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  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • Hannah Hajat
    Hannah Hajat 4 minutes ago

    btw it is american food

  • Tufool
    Tufool 7 hours ago

    **Raphael Gomes has entered the chat**

  • all honesty
    all honesty Day ago

    I thought it was normal for apples to have wax its supposed to make it stay longer but also you should wash your apples properly form the wax

  • Melissa Abe Eborn

    just an fyi for anyone wondering, the wax on apples is 100% safe and is used to prolong its shelf time. this is also why you're supposed to wash your fruits and veggies after you buy them.

    the rocks in the baby food are minerals and are included in most baby food for their nutrients and vitamins. no iron deficient babies today :)

    everythin else, yeahhhh thats just plain rude haha

  • Gotcha !
    Gotcha ! 2 days ago

    I know that you have probably heard this before but the video has been proven fake

  • Amantu Khan
    Amantu Khan 5 days ago

    Stupidest person in the world

  • Yash Bhandari
    Yash Bhandari 6 days ago

    Technically we need to eat metal . Eg: as we need iron and iron is a metal .. this is also the reason why kelloggs which says iron on packing are magnetic .

  • Fiona Chapman
    Fiona Chapman 7 days ago

    i thought everyone knew that yellow shiny cheese was "fake"

  • boojieblue2
    boojieblue2 8 days ago

    Its the more generic foods. And it's the American food more than anything

  • james de santos
    james de santos 10 days ago

    Why is wax bad for u?
    Well its because
    Would u eat a candle

    I lost braincells w this😂😂

    • james de santos
      james de santos 10 days ago

      Also soz for being a nerd

    • james de santos
      james de santos 10 days ago

      Also ur body does need some metals so babay food does probably contain come form of metal

    • james de santos
      james de santos 10 days ago

      Also not all metals are magnetic so the baby food one wouldn't necessarily prove ut had no metals

    • james de santos
      james de santos 10 days ago

      Btw not trynna hate love the vids🙂

    • james de santos
      james de santos 10 days ago

      Also the wax is there to protect the apple and the wax used on apples is food grade meaning u can eat it

  • ijaz is cool
    ijaz is cool 11 days ago


  • iffah sakura
    iffah sakura 12 days ago

    Wax is to make the apple beautiful

  • les figues
    les figues 19 days ago

    you should try ramen !!

  • Baby & mommy
    Baby & mommy 20 days ago

    You need American food

  • strnka
    strnka 21 day ago


  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 22 days ago

    Fake rice is
    From china
    To earn money
    Its plastic rice

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 22 days ago

    Thats fake food
    All real food is real food
    Fake food come from china

  • tae kook
    tae kook 23 days ago

    Half of the 5mins fake food is fake it's not real

  • tae kook
    tae kook 23 days ago +1

    That cheese has less fat that's why it doesn't melt check the fat content

  • Grace Bell
    Grace Bell 23 days ago

    The channel 'how to cook that' did a really good video explaining this real vs fake food video

  • Maanvitha Gundu
    Maanvitha Gundu 24 days ago

    It is fat

  • Derik Roberts
    Derik Roberts 24 days ago

    I think the expensive vitamins melted because they have a gelatin suspension which helps disolve it faster when you take it where the cheaper ones are using a powdered cellulose or dextrin suspension because it's literally just cheaper to produce.
    ...or maybe someone was trying to rip off out Taz. In which case, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

  • Derik Roberts
    Derik Roberts 24 days ago

    7:15 Next week Taz eats a candle. 😄

  • Derik Roberts
    Derik Roberts 24 days ago +1

    3:48 😄 Taz rules! 😂

  • Gabby Cats
    Gabby Cats 27 days ago +1

    People know this is fake right, not taz but the original creators of this.

  • Zizi The Cute Kitty
    Zizi The Cute Kitty 28 days ago

    No offence but this video was kind so silly. If cheese doesn’t melt THAT MEANS ITS PROCCESED CHEESE

  • marvella maddy
    marvella maddy Month ago

  • eich fua
    eich fua Month ago

    and why would they mention if there is plastic in their rice?if they would then no one will buy it?am i wrong?

  • Darkness
    Darkness Month ago

    She shld have used thongs or chopsticks to try to burn cheese

  • Marie Schnapp
    Marie Schnapp Month ago

    British Liza Koshy🥺💗

  • Mahlet Berhanu
    Mahlet Berhanu Month ago

    Cheese like the one in the video, processed cheese (at least in Canada). They're not actually called cheese since its basically just chemicals, they call it cheese product or processed cheese product 😁

  • Autumn Byers
    Autumn Byers Month ago +1

    Own that hurts!

