EXPERIMENT - What’s the BEST FREE Drawing Program?


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  • The Bitter Artist
    The Bitter Artist Year ago +86

    I can't believe that someone so talented and descriptive in front of the camera as well as in drawing, has only 211 subs? Well, 212 now...

  • Russell Marvin
    Russell Marvin 4 months ago +2

    I'm just getting into digital art. I'm over the old school pencil and pen and brush Strokes. So I'm a bit behind the times. I really do appreciate your video about the different paint programs. Thank you so much

  • Do Not Use This Account
    Do Not Use This Account 2 years ago +15

    That was really informative, thank you! Gives me a good idea of what I might want to suggest to Eldest Niece when she gets more into digital drawing.

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  2 years ago +1

      Thank you! That's exactly what prompted the video - lots of friends asking me for suggestions for themselves or for their kiddos. :) I learned a lot while making the video!

  • Potatohead827
    Potatohead827 8 months ago +1

    this was really really helpful! thank you so much for making this video :)

  • lizard LTD
    lizard LTD 10 months ago +2

    Great vid! Just one thing, I think you can rotate the canvas in all of these programs with in software buttons (in Krita there are two ways).

  • Goobertown Hobbies
    Goobertown Hobbies 2 years ago +26

    !!!! Super useful, bookmarking this for when I'm ready to try drawing :-)

  • A Simple Trash Can
    A Simple Trash Can Year ago +4

    0:00 - Intro
    0:55 - Clip Studio Paint Pro ($)
    6:28 - MyPaint (free)
    10:39 - FireAlpaca (free)
    15:28 - Krita (free)
    19:40 - Outro

  • Philip Ennis
    Philip Ennis Year ago +4

    Yo you’re awesome! I just got my first tablet today and I was still wondering what software I should use. I love how you took your time and didn’t rush anything. New subscriber, I’m so excited to see your next videos! 🤗❤️

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +2

      That's very kind, thank you so much! Got more coming soon, I'm so glad you like them! 😊

  • The Cherry Tree
    The Cherry Tree 10 months ago +1

    I've used fire alpaca for over a year now. It is very very limited in brushes but it's so easy to use. Im going to try Krita to see how I feel about it but I am personally accustomed to fire alpaca after using it for so long

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  10 months ago

      Best of luck with it! I definitely found Krita to be far more feature-rich, and closer to what I've come to expect from Clip Studio Paint. Switching software is a bit tough, but take your time! Have fun learning the different features of the new software and try a few simple pieces to start. :)

  • Jason Gold
    Jason Gold Year ago +6

    FireAlpaca isn't great for brush customization, but you can import brushes, and make your own. I've been using it for a little bit now, but I mostly stick with the defaults. Its what works for me.

  • Orkerz
    Orkerz Year ago +1

    Very neat and perfect comparison 👌🏻Thanks.
    In Krita: Ctrl(command key) is used to quickly access the Color:Eyedropper tool.

    • Orkerz
      Orkerz Year ago +1

      @Allie MacAlister oh yes, this is a 4 month old video, didn't notice that 🤭 looking forward to your review of krita someday, once you feel comfortable enough with the software as you're with clip studio paint right now 😊

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +1

      I discovered this after this video was made, and it's a great tip! Thanks for passing it along. :)

  • Desiree Flores
    Desiree Flores Year ago +3

    You can also rotate the canvas in krista using that pop up wheel. The dot in the top moves

  • Lyra Black
    Lyra Black Year ago +3

    Thanks for making this video! Art is a _huge_ coping mechanism for me, and I don't want to contribute at all to the plastic island in the middle of the ocean - so digital is pretty much my only option. I think I'm gonna try FireAlpaca, then Krita. (I can't wait for Christmas, I think I'm gonna get the Wacom graphire tablet lol)
    Update: I'm getting the Huion Inspiroy h950p tablet lmao. This comment was from like, when I just started looking - a great launchpad at least lmao

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +1

      Awesome! I wish you the best of luck! Like I said in the video, I find FireAlpaca the most approachable but Krita is definitely more feature-rich. Sounds like you have a good plan in mind. :)

  • CaroLuvs522
    CaroLuvs522 11 months ago +1

    Great video! Are any art pads compatible with these softwares?

