Can Water Bears Survive a Vacuum Chamber?

  • Published on May 6, 2021
  • In this video I test if tardigrades can survive in a vacuum chamber
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  • Mark
    Mark 11 months ago +7416

    They can indeed survive without oxygen, however this only lasts them for about 6 months I believe. They basically hibernate when they lose air and it’s pretty cool how they can survive like that.

    • William Colon
      William Colon 7 days ago

      Meanwhile human with no oxygen for 6 minutes: ............

    • Karen Maghran
      Karen Maghran 4 months ago

      @Interstellar Artois i

  • 2 Wheels Are Better Than 4
    2 Wheels Are Better Than 4 5 months ago +2074

    Imagine being a living creature being tested on by things that'd normally kill anything else but surviving.

  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis 4 months ago +1291

    Oh yeah, I studied these cute little guys years back. Lol.
    Let me tell ya, "waterbears * tartigrades" are pretty much indestructible, even by nuclear energy/radiation...for many many years. And the same is true when they are frozen. These little guy's have always been a favorite of mine ♥

    • Jaxson lyk
      Jaxson lyk Day ago

      @Yuni the Fox I thought it was bitcoin “crypto”. Super man weakness.

    • Thebigbanger6969
      Thebigbanger6969 4 days ago

      @Dank Dank I mean I do suck a lot

    • Dank Dank
      Dank Dank 4 days ago

      God might turn you in to a waterbear cause you like them so much!🤣

    • Thebigbanger6969
      Thebigbanger6969 5 days ago

      Bro stop capping you got that from either the news or a tik tok or an article

  • Apples
    Apples 5 months ago +638

    Tardigrades are undeniable proof that you can be tiny, adorable, and tough as hell all at the same time.

    • hee hee hee haw
      hee hee hee haw 2 days ago

      @abomino hee hee hee hah

    • abomino
      abomino 2 days ago

      @hee hee hee haw maybe so???

    • Miky
      Miky 3 days ago +1

      @Apples damnnnn that's crazy

    • Apples
      Apples 3 days ago +2

      @Miky No, they aren’t that common on human skin. You _might_ have one or two on you, but they don’t naturally live there. You are however covered in millions of dust mites right now

    • Retro Beans24
      Retro Beans24 4 days ago

      I’m just tiny

  • jess tech
    jess tech 4 days ago +3

    Imagine a race of aliens that see us as little tardigrades, and we made it to earth through similar circumstances.

  • Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer Year ago +20513

    Imagine after eons the water bears that crashed landed on the moon in 2019 will evolve into super intelligent sentient creatures

    • William Colon
      William Colon 7 days ago

      @BossMan" life is to delicate to come to earth from outer space "

    • Gusha35
      Gusha35 19 days ago

      Bro I’m saying wtf is wrong with them damn Israelites !? Why are they even carrying them in space!? & why tf did it crash on the moon!! Like who what where and why!!!!!!

    • StRiX
      StRiX 22 days ago

      Would be pretty cool but I won't be there

  • Anitago
    Anitago 2 days ago

    The question is not "will they survive" but "who's gonna rescue them" so they can actually survive.

  • Refry Beatbox
    Refry Beatbox 6 days ago

    Wait, they can maintain a cyst after rapid decompression?! I didn't quite realize they had that degree of physical strength. That's awesome.

  • Glorious Doof
    Glorious Doof 4 days ago

    Probablem with this is that on the moon, there's more to it than just the vacuum of space. There's the extreme amount of ultraviolet rays and beat with no atmosphere to protect them. Yes, I said heat, heat travels over distance and if you want more info, Startalk with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson had an episode with that topic covered.

