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  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • bias wrecker coming in hot and heavy
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  • heechulliebabo
    heechulliebabo Month ago +1

    lol my bias is an introverted king but he's full of love inside

  • Marie Joy Guarino
    Marie Joy Guarino Month ago +1

    You should watch their Star Show 360 episode.. it's totally hilarious!

  • jyzl 1485
    jyzl 1485 Month ago +1

    music to my ears
    i muss you my panda❣

  • Nuks lkr
    Nuks lkr Month ago +1

    Please react to Lucky vcr (exordium in japan) and peter pan vcr.

  • Eris
    Eris Month ago +2

    Omg Dayna snapped and has a soft spot for D.O I mean who wouldn't. Kyungsoo actually loves his members and he's as dork as the rest of them and we love all of them.

  • D.O please create Instagram Account

    Dayna I'm super duper happy you react to Kyungsoo. This is my 2nd time asking you to react to Weird & Wonderful 4D D.O 👽🐧 .

  • اميرة ابي
    اميرة ابي Month ago +1


  • Rosie L
    Rosie L Month ago

    Pls react to all member are done with baekhyun

  • Marce Rieti EXO-L
    Marce Rieti EXO-L Month ago +1

    Yes, is just that sometimes he doesn't have huge reactions like Baek or Chanyeol, and he's funny in a sarcastic way.
    I love him so much, he show his love cooking for the members or caring about our health... He's an amazing human being ♡

  • 엑소 ツAlყ
    엑소 ツAlყ Month ago +1

    D.O is savage but he is a cutie 😍😍 we love him so much!! (✿❛◡❛)✨❤❤
    pd: Chanyeol *I like fa ees moment* i cant 😂😂😂💕💕

  • suho's sanity
    suho's sanity Month ago +1

    does anybody just want to sit down with kyungie and help him regain his sanity?

  • Katie Ahn
    Katie Ahn Month ago +1

    Oh,too short🤣🤣 I feel he could’t pretend !! Seriously!!! Hahaha

  • Syeda Trimzi
    Syeda Trimzi Month ago +1

    Funny Moments of Suho plz on his birthday

  • Pili Redondo
    Pili Redondo Month ago +1

    Kyungsoo seems like he’s a person who observes everything, and his mind is always busy taking in all the information. Maybe his mind is so busy, he might need his body to keep still to cope. In addition to that, he had schedules from hell when he was filming and attending EXO’s activities at the same time. He might have been so exhausted, he really had no energy to be more active.

  • Tasneem _
    Tasneem _ Month ago +1

    God i love himmmm 😂😂😂😂😭👏🏼

  • Miliyon
    Miliyon Month ago +1

    Can you reacts Onestar x Chen may we bye that will make you amaze

  • Kyungsoo Sings
    Kyungsoo Sings Month ago +1

    I love this video, I know he is the most serious one of the group, and because of his personality, that is why he is my ultimate bias. First my bias was Kai in 2011, he was hard to get over. Then it switched to Lay. Then Suho crept in. Then Baekhyun. Then D.O. And so I pose this question. Is it because I'm annoying you that you ignore my request?🤔 quest continues...Exo Exordium begining vcr intro +mama remix. Take care love.💖sony from Hawaii.🌺

    • Kyungsoo Sings
      Kyungsoo Sings Month ago +1

      @Dayna Watson 데이나 Girl, don't be concerned about it.. Everything you said I know and understand, that's the life of a reactor. I want you to keep my video on the side, and if it should strike you to want to know more about their powers, which is not played upon like it used to be, this vcr is it. It is beautiful. I will always remind you now and then, you've lasted this long with all my begging without that fed up mode, wishing b***h slapping was possible though twitter. You are a trooper. And I don't mean to irritate you into watching it, but it is just 10 minutes of your life (continuous shamelessness, damn, is that even a word?)I love you girl, so no worries, but know Sony's shameless head will rise up now and then, and if January comes and my birthday comes, you know what I will want as a present from you....keep the video on the side now, I appreciate you.😊💖Sony from Hawaii.🌺

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나  Month ago +1

      Kyungsoo Sings No sorry it’s not because you are annoying, not at all.
      I do get a lot of requests, and I tend to try and choose ones that are popular and ones that I want to do. I do work on other videos when I get the chance, so I’m sorry if it seems that way Sony :( I don’t mean to ignore you

  • Shawna Brooks
    Shawna Brooks Month ago +2

    This was great. I am starting to believe you're like yep4andy and that you have no one true bias in EXO. They're all your bias! Would you mind checking out the videos EXO X TOYS Funny Moments Pt 1 & 2 by EXOSH and reacting to them? It shows EXO's individual personalities at their best.

