I Got A Head-To-Toe Pastel Makeover

  • Published on Jun 1, 2017
  • You guys have been seriously requesting that I ditch my dark wardrobe and take a walk on the ~bright~ side, so I got a head-to-toe pastel wardrobe makeover from my friend Lindsay! Let me know what you guys think of my new style, hehe!
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    Side note: I think most of the stuff Lindsay pulled was from Topshop!
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    Mind The Gap
    Whats Cookin
    Take You Away
    This Love
    Busy Lizzie
    Don't Hold The Feeling
    Its On You
    I Want Action
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +7741

    HELLO LOVES! thank you SO MUCH FOR 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! you are all amazing and i love every single one of you so much. Also, clear pants winner will be announced at the end of the next video! love u guys! xoxo (ps if you are confused about the background in the second half of the video, tyler and i are traveling at the moment, hehe). And make sure to check out the collab we filmed on Lindsay's channel!

  • Robbie Hughes
    Robbie Hughes Day ago

    And the 3rd one

  • Robbie Hughes
    Robbie Hughes Day ago

    The Blue one for sure 👍

  • Cherianne Bowen
    Cherianne Bowen 2 days ago

    The dress looked beautiful on you! Maybe it's bc I'm shorter and longer dresses don't work on me (I normally tend to gravitate to above the knee length) but something about the bottom of the dress was throwing me off. You pull it off though! 😁

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 days ago

    The pink hat took it directly to fairly odd parents for me XD love it and you!

  • Bri Bri
    Bri Bri 3 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking “I want that but in black” when she was trying on the pastel dresses

  • LunnalazaraDawn
    LunnalazaraDawn 5 days ago +1

    Wow one year ago she had 2 million subscribers. Now she’s at 7 million

  • Emma Genet
    Emma Genet 6 days ago +1

    10:47 does saf have a feather tattoo on her arm?

  • Grace Knight
    Grace Knight 6 days ago

    you look like a gumdrop.

  • candyj522
    candyj522 7 days ago

    Pastels are 💜

  • Zamarut Jewel
    Zamarut Jewel 10 days ago

    are you on a hunt for a black wedding dress ?

  • Zamarut Jewel
    Zamarut Jewel 10 days ago

    what will you wear on your wedding?

  • Elizabeth Shuster
    Elizabeth Shuster 11 days ago

    Saf, you should have called Pretty Pastel Please! Alex is the queen of pastel!

  • Celestia Brown
    Celestia Brown 14 days ago

    Everyone is getting excited about BTS and EXO while I'm over here screaming about the Miraculous Ladybug edit that made its way into the video XD

  • Coey Chew
    Coey Chew 14 days ago

    I am getting Seventeen vibes here.. Help mee, Rose Quartz and Serenity, plus I also saw an Exo logo in there, oof

  • Lee Taemin
    Lee Taemin 17 days ago

    7:23 EXO 💜 lol

  • Melody Morning Star
    Melody Morning Star 19 days ago

    Her lil face when she reacted to the colour

  • Ester Draw
    Ester Draw 20 days ago

    For Safiya it's not a backpack, it's a blackpack

  • Cheer Angler
    Cheer Angler 21 day ago

    I really liked the bluee onee

  • emmie 125
    emmie 125 21 day ago +1

    Does anyone else realise the maraculous ladybug post when you pause it at 7:25 in the far laft corner... But in pastel pink

  • Melisa Gutiérrez
    Melisa Gutiérrez 22 days ago

    Does everyone else LOVE how she says SMASH?

  • Eve Slyth
    Eve Slyth 23 days ago

    Who else thinks that when Saf said "my friend Lindsey" means Lindsey Stirling

  • Rat Kween
    Rat Kween 25 days ago +1

    Dress as as frappe chino lol I died

  • Serenity Edwards
    Serenity Edwards 25 days ago

    lmao, my name is Serenity, so, love that.

  • Lara Coy
    Lara Coy 27 days ago

    Do a unicorn transformation

  • Tammy Finch
    Tammy Finch 28 days ago

    Stay in black, Saf.!!

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky 28 days ago

    That first dress: Ew... no. Doesn't suit her at all.
    Second: Is she a pregnant country mom? No. Pass. NEXT!!
    Third: Much better. Not great. But better.

