Arthur K. Billingsworth and the Curse of the Forbidden Books Part 2: Bornhold's Revenge

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Story by Thanos Filanis
    Written by Jake Torpey
    Title by Ben Williams
    Arthur - Matt Torpey
    Ellie - Katie Dana
    Eliza - Chloe Holgate
    Greg - Jake Torpey
    Bornhold - Scott Thomas
    Don Quixote - James Zebooker
    Narrator - Chad Ruhle
    Music by Epidemic Sound
    Patrick Willems
    P.O. Box 380333
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
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  • Austin Schollaert
    Austin Schollaert 10 months ago

    On home video 9/11

  • CFD
    CFD 10 months ago

    When you get 200k subs, you should do this again!

    SCHMIEL SHOW 10 months ago

    A+ performance from Bornhold.

  • kaemon bonet
    kaemon bonet 11 months ago

    Those sound effects...

  • johndhi
    johndhi 11 months ago

    brilliant acting by Bornhold

  • Maeve B
    Maeve B 11 months ago

    I'm mad that this isn't a real thing

  • Super
    Super 11 months ago

    can't wait for Arthur K. Billingsworth and the Curse of the Forbidden Books: Tokyo Drift

  • Christian Spliess
    Christian Spliess 11 months ago

    This is fun. - I can imagine a lot of fanfiction-authors are running to their laptops now...

  • Scrambled 59
    Scrambled 59 Year ago

    Wow, the remake of the league of extraordinary gentlemen doesn't look very good.

  • Filthy & Free Publishing

    Awh. This is adorable.

  • EvenFlow406
    EvenFlow406 Year ago

    9/11 jokes are funny now.

  • Luke Mileto
    Luke Mileto Year ago +1

    it's entertaining as hell

  • Connor Coulson
    Connor Coulson Year ago

    How many movies use this plot? Inkheart and Pagemaster spring to mind first.

  • Alex Willis
    Alex Willis Year ago +1

    This is eerily similar to Inkspell and Inkheart...

  • StageLined
    StageLined Year ago

    Tuesday September 11th? Jesus.

  • Hunter Williams
    Hunter Williams Year ago


  • TheSeeingArchitect
    TheSeeingArchitect Year ago +1

    I was gonna be upset that you didn't pick mine, but this video made up for it. Definitely picking this up on VHS this September

  • Timon Steup
    Timon Steup Year ago +2

    Tuesday, September 11? Really? REALLY?
    You are nasty.

  • Lamar Henderson
    Lamar Henderson Year ago


  • the Catalyst
    the Catalyst Year ago +1

    9/11 never looked so good

  • Aidan Henry
    Aidan Henry Year ago


  • Spencer Creaghan
    Spencer Creaghan Year ago

    this was pure gold

  • James Lawner
    James Lawner Year ago +7

    I hope this puts a smile on Thanos's face.

    • Scrambled 59
      Scrambled 59 Year ago +1

      James Lawner I wonder if it was worth it.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    Damn, Bornhold in hood looks like exactly like Bob!

  • Tous
    Tous Year ago +3

    Wait. I thought you needed to be in a secret room in order for the characters to come out... oh wait. This is supposedly a 90s sequel cash grab? Carry on.

    • Scrambled 59
      Scrambled 59 Year ago +1

      Tous well the trailer establishes that all of the books that make the characters come to life come from the room so, Arthur probably borrowed a lot of books from that room so he can help the character in them defeat Bornhold, Dracula, mr.Darcy and Frankenstein's monster.

  • Brian Ervin
    Brian Ervin Year ago

    The Arthur K. Billingsworth and the Curse of the Forbidden Books series obviously needs a NES game adaptation.

  • Jesse McNeil
    Jesse McNeil Year ago

    Aside from the character writing this doesn't sound like a bad idea for a movie or tv series

  • RewindReplayRepeat


  • Quasar Ulas
    Quasar Ulas Year ago

    so it's ink heart?

  • MariaVosa
    MariaVosa Year ago +5

    I remember being outraged when it seemed as if the movie set up Mr Darcy to aid Bornhold - as if! But the plot about him wanting to free his beloved Elilsabeth was really quite moving, and twist at the end concering his involvement in the defeat of Bornhold's main sidekick Dracula was awesome.

  • Spencer
    Spencer Year ago

    stoked for the release! its gonna be the best day ever!

  • Dave Talks Video Games

    This is wonderful. Kudos to all involved.

  • DeadVirus0
    DeadVirus0 Year ago

    Josh Brolin has confirmed his roll as "Bornhold" in the upcoming big-budget reboot.
    We have yet to hear confirmation that Chris Pratt will be playing Arthur K. Billingsworth.

  • H.D Beird
    H.D Beird Year ago +4

    Looks better than the recent Wrinkle in Time . . .

  • François A
    François A Year ago

    That was completely silly, well done :)

  • Grayson V.
    Grayson V. Year ago

    was that a 9/11 joke at the end?