    Just kidding, your not lying we are not healthy

  • Autumn Byers
    Autumn Byers Month ago


  • Kithri Melonfear
    Kithri Melonfear Month ago

    There's plastic in everything. 1 in 4 people have microplastics in there blood. Freaked me out when I learned this, but it makes sense. Btw, why doesn't she do this with Chinese food. Am I being racist when I say that? But did anyone else get those FB posts where some shops put styrofoam in their food?

  • Random Tube
    Random Tube Month ago

    I don’t mind eating a candle

  • Saubhagya Negi
    Saubhagya Negi Month ago

    Taz: Let's see what ice cream tastes like with lemon in it!

  • dianey castillo
    dianey castillo Month ago +10

    You should watch “how to cook that” channel. She debunks those kind of viral food videos. Most of the time, they are fake.
    Anyways, I love your haircut, looks amazing.

  • Klara Fajdiga
    Klara Fajdiga Month ago

    thexvid.com/video/vSBSzWmjXO0/video.html this video debunks everything :)

  • PυρρႦҽʅʅα

    did you know that they put drugs in meat to make them bigger?

  • PυρρႦҽʅʅα

    Just to let you know they put materials in cheap foods not expensive foods like Heinz

  • PυρρႦҽʅʅα

    She should go to japan 😂

  • anju mallah
    anju mallah Month ago

    @clickfortaz 1. The cheese melts because of high fat content so the cheese which didn't melt is because it has low fat content u can read the ingredients and compare
    2. Wax on Apple's is a common practice prevalent in the business to give it sheen but it doesn't mean it's non edible was.. it's bees wax which is used to shine fruits.

  • Miri K
    Miri K Month ago

    How could there even be plastic in rice without anyone noticing, because when you cook rice it soaks itself with water and gets bigger and softer. Plastic won't soak that water and therefore wouldn't get softer nor bigger.
    And I think melting cheese is designed to melt at a low temperature, so if the temperature is too hot, like with your lighter, it burns. But the mozarella isn't designed to melt at as low temperatures as the melting cheese, so it is able to melt at higher temperatures without burning. At even higher temperatures even this cheese would probably burn.

  • lindsay jecca
    lindsay jecca Month ago


  • Zahra Singh
    Zahra Singh Month ago

    There is technically metal in bananas look at the periodic table

  • Miss Pxgggle
    Miss Pxgggle Month ago

    At 13:08 the expensive vitamins look like my guinea pigs poo ... 🤢🤣

  • Eunice Lapitan
    Eunice Lapitan Month ago

    I think wax is put on the apple to prevent it from riping.

  • Xx Hot_Cupid xX
    Xx Hot_Cupid xX Month ago

    Meat is definitely glue

  • HurricaneTortilla
    HurricaneTortilla Month ago

    If u think abt it, there’s technically no such thing as fake or natural cheese because cheese is man-made..

  • sayali nikam
    sayali nikam Month ago +1

    Apples are coated with wax to make it shine and look good.

  • Xandras Videos
    Xandras Videos Month ago

    soooo gorgeous ❤

  • KetchupWTFYT
    KetchupWTFYT Month ago


  • Melissa Hare
    Melissa Hare Month ago

    I’m sorry but that bobble on that cupboard handle is rlly triggering me like I wanna whip it off and maybe flick it somewhere where I’ll never find it... idk, impulse reactions, I’m sorry😭😂

  • Brooke Fanshaw
    Brooke Fanshaw Month ago

    Your rocking your hair like that

  • Nate Hockley
    Nate Hockley Month ago

    In no way is having plastic mixed with rice legal

  • FettyBettyAndJozee
    FettyBettyAndJozee Month ago

    Blossom's video is actually fake, you can go and see How To Cook That's video debunking the video

  • Enzo Savino
    Enzo Savino Month ago

    Well taz there is a thing called meat glue ... (not to be rude)

  • Azza Shaik
    Azza Shaik Month ago

    You and Raphael Gomes are turning into the same person. 😂😂 That is why I love you guys.

  • Chris V.
    Chris V. Month ago

    Taz be getting her back blown out 4:19

  • Muhammad Raza
    Muhammad Raza Month ago +2

    The only reason real cheese melts is due to its high fat content compared to processed cheese. Low fat content causes processed cheese to burn instead of melt.