Bo is Boyfriend Goals | Dumplin' | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • “I think you’re beautiful. To hell with anyone else who’s ever made you feel less than that.” The moment Bo became everyone’s new movie boyfriend - when he tells Willowdean exactly how he feels about her.
    Watch Danielle MacDonald and Luke Benward fall in love in Dumplin', only on Netflix:
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    Bo is Boyfriend Goals | Dumplin' | Netflix
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Comments • 710

  • Jaden Luce
    Jaden Luce 5 days ago


  • Goddess of Wisdom
    Goddess of Wisdom 5 days ago

    Bo > Peter/Jamey/Noah

  • Katelyn ko
    Katelyn ko 14 days ago +1

    i love how he plays yet another Beau and is super boyfriend material

  • Mackenzie Weber
    Mackenzie Weber 15 days ago

    If only guys like him existed.

  • Solimar Guzman-Rubalcaba

    Bo is perfect but in the book bo is 100 times better

    TPG'S WORLD 21 day ago

    So not what happens in the book, in novel she sees a guy named Mitch too , Her relationship with Bo is so different throughout book. I love the Film but So much between these two happen in book

  • Etsh
    Etsh 22 days ago

    IWhy it's not on netflix yet!?

  • Mermaid Siryna
    Mermaid Siryna 27 days ago

    Bo is gonna be the next ackles 😍😍😍

  • Nichole Dlp
    Nichole Dlp 28 days ago

    Bird Box and Cloud 9. I’m just cringing because I’ve seen them from those movies.

  • FamousFuture
    FamousFuture 28 days ago

    Who else just realized that Luke Benwards character in this movie is named Bo and he is a southern guy and his character in Good Luck Charlie is also named no and is also a southern person ( does this mean their the same character and This movie and Good luck Charlie are connected 😱😱😱😱😱😱ps I’m kidding)

  • Sanjana Myra
    Sanjana Myra Month ago

    Great feminist film except for this part where the seemingly perfect prince charming is always there for her. An idealized man that doesn't exist which makes girls who live in the real world believe that these impossible characters could exist. Could have been great, what a shame!

  • Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson Month ago

    Just watched this movie for the first time this weekend. Loved it!!! Bo was so fine & sweet. Love his dimples

  • Rozelle Hartzenberg

    Most beautiful and honest movie I've seen in a long time. It reflects realityand it's from the heart.

  • Bruna Eduarda
    Bruna Eduarda 2 months ago

    Better movie by Netflix

  • Kerly Santos
    Kerly Santos 2 months ago

    Mi escena favorita!! Amo a Bo!

  • Ally C
    Ally C 2 months ago

    Bo's character lacked depth. Sure he was nice and said all the right things but he honestly had no real purpose but to like the main character. Characters like Bo are so one dimensional and "too perfect" that it actually comes off as unrealistic and annoying because if he was actually such a great guy, he wouldn't like someone who was so judgemental and insecure. In real life, he probably would have actually been with the blonde girl that liked him because she was actually really sweet herself.

  • M. k
    M. k 2 months ago

    I think she is so pretty 🥰

  • Cara Nardone
    Cara Nardone 2 months ago

    Guys like this exist only in dreams and fairy tales.

  • tuanalodge
    tuanalodge 2 months ago

    I was about to cry..

  • Stella
    Stella 2 months ago

    Another dumb movie about “he can’t like a girl like me” hypocrites, seriously....!! If you don’t like yourself, you will only push people away.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 2 months ago

    It still kills me that I made a story with the main charcter named Bo a few years ago. The only reason why I watched this movie was for Bo but I didn't really enjoy the movie..

  • Katalin Németh
    Katalin Németh 2 months ago

    If it is a netflix movie, why it isn’t on netflix?

  • Gabrielle Vedder
    Gabrielle Vedder 3 months ago

    I need a Bo

  • centigradz
    centigradz 3 months ago

    she has a big chest. y does she think that no guy wud like her. it's flat chested B cup ppl like me who can't find a man.

  • blackham7
    blackham7 3 months ago

    In real life bo probbly would've invited willowwhatsherface to the prom and dump pigs blood on her

  • Clarice Xalxo
    Clarice Xalxo 4 months ago

    he has got a nice voice

  • jecka1982
    jecka1982 4 months ago

    Just finally watched this film today and I admit I cried! Loved it!

