Rick Ross - Summer Reign (Official Music Video) ft. Summer Walker

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  • cee money
    cee money 2 days ago

    They got to be dating

  • natasha west
    natasha west 3 days ago

    Love Rick Ross and his music.

  • Sipp Datruth34
    Sipp Datruth34 3 days ago


  • kim lloyd-moss
    kim lloyd-moss 3 days ago

    Love his voice ❤

    CALIMAN 4 days ago

    Im so bloaDed of the hot sauce on the chicken, DAMN

  • Black Marvel
    Black Marvel 8 days ago

    If Summer came up with that melody and pocket it's over for the 20's

  • Smoke Shop Records
    Smoke Shop Records 9 days ago

    Issa vibe 😎💯

  • David Nicholson
    David Nicholson 11 days ago

    I love this song ❤️😍

  • Rogue N P C
    Rogue N P C 12 days ago

    You're a fake fraud who stole your name from a real hustler. Also a shady corrections officer before this lol

  • Bad Aunt BB
    Bad Aunt BB 12 days ago

    I come to rick ross vids for the exotic places and beautiful women he always pick the baddest... such a smooth gangsta

  • J.R.Clark
    J.R.Clark 12 days ago

    Me and Ross need to do a song soon 💯💯💯

  • Rosaria Baite
    Rosaria Baite 13 days ago

    Belaire amaria provar 😋

  • KingKG
    KingKG 13 days ago

    Rozay should've made this the 1st single. Summer ain't in the video cuz she hot now. Also wit the classic SWV Rain sample! This single was released too late! Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 tho! 💯

  • Forrest Blackshire
    Forrest Blackshire 17 days ago


  • frank tshuma
    frank tshuma 18 days ago

    g my nigga renzel...

  • Running Stats.
    Running Stats. 19 days ago +1


  • hustlemami
    hustlemami 20 days ago

    Rick Ross has that flow that make me feel sexy af!

  • Tiffany Bell
    Tiffany Bell 20 days ago

    I need that animal print sweater Ross have on! 💯💪🏽😎

  • Kourtney Carpenter
    Kourtney Carpenter 20 days ago

    I love this song

  • Sydney Hester
    Sydney Hester 20 days ago

    2:25 I don't know if that was a sigh or a moan... 😒😂

  • Christopher Coe
    Christopher Coe 21 day ago

    Bo$$e$ only understand Bo$$e$

    CALIMAN 23 days ago +1

    I wish i could get this album on a cd, smhhhh

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 23 days ago +1


  • Band Queen15
    Band Queen15 23 days ago +1

    That's.... that swv rain sample 😩❣️🔥🔥 man boss did it again 💯🎉

    • jim focus
      jim focus 23 days ago

      Now I can guess your age... 38-43

  • Who is Cherie TV
    Who is Cherie TV 24 days ago

    Talk to em Cheri 👑❤️👀👀👀

  • Rose Ommolo
    Rose Ommolo 26 days ago +2

    Rozay's songs just blent with every mood you in. This song deserves all the awards of the year damn😍😍 I just can't stop listening over and over

  • Daniel Rhodes
    Daniel Rhodes 27 days ago

    Most fake rapper alive award goes to officer Ricky

  • ms, Johnson
    ms, Johnson 28 days ago


  • Demon Jack
    Demon Jack Month ago +9

    Am I the only(1) one who feels rich af when hearing to rick ross's Songs ????



  • Pop Bebo
    Pop Bebo Month ago +1

    Sheesh smooth

  • ValiumUp
    ValiumUp Month ago

    Even drunk Rick Ross sounds rich 🤔

  • Craig Walker
    Craig Walker Month ago


  • Chanel Tanya
    Chanel Tanya Month ago

    Hooo Rozay😍💋👌

  • Carlos Kern
    Carlos Kern Month ago +1

    The southern Jay-Z!

  • Ci Summers
    Ci Summers Month ago

    Aw i was expecting Summer to be in this 😩 but Ross still did his thing ♥️

  • CandiiMarie Rose
    CandiiMarie Rose Month ago


  • Victor Griffin
    Victor Griffin Month ago

    Where is summer walker fine ass!

  • Mathilda Sabal
    Mathilda Sabal Month ago

    Rain on me sample.... Man Rick Ross sexy big nigga😍😍😍😍

  • kabelo maboa
    kabelo maboa Month ago

    ross music just motivate a dude...expensive music!!