    • Shawna Brooks
      Shawna Brooks Month ago +1

      @Dayna Watson 데이나 No worries! I just recommended them because they're so much fun and I know you love uplifting videos. The same channel has some videos called "EXO funny moments EXO-Ls will never forget" that are down right hilarious too.

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나  Month ago +2

      Shawna Brooks the toy videos I was send by someone and I absolutely loved them omg, I wish I reacted becuse it was so giggly

  • cupcakejuicy
    cupcakejuicy Month ago

    I love D.O so much especially when he laughs and smiles and his interactions with his members is so cute and funny. This video was so fun! Thank you!

  • Zeenah Mae Abella
    Zeenah Mae Abella Month ago

    please please please react to EXO who love their maknae Sehun ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    it will be soo cuteeee 👌👌👌👌

  • Mane Manoo
    Mane Manoo Month ago +1

    I actually hate this video lol I wish it will just disappear kkk but I'm still watching because of your cute reaction.. so can you react to (EXO WHEN D.O. IS NOT AROUND) .. PLEASE it's the sweetest d.o. video :")

    EXO KINGS Month ago +3


  • Муазам Абдурахмонова

    Спасибо за реакцию я очень сильно его люблю

  • Rubab Fatima
    Rubab Fatima Month ago +1

    you make so happy. I was smiling like an idiot through out the video. Keep on making the videos Danya u r so cute

  • Imene ben mariem
    Imene ben mariem Month ago

    Dayna please react to EXO's interview in iHeartRadio! It's a crack
    here is the link

  • D espanto
    D espanto Month ago +2

    do you love ships or not?? if its okay for you react to chanbaek

    EXO KINGS Month ago +2

    STILL WAITING FOR THE PART TWO OF UR 'how kpop helped my mental health' PLSS

  • Verónica Berenise
    Verónica Berenise Month ago

    OMG D.O !!!!

    EXO KINGS Month ago +1


    EXO KINGS Month ago +1


  • Sarah Al
    Sarah Al Month ago +1

    He is a cutie ❤❤😂

  • Rae aka Dhevon
    Rae aka Dhevon Month ago +3

    D.O. Soft Hour is an excellent video showing his squishier side.

  • Van Khanh Pham
    Van Khanh Pham Month ago

    yayyy thank you for reacting to the nation’s baby boyy!! 💗

  • Ann
    Ann Month ago +1

    funfact: kyungsoo used to actually be more (very) expressive, cheerful/energetic and open to his emotions (youll see it more back when exo have just debuted days and on exo's first ever variety show back in 2013, EXO SHOWTIME. he & baekhyun did a bit of mc-ing in one of the eps and it was 💯😂 sksgdsks), but he was traumatized (he talked about this trauma of his in one of their concert interviews i think) from all of the incidents he had wt sasaengs & so he became discreet, withdrawn, reserved and more shy like he is now ☹

  • riexelle seo
    riexelle seo Month ago

    Hi Dayna. Hope you react to /insert exo member/ soft hours. Im sure your heart will melt at those videos

  • exo baekhyun
    exo baekhyun Month ago +1

    React to Baekhyun's VLOG 😃😃😃

  • Suho's guardian angel
    Suho's guardian angel Month ago +1

    D.O is like that. He looks like he is so done with life. Lol. But actually he is the most gentle accdg to the members. Last yr when they were in Dubai for gracing the fountain show with their song "Power" as the first Kpop dong ti be played at the show, in an interview they were asked who is the most gentle. All of them pointed the skyat the same time so the interviewer asked why are they pointing to the sky and they all said bec that member is D.O. as the most gentle. D.O wasnt with them bec he was filming for his movie Swing Kids.

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나  Month ago

      Suho's guardian angel that’s so fucking cute I can’t describe the sound I made uwu

  • penguin soo
    penguin soo Month ago +2


  • Min Min
    Min Min Month ago


  • Bangtan JK
    Bangtan JK Month ago +1

    D.O. is so cute.