  • User Google
    User Google 3 days ago

    2019: spacecraft with tardigrades crashes on the moon
    3019: Alien invade earth from the moon

  • JohnXinaBingChilling
    JohnXinaBingChilling 11 months ago +46431

    Water Bears in the chamber be like:
    Yo jerry, its that feeling from 30 million years ago

    • M.N Crafts
      M.N Crafts 4 days ago

      @Brittany Millerry on a scale of thats ok to serious mental health issues I choose serious mental health issues

    • computerNerd22
      computerNerd22 6 days ago

      @Brittany Millerry find god

    • Byan
      Byan 7 days ago


    • Dabbo Pabblo
      Dabbo Pabblo 8 days ago

      @Kavaiツ what are you on this isn't Twitter

    • Paul Brown
      Paul Brown 9 days ago

      @Brittany Millerry you’re probably eating them all the time lol

  • Kyle Meier
    Kyle Meier Month ago

    This is a really interesting experiment. The moon does have other conditions id like to see the results of such as extreme heat and cold and strong sunlight due to the lack of atmosphere.

  • tiredaf
    tiredaf 13 days ago +28

    When we go back to the moon, we'll see giant versions of these things and craving for protein.

    • zyrah anne
      zyrah anne 3 days ago

      ...why does that sound familiar...

  • SuperCat82B
    SuperCat82B 19 days ago +2

    So, funny story, my teacher is absolutely amazing, and so is his daughter (high school), and they do a bunch of cool geeky stuff together. One time, my teacher told us this story of how one time, recently, he had gotten his daughter (We'll say Ann) a jar of water bears. She loved them, and did what she was supposed to with them. One day, she had come home from school and was looking at her tardigrades under the microscope. My teacher said that Ann had called him in and was worried because they weren't moving. They then, just never moved. She had killed the or one of THE HARDEST THINGS TO FREAKING KILL. :D

  • Yuval Koren
    Yuval Koren 24 days ago

    Fun fact: In a recent experiment, designed to create quantum entanglement with these creatures, they were able to survive much harder conditions for 3 consecutive days.

  • V's Tongue
    V's Tongue 11 months ago +13126

    This is the ultimate pet for people that don’t know how to take care of pets.

    THE GAMER 6 hours ago

    "Don't underestimate water bears"
    action lab -2022

  • Alyson Wong
    Alyson Wong 5 days ago +1

    When I first heard about them I kept gushing about how cute they were, especially their names. But alot of my friends don't seem to agree...
    "nO, no water bear. They terrify me."
    "B-but water bear bear!"

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra Wolf 5 months ago +3

    I know this water bears are very important to science (thanks to south park) and I have to say what a cool creature that holds a special space in the scientific community.

  • Trix Resueno
    Trix Resueno 7 days ago +1

    I remember when I was a kid being terrified of these things and after seeing a picture of it I almost never slept for days

  • HALBY!
    HALBY! Year ago +11453

    We've all probably accidentally eaten so many of these little guys

    • Mikey Craig
      Mikey Craig 5 days ago

      @Argusen Dimevus American is a nationality not a race.

    • Lick
      Lick 9 days ago

      @Strode 66 no, skin too tough, mouth too small.

    • LunarQueenEclipse
      LunarQueenEclipse 13 days ago

      @Little Leaf rather you like it or not, it's still intended to be racist. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a racist joke. It would just simply be a joke that has nothing to do with racism within it.

  • Baby Vaso
    Baby Vaso 8 days ago

    I remember hearing on America's Most Extreme or something like that these guys can live for hundreds of years by suspending their metabolism....something like that.

    GLITTER & GUTS 4 months ago +10

    Water bears are adorable.
    I’ve never in my life been so fascinated by something before. They’re freaky

  • Alex Kuhn
    Alex Kuhn 6 days ago

    Wasn't there a news story about tardigrades on the moon a while back? I think they changed so much that scientists claimed they evolved into a different species

  • Adnama Fett
    Adnama Fett 5 days ago

    Just graduated but I took a micro bio class in high school. Sometimes we’d go outside, grab some lichen off a tree and soak it in the school tap water to find water bears. They love lichen so if you have a microscope and some trees with lichen around, go find yourself a water bear.
    Funny thing is we think the schools tap water kills the water bears. The longer we let lichen soak the more likely it is to find dead water bears than living ones. These seemingly immortal things are killed by *something* in my schools tap… scary.
    Oh and we’ve also found “aggressive yeast” in the water bottle fill up station