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  11 months ago

      I'm not sure what you mean by art pads, but any digital art tablet that connects to a PC should be compatible. :) If you aren't sure, check the software websites for documentation, as I'm no pro!

  • Moocow2oo
    Moocow2oo Year ago +3

    I don't know if someone had said this or not but the canvas rotation feature on krita is on that huge dial. There is a small dot on the top and you can click and move that around the dial to rotate the canvas.
    Edit: I have been trying to get used to krita as a brand new digital artist. Well, brand new artist in general lol, and I am having some issues trying to get a handle on the workings of it. I do like the vast array of options, I just don't know exactly what they do yet. lol I clicked on your video to see if there are any other programs out there that are better and I keep hearing that krita is just a great program so I think I am going to stick it out.

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +1

      Use what works for you, for sure! I did learn about the canvas rotation after this video was recorded. :)

  • Maybe Sterling
    Maybe Sterling Year ago +2

    You are so underrated keep up the great work!!

  • Clane Lobo
    Clane Lobo Year ago +2

    This is very helpful. Thank you! I wanted to try a free software before committing to a paid one.

  • joe mama
    joe mama 9 months ago +1

    it's not really about which is the best program, it's about how YOU know how to use the program.

  • • 𝙽𝚊𝚝𝚢 •

    Honestly i use krita. For me its very nice and easy and i can also animate. I recomend Krita

  • Lux
    Lux Year ago +2

    Thank you so so so much! Im new to art on my computer, and you helped me find a great program! You earned a sub. :3

    NOBS GAMING 6 months ago

    I really love your art. Can you please do review drawing on affinity designer? ❤️

  • Peter Singer
    Peter Singer Year ago +3

    im just starting and your vid is SO HELPFUL for me thanks!

  • TheMorrigan
    TheMorrigan 2 years ago +3

    Very nice and useful ^^ I'm going to keep this in mind when I dabble in digital art sometime

  • JCat 707
    JCat 707 Year ago +1

    in krita when the color wheel pops up you'll see a little circle around it with a smaller circle on top, if you move the small circle around the area you'll see it turns the canvas ^^ (idk just thought id comment this lol TvT)

  • Shioni
    Shioni Year ago +2

    why 21.287 views and only 713 subs? You deserve more and more! , your art is so beautiful , now you have 714

  • Mind and Meditation
    Mind and Meditation 4 months ago +1

    Great video. Very informative and I love your little dragon ponies! :)

  • Morgan Carr
    Morgan Carr 11 months ago +1

    My first tablet is coming on Tuesday, this helped a ton, thanks!

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  10 months ago

      Belated but thanks so much! I hope you're enjoying your new tablet, that's so exciting!

  • Shadoow
    Shadoow Year ago +1

    Nice video I just got my tabled like 20 mins ago this helped me out a lot! :D

  • 0matthewzero
    0matthewzero Year ago +2

    Thanks for making this video, it's very helpful.

  • Alex Arcø
    Alex Arcø Year ago

    Great video, very useful!

  • Glyn Keegan
    Glyn Keegan 11 months ago +2

    I still can't believe you don't even have 800 subs. You're so underrated, well you earned another sub (I don't even draw really).

    • Glyn Keegan
      Glyn Keegan 11 months ago +1

      @Allie MacAlister I''ll try krita out for fun and without a tablet haha
      my friend is a pro mural painter and recommends it :)

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  11 months ago

      Thanks so much!

  • Atlas Allen-Manning
    Atlas Allen-Manning 2 years ago +4

    very helpful video. thank you allie!