  • D.o kyungsoo
    D.o kyungsoo Month ago +1

    React more to d.o please

  • Nikki Y
    Nikki Y Month ago +4

    But when he does laugh, it's absolutely radiant and lights up the entire room. 💕
    The "How to be confused by Zhang Yixing" video is also amazing 😂 and "what happens when Lay goes to America"

  • hanik zahara
    hanik zahara Month ago +1

    I love him so much with the uniqe personality

  • Lilik Iyoh
    Lilik Iyoh Month ago +4

    Please reaction exo My Answer in Exo'Luxion tokyo dome

  • Rizxxx_ _
    Rizxxx_ _ Month ago +2

    Please react CHEN - Cherry Blossom Cover!!💕

  • Vothnoun Sreyneang
    Vothnoun Sreyneang Month ago +9

    Next please reaction " what happen when you tell EXO promote their album"

  • Druki B
    Druki B Month ago +4

    Kyungsoo is so relatable! We are very similar, all my friends are extroverts.... How that happened, I have no idea!

  • Natalia H
    Natalia H Month ago +2

    Xiumin and Chen love him because they're also people who prefer to have time for themselves. He rooms with them (and Baekhyunie) on the second floor of the house when they're living together, and Baekhyun is such a beagle that I don't know how he fits in XD

  • Ayu d'Siregar
    Ayu d'Siregar Month ago

    there another side from kyungsoo
    sometimes he is in good mood.. you can see that in the concert.. he is very playfull sometimes
    and noisy ?? you see the video and react to noisy kyungsoo
    or weird & wonderfull 4D D.O

  • L-1485 Paradise
    L-1485 Paradise Month ago +1

    I hope you can react to EXO and EXO-L Flirting Moments. I know you will enjoy it. pleaseeeee

  • Baekhyun Wife
    Baekhyun Wife Month ago +3

    The unpredictable Kyungsoo💞😅

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +11

    YESSS i mean im so sure that THAT is like his humor if you know what i mean lmao 😂 we all know he loves his members the most & we see how much they love him back ❤️ i fricking love you do kyungsoo. thanks for the reaction, love!

  • Mary Louise Leonardo
    Mary Louise Leonardo Month ago +2

    Please React to EXO WHEN DO IS NOT around 😀

  • baek ni
    baek ni Month ago +4

    Dayna i love you so much 3000. I thank you to EXO's many reaction. Please3000 "EXO SHOWTIME" you have to watch it🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️❤🔥❤.
    And "EXO SHOWCASE 2012".😚👍😍🙇‍♀️💖❤🔥😗

  • Rym Harimi
    Rym Harimi Month ago

    Duddu please react to exo who love their maknae sehun ..

  • Min Min
    Min Min Month ago +2

    Am I late ? 😭

  • chanyeol's puppy
    chanyeol's puppy Month ago +2

    I looove Kyungsoo♥

  • vanessa ilagan
    vanessa ilagan Month ago +3

    haha its funny how DO is my bias, and Chen is wrecking me so hard nowadays.. and in your case its the other way around 😂❤️

  • Onew's Falsetto
    Onew's Falsetto Month ago +2

    he is my exo bias and 3rd ult.... i just... cant with him.

  • zinb
    zinb Month ago +3

    I've been noticed u look pretty these days😎 ow stanning exo for clearer skin is real guy's.

  • Nurul Jia
    Nurul Jia Month ago +1

    Nice hair btw .☺️

  • megumi ayui
    megumi ayui Month ago +5

    D.O is my ultimate bias in exo..I love D.O smile ...❣❣

  • ʜᴜɴɴɪᴇ —
    ʜᴜɴɴɪᴇ — Month ago

    Your hair's gettin' longer, Dayna 😱

  • Sheryn Kyungsoo
    Sheryn Kyungsoo Month ago +17

    Kyungsoo is my bias.. I love him with that personalities.. calm, serious, manly, care and love other members, hard working.. talk with good sense.. but we all know he is cute tho.. my prince..♥️♥️♥️

  • Faith Vijandre
    Faith Vijandre Month ago +19

    you should see xiumin being savage also, he’s the member who speak rarely but he’s savage all the time. DO is also sweet with xiu .and xiu can be savage with DO also 😭😂😂😂

  • exo lover
    exo lover Month ago +8

    but actually this is what he do to be funny .he said embers love my reactions to their behavior.plz watch DO love exo too.