  • The Whisper
    The Whisper 11 months ago +13606

    Tardigrades are so funny because theyre only immune to things they’ll never practically encounter like Nuclear explosions, extreme pressure, and Outer space, but are vulnerable to simple things like 100F temperatures, Fungus, Tiny worms, Mites, Amoebas, OTHER TARDIGRADES lmao

    • MilanCavia
      MilanCavia 26 days ago

      The nuclear explosions part aged beautifully

    • Nitish Kumar
      Nitish Kumar 28 days ago

      The last part reduced my anxiety. I thought they were invincible

    • miqey t
      miqey t 4 months ago

      @Utastegood so I'm assuming they CANT SURVIVE on the moon? It will take more than an hour to leave the moon right?

    • miqey t
      miqey t 4 months ago

      Do they not live in areas where any fungus or tiny worms or mites also coincide??

  • Guillermo Fonseca
    Guillermo Fonseca 5 days ago +5

    Can survive space
    Can't survive any of the shit that it actively has to encounter

  • Zizo68
    Zizo68 18 days ago +1

    The content just keeps getting more and more interesting 😂😳

  • Discord Guy
    Discord Guy 15 days ago +1

    The reason they do this is cause apparently they are able to re-animate themselves, basically come back to life

  • Bappo Jujubes
    Bappo Jujubes 23 days ago

    Imagine if there were others more threatening than them out in space, and we brought them here on earth. That would be freaky.

  • Miso
    Miso Year ago +5140

    Tardigrades do this weird hibernation by choice thing where they can just "sleep" or rather, go unconscious whilst in conditions that could kill them. And they can stay like that for more than a dozen years...

    • Zoefboy H
      Zoefboy H 18 days ago

      @Yuni the Fox Somehow you commented on me but it doesn’t show in the actual comments, weird… But I started reading some of your comments. I don’t know what you’re on, but nobody is disagreeing with facts or placing misinformation. A simple Google search will show you otherwise.
      In your comment on me you said: “If someone goes to sleep for years it’s not asleep, it’s dead.”
      Well, if someone wakes up after years, they clearly aren’t dead, right?
      Also, this state doesn’t grant the tardigrade “immortality”. It’s a survival mode so to say (cryptobiosis) which *does* extend their lifespan with decades. It’s a part of how they live; expelling water to nearly stop metabolism so they can survive harsh environments including the moon, with or without food. Of course their survival is finite.
      Don’t go around and correcting others when actually you are wrong…

    • Yuni the Fox
      Yuni the Fox 18 days ago

      @Miso it *does* count, you can't simply choose to disagree with facts. This is a common piece of misinformation. While yes it's true that tardigrades have been observed to suvrive up to 30 years of being frozen solid this isn't because of the tardigrade itself slowing its aging down, it's from being frozen solid because literally anything that could survive being frozen solid could in theory 'survive' indefinitely and that's the entire basis of cryogenics. Tardigrades just so happen to be one of the few organisms that can survive being frozen solid without external help.
      If the state did truly allow them immortality then don't you think they'd enter it a lot more often? No mates nearby? Sleep it off. No food nearby? Sleep it off. But they only seem to do so when it's their only option, strange.
      And lastly, liking your own comment immediately after posting it is kind of pathetic but hey whatever.

    • Miso
      Miso 18 days ago +1

      @Yuni the Fox unless you're an expert on this matter, i disagree. Their lifespan is up to 2 years in some species, _not counting their time in the dormant state_

    • Yuni the Fox
      Yuni the Fox 18 days ago

      Not even close buddy, the hibernative state lasts at most 6 months. Tardigrades maximum lifespan is about 2 years, absolutely nothing about entering low power mode would meaningfully extend their lifespan.

  • Cosmic Billy
    Cosmic Billy 8 days ago

    This is scary when you think about all the possible dormant life forms out in the vacuum of space just waiting for the day they land on a place similar to earth.

