Aldi Christmas Launch Advert 2019.

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Roll up! Roll up! The Amazing Aldi Christmas Show is here. Witness the Flying Tra-peas, a guest appearance from bad guy Russell Sprout and of course, the star of the show… #KevinTheCarrot
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  • Mike Broadhead
    Mike Broadhead 9 hours ago

    Well I will not be shopping at Aldi,using Robbie Williams who has a face for radio is just wrong.Williams is so desperate for publicity. He is like the facelift guy from X Factor, best shut away

  • Owl Girl
    Owl Girl Day ago

    This is awesome! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Boomerang your Universe

    Watch this cute funny baby try and fix a snowman with a toy carrot 😌

  • WilkinsHTFSimpsonsMemesCartoonNetworkfanGuy ALT

    0:13 Add A Brazzers Tab

  • Riad Burctoolla
    Riad Burctoolla 2 days ago

    Get that songwriter to remake Automaton by Jamiroquai. Just Dance 2018 has the tomato but not the lyrics

  • LpsLizzie xox
    LpsLizzie xox 3 days ago


  • Wiener Fritzl
    Wiener Fritzl 3 days ago

    Lidl is better than Aldi.

  • plants vs zombies fan

    Kevin the carrot ('_')
    -Russell sprouts-

  • Ruth Gallagher
    Ruth Gallagher 4 days ago

    But I like sprouts.

  • WilkinsHTFSimpsonsMemesCartoonNetworkfan Guy

    I wish Kevin the carrot was cut up and served in my soup and his family turned into grated carrots for my salad

  • Shirley Lynsky
    Shirley Lynsky 6 days ago

    0:23 did he just hit puberty

  • gamergirl x
    gamergirl x 6 days ago

    Lol we whatch this in school

  • Steve Aiston
    Steve Aiston 10 days ago

    Hell has gone and Kevin’s here! GOLD! 😂

  • Kayla Jordan
    Kayla Jordan 10 days ago

    Kevin you did it again!

  • conlang know
    conlang know 11 days ago

    Sprouts rule, down with the carrots! ☭

  • Jev with the pg tips monkeys Chapman

    Very good Kevin the carrot 🥕🥕🥕🥕

  • mettle
    mettle 11 days ago

    His singing is the most annoying bloody thing on telly

  • Helene Poulin
    Helene Poulin 11 days ago

    Anyone sees the reference to Brexit? Let's save Kevin from the evil Brussel sprouts! :D

    • susie
      susie 8 days ago

      There's legit no comparison

  • ClickBiSi
    ClickBiSi 12 days ago

    Nowhere near as good as IKEA advert

  • Valiant Val
    Valiant Val 12 days ago

    One way of getting out of the diversity problem.

  • GeekyGirl 033
    GeekyGirl 033 12 days ago +1

    *I'm watching this with my plush Kevin, and I'm the 800th comment! To anyone who was unsuccessful today, please don't pay hefty eBay prices. You're only supporting a person who wants to take advantage of us fans. I know how you feel because I've been there. I've wanted Kevin plush since 2016. Wait till next year, he'll be back. XXX*

  • Zara Zafar
    Zara Zafar 12 days ago


  • Arrow In The Knee
    Arrow In The Knee 13 days ago

    I just cane back from getting the new toys... There was a long que....and someone shouted sonething like "BEFORE THE JIDS GET EM " then ran away with 2 1m Kevin's in his arms XD

  • toy story Lego Lego
    toy story Lego Lego 16 days ago

    Because it's a new year

  • catmushroom101
    catmushroom101 17 days ago

    no one
    literally no one

    sprouts: We haTE kEViN

  • Elijah Anselm
    Elijah Anselm 17 days ago

    By order of the leafy blinders

  • IAmKye
    IAmKye 18 days ago

    the fuck did I just watch

    • mettle
      mettle 11 days ago

      A shite advert

    POL1S TSAOUSIDIS 18 days ago


  • Smiling Squid
    Smiling Squid 18 days ago +1

    Did Robbie Williams do this or not cause I keep being asked

  • Daniel Charles Cook
    Daniel Charles Cook 18 days ago

    While your doing your Christmas shopping dont forget Daniel Charles cooks no 1 song this Chrismas A new life Merry Christmas one and all!