    • Esther Mabera
      Esther Mabera Month ago +3

      I love that video cause it shows how d.o besides being savage , he is considerate and loves his members .He is always there for them which is all Behind the scenes that people dont get to see that side of him often.

  • Say What Reacts
    Say What Reacts Month ago +32

    Love him so much!! He’s both so soft and so savage, it’s perfect! 😍😍
    I like it when you mix in these reactions too! Love you 😊❤️

  • Micah Domingo
    Micah Domingo Month ago +6

    thats why i love him sooo much ... he can be serious but playful and funny sometimes ... we cant get his mood though ... his very honest on his reaction and expression very genuine ...

  • Baby B
    Baby B Month ago

    D.o is so cute, he is done with the member but actually very caring too toward the member😍
    And please watch exo done with baekhyun too, here is the link

  • Al Sc
    Al Sc Month ago +3

    Aaaah I featured in your video 🍾😂 I feel so honored!! 😁

  • 에리EXO-L
    에리EXO-L Month ago +3

    Please react EXO CBX Playdate live in japan🤗Love your reaction😊

  • Michelle Tolentino
    Michelle Tolentino Month ago +6

    Kyungsoo is a living meme and just a jpeg as what they call him lol

  • Not my Name
    Not my Name Month ago +7

    let me translate his bow, it means "no, but thanks anyway"

  • brown nini
    brown nini Month ago +18

    react to EXO Extra at Music Award/? well I forgot what the real title it is 😂😂😂

  • EXOrcist
    EXOrcist Month ago +60

    I honestly can’t with Kyungsoo tho he is, a M00D.
    We’d love reactions to how to be confused by Zhang Yixing & how to be extra by Byun Baekhyun SKSKSKS these vids are amazing 😂❤️

  • EXOrcist
    EXOrcist Month ago +1

    Hey Dayna I think everyone would love if you reacted to some of exosexo(MelonThot now) vids. She left the kpop fandom recently cuz of mental health issues and it would be nice if you reacted to her exo vids (THEYRE HILARIOUS, like ALL OF THEM) XD. They’re still on her channel she just goes by “MelonThot” now
    btw she’s Australian as well ;3
    Lots of love ❤️❤️ luv u

  • Josie C
    Josie C Month ago +57

    We all need a D.O. In our lives to keep us grounded lol. I love that penguin 😂

  • ñn mlyn_n
    ñn mlyn_n Month ago +11

    Kyungsoo so cute..😚
    he is everything i need😂

  • Bee P
    Bee P Month ago +25

    Theres how to be confused by zhang yixing, how to laugh by park chanyeol and many more on that same channel you should check them out ❤️

  • aormichi
    aormichi Month ago +2

    Kyungsoo yahhhh.... I love him so much. 😘

  • Fabiano Souza
    Fabiano Souza Month ago +62

    Please react to EXO Who Love Their Maknae Sehun. it's so cute 😍

  • Michelle Tolentino
    Michelle Tolentino Month ago +12

    Hi dayna! Thanks for reacting to this ❤❤

  • Asma Chouiter
    Asma Chouiter Month ago +3

    Who is your bias from exo and bts

    • Asma Chouiter
      Asma Chouiter Month ago +2

      @Dayna Watson 데이나 exo: all of them but more baekhyun ❤
      Bts: v and j-hope

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나  Month ago +2

      Exo- Chen and D.O
      Bts- suga and jimin

    • Asma Chouiter
      Asma Chouiter Month ago +1

      @Dayna Watson 데이나 of course just be like me and choose who you want and how much you want hhhhh ❤😍

    • Dayna Watson 데이나
      Dayna Watson 데이나  Month ago +2

      Asma Chouiter oh man, that’s a hard question, can I have more then one?

  • Ba Julz
    Ba Julz Month ago +3

    I really love D.O the most serious one😊😊😊

  • Ravinder Kaur
    Ravinder Kaur Month ago +4

    I love your reactions they r aweesssoooommeeee
    Love u 😘

  • S Hdr
    S Hdr Month ago +2

    Pls react to EXOPLANET #4 The ElyXiOn in Seoul |Diamond+coming over+run this+drop that+power

  • L
    L Month ago +1

    Kyungsoo so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • abc me
    abc me Month ago +2

    My bias😍