  • Old man Jenkins
    Old man Jenkins Month ago +29

    Short answer: they wouldn’t have wasted their time sending them to the moon if they knew they wouldn’t survive

  • The One Legged Raven
    The One Legged Raven 5 months ago

    Other things to consider for the possibility of them surviving on the moon are temperature and radiation. Merely removing the air from the chamber doesn’t qualify as proof that they’d survive in that environment. Good video regardless.

  • mogus
    mogus 11 days ago

    Fun fact: When the situation is bad (like they were in space) they get in a state that there body's shrink and the metabolism get to 99.9%, and theirs body's start producing glucose, as the metabolism is high, they can last in this state as long as needed, until they get in better conditions.

  • mittens245
    mittens245 Year ago +3087

    My science teacher was talking about this a while ago, it's quite interesting. He said that they go into hibernation when there is no air.

    • Siphonophore
      Siphonophore 11 months ago

      @Mortomi Cinnamonbun so it's like organic cryosleep, these organisms are badass

    • Mortomi Cinnamonbun
      Mortomi Cinnamonbun 11 months ago

      It’s not just hibernation, they crystallize themselves and then almost entirely stop the use of calories. It’s awesome.

    • Lil'ducko
      Lil'ducko 11 months ago

      @CATS LIVES MATTER what does god have anything to do with this microorganism?

    • Lil'ducko
      Lil'ducko 11 months ago

      @N S u killed him 🤣

    • Siphonophore
      Siphonophore 11 months ago

      Humans can also hibernate during the abscence of oxygen, the only problem is none has figured out how to wake up after

  • TheHack King
    TheHack King 13 days ago +67

    "A spacecrafr containing tardigrades crashed into the moon"
    Aliens: yo bro look, a moon contains life!

  • some name i forgot
    some name i forgot 4 days ago

    Theres a lot of misconception with the water bears, they can survive space and radiation but they get killed by normal stuff like snales and even eachother. I learned this from tier zoo, specifically the video called "Are Waterbears Op?" I encourage you to watch it!

  • SuNGviN
    SuNGviN Month ago

    Fun fact: in Russian they’re called Silentwalkers (quiet walkers if literally, I just thought silent sounds cooler). Also there is a proverb “the slower (quieter if literally) you drive the further you go”. Meaning that their immortality implied in their name

  • Sadboi
    Sadboi 14 days ago

    The fact that I'm amazed of how you can create a mini vacuum chamber

  • BeetsbyDwight
    BeetsbyDwight 11 months ago +2553

    Everybody is afraid of how they can survive without oxygen, but you're safe as long as you draw a circle around you

    • Lukyluk_py
      Lukyluk_py 11 days ago

      @Czeiana Miguel ohhh.. thank you 🙏

    • Czeiana Miguel
      Czeiana Miguel 11 days ago

      @Lukyluk_py It's probably the scenes (usually movies) I saw as a kid where making a circle with salt protect you from spirits.

    • Czeiana Miguel
      Czeiana Miguel 11 days ago

      With salt of course 😂

    • shuen
      shuen 11 months ago

      @FlickTheMoney Clips nah thats another episode. South Park is kinda like Simpsons and xkcd by now, they've got an episode on everything.

  • Ben P
    Ben P 12 hours ago

    Dang imagine leaving them on the moon in 1969 and when mankind revisited the moon in 2023 and all the astronauts were gobbled up by the mutated version of this creature 😪

  • Munozl360
    Munozl360 6 days ago

    I remember hearing about these as a kid on animal planets the most extreme.

  • Ayaka's Sword [1st Sword Of The Seven]

    I find it hilarious how waterbears can seemingly survive everything, except that with what they are likely to face anyways.

  • Endergaming
    Endergaming Month ago

    The water bears weren't cold, they were using a special defense for when there's not enough moisture or air

  • fBOMB
    fBOMB 8 months ago +4741

    Tardigrades are prepared for situations that would almost never happen. Otherwise, they're completely vulnerable. They can get eaten by snails, spiders, other tardigrades, and even accidentally by people.

