Western Digital hard drive data recovery: heads swap

  • Published on May 31, 2019
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Comments • 631

  • Jareth Garza
    Jareth Garza 5 months ago +144

    "That's not it..."
    "Focus you fuck."
    "Heh heh heh..."

    • North Lord
      North Lord 5 months ago +2

      @Russell Szabados yes i lost 2x seagate drives due to the same shit u r talkin about. seagate is the shitties, i would rather buy a noname chinese one instead of seagate.

    • Russell Szabados
      Russell Szabados 5 months ago

      North Lord : Seagate SUCKS. I’ve lost 3 Seagate HDs to hardware failure since 1998, most recently in 2015 (at least that last one was duped). I finally learned my lesson, never again.

    • North Lord
      North Lord 5 months ago +2

      Seagate is the shittiest disk i have ever used. cant reach to the quality of WD>

    • YankessBeats & Games
      YankessBeats & Games 5 months ago

      made me laugh at loud xD

    • Malachi Aguirre
      Malachi Aguirre 5 months ago +3

      8:07 timestamp

  • Adam B Tolbert
    Adam B Tolbert 17 days ago

    Hi, honestly it so much technical. I did not get it everything. But I want to some suggestion. I had Toshiba 1 TB hard disk which I have lost my some word files. I searched and found some data recovery programs like, Diskdrill, Stellar data recovery for mac, Recuva. Most of them recommend these are best to recover. So do they actually work for me or not? Because I have to pay for that…help

  • Grayvind
    Grayvind 3 months ago +1

    @Louis Rossmann Thanks a lot for great video! It's probably off topic, but I'd like to ask you if there is a chance to bring back to usability a drive (3,5 inch, WD 1TB Blue) which reports CRC error? Not found in Explorer of Windows 7, but then in Disk Manager it is found, I was able to remove partitions, put a single one, but upon an attempt of formatting it cannot find the drive due to CRC error so all the articles on the net to do the checkdisk are just pointless at this stage. Drive spins and based on sound it reacts when connected to the computer in a proper way. Is there a chance to save the drive or I just got a coffee mug holder?

  • TaranTatsuuchi
    TaranTatsuuchi 3 months ago

    Actually interesting that the platters are so reflective that the camera is focusing on the reflection so well.

  • Lab Rat
    Lab Rat 3 months ago

    The stopper on the patient?

  • bionic
    bionic 4 months ago

    Got a link to the Head Comb?

  • Rafael Augusto Florez Pinto

    Bravo!!!! Thanks for teaching folks how to mess with their data before sending it to us and making the cost of the recoveries higher!

  • Иван Сапожников

    Лучшая работа в мире! Лучшая Работа в мире! ЛУЧШАЯ РАБОТА В МИРЕ!!!

  • amrit amrit
    amrit amrit 4 months ago

    Which software to check the status.....

  • muzikman2008
    muzikman2008 4 months ago

    Interesting stuff thanks for the video :-)

  • Bill A
    Bill A 4 months ago +1

    At 15:43 "Western Digital is generally the more established company, with 2 to 3 times the sales volume of Seagate..."
    So? They might be selling a crapload of cheaply made drives, that doesn't mean sh*t whether they're good or bad, and you know OEM's will use the cheapest components available just to be competitive. Personally I have always used Seagate drives since the 80's and never had any more problems with them than with any other drive within an equal time span. Eventually they all fail after a certain amount of time, because of their mechanical nature. Just to show you that one person's experience doesn't translate into failure for others.
    Also, some techs never learn when to throw in the towel (so to speak), they just keep working on something far beyond the paid time for a particular job, even when the time has come to say "F*ck it! Next!" ;D
    Oh and somebody please give Steve a good "head" already to put him out of his misery! xD

  • Peter
    Peter 4 months ago

    8:09 And the AvE crowd goes wild!

  • Arne McPuckerButt
    Arne McPuckerButt 4 months ago

    Does that booth suck air in or blows filtered air out from the opening?

  • Timothy Stark
    Timothy Stark 4 months ago

    Very interesting! I learned a lot about data recovery because I have a few of my hard drive that failed.

  • Harsha M V Marconi
    Harsha M V Marconi 4 months ago

    Hi, windows 10 reset and hard drive all files was removed hard disk full cleaned is it get back to data all files any chance.... Please suggest me...,

  • Google Pap
    Google Pap 4 months ago

    Me to myself trying to remember that paragraph I know I studied, during the exam 8:09

  • Samuel Lourenço
    Samuel Lourenço 4 months ago

    Yup, Seagate is crap confirmed. Had a refurbished drive that failed a second failure after being repaired by the vendor.

  • User
    User 5 months ago

    At a shop I used to work at we tried this without benefit of a clean room and it actually worked. The drive lasted long enough to transfer the data off of as well! It was a last shot type of thing because the customer didn't want to pay the price that our clean room level parter (DriveSavers) charged.