  • Looler Dooler
    Looler Dooler Year ago

    OMFG this is sooo painful to watch.
    I mean, that's what he wrote, so... Congratulations?

  • Scrambled 59
    Scrambled 59 Year ago

    This is actually a really good concept. (It's like jack Black's goosebumps but good!)

  • Sharp Design
    Sharp Design Year ago

    Arthur K Billingsworth, what have you done this time? Wow

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    I'm losing my mind between extra-story-dinary and the slide whistle, holy shit

  • Cade Taylor
    Cade Taylor Year ago +3

    How much more on Patreon do you need to make it a feature?

  • Doctor Handsome
    Doctor Handsome Year ago +3

    Ah, so this is the kind of 90's movie that uses "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge in the trailer, not the kind that uses "The Impression That I Get" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

  • Nova Payne
    Nova Payne Year ago

    I'd rather watch that then most of what's on American tv.

  • Sidney
    Sidney Year ago

    lol this is awesome

  • JayPfo
    JayPfo Year ago

    can i just say i would watch the shit out these movies

  • ali khalid
    ali khalid Year ago

    Don't they mean "inkheart 2"

  • Rothur The Paladin
    Rothur The Paladin Year ago +17

    HAHAHAHAHA I cant stop laughing
    By the way I'm holding you to that Sep 11th date.

  • Cotygeek
    Cotygeek Year ago +16

    Of course it took forever for you to finish this, Don Quixote was involved.

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R Year ago

    Full Production now

  • Celeste Heron
    Celeste Heron Year ago


  • daniel Shakespeare

    Epidemic's Score is actually pretty good.

  • AdaraTheShallot
    AdaraTheShallot Year ago

    when the FUCK did i subscribe to this channe????

  • Shon Jones
    Shon Jones Year ago

    I have seen that cover somewhere. Deja Vu.

  • SDFComedy
    SDFComedy Year ago

    So good! Chloe's face at 3:49 is spot on for 90s direct to VHS family films

  • muddi900
    muddi900 Year ago

    This is the first time a fake VHS filter has been convincing. Great Job

  • Eamonn Tee
    Eamonn Tee Year ago


  • Grant Parker
    Grant Parker Year ago

    This is essentially the plot of The Librarians TV show's 2nd of 4 seasons (which itself was a sequel to the trilogy of Librarian movies). Nobody judge me. They're actually really fun.

  • Nick Kurtz
    Nick Kurtz Year ago +1

    This might be better set in the 80's or in a book series like The Magic Treehouse.

  • TheSnappadoo
    TheSnappadoo Year ago +18


  • Lawrence Calablaster

    I call playing Bornhold in the inevitable updated reboot.

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster Year ago +16

    This is my new favourite movie; I hope that, in the sequel, it's confirmed that Arthur is somehow connected to the librarian from The Pagemaster.

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    I really, really, really want to help to make this a complete movie, if only because I want very much to watch it once I've finished helping to make it. Thank you for make this awesome and cheesy little wonder-piece :)

  • Dan Purcell
    Dan Purcell Year ago +33

    WOW you nailed the tone of trailers on 90s VHS tapes PERFECTLY hahaha

  • Coffee And A Book
    Coffee And A Book Year ago +4

    You guys should totally do the runners-up-- He said for no particular reason...

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz Year ago

    Twisted metal, so 90s

  • UltimateKyuubiFox
    UltimateKyuubiFox Year ago +78

    It’s incredible how shitty this looks.
    ... That’s a compliment.

  • Muhammad Mirsab
    Muhammad Mirsab Year ago

    Story by Thanos, did Thanos actually write the story

  • Payton Cordova
    Payton Cordova Year ago +16

    Wait did that "movie" come out on 9/11?

    • Jeranhound
      Jeranhound Year ago +1

      That's why nobody remembers seeing it.

  • Grant Paylago
    Grant Paylago Year ago +4

    I love this movie. Great family fun. Cant wait for part 3, Arthur K. Billingsworth and the missing pages

  • Kaddobrium
    Kaddobrium Year ago +6

    What happens if someone opens up a math textbook or something? Anyways great video!

    • Scrambled 59
      Scrambled 59 Year ago +1

      Kaddobrium studios it bores your enemies to death.

    • Mr. Gallame
      Mr. Gallame Year ago +3

      Well, for that you have to see it for yourself!

  • DeadDog Productions
    DeadDog Productions Year ago +20

    So that's what Thanos does in his free time. Great Job I loved it !

  • Some idiot I don't know

    I want to see both of these movies.
    Your Emperor demands it!

  • Aaron Willoughby
    Aaron Willoughby Year ago

    no wonder its direct to DVD

  • Aperture Editing
    Aperture Editing Year ago

    Love it. Keep up the fantastic work Patrick.

  • Dazed Gypsy
    Dazed Gypsy Year ago +18

    Not enough Studio meddling.

  • Benjamín Gaete
    Benjamín Gaete Year ago

    Fuck yeah boiiiiiiiiii