  • 콕스에서 자 지마SeedsxSprout

    I like firealpaca and ive been using it ever since I got my first tablet months ago. But the problem is, whenever I transfer my work to my phone, the colors changes. Like firealpaca's color palette is not accurate. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

    • Andrés Felipe Palma Vargas
      Andrés Felipe Palma Vargas 10 months ago

      Yeah, I have the same issue. If you open a file made in FireAlpaca in another program, like Photoshop, the colors change quite a lot.
      I've noticed that since a few months ago. It's a bummer, because if I want to modify something in another program, I can't since I don't want to recalibrate the colors and layers I've already done.

    • Silverkip
      Silverkip Year ago

      * but nobody came.

  • tofu .-.
    tofu .-. Year ago +1

    hi!! do u reccomend any drawing apps for low end laptops?? u know apps that are lightweight and doesnt lag too much, cuz i've tried krita and my laptop COULD NOT handle it, it lagged like crazy😅😅

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  11 months ago +1

      I'm not too sure, but you might try the other two mentioned in the video since they're more lightweight apps in general. :)

  • Jison Golosinda
    Jison Golosinda Year ago +2

    Its a great video hope more video to sees. And sooner or later it will trends a lot! 😊😊❤️

  • Elise Marie
    Elise Marie Year ago +2

    Hey, love ur video.
    Just a quick Qs, how can you draw such a straight line like that. My lines couldn't be straight and they're just curly like noodles. I can't get it right and really need them to be straight and pointy to draw details like eyes and hair. HELP ME~~~~🥺🥺🥺 I used Krita BTW

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago

      Hi there! Depending on the drawing software you can use the brush's stabilization tools (if they have it) or if you want a perfectly straight line, you can hold shift while drawing the line in some software. Use Google to see how to use these things in your software.
      Drawing clean lines also takes a lot of practice. Training yourself to draw from the shoulder instead of from the wrist is important to get straighter lines. You can learn more here: drawabox.com/lesson/1/3

  • SAU
    SAU Year ago +2

    I'm new to digital art and hell art overall and have been using krita.
    So far my brain does not really understand how to not copy stuff and make new things so i just have been copying references to get better are understanding how things work.
    However i am painfully slow like i have been drawing this mouse from a game shortcut icon called transformice I am 6 hours in and still need to shade and i want to add....umm not sure what you would call it small areas that add the look of smooth fur.
    Anyway i know why i am slow it is a mix of not using layers right (I will lose track of what one i am on or draw on the wrong one leading to issues down the line) and wanting something to look just right (don't know why i care so much most likely won't even come out very good)
    Anyway i really liked the video really wish krita had the ability to turn the canvas without having to use the keyboard.

  • Fufazu
    Fufazu Year ago +2

    I have just started getting into art. I have recently bought a tablet as well. What would be a good choice for an artist that is just looking for some fun and creativity.

    • Fufazu
      Fufazu Year ago

      @Allie MacAlister Thanks! so far i really like medibang

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago

      They're all good! Pick one that you like the look of, or try them all out. :)

  • Kinda Hungry
    Kinda Hungry Year ago +87

    Me: She must have allot of dubscribers!
    Alice MacAlister: I have 140!
    Me: Damn thats not mutch!
    Also me: Lets become 141!

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +5

      Haha, thank you! I'm still pretty new but it's coming along!

  • Pet Love Forever
    Pet Love Forever Year ago +4

    You deserve to have more subs!

  • Slookee
    Slookee Year ago +1

    keep going i like your video, the style you are talking is so good

  • Shunu
    Shunu Year ago +2

    I used Krita for a little bit and I loved it but my pc could NOT handle it lol

  • stormherald13
    stormherald13 8 months ago +1

    ok in kirta you can turn the canvas i use a touch screen laptop with a pen and I'm able to turn the canvas while drawing
    i think its just the equipment you use

  • Hatice Ebrar
    Hatice Ebrar Year ago +1

    I just got a new tablet and I have been searching for a drawing program. my friends all use krita so I planned to do the same but on the site it says that you need at least windows 8.1 for the last version and I just have a crusty windows 7. so I'll probably just go with fire alpaca

    • Hatice Ebrar
      Hatice Ebrar Year ago +1

      @-- thank you for the suggestion! I might look into that website, i have a little bit of experience from a school club and they gave us paint sai for free but i lost the file so im searching for a new program.

