Bernie Sanders: Biden and I have "very different visions for the future"

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • A new Gallup poll finds that three-quarters of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents view former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders favorably, while more than 40% have never heard of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and CBSN political contributor and Democratic strategist Lynda Tran spoke to CBSN about the state of the 2020 race.
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Comments • 727

  • Gina Greenbeck
    Gina Greenbeck 12 days ago

    I will only vote for Bernie..

  • Hansheng Zhou
    Hansheng Zhou 25 days ago

    We need to shift the topic to rich and poor in order to lose the character of being a elite party in order to win the presidential elections and tackle trump as a billionaire. Wall street ruined last the elections and let trump became the sole anti-establishment party. Minorities like LGBTQ+ feminism and immigrants are better off finally with Sanders then Trump. A party that only fights for minorities rights like Clinton and likely biden wont win a election in the first place. We live in a democracy, we need to deal the masses in a election, like trump did. Unless we would have banned democracy in the US for the many just because most voters are ignorant racist sexist homophobic and uneducated who don't deserve to vote? No way. That won't be a fair system.

  • Matt Orfalea
    Matt Orfalea Month ago

    0:30 joe and Bernie. Very different

  • Tricia Vessey
    Tricia Vessey 2 months ago

    Vote for Bernie Sanders!

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright 3 months ago +1

    Trump & the GOP are corporate socialist. It’s time for us. It’s our time & Bernie will lead the way for real change.
    Bernie 2020.

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright 3 months ago +1

    Trump & the GOP are like the American Taliban
    Bernie 2020

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright 3 months ago +1

    Bernie 2020

  • Night Shine
    Night Shine 3 months ago

    Ok. Just facts. Government after government my husband and i still have to work 2 jobs. When we moved and he had to get a new job we had to wait another close to a year for healthcare and he has sickle cell. Donald gave the top 1% tax breaks and the corporations. Im voting for the guy that is too busy fighting for working ppl since he was young to give us and act and a fake smile. Im voting for an actual good man. bernie2020 because i need to see results in my own home or its all bs.

  • Yiwan Ye
    Yiwan Ye 3 months ago +1

    Chinese government loves Joe Bidden

  • Mal Mal
    Mal Mal 3 months ago

    Bernie sounds alike like Trump.
    Against NAFTA
    Iraq War

  • 쿠니류
    쿠니류 3 months ago +1

    Only Bernie can lead the United States of America of freedom.

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 3 months ago

    Yeah that's the ticket a male Hillary- Joe Biden.

  • Jerzen
    Jerzen 3 months ago +1

    Bernie/Tulsi 2020!

  • matthewbestdfghy
    matthewbestdfghy 3 months ago

    The Hollywood people and the DNC will push Biden therefore it will probably be Trump vs Biden and Biden will probably lose.

  • Alvin Jacinto
    Alvin Jacinto 3 months ago +1

    Bernie 2020!

  • Roger Freeberg
    Roger Freeberg 4 months ago +1

    The thing that they both have in common is that they are both ignorant old fools !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C G
    C G 4 months ago +1

    Near the end of the clip, Caitlin Huey-Burns says the democratic candidates aren't really different on policy.

  • Beverly Evans
    Beverly Evans 4 months ago

    The reason the democrat socialist are working overtime to Get President Trump impeached is they know they have NO one who can beat him in 2020'. They are desperate to get back to their agenda to tear down America and rebuild it into a Socialist State. May a God save America and keep our country free.

  • Haha MissMiss
    Haha MissMiss 4 months ago

    Having Biden running for democratic nominations only highlights how little establishment democrats are not willing to change.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps 4 months ago +1

    Burnie knew that obummer killed Joan Rivers. She had proof that Michael is a tranny.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps 4 months ago +1

    Search Larry Sinclair on TheXvid, if you want proof that obummer gave BJ'S to white men.

  • good a.m.
    good a.m. 4 months ago

    Both candidates our out of touch on today's struggle. #yanggang #securethebag

  • P B
    P B 4 months ago

    #YangGang2020. Biden/Sanders are not the ticket against Trump.

  • Penny4Bernie 2020
    Penny4Bernie 2020 4 months ago

    None of the Democrats running are progressive or they would have been progressive before 2016!
    The only reason that these corporate Democrats are running, is to keep Bernie from getting the 2328 delegates to win, so the Superdelegates will decide!