  • shsl theatre kid
    shsl theatre kid 28 days ago

    someone make a wicked reference because this literally looks like popular

  • Kinga Kosztyu
    Kinga Kosztyu 28 days ago


  • Kimberley Brothers
    Kimberley Brothers 29 days ago

    Soo...can I just point out how much I appreciate that you took the time to type up you're own captions for your videos? I usually only have time to watch TheXvid when my baby is sleeping...and the fact that I can watch your videos on mute, is making me binge watch your stuff. Thank you!

  • B i s h W h o ?
    B i s h W h o ? Month ago

    Woah we use the same cat litter

  • Page Stratton
    Page Stratton Month ago

    You should try world's best cat litter. It's way better than the brand you're using now

  • Ritika 123
    Ritika 123 Month ago

    Omgggg I seriously wasn’t ready for Harry!
    The fangirl feels🤧

  • Minty The witch
    Minty The witch Month ago

    me: that i'm chasing butterflies edit reminds me of run bts mv
    *few minutes later when im looking in the commets*
    *notices* ITS A BTS EDIT.

  • Angelina Benbeneck
    Angelina Benbeneck Month ago

    Safiya: basically says that she is Batman ( wears pastel colors )
    Safiya: I’m MELTING!!!
    Safiya I love you so much do not take this as a hate comment. You R the best

  • Elliott Salad
    Elliott Salad Month ago

    ... Galinda and Elpheba

  • mercydes
    mercydes Month ago

    Am I the only one who likes her with closed hair?

  • WifeBot
    WifeBot Month ago

    I need that lip color :3

  • Tina Altamirano
    Tina Altamirano Month ago

    Your skin tone looks gorgeous in those colors!

  • Rupali Bhalla
    Rupali Bhalla Month ago

    Does someone notice a tattoo on Safiya's right shoulder?? Or it's is something else?? U can see it clearly at 5:49

  • miss roshni
    miss roshni Month ago

    6:55 my little pastel pinky harry heart.♡♡

  • Susannah Dudash
    Susannah Dudash Month ago

    It is sooooooooooo weird to see her in not all black!!

  • Azelyn Quinn
    Azelyn Quinn Month ago

    This feels like that one time Wednesday Addams met the girl who wears pink...but instead she became her.

  • Mashumora
    Mashumora Month ago

    I believe you mean princess lollipop

  • Jiayi Liu
    Jiayi Liu Month ago


  • Shukla Majumdar
    Shukla Majumdar Month ago

    Who else got excited after seeing harry??😍

  • Sharon Barnes
    Sharon Barnes Month ago

    The blue one is like a hospital gown.

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago

    Love how American shopping centres are cool enough to just be casually playing I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

  • SpookyDarling
    SpookyDarling Month ago

    OMG! The painting at 10:12 is called “Confidences” and it’s part of the Victorian Art Collection here at the Pfister Hotel, where I’m the artist in residence this year. It’s very rare to see the paintings from this collection online which is what makes them so unique. Thanks for another great video Saf!

  • Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor Month ago +2

    I love the blue dress but on her body slash style what she picked was perfect

  • Che Erin
    Che Erin Month ago

    Next time find black things u like and just go buy it in a color...!!!! Chances are there are other colors of the same style try tank tops 1st

  • Eva Directioner
    Eva Directioner Month ago

    Harry Styles OMG!!

  • Jamyla Marchi Evans

    That mint green liner is bomb on you, so freaking pretty

  • Christine Cornakovic

    Is that lipstick ZZ by Urban decay? I own and adore that color.

  • Scarlett Evans
    Scarlett Evans Month ago

    her surname sounds like Lebanese

  • Constantinescu Ana
    Constantinescu Ana Month ago

    You look soo cute!!!

  • light of death 74
    light of death 74 Month ago +1

    Im addicted to your videos

  • Debra Sands
    Debra Sands Month ago

    The last dress really went well with your complexion.

  • Julie Calene
    Julie Calene Month ago

    what's with the tat?

  • Sunflower Seeds
    Sunflower Seeds Month ago

    I would’ve done like a nude beige lip like a medium dark and like darker than her skin color.

  • Beth Bradley
    Beth Bradley Month ago

    So which colour UD lipstick did she get? 😩

  • Katerina Smith
    Katerina Smith Month ago

    6:20 the three girls who walk behind Saf look like they're straight out if mean girls.

