stated objectives.
    2) It is a private cartel, operating against the public interest.
    3) It is the supreme instrument of usury.
    4) It generates our most unfair tax.
    5) It encourages war.
    6) It destabilizes the economy.
    7) It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

  • Iskandar Ibrahim
    Iskandar Ibrahim 27 days ago

    Talks at Google _ Mr JL Collins _ well said "" Time in the Market is more powerful than trying to time ?? the market "" ; etc etc ; you guys still miss the core errors at displays but not discussed WHAT and WHY ?? check these web docs and advise comment ;

    Please check and review and if you will study as well VERY IMPORTANT / FIRST PRIORITY vs URGENCY_ the attached on line docs _ addresses vs titles shown as follows ; comment ??
    1. thexvid.com/video/G9IH-XKQpOI/video.html _ Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth.
    2a. thexvid.com/video/eWl7Mb49vSk/video.html _ Fractional Reserve Banking
    2b. thexvid.com/video/OJSxmHOSbLc/video.html _ Debt Slavery - The creation of the money supply.
    3. thexvid.com/video/8Kt2De98Bck/video.html _ The Creature From Jekyll Island | G. Edward Griffin "The Federal Reserve System does NOT need to be audited ... ... It needs to be ABOLISHED." -- G. Edward Griffin -- Seven Reasons to ABOLISH The Federal Reserve Banking
    1) It is incapable of accomplishing it's stated objectives.
    2) It is a private cartel, operating against the public interest.
    3) It is the supreme instrument of usury.
    4) It generates our most unfair tax.
    5) It encourages war.
    6) It destabilizes the economy.
    7) It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

  • Atlas Commercial
    Atlas Commercial Month ago

    I bet he can lick a pussy real dry.

  • Jenny Titus
    Jenny Titus Month ago

    Invest your money in an index fund. There you go. No need to watch the whole video. I just saved you an hour of your life.

    • Jeffrey Stern
      Jeffrey Stern 12 days ago

      @Jason Tremere haha.

    • Jason Tremere
      Jason Tremere Month ago

      Yeah, why invest 58 minutes learning important things that can impact the rest of your financial life? Just learn everything you need to know reading summary comments on videos.

  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin Month ago +1

    Years ago, I read "The Millionaire Next Door". It was a statistical study of millionaires. It said most people who became millionaires did it through real estate. There have been times when real estate in this country appreciated dramatically. So if you were sitting on ten acres where they built a highway - all of a sudden you were rich. But the other reason people became millionaires was they DIDN"T SPEND THEIR MONEY. The average millionaire didn't drive a luxury car. If you make a decent salary, buy a house, pay off the mortgage, and save and invest instead of spending frivously you will be a millionaire before you retire. One of the examples in the book was if you invest $4 a day instead of spending on a daily latte, in forty years, you will be $50,000 richer.

  • FanASStik
    FanASStik Month ago

    I love it when poor fat people give financial advice.

  • TheSquiggleySpooch
    TheSquiggleySpooch Month ago

    So my question is, if i max out my IRA fine for the year (and should that just be invested in the index funds?) should i also then invest cash in a separate account as well?

    • Scott Gibson
      Scott Gibson 4 days ago

      @TheSquiggleySpooch If it is money that you won't need for several years and would like to invest, you could start a brokerage (taxable) account.

    • TheSquiggleySpooch
      TheSquiggleySpooch Month ago

      @Scott Gibson Well the thing is, I don't have a 401 option, nature of my work. I have a pension through my union.I have an IRA but once i''ve maxed out the 5500/year or whatever it's at now, where do I put any remaining money that I still want to invest? Just as liquid investment in Index funds? Thanks for your reply.

    • Scott Gibson
      Scott Gibson Month ago

      You should invest in index funds because the costs associated with them are typically a fraction of the cost of actively managed mutual funds and you are well diversified. Rule of thumb for investing is to contribute enough to receive the full match in your 401k, then max out your IRA, max out your HSA, and then continue contributing to your 401k until maxed. Obviously this depends on how much funds are at your disposal.

  • LIBqueen
    LIBqueen Month ago

    If you're listening to this, you're probably the type of partner I'm looking for. Single fellows DM me. 31 in 2019.

  • Vegard
    Vegard Month ago +30

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    • Baruch Dorfman
      Baruch Dorfman Month ago +2

      Wow! I just heard about him too at a conference meeting I attended. I heard his investment services is really reliable and very much profitable!

    • Big Value Investors
      Big Value Investors Month ago +3

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    • Michelle Lanna
      Michelle Lanna Month ago +4

      You are right Vegard, I have always believed the best way to build your wealth is through investing. With the right experience and knowledge. You would make a fortune off any investment.

