F1 2013 Trailer: F1 2013 Classic Edition - Formula 1 Game

  • Published on Jul 15, 2013
  • F1 2013 Trailer: trailer for F1 2013, the official Formula 1 game from Codemasters. F1 2013's Classic Edition brings classic cars, drivers and tracks. Release date: autumn 2013.
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Comments • 17

  • Dandy Vo
    Dandy Vo 6 years ago

    Yes, for 75$

  • MrJamessell30
    MrJamessell30 6 years ago

    Everyone stop crying that Senna isn't on the game all of you are so dumb that you think he should automatically be on there, 1. He would cost loads in licenses to put on, 2. He was not liked by everyone and therefore should not be automatically

  • Gopher Yusef
    Gopher Yusef 6 years ago

    It the Classics Edition available for PS3?

  • Eduardo Alves
    Eduardo Alves 6 years ago


  • hugocatarino
    hugocatarino 6 years ago

    yes it is ;)

  • TwicePlayedGaming
    TwicePlayedGaming 6 years ago

    I really hope that one of the tracks is Imola.

  • Mark Crawford
    Mark Crawford 6 years ago

    is there going to be a formation lap and will u be able to speak to your pit crew abit more than 2012

  • Happy guitar Best
    Happy guitar Best 6 years ago

    Ps3 yes

  • Matthew Cotton
    Matthew Cotton 6 years ago

    because this is the first time classic content has been made, are you saying cod doesn't need a trailer? thats the same shit every year

  • Matthew Cotton
    Matthew Cotton 6 years ago

    80's and 90's. might get dlc aswell. but its 2 different types of car, 4 old tracks, and then the entire f1 2013 season

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 6 years ago

    I just hope the circuits are done in a retro style as well.

  • WhoIsAtlas802
    WhoIsAtlas802 6 years ago

    YES! This is incredible, what I always wanted from Codemasters. Classic F1! Can't wait to race online in 90's cars. I wonder how far the Cars go back? 50's to present day? Also 'Classic drivers and tracks' Smashing it around Brands Hatch in a 76 McLaren against Lauda in the Ferrari would be sweet!

  • soulchain247
    soulchain247 6 years ago

    Of course, its a sports game..... -_-

  • CptGummyBearz
    CptGummyBearz 6 years ago

    Well, this ain't Fifa so you can stfu now...

  • HoardingBeats
    HoardingBeats 6 years ago

    what's the point in this trailer.
    I mean everyone knows that games like fifa and stuff are going to come out every year so what's the point in making a trailer if everyone all ready knows it, you may as well just have some guy with a meaningful logo on his shirt say "There's going to be another one"

  • Nicholas Roman
    Nicholas Roman 6 years ago

    There is none

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright 6 years ago

    So where's the gameplay?