  • Mook21 Mook
    Mook21 Mook Month ago

    I thought that was Robin Given at first

  • Sushi Staples
    Sushi Staples Month ago

    Goals they make this look so good 💪🏽❤️🥰😍😘

  • Zeke Ahmaud
    Zeke Ahmaud Month ago

    Rick Ross videos go up slow in views because the immature audience can't appreciate grown up music like this. And this ain even his greatest work. Long Live Ross🤘🏾🙏🏾💯

  • Nba Johny
    Nba Johny Month ago +1

    What happened to Ross and Meek

  • Georgio Orny Eliza
    Georgio Orny Eliza Month ago


    CRISS BLAZINY Month ago

    Ricky is with 90s vibe . Ricky is Nas for 2020

  • Bikel Tyron
    Bikel Tyron Month ago

    Only rich people can understand this type of "sex" music 😂😂😂

    TEXASMADE2REAL Month ago +4

    This that 90s vibe that make you wanna get yo shawty and just ride out and vibe💯

  • Balance Your thoughts
    Balance Your thoughts Month ago +1

    Rick Ross can get it..

  • Simpli Natural
    Simpli Natural Month ago

    I love it when he on his Geechi ish!!! Such a F******** Boss

  • Michie Oo
    Michie Oo Month ago

    My song♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • TomFoolery Channel
    TomFoolery Channel Month ago

    Loving the Chingy sample 👌🏽

  • The Ladies Man
    The Ladies Man Month ago

    Where that fine ass Summer Walker! Should have been in this video frfr

  • Extreme
    Extreme Month ago

    I think they sampled ‘Rain’ by SWV

  • RasLaw Blog
    RasLaw Blog Month ago +1

    Yo Rick Ross i sub to ur vevo! please show some support back mi G .....# BOSS

  • Mike Tucker
    Mike Tucker Month ago +2

    Yess swv in the House for those that didn’t know
    track used SWV- Rain

  • Caramel with Chocolate

    I like it but the lyrics...he say piss in cups???

  • World TV Zee International


  • Resurrection
    Resurrection Month ago +2

    This man lost hella weight

  • Living Like Jaida
    Living Like Jaida Month ago +4

    Rick Ross is doing his thing. Summer walker is def the future I love her 😩🥰🔥

  • Living Like Jaida
    Living Like Jaida Month ago +1


  • Diva Cookn
    Diva Cookn Month ago +1

    Yesss ..how I feel 2020

  • Delorean Andrews
    Delorean Andrews Month ago

    Rick Ross is the new Jarule for the ladies.

  • lamar Mc Fadden
    lamar Mc Fadden Month ago +1


  • camille espy
    camille espy Month ago

    Did Rick lose weight? Ok, but where is Summer? Come on boo you can’t be too scared to be in the video. She’s the reason I clicked on the video

  • Porshe Pari
    Porshe Pari Month ago

    Where tf is summer

    HUMBLE Month ago +1


  • BM bref Michel
    BM bref Michel Month ago +1

    thexvid.com/video/p7CyL65H9XM/video.html abonné toi pour être au courant d lourd bientôt disponible

  • Nay Styles
    Nay Styles Month ago

    Always representing loveeeeee❤

  • Sipho Jasper Josephat Sobuwa

    Gta 5
    Kanye West ft Sunday Service Choir
    Chingy ft Tyrese
    Jaco Pastorious
    Rick Ross
    Appreciation Post

  • fanoffloyd34
    fanoffloyd34 Month ago

    Go head then y’all I hear SWV 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tinelle Houston
    Tinelle Houston Month ago +1


  • VTR Tópic
    VTR Tópic Month ago


  • Ilovemusickc
    Ilovemusickc Month ago

    This is a bop!! 😍🥰🔥

  • Coeur Brisé
    Coeur Brisé Month ago

    Everything attached to us wins !!!
    Its our winning season

  • kyf master
    kyf master Month ago

    felling rich right now

  • MsBee BEA
    MsBee BEA Month ago +1


  • thug life
    thug life Month ago

    sma rain on me

  • Nishio Holmes
    Nishio Holmes Month ago

    SWV rain 🌧

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago +1

    Imma boss to 2020 love ya Ross

  • Veronica Nemeş
    Veronica Nemeş Month ago