  • Perry S
    Perry S 5 months ago

    Just buy a ssd

    RBAD RBAD 5 months ago

    "double rubbers" at 3:20

  • Un Perrier
    Un Perrier 5 months ago +1

    LBA to PBA :) not really technical are you?
    It converts LBA to CHS (Cylinder, Head, Sector). PBA is not a thing afaik because disk have different geometry.
    You could argue that PBA is the concatenation of C, H and S, but nobody speaks about PBA but CHS instead.

  • Un Perrier
    Un Perrier 5 months ago

    He forgot the best manufacturer : Hitachi GST.
    I worked for a SAN manufacturer and the most reliable enterprise disks were in that order: Hitachi, WD and Seagate.
    Toshiba is just crap for enterprise (maybe okay for desktops). I recall a client wanted Maxtor disks and there was wo many failures that there was a pallet of maxtor disks in the corner that stayed there for a few years :) so crap they jsut fail one after the other.
    Hitachi disks tend to heat more than WD and Seagate but their firmware is much more uniform in terms of bugs and features compared to WD/Seagate. That said that was 5 years ago, at the time Hitachi was just bought by WD and I'm not sure what it did to their quality.

  • dan higgins
    dan higgins 5 months ago

    i just fixed my wd 3tb the easy way i took the f**king sludge hammer to it because 1 min it would show on my pc then when i starting downloading to it the damn thing always disappeared and not show up in disk management so i fixed that little f**ker

  • Damon Mueller
    Damon Mueller 5 months ago +1

    It's crazy how much he sounds like you Louis. Fits perfectly with your channel. I'm about to do a procedure, this really came at the perfect time. Keep it up, you rock.

  • John Thorpe
    John Thorpe 5 months ago

    Is there any way of recovering data from a WD My Book World Edition NAS (the one with the double blue rings - single drive unit). It was fine when it was powered off to move from one state to another. However when setting it back up (power and ethernet plug back into the same router, with the same network settings), it powers on, but doesn't obtain an IP (basically it acts as if it fails to boot). I pulled the drive out of the enclosure and put it into a drive dock connected to Windows. Windows finds the drive, see's the correct size of the drive, but see's it as 'unidentified' (or something like that) and wants me to format it. I'm assuming that the board that converts it from SATA to ethernet is bad. I found some online that's has the same model # of the My Book, but they are $200 +. Is there a way to get to the data and copy it to another drive (or my DIY NAS) through the drive dock I have??

    I also have a couple drives that was in a Maxtor Shared Storage II (2 drives that was configured in a RAID 0). The box would power on, then off, then power on, etc. (power cycles). I thought this was also the board from the SATA to ethernet, however, when I power each drive in the drive dock, it works fine ... but when I try to power both drives at the same time (or any time both drives are in my drive dock) the drive dock also power cycles. Both drives run, show the correct drive size, etc in Windows when powered or having 1 drive in the drive dock at a time, but when connecting the 2nd drive, it starts power cycling. Any clues on this phenomenon??

  • The Overclocker
    The Overclocker 5 months ago +1

    I like my 7 plus hitachi drives have been in my pc since 2009 and still rocking in 2019.Best mechancial hard drives Ive ever owned was a hitachi

  • The Overclocker
    The Overclocker 5 months ago

    The best drives Backblaze currently use are the Hitachi Deskstar models, which sport failure rates as low as 0.8 percent and as high as 2.9 percent annually. ... Western Digital's drives generally did much better, with the high end of its annual failure rates around 3.6 percent.

  • onehappynegro
    onehappynegro 5 months ago

    got 12+ of that wd 1 gb.

  • Steve Kitner
    Steve Kitner 5 months ago

    Says "double rubbers" 10 times. Reserves use of "so to speak" for "doesn't really fit" LOL

  • mary smith
    mary smith 5 months ago

    CLICKING DRIVES usually destroyed platters, when head scratch up platters
    which makes it impossible to read the platters, even with new heads!
    Backup your files!!! Most data recovery does not work

  • Im_ChuckY_Bitxh
    Im_ChuckY_Bitxh 5 months ago

    Why did I watch this boring video? Oo

  • Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward 5 months ago +1

    has faulty wd on the table, bad mouthes seagate... Samsung iphone coke Pepsi burger king mc donalds... choose your faforite coorporate overlord and be happy.

  • rollerboogie
    rollerboogie 5 months ago

    Funny thing is I actually worked as a hard drive engineer and you would never want to spray canned air at a disk, you use a very expensive sort of qtip instead. The exact opposite of what this dude says.

  • Tibor Roussou
    Tibor Roussou 5 months ago

    Definitely learned something; thanks guys :)

  • Ukraine Olive
    Ukraine Olive 5 months ago +4

    How do you know both drives have the same headstack? Is that manufacturer disclosure? You didn't explain that.

    • Drc Tuber
      Drc Tuber 2 months ago

      Yeah, please explain it..