  • koriethegiraffe
    koriethegiraffe 4 months ago

    I'm so in love with him ahhh

  • Janine R.
    Janine R. 4 months ago

    Oh my gahhhh

  • Thais Santos
    Thais Santos 4 months ago

    Faz essa cena em português por favor

  • jbond5150
    jbond5150 4 months ago

    Fat hick.

  • Paula Safira
    Paula Safira 4 months ago +2

    Bo is Boyfriend Goals, but I'm pretty sure he has some cavities lol

  • Caryls Love
    Caryls Love 4 months ago

    Bo 😭😍

  • Mandy Hoogenboom
    Mandy Hoogenboom 4 months ago

    Yeah ok but the book was about 10000 times better

  • Asia Thomas
    Asia Thomas 4 months ago

    I need past 2 of the movie

  • Angela Ramos M.
    Angela Ramos M. 4 months ago


  • Saray Viaña
    Saray Viaña 4 months ago +2

    my mad fat diary sais hi

  • chinonyerem ndukwe
    chinonyerem ndukwe 4 months ago

    bo can get it

  • Giovana Gomes
    Giovana Gomes 4 months ago

    ❤️😍 I want a Bo

  • Anah GLBRT
    Anah GLBRT 5 months ago

    who else first saw him on cloud 9?

  • Öznur
    Öznur 5 months ago


  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali 5 months ago

    مرحبا مساالخير والله تحبك داخل وخارج المملكة العربية

  • Zachary Person
    Zachary Person 5 months ago

    tbh girls. u gotta lower your expectations

  • Julie enjoys life
    Julie enjoys life 5 months ago

    Why can't I find it on German Netflix? I really want to watch this movie sound so interesting. But it is not available on my Netflix.

  • Booklover EXO-L chanyeol's jumbo ears

    My boyfriend goals is always Finn from My Mad fat diary.. and no one can take his place Eva 😉❤️😍

  • Milly Cazares
    Milly Cazares 5 months ago

    This scene ❤️

  • amber
    amber 5 months ago

    Sierra Burgess

  • Syd L
    Syd L 5 months ago

    I need a boyfriend like Bo

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 5 months ago

    Only if boys were like him, but we all know it’s not true !!!!! Hardly ever see a dude like bo like never !!!!!!

  • Miriam Holzinger
    Miriam Holzinger 5 months ago

    i am from Austria and i wanna watch this movie but i can`t. Can somebody help me ? the movie is such a Beautiful massage.

  • Inari Johnson
    Inari Johnson 5 months ago

    I cried when I watched this part 😭 I want someone like this 😭

  • Lilayyy
    Lilayyy 5 months ago


  • Giselle Tebaldi
    Giselle Tebaldi 5 months ago

    Let me just cry here knowing that will never happen to me.

  • Zeny Nooks
    Zeny Nooks 5 months ago

    I hope they make one of Ramona blue

  • Zaf Mo
    Zaf Mo 5 months ago

    lmao. hollywood trying to get on the fat chick train. good luck.

  • Öznur
    Öznur 5 months ago

    Annzı sksinler amk. Ne kadar zaman geçti bir altyazı yapamadı sayfalar.

  • Tyron Estacio
    Tyron Estacio 5 months ago


  • Brianne Morris
    Brianne Morris 5 months ago

    Yo I just realized this bo was on that movie eating worms

  • Josefina Olguin
    Josefina Olguin 5 months ago

    Me recuerda a una escena de my mad fat diary de finn y rae

  • Pheobe Moleta
    Pheobe Moleta 5 months ago

    If this could only happen in the real world

  • Moaath MAS
    Moaath MAS 5 months ago +2

    I cried really hard when this scene came in the movie 🎥 😭

  • Azu Martínez Carrión
    Azu Martínez Carrión 5 months ago

    This is like my mad fat diary

  • Rae Oh
    Rae Oh 6 months ago

    ~hold hold hold hold me tight now,
    Cause I’m so, so good to go
    Don’t say, don’t say goodnight
    You know, you had me at hello~
    (a bop) if you know, you know

  • pilar a
    pilar a 6 months ago

    Alguien sabe si la subirán a a Netflix España?

  • Denise McCoy
    Denise McCoy 6 months ago

    Olympia! ❤️

  • Fernanda Ponce
    Fernanda Ponce 6 months ago

    Luke Benward is the perfect boyfriend ❣️

  • Vinia FanOfYou
    Vinia FanOfYou 6 months ago

    Fuyk you Netflix. I pay shit every month and I can't even watch everything.

  • Niki91-HR
    Niki91-HR 6 months ago

    @Netflix I can't find this movie in your page. Or is it available only in the States?