  • Jared Dinwiddie
    Jared Dinwiddie 4 months ago

    Lol I was looking at a huion tablet and said man what program should I use. You're talking about clip studio (which I bought months ago when I saw what you can do with character models). You have made me really happy that I bought it cheap and have the programs needed to do the stuff I want. Thanks for the informative honest video.

  • HoneyIsSweet
    HoneyIsSweet Year ago +2

    Just subscribed to your channel...
    Hope to see you grow😘

  • Luca Weiland
    Luca Weiland Year ago +1

    what did i learn out of this video? buy clip studio pain pro and how to draw properly! thanks you so much :D you got a new sub

  • Fizkall Nyeilsem
    Fizkall Nyeilsem Year ago +7

    clip studio paint pro isnt really for free unfortunately

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +5

      You are correct! I state that clearly in my video. I'm using Clip Studio Paint as my point of comparison for the free software, since I know it so well. 😊

  • Aim’s Animations
    Aim’s Animations 6 months ago

    So I want to get a drawing tablet, and the only thing on this list that suits the way I work would be clip studio paint, however, I can’t really afford it. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Daniel Wan
    Daniel Wan Year ago

    thanks really helped

  • Luca Weiland
    Luca Weiland Year ago +3

    hey one question! you liked pretty fast on my last comment so im just gonna ask here
    i got myself clip studio paint pro because of you! :D and i would like to ask where you can get the freedom brush set you are using

    • Luca Weiland
      Luca Weiland Year ago

      thanks, you are the greatest!

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +1

      Hi, thanks for the reminder! I've added the link to the description. :) frenden.com/

  • Random person
    Random person Year ago +3

    Congrats! you have a new subscriber! :)

  • Fa1res
    Fa1res Year ago

    I am a new digital drawer what app should i use (for pc)

  • BonezTeeth
    BonezTeeth Year ago +1

    you have amazing art, You are great criticism and points on the software that was shown.

  • BlackWishBone
    BlackWishBone Year ago

    So..whenever I try and draw on krita, random lines starts showing up as I make a line. Idk how to fix the issue at all

  • Sg Studios
    Sg Studios Year ago

    What is your drawing tablet. What would you recommend for starting out?

    • Sg Studios
      Sg Studios Year ago +1

      @Allie MacAlister Guess the subscriber count just popped up 1 more :)

    • Sg Studios
      Sg Studios Year ago +1

      @Allie MacAlister Thanks!

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago

      I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. I only have experience with the Wacom line of tablets, so I can't for sure recommend what is best - but the Bamboo is the starting model for Wacom! :)

  • MaxiiDev
    MaxiiDev Year ago +1

    U should try Medibang Paint pro

  • Seelenstein Kollektiv

    I tried downloading firealpaca 2.3.8 but the download bar in Google Chrome said firealpaca cannot download securely I tried canceling to download cuz I was panicking that I'll get a virus

    • Seelenstein Kollektiv
      Seelenstein Kollektiv Year ago

      I'm just going to keep using firealpaca 2.3.7 because it has latest features. all there is 2.3.8 is 2 bug fixes and two new keyboard Keys you can set as shortcuts. I'm just going to wait until there's a 2.3.9 to fix that warning message in Google Chrome

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +1

      I'm not really someone who can help with that kind of thing, unfortunately! :/ I haven't personally encountered that problem and have used it for a few years with no issues, as have many others, but do what feels safe for you. There are other free art software to try. :)

  • Sora Kisuke
    Sora Kisuke Year ago +1

    Nice people, useful video :3

  • •Mel• A•
    •Mel• A• Year ago +5

    Ur Chanel is....SOOO UNDERRATED!