    • Vegard
      Vegard Month ago +5

      Claudio Tulino, You can communicate to Mr Wilson on e-mail at

    • Claudio Tulino
      Claudio Tulino Month ago +19

      I have seen a lot of recommendations about Mr Wilson McEntee, I would really love to start investing with him right before the holidays, How can I reach out to him ?

  • B Parker
    B Parker Month ago +1

    Best advice ever. Keep it simple just like Warren Buffet lol

  • mike mike
    mike mike Month ago

    room full of above average people? fuck off

  • Mike Reynolds
    Mike Reynolds Month ago

    This information is very vague.

  • Amy Sauers
    Amy Sauers Month ago +2

    I disagree that home ownership is a bad investment. Home ownership is where America's wealth is stored. However, it is important to think about resale value and what the market would want re: home as investment. Perfect advice otherwise.

  • Mike Reynolds
    Mike Reynolds Month ago

    Nice, Good info but. Where the heck can you buy Vanguard products in Canada. Ive checked everywhere and no where are they available.

  • Bobby K. Richardson

    Probably great advice for SJ's and SP's personality types, this guy is an ISTP, he's 100% about security. This struck me most on his comments about holding Google stock or not. He's probably spent a lifetime watching people use their gut to make it rich and he considers it more lottery than skill. NJ's and NF's and NT's see patterns that sensors don't. When you've matured your intuition, gut, and knowledge your risks pay greater. Seems like he has sound advice for people wanting the simple path he's talking about. But if you consider yourself an intuitive trust your instincts, they pay dividends.

  • Freetrade 2 Financial Freedom

    Listening to JL Collins is like laying on a bed of huge fluffy pillows. So relaxing, you take in all his great wisdom while in a relaxed state of mind. This was an excellent talk !

  • staj
    staj 2 months ago +1

    15 mins in an this man is already my mentor! Thanks a lot to everyone involved in organizing this!

  • Phil Pogson
    Phil Pogson 2 months ago

    Australians. iShares IWLD domiciled in Australia may be the answer to investing jlc style

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 2 months ago +1

    If renting were cheaper than owning, nobody would rent out their properties. It is by definition more expensive, otherwise there'd be no profit for the landlord, straight-up. It's that simple. The cost of your roof / fridge / etc. is all included in that equation. You're paying all of that PLUS profit, so why would you do that

    • Jacob Martin
      Jacob Martin 2 days ago

      @Tony Barbuto I can also move whenever I want to, I just rent my house out and the new tenants pay my mortgage PLUS huge profit. My passive cash flow increases every time I move. Before you know it, you own 10 houses. Owning is way better even if you like to move every year

    • Tony Barbuto
      Tony Barbuto 3 days ago

      Freedom to move at the end of your lease. Some people do not want to deal with maintenance/upkeep.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago +1

    You should checkout his version of a scene from 'The Gambler' whereby he plays John Goodman's character:
    It's regarding obtaining F.U money.

  • Jen S
    Jen S 2 months ago

    To answer that last question...look up ENRON. The answer is so obvious. You don't want to hold just Google stock. That is a recipe for disaster. It's ridiculous.

  • 84xyzabc
    84xyzabc 2 months ago

    She is hot!

    • 84xyzabc
      84xyzabc 2 months ago

      @Dra O perhaps.
      Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!!

    • Dra O
      Dra O 2 months ago

      84xyzabc obese and flat-chested. you are partially-blind.

  • Simsam Malinao
    Simsam Malinao 2 months ago

    Much thanks Mr. Collins for the indexing and homeowning lifestyle advice. I will follow your advice and relay your advice to others.

  • jackgoldman1
    jackgoldman1 3 months ago +1

    Google is evil. Google is a military creation for war to conquer the world. Internet is evil, doing massive harm.

  • jackgoldman1
    jackgoldman1 3 months ago

    Investment is owning my own business. Stocks, bonds, cash, gold, are just currency speculation as the currency supply is expanded using debt as money. It's all just a debt bubble that will pop causing immense suffering. Investment means I control and know my return. Sadly few control stocks, bonds, rentals, or their life. Get a good education OR own your own business. Currency expands by 7% driving stocks, bonds, gold, real estate UP 7% a year and driving the value of the currency saved DOWN 7% a year. That's the big simple picture. Live cheap, save it up.

  • jackgoldman1
    jackgoldman1 3 months ago

    Houses and children are not "investments" they are ways of life. No one can defend owning houses or having children because of lifestyle. Same with owning a dog. Anyone who owns a dog is an idiot, financially, but they love the dog. It's all about lifestyle and love, not money.

  • Marcia Roial-Craciun
    Marcia Roial-Craciun 3 months ago +1

    JL Collins is inspiring me so much. I actually created my own channel called:
    Marcia Roial-Craciun -you come check it out and I will always follow back.
    Thank you so much JL Collins for everything and God bless you for what you do.