  • Clive Flint
    Clive Flint 5 months ago +1

    I don’t trust WD or seagate. Neither have been reliable.

    • conhopper78
      conhopper78 5 months ago

      You never owned a WD Red, then. And also, you never owned a HGST Ultrastar, HGST now belongs to WD aswell. Very high quality drives. But yes on the other hand, those Seagate are scrap metal by design. Never buy them anymore.

  • bucharestBIKEtraffic
    bucharestBIKEtraffic 5 months ago

    Most of my data is stored on 4TB Seagate drives for backup. You mean to tell me that I am fucked? Am I fucked? Oh shit. I cannot sleep anymore...

  • Lord Erdrick
    Lord Erdrick 5 months ago

    I've learned not to drop my hard drives.

  • Keepinitreal
    Keepinitreal 5 months ago +1

    Kinda hard to follow along when he keeps switching to this that and another thing, I quit watching a little over 9 minutes into it.

  • Dino
    Dino 5 months ago

    I've had several WD drives fail and 1 seagate, I prefer seagate XD

    • Boris The Engineer
      Boris The Engineer 5 months ago

      The WD "Green" model had a reputation for problems in NAS service about 5-6 years ago I think.

  • WAT 808
    WAT 808 5 months ago

    Вскрывать диски подобным методом это ВАНДАЛИЗМ! Ямщик не гони! Ты гонишь Ямщик!

  • peraruor
    peraruor 5 months ago +1

    Excelent video! Thanks. However it came to my mind, what can you do if the drive some body bring for service is so old that you can't find donor HDD?

  • Rikard Johansen
    Rikard Johansen 5 months ago

    Porn saved, all good...

  • Phrashee Kwerk
    Phrashee Kwerk 5 months ago

    concerned about the size of dust particles vs the distance between the media and those read/write heads....

  • Edd Z3r0x
    Edd Z3r0x 5 months ago

    lol I am definitely opening and screwing with a few of my drives now hahahaha This is Tech Nirvana.

  • Texas Tyranny Response Team

    ok... show data recovery on a seagate st-225

  • TheGrantourismo
    TheGrantourismo 5 months ago

    Steve is wrong saying that Seagate's market share is a third on Western Digital's one.Actually, they are almost the same 40% (WD has several percents higher share).
    He is absolutely right that Seagate drives are inferior in reliability. The most reliable drives were made by Hitachi/HGST, and now there are several models made by both WD and Toshiba, but designed by Hitachi (WD got Hitachi's technlogies, Toshiba got both tech and factories).

  • Jet Engine Thrust
    Jet Engine Thrust 5 months ago

    Really interesting, thanks for sharing, but he didn't say if it was fixed or not at the end of the video. And the way he was quickly clicking on shit we know nothing about he wasn't teaching us shit about what does this, or clicking on this does that ETC. & I would have liked to learn more. Too bad you didn't give him enough time to explain/teach us he felt pressured maybe because he's backed up with a lot of customers HD's prolly. None the less good stuff! I still have an old laptop HD that needs to be recovered I might call your office for prices. Have a great day people & be good...

  • Nothing Much
    Nothing Much 5 months ago +3

    16:35 How do you verify the similarities for your donor/patient? I really enjoyed this video. But that info is critical! The world needs to know! Thanks for the excellent VID

    • Drc Tuber
      Drc Tuber 2 months ago

      I have the same question

  • Michel Doucet
    Michel Doucet 5 months ago

    I don`t sell Seagate in my store, freaking crap. Thanks for the Video !

  • nabil libre
    nabil libre 5 months ago

    TheXvid is gonna take over all our jobs.

  • Daniel's Game Vault
    Daniel's Game Vault 5 months ago

    Thanks. Awesome series. Definitely make more recovery vids ! :D

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo 5 months ago

    Seagate oder sie gate nicht

  • Sadman Haque
    Sadman Haque 5 months ago

    My WD HDD for some reason reads and writes data very slowly (most of the time 0 kbps but sometimes 10-20 kbps) it's been in the workshop for almost 2.5 weeks 😢

  • Nitr Speed
    Nitr Speed 5 months ago

    how to recover from a damaged mbr harddrive ?? pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • Paul Hanley
    Paul Hanley 5 months ago

    I watched this last night and my Seagate external hard drive failed this morning. I think you jinxed me man.

  • Yudi Seda
    Yudi Seda 5 months ago

    You need to swear alot

  • Fubar Snafu
    Fubar Snafu 5 months ago

    I’m a good student and a quick learn. Your not looking for anyone to grab coffee are you? Thanks for the videos. Big tech is such a scam. Has been for years. Nothing but bits and pieces. Again thanks for the tremendous videos.

  • ahmed sultan
    ahmed sultan 5 months ago

    2011 hard drive and now it is 2019 .

  • Digidoid IT
    Digidoid IT 5 months ago

    Как же приятно видеть Ростовскую плату так далеко от Ростова. PC3K таки прекрасна