Russell Westbrook & Steven Adams Check on Terrance Ferguson's Injury After Knocking Him Out!


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  • vili teerrf ml nnfdd
    vili teerrf ml nnfdd 19 days ago

    The Tongan megalith

  • FreeScoopTV
    FreeScoopTV Month ago +1

    The kid is still breathing there is nothing to worry about

  • Caesar O.
    Caesar O. Month ago

    Bad injury, even worse acting.

  • Jason Andrews
    Jason Andrews Month ago

    Adams didn't even flinch or flicker and that boy went to sleep. Best not be around if he ever gets angry

  • Nathan Dubas
    Nathan Dubas 4 months ago

    What a good teammate

  • 안기모
    안기모 5 months ago

    real mansport

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 6 months ago

    Steven Adams boy. Last nigga in the league you wanna piss off. Luckily he doesn’t have a temper

  • Frustrated English
    Frustrated English 7 months ago

    okc NBA champion

  • Tiago Jorge Gonçalves Correia

    “That motherfucker strong”

  • UNIX
    UNIX 7 months ago

    HoF brick wall

  • 156football
    156football 7 months ago

    In the words of Jimmy Butler "that muhfucker strong"

  • Chicago WarZone
    Chicago WarZone 7 months ago

    Adam is made of actual bricks🤫

  • Dasani Colon
    Dasani Colon 7 months ago

    It looks like he qas bout to punch in the chest

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan 7 months ago

    Rumor is Trump is just going to hire Adams to stand on the border

  • EpilepticRabbit
    EpilepticRabbit 7 months ago

    Ferguson's shoulder hit Adams in the chest, and he got knocked out lmao. Brick wall

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T 7 months ago

    Ran straight into a wall lol

  • poketino HCVD 88
    poketino HCVD 88 8 months ago


  • iLock Down
    iLock Down 8 months ago

    He's Lucky he's on this team.

  • Nome Kaiser
    Nome Kaiser 8 months ago

    Head to head and has a quick reaction on not stepping over his teammate. Great timing mate

  • Dean Turner
    Dean Turner 8 months ago

    Who will fight Nurmagomedov?

  • gadson92
    gadson92 8 months ago

    Hof Brick wall badge higher than amethyst

  • Big Gay Hue hue
    Big Gay Hue hue 8 months ago +3

    With great power comes with great responsibility...

  • Christian Renz Pueyo
    Christian Renz Pueyo 8 months ago

    Aquaman is man of steel

  • J R
    J R 8 months ago

    If that was a regular guy, he would of died.

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 9 months ago

    Slow motion it you retard!


    When Steven Adams forehead is stronger than you 😂😂😂 #IslandPower

  • PalindomeTV
    PalindomeTV 9 months ago

    My comment

  • USMC MSgt
    USMC MSgt 9 months ago

    I’m not an OKC fan but Adams is a good dude. And he is the blue collar guy for that team.

  • Jj W
    Jj W 9 months ago

    Draymond Green: "You guys are doing it wrong! Aim lower!"

  • Vinny Mac
    Vinny Mac 9 months ago

    Basketball is for girls😅😅😅

  • CDB 2016
    CDB 2016 9 months ago


  • Ameer Jasmin
    Ameer Jasmin 9 months ago

    It'll be your own team mate

  • Righty SnipeZ
    Righty SnipeZ 9 months ago



  • Spitfire Last
    Spitfire Last 9 months ago

    Goddamn adams!

  • FFA Apoc
    FFA Apoc 9 months ago

    When you are too much of a brick wall for your own good

    TENZIN KHETSUN 9 months ago

    Adams is so nice

    JKL LIFESTYLE 9 months ago +2

    Caption looks like Steven Adams doing that hard ground and pound to an already knocked out teammate

  • Farhan Hood
    Farhan Hood 9 months ago

    Westbrook is thicc tho 😤😤😤😤😤😤💀💀💀💀💀

  • Jerry Beans Man
    Jerry Beans Man 9 months ago

    Jason Momoa is a basketball player now?

  • dean thomas
    dean thomas 9 months ago

    Shitty cunting volume...nearly crapped my pants.

  • DH1 1
    DH1 1 9 months ago

    Wow, what a reaction we could all do with friends like him

  • Kevin Wijaya
    Kevin Wijaya 9 months ago

    Kiwi is a BEAST

  • chrisx2k6
    chrisx2k6 9 months ago

    Huge flop

  • Axel Freeman NOT-Official

    Для прикола вырубил

  • Abdul Raheem
    Abdul Raheem 9 months ago

    watch in 0.25x speed 😂 you won't regret it.

  • Pansy Vang
    Pansy Vang 9 months ago

    Baby purchase chaos silitz prison hidden introduce laser parent range pig difference depend.

  • Raman
    Raman 9 months ago

    The thumbnail makes is look like his getting hammer fisted

  • Elliscann 9
    Elliscann 9 9 months ago +1

    2k needs to come out with Steven Adams own brick wall badge. Idk like Double Trouble HOF brick wall. My dude is taking out his own team 😂

  • Matthew Haigh
    Matthew Haigh 9 months ago

    Would you rather A: Get hit by a train or B: get hit by steven adams??

  • Bréanainn Lyness
    Bréanainn Lyness 9 months ago

    lil bitch

  • scorpion199227
    scorpion199227 9 months ago

    No wonder he got knocked out, that was fucking Khal Drogo

  • A Very Angry Toucan Sam

    Adams is a brick wall made out of Westbrook's missed shots.