  • Penny4Bernie 2020
    Penny4Bernie 2020 4 months ago


    ROMEO 4 months ago

    Biden is a corporate prostitute !!!! Just like the Clinton's

  • WorldBoy
    WorldBoy 4 months ago

    Biden is an old Democrat. Bernie is a new Democrat. You want another Hillary vs Trump?

  • Gifted & Talented
    Gifted & Talented 4 months ago

    This stupid woman on the right 😂😭 “he calls himself an outsider despite being in Congress for decades” Hoe, an outsider as in doesn’t follow the crowd of begging for corporate donations and being their puppet - and you knew that but you think everyone else is stupid.

  • LumiyaTheHunter
    LumiyaTheHunter 4 months ago

    At 9:30 she said there isn’t much of a difference between candidates on policy... does she think we’re blind? Mainstream media pundits are awful.

  • Benny Melman
    Benny Melman 4 months ago

    Yeah, and Biden's vision sucks. God helps us if he gets nominated---yes, I will plug my nose and vote for him in the GE, but I would also lose faith in the DNC in the meantime, as if I haven't lost enough already.
    I have problems with Mr Sanders, and it all stems from personality and age factors. It's why Warren is my #1 choice, but Mr Sanders is up there. He works best in the outfield though. I love his vision, and the fact that he has a vision---which is more than I can say for Ol' Joe. Ol' Joe is the poor man's Jim Webb---except on the gun debate, Biden is hardly an inch to the left of Webb, and Webb was the go-to choice for blue-dog Democrats who saw HRC as corrupt and Sanders as too far "left", but aimed to stay loyal to the party.
    As for the rest, Mayor Pete is unscripted and I like that about him. But he's still up in the air---I don't think he has found his niche in the party, if any at all. Inslee has a fairly progressive voting record and is extremely passionate about climate-change activism. And then there's Yang, who is hitting the right keynotes on issues that most of his colleagues wouldn't dare touch. A.I. being an increasing threat to the workforce, for one example.
    But Biden? You're old news. A relic of a lackluster moment in the Democratic Party, and your base is well-off white Boomers. Now that's sad. Mrs Kamala Harris, who's far from my #1 choice RN, has the AA vote lapped down and she is more progressive than you'll ever be.

  • suresh thota
    suresh thota 4 months ago +1

    Corporate talking point “Biden can beat trump”. The people like Obama Clinton and Biden who drove Midwest to trump will be the people who will win them over???? How will Biden beat trump? Platitudes and corporate cash?

  • D
    D 4 months ago +1

    This is really your only choice folks: Biden or Trump.
    9:18 Huey-Burns and Tran are either lazy or lying. This video takes polls, poorly interprets them, and then claims there are no difference in policy within the democratic field of 2020 candidates, especially regarding climate change. But how can there be no difference between Socialist Democratic Environmentalists and Capitalistic Corporate Democracy especially in the area of climate change, let alone every thing else? They didn't mention health care. The message: "Just get Trump out of office and things will be better." This story lacks substance and is meant to elect Trump or Trump in Biden form. Propaganda.

  • D
    D 4 months ago +1

    4:13 ELECTABILITY? Seriously stop using that false narrative. Polls reveal lazy, lazy, lazy reporting. Or is this propaganda?

  • David Melford
    David Melford 4 months ago +5

    Biden says “folks folks”. Bernie says “us, we”

  • Bran The Man
    Bran The Man 4 months ago +1

    Trump: I'm the hero of the working class!
    Trump: Tries to cut Social Security and Medicare.
    Bernie 2020. Dump the Trump

  • Rudy Penza
    Rudy Penza 4 months ago

    Bernie is the angry old man trying to return soup at a deli George Costanza was talking about.

    • Zed Wolf
      Zed Wolf 4 months ago

      I'll take Bernie's grumpy anger about the status quo over tRumps racist anger any day

  • Stormy Snyder
    Stormy Snyder 4 months ago +1

    Centrist corporate owned dem establishment will lose to trump if they dont focus on policy!

  • K K
    K K 4 months ago +1

    THANK GOD.......
    The very wealthy people are starting to give their millions of dollars to pay off Graduates student loan debt vs paying that money to mandatory tax to pay for single payer healthcare.!!!!!!!
    Wealthy people spend 40 MILLION + dollars to pay off student loans.
    Give the money away and NOT TAXES...
    Thank God!!!!!!!!