  • Jordan Gray
    Jordan Gray 20 days ago

    Is singing this

  • Connie Goodley
    Connie Goodley 20 days ago +1

    i think this is the best aldi advert ever but you know the horses that were trotting around the stage i think it should have been raindeers

  • Billy Williams
    Billy Williams 20 days ago +1

    Aldi promoting animal abuse. Why can't you leave out the animal flesh. Disappointed with aldi this year.

  • Gucci Flip flop
    Gucci Flip flop 21 day ago

    That tomato will be in my nightmares

  • J.O Hamz
    J.O Hamz 22 days ago

    Why are these ads such a big deal like tf cares

  • Joseph Bean
    Joseph Bean 22 days ago

    It's fucking November!!

  • Dennis Moore
    Dennis Moore 22 days ago

    So Kevin gets held hostage by sprouts, gets released by a tomato thrown at him, runs away to a circus that turns into The Greatest Showman?


  • Jamie Raleigh
    Jamie Raleigh 23 days ago +1

    # Kevin

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 23 days ago

    this ad is boring as bird poop on a council estate pavement somewhere up north

  • Sharon Hitchinson
    Sharon Hitchinson 24 days ago

    Johnlewis. Com

  • annascoop
    annascoop 24 days ago +1


  • Janice Krieger
    Janice Krieger 24 days ago +2


  • Matthew Winter
    Matthew Winter 24 days ago +1

    That angry sprout looks very much like trump when flying in the air with the stair at the end

  • Oranges are Orange
    Oranges are Orange 24 days ago

    Not the best is it ? John Lewis had me much more intrigued this year

  • Christine R.
    Christine R. 24 days ago +2

    brilliant best christmas advert out them all.

    -RUTHIE CHU- 25 days ago +2

    I love this song

  • Sylvester YOU WILL DIE
    Sylvester YOU WILL DIE 25 days ago +2

    Because pasnip

  • KaReN -J-
    KaReN -J- 25 days ago

    Is robbie skint? This screams desperation to me 😐

    JDINCINERATOR 26 days ago +2

    Love it or loathe it, ALDI know how to put on a show with their Christmas ads. You get more creativity and imagination in these than you do in a millisecond of any other Christmas ad from Tesco, ASDA, John Lewis, M&S and The Range.

  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday 26 days ago

    Best advert on tv every year........shame their food is shit.

  • Dan Griffin
    Dan Griffin 26 days ago

    Wtf man the only thing peaky blinders about this is the sprout in a flat cap, well disappointed Tommy Shelby did not make an appearance

  • c6gav
    c6gav 26 days ago

    Kevin the carrot is a better singer than Robbie Williams..! Or is it Robbie the reinder..!

  • mon ami assisi
    mon ami assisi 26 days ago +2

    I LOVE THAT TOMATO! "I'll help you! Gnegnegnegnegne!" Lolololololol, awwwwww! Shame about the dead bird tho 😕

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man 27 days ago +4

    And the winner of best Christmas Ad 2019 is ... Aldi! Congratulations, brilliant work!!

  • Megan W
    Megan W 27 days ago

    They literally just copied the greatest showman. It’s not creative in the slightest

    William SHIPTON-JONES 27 days ago +3

    aldi yet again wins

  • Diana Gr
    Diana Gr 27 days ago +5

    Other brands: look at us and our amazing adverts!!
    Aldi to other brands: Lol, I simply show a carrot and still get more customers than you guys😂

  • David Franklin
    David Franklin 27 days ago +4

    Aldi best Xmas advert xxx

  • Little angel 2
    Little angel 2 27 days ago +9

    This is way better then the John Lewis advert. Just my opinion don't attack me 😂

  • Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal 27 days ago +5

    Brilliant #AldiUK and #RobbieWilliams