I Got A Head-To-Toe Pastel Makeover

  • Published on Jun 1, 2017
  • You guys have been seriously requesting that I ditch my dark wardrobe and take a walk on the ~bright~ side, so I got a head-to-toe pastel wardrobe makeover from my friend Lindsay! Let me know what you guys think of my new style, hehe!
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    Side note: I think most of the stuff Lindsay pulled was from Topshop!
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    This Love
    Busy Lizzie
    Don't Hold The Feeling
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +8015

    HELLO LOVES! thank you SO MUCH FOR 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! you are all amazing and i love every single one of you so much. Also, clear pants winner will be announced at the end of the next video! love u guys! xoxo (ps if you are confused about the background in the second half of the video, tyler and i are traveling at the moment, hehe). And make sure to check out the collab we filmed on Lindsay's channel!

  • JoLeT MtX
    JoLeT MtX 2 days ago

    Who noticed exo and i needu

  • Katie Nixon
    Katie Nixon 4 days ago


  • Jessi Douglass
    Jessi Douglass 7 days ago

    you look stunning in the pink dress!!!

  • Teklu Gebre
    Teklu Gebre 13 days ago

    When she said Lindsey I thought she ment the one at buzzfeed

  • Maehla
    Maehla 14 days ago +2


  • Faith Rains
    Faith Rains 17 days ago

    2:12 I love that dress 😍. Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial

  • Rashi Kathpalia
    Rashi Kathpalia 18 days ago

    I want her to wear head to toe one rainbow color each day for a week! 🌈

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 26 days ago +1

    When you see Harry Styles at 6:55 and you realize that no matter how hard you try to be a normal human being with a life, Harry follows you everywhere. 🙃

  • kiki castaneda
    kiki castaneda 27 days ago

    Luv the outfit...hate the makeup 🤧 she did you bad with that lip color combination of green eyeliner 😭

  • Uniferret Lover
    Uniferret Lover 27 days ago

    At 8:39 thru 8:45 I heard a song by imagine dragons, good job

  • Uniferret Lover
    Uniferret Lover 27 days ago

    Saffiya sounds like she is saying pastil sometimes

  • Shubhi Mittal
    Shubhi Mittal 28 days ago

    Pastel suits you more than black

  • Kourtney Doyle
    Kourtney Doyle 28 days ago

    She forgot Melanie Martinez 😂❤(especially in K-12)

    • Kira Morgan
      Kira Morgan 11 days ago

      Mel wasn't as popular back in 2017, or at least K-12 wasn't out yet. Also in Cry Baby she uses a lot less milennial pink.

  • Qienna
    Qienna 29 days ago

    I want the blue wrap dress :(

  • Coastal Coyote
    Coastal Coyote 29 days ago

    That dusty pink is my color man! Only because it is the only color that makes me look half decent XD
    Most of my shirts are black or dark though. I can't be bothered to care, and black makes picking clothes easy XD

  • Jules
    Jules Month ago

    The blue one was SO pretty. Loved it.

  • Dini Sagita
    Dini Sagita Month ago

    I really love Saf's smile 😭😭

  • Rachel Butler
    Rachel Butler Month ago

    @prettypastelplease !!!!!

  • GamerGirl5688
    GamerGirl5688 Month ago +1

    Can you do dressing like a vsco girl for a week

  • gacha wolf queeni girl

    In 8:38 it looks like it's light purple idk maby I'm just could blind

  • Yvette Branch
    Yvette Branch Month ago +1

    my school backpack is pastel

  • Kermit Fucking Dies

    LMAO I LOVE Lindsay's passion for styling
    5:35 YESSSS

  • Amanda Purello
    Amanda Purello Month ago

    Never heard of millennial pink

  • Eva May Brailsford
    Eva May Brailsford Month ago

    Safiya is living in the past

  • Adriana j emoangle
    Adriana j emoangle Month ago

    I love safs fiance because he always thinks safs beautiful

  • VJ Unicorn
    VJ Unicorn Month ago

    Very colorful

  • Morgan Cutlip
    Morgan Cutlip Month ago

    I think the thing that made her choose that dress is that she would most likely buy it in black, where as the other ones she would not

  • Haus of Gemini
    Haus of Gemini Month ago

    I have a millennial pink tracksuit

  • bubblegummel
    bubblegummel Month ago

    Have you got another tattoo? Right arm?