  • Tory Tuan
    Tory Tuan 6 months ago

    Is that you Olympia?

  • ChonsaWings
    ChonsaWings 6 months ago

    I just watched Dumplin today! I loved the story, the characters and the great songs of Miss Dolly Parton! I will surely watch it again.

  • Carmela Lorenz Mendoza
    Carmela Lorenz Mendoza 6 months ago

    This is actually what it feels like to be in love with a person who doesn't love sometimes hurt too...

  • LunarSolstice
    LunarSolstice 6 months ago


  • Leesa Glover
    Leesa Glover 6 months ago

    Loved this movie ❤

    • Leesa Glover
      Leesa Glover 6 months ago

      @Netflix keep putting great movies like this on . this movie makes me feel beautiful ❤

    • Netflix
      Netflix  6 months ago +1


  • Sealiah Densetsu
    Sealiah Densetsu 6 months ago

    Olympiaaaaaa 😍

  • Meghna Misson
    Meghna Misson 6 months ago

    Yo don’t let her in the house and open the door, girl killed everyone in Birdbox

  • Kynnedi Giles-Watkins
    Kynnedi Giles-Watkins 6 months ago

    Dumplin is like the opposite of Insatiable and I love that it is

  • Valeria Cantu
    Valeria Cantu 6 months ago +1

    I love this scene bc I can totally relate to how she feels 💔

  • GagaStan
    GagaStan 6 months ago

    ironic. his name is Bo in this movie and in Good Luck Charlie (iconic show), his name was the same but spelled Beau

  • Facundo Martinez
    Facundo Martinez 6 months ago +1

    Is she Olympia from Bird Box?

  • Nina Testman
    Nina Testman 6 months ago

    Is that Olympia?? LoL

  • Madison Locke
    Madison Locke 6 months ago

    I’ve watched this scene alone too many times in the past two days. When Bo tells her she is beautiful? It hits me right in my heart every time. At some point in life, everyone compares themselves to the competition they have and this scene perfectly displays the utter chaos of the mind having a mental breakdown of it. Well done Netflix, I cried pretty much the whole movie.

  • Avakinツ mami lizz ツ
    Avakinツ mami lizz ツ 6 months ago +1

    I really love this movie! It was kinda sad too 😊

  • Andriana Chin
    Andriana Chin 6 months ago

    He was the little kid in minutemen. The years did him more than well

  • Andriana Chin
    Andriana Chin 6 months ago

    Why is every country boy in every movie/show named BO

  • AbbyAlonso
    AbbyAlonso 6 months ago +23

    Wait isnt she the girl who jumped out the window in birdbox?

    • rxyo - mxques
      rxyo - mxques 2 months ago +2

      AbbyAlonso for some reason I laughed at this comment 😂

    • Jasmine Dore
      Jasmine Dore 6 months ago +1

      AbbyAlonso yeah

  • Umbra Sumus
    Umbra Sumus 6 months ago

    :') I love you Bo

  • Sortaboring
    Sortaboring 6 months ago

    I thought bo was gonna be bo burnham

  • Nelly O
    Nelly O 6 months ago

    When is stream in Mexico?! I'm dying to watch it! Please!!!!

  • HedgeVerse
    HedgeVerse 6 months ago +3

    To all those people who think men like that don't exist are wrong because there are men who are into fat women.... They are rare but not non existent.

  • Ivanka Riddle
    Ivanka Riddle 6 months ago

    Why isn't dumplin on Netflix India??!?!?

  • AfroSamurai
    AfroSamurai 6 months ago +2

    Is this... Olympia?

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose 6 months ago

    Yooo that’s the kid from minutemen!😂

  • Paula Meder
    Paula Meder 6 months ago

    When will this be available in Latin America!? I can’t wait any longer!! 😭

  • she's me
    she's me 6 months ago

    I need someone like bo!!!

  • Makenzie McIntyre
    Makenzie McIntyre 6 months ago

    I need me a southern man

  • Sher Nasser
    Sher Nasser 6 months ago

    Why isnt dumplin on netflix malaysia???

  • Ayoyoy Yumang
    Ayoyoy Yumang 6 months ago

    *O L Y M P I A*

  • MJ
    MJ 6 months ago +1

    omg so this is where olympia went to

  • Roman Z.
    Roman Z. 6 months ago

    Olympia 🙈✨

  • Alicia Santos
    Alicia Santos 6 months ago

    tão perfeito, só falta liberar no brasil!