    • BrainStorm BS
      BrainStorm BS 6 days ago

      @Pham Duc Trung Nono they won't get killed my the acids in our stomach

    • Edward Teach
      Edward Teach 6 months ago +1

      @JackAlope! Poor bob

    • SuperAngel
      SuperAngel 6 months ago

      Uh yeah basically what the dude it the vid said thanks for repeating it?

    • Ronan Roe (they,them)
      Ronan Roe (they,them) 6 months ago +1

      @Paula Palais oh yay that makes me happy to hear! Thanks for listening:)

    • Paula Palais
      Paula Palais 6 months ago

      @Ronan Roe (they,them) I really was able to learn something. I appreciate.

  • seguuro
    seguuro 19 days ago +2

    The fact that they survived does not mean that they enjoyed the experience

  • Luiz Sarchis
    Luiz Sarchis Month ago

    They roll up in a ball to go into a type of "stasis" stage that enables them to survive at bad conditions and wait for a better environment. Supposedly they can stay in that state for months

  • doña_ pepita
    doña_ pepita 2 days ago

    Imagine if it survived on the moon and evolved into a 12ft monster

  • thehauntedstream
    thehauntedstream 28 days ago

    When it comes to living beings, let’s only experiment when we must - not for the general curiosity randomly

  • Riotsel
    Riotsel 11 months ago +9378

    Guy: they've curled into a ball, but doing just fine
    The tardigrades: AHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Yuni the Fox
      Yuni the Fox 18 days ago

      @rain 10 years? Try 6 months. Tardigrades maximum lifespan is about 2 years, the hibernative state doesn't slow down their aging, it just causes the body to enter low power mode for an extended period which would not meaningfully impact the creatures lifespan.

    • Maxwell Comer
      Maxwell Comer 11 months ago

      Im gonna be one of those people and say tartigrades dont have enough of a brain to feel fear most likely

    • h3llboyyy
      h3llboyyy 11 months ago

      @Spiff jellyfish don't have brains either

    • Quan Le Minh
      Quan Le Minh 11 months ago

      @MokSpeed1 the float to another habitable planet and becomes Tardians. Hopefully wiser than Humans

    • Kiro25
      Kiro25 11 months ago +1

      @PISS oof hahahahaa

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 2 days ago

    Bro this theory was already tested they said that these guys can even survive lava for like a month

  • Kiran Koshy
    Kiran Koshy 16 days ago

    The fascinating thing is a ton of atoms makes up the water bears which we can’t see without a microscope. This show how small atoms are.

  • Floppafan🗿
    Floppafan🗿 3 days ago

    Water bears: excuse me? 🙂

  • TouchMCookie
    TouchMCookie 5 months ago

    I wonder if you did this same experiment for about 30 full days and let the pressure back in and see if they still survive. My answer is yes.

  • Leahcim Olrac
    Leahcim Olrac 11 months ago +5190

    *Guy* “They’re just fine!”
    *Tardigrades* “Will someone please free us from this sadistic man?”

    • Good Catto
      Good Catto 11 months ago +1

      Actually the tardigrades are just fine. To survive this they usually just slow their metabolism so that they won't need to eat stuff (if that makes sense) so they don't die.

    • The Afro Knight
      The Afro Knight 11 months ago

      @Dari Re-read my comment again. I already stated that neither of us got what we were saying as it was me who first initiated the discussion on animal intellect by stating “animals aren’t as dumb as you give them credit for.” He mistook me saying that for me claiming that animals are on the same comprehension as humans when that just simply wasn’t implied. I then mistook his retort as him believing that animals were dumb. It was a mistake on both of our behalf. No need to bring it up, let it go.
      Edit: I’m aware that we’re above animal intellect but ironic that you are doing the same thing he did lol. You’re literally mistaking what a originally said for something else. That’s a straw-man calamity waiting to happen so I’d stop if I were you.