  • Jaclyn Mead
    Jaclyn Mead Month ago

    That first pink sparkly dress you wore is everything! 😍 I need it in my life

  • kettle chips
    kettle chips Month ago

    This chanel is always making me feel old. Cause everything old is always new again.

  • Vienna L
    Vienna L 2 months ago

    who else wants safiya to upload more ?😭😭

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West 2 months ago

    3mins in.... when does the music stop 😣😣😣😣

  • random
    random 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice she was wear ik ng the necklace from the Facebook ads vid lol
    Also saf looked so cute in the blue one

  • Adi Belisha
    Adi Belisha 2 months ago

    hey, can someone tell me please what is that tattoo/whatever on safiya's upper arm? i know this video is very old but i'm very confused by it so please help
    (it's shown very clearly in 8:50)

  • Chowder !
    Chowder ! 2 months ago

    i have rosegold iphone

  • generic user name
    generic user name 2 months ago

    That mint jacket tho

  • Eric Orange
    Eric Orange 2 months ago

    "why are you walking like that?"
    Because Safiya must do forced awkward movements at least 3 times in every video

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire 2 months ago

    You should do a pastel gothic look for a WEEK hehe

  • Aishwarya Satpute
    Aishwarya Satpute 2 months ago +1

    Safiya look so beautiful

  • Z0mbie
    Z0mbie 2 months ago

    I wanted kind of the best of both worlds and I started mixing millenial pink and pastels with black things and now I'm apparently like a low effort pastel goth. :D

  • patricia tovar
    patricia tovar 2 months ago

    Did she got another tattoo? Or what id that on her shoulder?

  • Amelie Tero
    Amelie Tero 2 months ago

    iM gOnNa DiP yOu In PiNk

  • Peanuts For Brains
    Peanuts For Brains 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the Miraculous Ladybug and Free! edits in the tumblr scroll at 7:24 ?

  • JeraquinnsStuff
    JeraquinnsStuff 2 months ago

    I can't believe I've been watching this human bat for 2 years.

  • Nur Hidayah Saharudin
    Nur Hidayah Saharudin 2 months ago

    Loved the blue one and the one u r wearing 😍😍😍

  • GrandTheft Lemon
    GrandTheft Lemon 2 months ago

    i love pastel

  • Lamiah Khan
    Lamiah Khan 2 months ago

    7:25 did anyone else see the miraculous clip IHFWUerfhjbsdAFDsbvncxz

  • B.RinBear
    B.RinBear 2 months ago


  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 2 months ago

    That woman lindsay literally acts like my family when we go shopping bc I tend to buy black clothes only as well lol kinda irritating

  • Beagle Theory
    Beagle Theory 2 months ago

    Who did the captions for the video and say caramel instead of cannibal?

  • dino saurusrex
    dino saurusrex 2 months ago +1

    You know nothing of the pastel

  • Try Guys Meme videos
    Try Guys Meme videos 2 months ago

    Y'all left bottom
    Thank me miraculous fans

  • Kaylee Babb lol
    Kaylee Babb lol 2 months ago

    did anyone else freak out when they saw harry or just me

  • Short Shots
    Short Shots 2 months ago

    5:39 I legit thought you were in a hotel room or something. O:

  • Thorin Scott
    Thorin Scott 2 months ago

    The blue wrap dress reminds me of scrubs

  • Bonnie Over the Ocean
    Bonnie Over the Ocean 2 months ago

    Ngl I feel like the first dress (with the glitter) made her look kind of old

  • chbati fatima
    chbati fatima 2 months ago

    The EXO symbol thou cjfjdhcjc

  • Moth
    Moth 2 months ago

    Local TheXvid Goth Mom turns pstel for a video. Incredible.