  • flutter psi
    flutter psi Month ago

    The first dress would've been cuter if the skirt was shorter

  • Lisette
    Lisette Month ago

    I love a sister saf history lesson

  • Naomi Smyth
    Naomi Smyth Month ago

    9.33 that paintings in frozen

  • Maggie
    Maggie Month ago

    I love the stylist in this video, her personality is so bubbly! She reminds me of Galinda from Wicked!

  • Princessgamer %
    Princessgamer % Month ago +1

    Should've borrowed from Gabi demar... Lol

  • kay-joy82
    kay-joy82 Month ago

    That dress is super cute!

  • Joni3674
    Joni3674 Month ago

    You should do a Barbie transformation

  • Laila Rashid
    Laila Rashid Month ago +1

    7:23 i saw a bts and exo edit
    any armys and exols out there

  • Sam Wendt
    Sam Wendt Month ago

    I think the jacket really pulled it all together

  • Laura Chaneson
    Laura Chaneson Month ago

    From bat to bird

  • Jy .T
    Jy .T Month ago

    Tyler: so blue so u Saf: no

  • Layla Boyd
    Layla Boyd Month ago

    🙄 can we please just call it pastel pink

  • Brailey Logsdon
    Brailey Logsdon Month ago

    *when my friends tell me to try something new*

  • Amanda Sakas
    Amanda Sakas Month ago

    YOU LOOK AWESOME IN COLOR..... its like seeing a TV in black and white or a picture in sepia and then seeing them in COLOR :) Beautiful

  • Shadowolf099 Gacha
    Shadowolf099 Gacha Month ago

    This video should be called were did my black clothes go!?

  • Jessica Wood
    Jessica Wood Month ago

    Absolutely love pink on you

  • DP23
    DP23 Month ago

    Miraculous Ladybug gif in the corner though...

  • Kaylila Talitha
    Kaylila Talitha Month ago

    other people: OMG BTS!! AAA
    me: 7:25 MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!!! 😍😍

  • Jenna Rego
    Jenna Rego Month ago

    did she say "dacor"9:43

  • kacchabang kacchaboom

    Lmao did anyone else just do a double take when they saw the kiznaiver, Free! and 5cm/s edits 😂

  • BiaKawaiiLand
    BiaKawaiiLand Month ago

    That moment when you see your dream hair color ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Golden Bacon
    Golden Bacon Month ago +2

    *wears pastel black*

  • Akera Reese
    Akera Reese Month ago

    Pastels remind me of Easter and preppies.

  • Desarae
    Desarae Month ago

    Wowza Lindsay seemed fake af

  • tenzin Khando
    tenzin Khando Month ago

    I spot EXO 😍😍

  • Raja Nurul
    Raja Nurul 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the bts and exo edits at 7:22 - 7:24 ?😅

  • xymoerixy
    xymoerixy 2 months ago

    Well, she ended up wearing a non-black shirt at the end of the video, so she was a little converted ;)

  • The Girl 3000
    The Girl 3000 2 months ago

    Do you have a tat on your upper right arm?

  • Lawrence Phasmatis
    Lawrence Phasmatis 2 months ago

    Future video: I dressed like a frappuccino for a week

  • Madeleine F
    Madeleine F 2 months ago +1

    That was the least awkward goodbye ever

  • The Fish And Reptile Chick

    Ew. Just ew. Safs so cute in these but pastel is gross.

  • Sydney Reese
    Sydney Reese 2 months ago

    The blue dress was certainly very nice, but it honestly looked more like a bathrobe (at least to me).

  • S Carneal
    S Carneal 2 months ago

    0:45 me on the first day back to school from break

  • ejm513
    ejm513 2 months ago

    You looked really nice-not that you don't always look nice but this was a great change! Personally I thought the blue dress looked the best out of all of them-at least color wise anyway :P

  • Carolyn Skyba
    Carolyn Skyba 2 months ago

    Eh I like the blue one but u look amazing anyway!

  • Dillon Phillips
    Dillon Phillips 2 months ago

    She looks good in color. Especially pastels. No reason why she shouldn't wear them more.

  • Jennifer Waddell
    Jennifer Waddell 2 months ago

    Loved the history portion!