  • Destiny Overla
    Destiny Overla Year ago +2

    I never even considered krita... I don't know what that says about me but I know what I'm going to be trying.

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago

      It says that you've learned something new and have a new drawing software to try! :)

  • mika hu
    mika hu Year ago +2

    You CAN upload custom brushes in firealpaca though? I've literally made my own, so I don't understand what you mean by it lacking customization with brushes?

    • mika hu
      mika hu Year ago

      @Allie MacAlister ah ok :) I don't know about texture density, but I've always been able to adjust opacity since I started using fireplace back in like 2013/14
      I'm actually confused on if your default settings didn't have the window turned on for "brush control"?

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago +1

      I meant more in the sense that with CSP, you can customize various aspects of the brushes (opacity, texture density and the like) but I've since learned that you can have that kind of customization when you import brushes as well. I'm still learning. :)

  • 생갈치1호의행방불명

    I recommend medibang!!

  • Pinkish Penguin
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  • Hugo Amorim
    Hugo Amorim Year ago +1

    I mean nice video!Really nice job!But the truth is clip studio paint pro is not free u only get a free trial!So the tittle is kinda incorrect if u include clip studio paint pro!

    • Hugo Amorim
      Hugo Amorim Year ago

      @Allie MacAlister Oh right my mistake!Amazing video!Its sad that there ain any crack videos for clip studio paint pro!Its that im 19 and my mom wont let me buy any of these stuff its really expensive!

    • Allie MacAlister
      Allie MacAlister  Year ago

      Hi! I don't include Clip Studio Paint in the comparison of free software. It's simply the software I'm most used to using, to I use it as the baseline for comparing the three free programs. I say this very clearly in the video, but I will edit the description to reflect that as well. :)

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    she sould get more likes and subscribers

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    This is good effort

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    I'm ur 261st subscriber hope ur channel grow bigger soon

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    I really need a logo for my friend how much do you charge?

  • Dead channel
    Dead channel Year ago

    I made it so i can't change my layer which is really annoying. And kirta confused me so sad
    Can you give me some help figuring it out?

  • USS Forbes
    USS Forbes Month ago +1

    I like the your characters.

  • Mr Yeet1ng
    Mr Yeet1ng Year ago

    dangit i just got my first drawing tablet and now krita cost money

  • Zeke Yeager
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    I love medibang

    • Zeke Yeager
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      @Allie MacAlister thank u very very much

    • Allie MacAlister
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      I definitely need to cover that one in a future video!

  • CherryBleed
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    My paint has a potential

  • I am inactive
    I am inactive Year ago

    Am a krita user but I found it too uncomfortable than photoshop I didn't used clip studio paint so ya but it's horrible Mean it dings have a eraser tool you just have eraser tool while making a illustration You have to sketch alot and if you are sketching you have to erase too and the buttons on my pen tablet is set to eraser to pen switch and it will be eraser but really small and light and it will took an hour to erase so you have to always go on the eraser brush so it is too painful and shortcuts sometimes didn't work if u set them in you tablet so can I use fire alpaca becoz krita is horrible plzz help🙏
    Love from india❤

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    Oh jeez underrated

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    Autodesk sketchbook the best totally free drawing software
    Gas everything

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    I just realised your really underrates

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    So underrated...

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    money.exe has stopped working

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    i love all your little horse dragon beans

    • Sgt. CheekiBreeki
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      @Allie MacAlister i really like the blue and green ones :3

    • Allie MacAlister
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      Thank you!! I've been drawing them for ages and I love them. They're fun to design!

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    14k vies and this much sub what you guys are doing sub her you will not lose anything you all are watching video enjoying her video but does not sub her ?

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    I could never like or subscribe to anyone who uses the term 'creatives' because I wretch a little inside my mouth whenever I hear that word.

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    Wait hold on you only have 698 subs? Welp... mine as well be the 699th

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