  • wally vee
    wally vee 9 months ago

    One does not simply run through Aquaman!

  • Vincent Santos
    Vincent Santos 9 months ago

    Seeing the thumbnail I thought Stevy was gonna beat the shit out of Terrance.

  • Sam Nelson
    Sam Nelson 9 months ago

    Kno that's just how weak the other teams defiance is. They relay on the other teams to stop there own players.

  • Charles Soetan
    Charles Soetan 9 months ago

    I’d rather run into a brick wall

  • Abz Akasha
    Abz Akasha 9 months ago

    Brick wall for HOF, also looks like Jason Momoa

  • Napi Coyote
    Napi Coyote 9 months ago

    Steven is one of the most compassionate players in the NBA, 'cause he ain't American..!

  • Testikuski Testdriver
    Testikuski Testdriver 9 months ago

    Actually Adams didn't do anything except stand there :) that's why fight sports have weight classes people.

  • Polite Gordon Ramsay
    Polite Gordon Ramsay 9 months ago

    Brick Astley

  • Quicktwosteps
    Quicktwosteps 9 months ago

    Jimmy Butler already confirmed it. No surprise this could happen. Hehehe

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason 9 months ago

    Glad to see he's ok. So did the NBA stop the game for 20 minutes to not determine if it was a F1 or F2 foul?

  • p0613v
    p0613v 9 months ago

    Weak ass OKC. Fragile big players.

    MrMUKIE 9 months ago

    I like the way the big dude acted

  • ΔϟK KΔV
    ΔϟK KΔV 9 months ago

    I hope I birth a Steven Adams like son. 7'0 and nothing but a brick!

  • TheFallofTheEleventh
    TheFallofTheEleventh 9 months ago

    Nigga got knocked out by a knock off Aquaman 😂😂😂😂

  • ThisiskG
    ThisiskG 9 months ago

    Nba 2k19 please don't add teammate related injuries lol

  • beer7
    beer7 9 months ago

    This time he screen the wrong guy

  • Maceonik Sport
    Maceonik Sport 9 months ago

    Adams literally KO'ed Ferguson with his face and barley flinched, maybe he should consider a career in boxing and adopt the Homer Simpson technique.

  • Tory Pitman
    Tory Pitman 9 months ago

    Glad he is ok.. Scary moment

  • Andrew ///
    Andrew /// 9 months ago

    Got nacked dafuk out

  • Artyom LaBeau
    Artyom LaBeau 9 months ago


  • Owesome Music
    Owesome Music 9 months ago

    Nba players are so soft.

  • yxng banks
    yxng banks 9 months ago

    #4 trending in England

  • Wet Don
    Wet Don 9 months ago

    4 on trending in UK

  • eon001
    eon001 9 months ago

    Wow All that athleticism but no chin.

  • BladeBrown
    BladeBrown 9 months ago

    No lie I thought he had some heart issues because it looked like Adams was about to give him a big ass hammer fist to the chest in the thumbnail lol

  • Nick P.
    Nick P. 9 months ago

    Need any further proof that Adams is a massive oak tree?! People who say he bodies people on purpose are out they minds, he's simply one of the strongest guys to ever play.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 9 months ago

    Adams a big boy

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim Ali 9 months ago


  • NathMainA99
    NathMainA99 9 months ago

    i thought my sound wasnt working so i turned it right up then it scared me, thanks

  • Ride Around
    Ride Around 9 months ago


  • anrie
    anrie 9 months ago

    gonna call him brick wall

  • June
    June 9 months ago

    Jesus dude balance audio correctly it's not hard

  • Mike Waves
    Mike Waves 9 months ago

    Some people get dropped so easy thats not good.

  • Piggy Knight
    Piggy Knight 9 months ago

    We trend bois

  • kpoplar
    kpoplar 9 months ago

    Damn that butt at 0:31 😍. This is why I love business suits and tracksuits they show off everything.

  • Andrew Davies
    Andrew Davies 9 months ago

    The officials at first just standing around not even taking action 🤦‍♂️

  • TheRoyalCoconut
    TheRoyalCoconut 9 months ago

    He got the black knocked out of him.

  • I'm black So I'm slow
    I'm black So I'm slow 9 months ago

    Temple shot to the head

  • hypeka gago
    hypeka gago 9 months ago

    Khal Drogo back at it again

  • Turninator
    Turninator 9 months ago

    he got hit on the temple

  • Dr I dont care
    Dr I dont care 9 months ago

    Why didn't he keep playing. In football we do. Dubravka was knocked out against Bournemouth a few weeks ago. He kept playing cause he not a bitch.

  • lewis carine
    lewis carine 9 months ago

    Why does Steven Adams look like Jason Momoa

  • Salahudeen Bin Sulaimaan


    Self portrait

  • Kondja Theophilus
    Kondja Theophilus 9 months ago

    Jimmy Butler once said "That motherf@*ker strong (Steve Adams), he hit me with one screen today, I though my life was over".. 😂😂😂😂

  • GTAshorts
    GTAshorts 9 months ago

    Khal Drogo?

  • Afkwbi
    Afkwbi 9 months ago

    my boi clive trending!

  • justin shehow
    justin shehow 9 months ago

    Thats what happened you have brick wall,on hof😂