    • Zed Wolf
      Zed Wolf 4 months ago

      True but we could vote for Bernie and he could help with student loans for tuition and get Medicare for all but we're going to need both houses to get these things and most importantly we need a green new deal or there isn't going to be much of a future for the younger crowd.

  • Mr. Sweavy
    Mr. Sweavy 4 months ago

    Donald Trump only won because Bernie Sanders supporter voted for him because they hated Hillary. Trump supporters are delusional racist brained dead junkies. He will lose to Bernie in a landslide. Mark my words. I’ve been to PA n Ohio. I know this

  • CaptainSpauIding
    CaptainSpauIding 4 months ago

    Biden will be the nominee.

  • Oroborus
    Oroborus 4 months ago

    The corporate media has gone whole hog in embracing their Biden fantasies. Biden. A dead end reprise of the elitist technocratic neoliberalism that had nothing to say to the American workers whose lives were destroyed by globalization's race to the bottom, and generated the anger that made Trump's Electoral College fluke possible. Biden will be eviscerated in every debate he participates in and will be gone by Super Tuesday.

  • Jeremy Blank
    Jeremy Blank 4 months ago

    Americans are severely uninformed on foreign policy to actually made an educated position on foreign policy issues!!

  • Nimesh Patel
    Nimesh Patel 4 months ago

    Joe Biden is a corporate tool. He went to California and raised $800,000 in ONE DAY. Who is your daddy Biden?

  • vampiress2die4
    vampiress2die4 4 months ago

    Biden is the reason people cannot claim bankruptcy on their student loans. If you want change in education Biden will not change it.

  • Thomas Watts
    Thomas Watts 4 months ago

    They comministic !

  • The Hand
    The Hand 4 months ago

    The world has obviously gone off its rocker when grumpy *old* people are viable candidates for president--in particular, since the last two we've elected have obviously suffered from dementia in office--end of the story. Bernie and his good friend Joe should be roomies in a retirement community. But in Bernie's case, I guess, he should stop wasting people's time and money and concentrate on his senator job. The president doesn't enact programs; Congress does. But then I guess the guy who said he would break up the big banks but couldn't name a statute under which he'd do that might not know that either.

  • Bryan Zarate
    Bryan Zarate 4 months ago

    If Biden gets elected I can see the yellow Vest protest coming to America.

  • Roguefem76
    Roguefem76 4 months ago

    When are these idiots going to learn that "middle of the road" BS is exactly what led to Trump? People don't want "middle of the road", they don't want more of the same, they want someone who is going to make the lives of regular Americans better. Joe "sellout to the big donors" Biden is never going to do that. Policy-wise he's closer to Trump than he is to most of the Dem voter base. Some slanted polls that wildly over-sample 50+ people are not in any way an indication of the political reality in this country; the corporate media just try to slant it for the guy who won't make their rich bosses pay their fair share.

  • Eric
    Eric 4 months ago

    Biden is only the frontrunner per cbs conducted polls

  • Ian J
    Ian J 4 months ago

    Corporate sellouts

  • Larry Shores
    Larry Shores 4 months ago +1


  • messivillaxaviniesta
    messivillaxaviniesta 4 months ago +1

    What is Biden even running on? What’s his vision, what are his policies? Does anyone know?

  • Jamiul Ahmed
    Jamiul Ahmed 4 months ago +1

    Ahhh so Biden’s a half-in, half-out type guy, that constantly compromises on his ‘democratic’ values by ‘reaching across the aisle’ aka CAPITULATING to Republicans/Right-Wing on every issue.
    Bernie vs Joe: on the issues
    Medicare for All > Medicare for some
    Federal min wage at $15 > federal min wage £7.50
    Ending all the regime-change wars > let’s have a war on occasion
    Etc. Etc.

  • Izack Schnoor
    Izack Schnoor 4 months ago

    who are all these people that polls are talking about? i have yet to see a video about biden with good comments. bernie 2020

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 4 months ago +4

    I'm taking my chances with bernie. Biden is basically a moderate republican.

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 4 months ago

    White fragility

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 4 months ago

    White supremacy is a problem.

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 4 months ago

    Joe was vise president I'm not impress with sh-t.

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 4 months ago +1

    Donald trump is going too win again.

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 4 months ago

    He con joe Biden. It matter