  • KirkieMarine
    KirkieMarine 3 months ago +2

    She asked excellent questions!loved this interesting interview...

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 3 months ago

    deduksjon begynne med et generelt prinsipp
    induksjon begynne med en observasjon og endre opp med et generelt prinsipp

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 3 months ago

    induction = leder til noe lengre nede i veien (linærreise)
    deduktiv = to lead by example

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 3 months ago

    sound symbolism:
    -slimete rotet i en fysisk opplevelse
    -optimalt er en ren symbolsk merkelapp
    -perfekt (ferdig, komplett feilfritt) er en ren symbolsk konstruksjon en abstrakt merkelapp for noe eksellent

  • Just a mustard seed
    Just a mustard seed 3 months ago

    If any government deserves money from inheritances the soundest & safest investment should only be to the divinely controlled 2020 government of THE KINGDOM OF GOD. At least the whole world would benefit from Gods love, and those responsible for distributing it would be able to sleep soundly at night knowing it would never be used to harm or hurt anybody, it would be the most righteousness thing to do. Even The Lord God I'm sure would look favorably on the founders of his Kingdom of God on earth. A very sound and divine investment for all concerned.
    AS A GIFT l it will allow so much MORE. Thank you & bless you. www.thealmightyfatherGod.com

    • Dra O
      Dra O 2 months ago

      Just a mustard seed No. It’s squandered on needlesss sheet. They COULD invest in stocks that pay dividends and, over time, support themselves per the dividends - but they don’t. They are HORRIBLE money managers.

  • English Vocab for Hindi speakers

    why wont i just buy warren buffet BRK stock?

  • billsf94131
    billsf94131 4 months ago +1

    I get annoyed when financial people say you need to have a certain return on a certain amount of money to have a good retirement. You can't spend the $1,000,000 when you're dead and if you took out $40,000 a year, that would last you around 20 years, after taxes. Also, you'll be getting social security, which can range from $15,000 to $40,000 a year. There's nothing wrong with leaving money to your kids, but that's your choice.
    I know people in their 60's who have over a million dollars and still have anxiety about having enough money. It's ridiculous.

    • chris 612
      chris 612 4 months ago

      Any tips on investing for beginners as in Robinhood

  • gemini
    gemini 4 months ago

    None of this is new or original it's just a re-hash of Jack Bogle and Charley Ellis's work. If you want to read a book read Ellis's 'Winning the loser game' or Bogle's 'Little book on common sense investing'

  • d diehl
    d diehl 4 months ago +1

    Interviewer is pretty shallow in most of her questions and some of her questions are silly. Ugh...

  • Bill Stidams
    Bill Stidams 4 months ago

    With the inverted yield curve indicator and the huge bubble we re sitting on.. the market correction is way overdue. Looking like spring of 2020 after the election to me. Trade deal imminent with China will carry everything till then, and also lock in Trump for the win in 2020.. Will drop everything into FAANG investment.. Just my thoughts.. we’ll see

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 4 months ago +2

    Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves it. If you're young, leverage your unique knowledge about your industry and take a shot. Those that worked in tech in the 90s, doubled up on Intel, Microsoft, Amazon. They retired early. Once you've hit 2x 5x 10x, then diversify into index funds.

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 4 months ago

    Buy Bitcoin

  • Terry !
    Terry ! 4 months ago

    He sounds like Jonathan Banks.

  • Tess Peng
    Tess Peng 4 months ago

    This woman didn't introduce herself and the guest at all in the opening. She sounded very disappointed for me with no experience at all. BUT THE GUEST is really down earth talking....................STF................

  • Meki Saldana
    Meki Saldana 4 months ago +3

    Saved this video in my favorites. Must rewatch every so often

  • Naiane
    Naiane 4 months ago +2

    Reading the book now and came across this... never knew the guy before. So worth it, starting investing ASAP.

  • RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.

    Guy needs to invest in a gym membership

  • PressedEarth
    PressedEarth 4 months ago +5

    Every young person needs this information.

  • PressedEarth
    PressedEarth 4 months ago

    Damn the statistics.

  • Jan Zvelebil
    Jan Zvelebil 4 months ago

    Really excellent ! :-) Confirming what Peter Mallouk and Tony Robbins are claiming.

  • Gee purrs
    Gee purrs 4 months ago +1

    Just my .02. Buy a duplex as your first place and rent out one half to pay the mortgage. After that you can rent both sides out and use the rent money to pay your rent or mortgage where you move to next.

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore 4 months ago +1

    I avoided investing for years because I followed some simple advice I heard on npr after the crash of 08 and it was, "if you don't understand it, don't put your money in it". Needless to say I'm investing again thanks to this guy.