    • Dari
      Dari 11 months ago

      @The Afro Knight It isn't ironic, you just didn't get what he is saying. He isn't saying "Animals are dumb", nor he's claiming what you think he is claiming, he pretty much said animals can't comprehend to the same extent that a normal human can. There's no single animal that can do that except from us. He's not pretending or claiming animals are stupid or trying to make them look more dumb than what they really are, of course they aren't. You can't just pair up a normal human mind with another species (And I keep mentioning "Normal" because I'm not exactly counting deseases or psychology problems that are not part of the average human being), simply because we, and I think it's pretty obvious based on how we, the tiny little defenseless creatures, rule the world, our mind is simply far more complex than any other animal mind, and so his statement makes sense. Do you really think a dog can FULLY get everything we do? Not even close, they work mostly on instincts, not a fully reasonable mind like humans have. A dog doesn't get what a name is, but he relates a sound to some action, because that's how they evolved, they don't know what a door sound is, or the sound of a car, or they can't even understand what a car or door is, yet they can relate it with his owner coming to home, so they run to recieve him back, it's just biology doing the work.

    • The Afro Knight
      The Afro Knight 11 months ago +2

      @DuskKnight Torqe Ironically enough it’s you who didn’t understand what I meant in my first comment. This whole animal debate wouldn’t happen if you hadn’t misunderstood me say “animals are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.” My guy, I never claimed nor stated that they can build ships or understand the wonders of the universe. I simply stated that they aren’t as dumb as you claim so the idea that they would see us as an eldritch god (a comparison you made, mind you) sounds completely over-exaggerative. This is all semantics anyways but I think we both just misunderstood each other.

    • DuskKnight Torqe
      DuskKnight Torqe 11 months ago +1

      @The Afro Knight Like I said, in no way do I believe animals are stupid. But humans (just by BEING humans and doing what "Humans do" as in human nature) are advanced enough to build cities and Literally live in space for a small period of time. Can you teach an animal what space is to the extant of human knowledge? No, because they aren't equipped for it in the same way we are. Just like a single human isn't equipped to 'create or destroy existence' but we could surely destroy the world given an extreme enough scenario. I mean a tardigrade having knowledge of humans as a whole, as in human history, human society, human technology, philosophy and stuff is an impossible task. That or you believe animals have knowledge of the universe, then you don't understand what I'm getting at. I understand what you meant with your first comment but you're NOT trying to understand what I'm trying to get across.

  • Zilla 2004
    Zilla 2004 6 days ago

    I remember seeing in a book that many of the bacteria species are immune to nuclear weapons

  • Alejandro Gonzo
    Alejandro Gonzo 5 months ago

    Now we need to ask “if they can survive a crash on a spacecraft going “x” mph”?

  • Tezz
    Tezz 25 days ago

    They are absolutely fearless to have balls in such a dangerous situation.

  • Horse.
    Horse. 3 days ago

    What happens is water bears (or tardigrades) when they can't survive in those places because they can survive extreme and I mean extreme temperatures because they play dead. They literally curl into a ball and stop there heart (which they can do for a very long time) and then when the air came back into the chamber they started moving again because they made their heart pump. Water bears are really hard to kill so for anyone who has a talent at killing things, try this thing.

  • Mr. Probable
    Mr. Probable 11 months ago +1562

    I used to have some tardigrades a few months ago. I did some small-scale research from
    home (I work with NASA’s astrobiology department) since our labs were closed because of the pandemic. They’re such amazing creatures and are absolutely adorable to look at and see moving around. They’re also very durable, as you can see in this video. You demonstrated they can survive extreme pressures, which is true and known from previous experiments, so great job!
    They can also survive many other extremes. As we are discussing based off of the moon, it would be good to mention they can survive in very cold temperatures. In fact, a team from Japan found that, when thawed, a 30-year old ice sample containing tardigrades not only had some of the tardigrades moving and living, but even had tardigrades eggs frozen in the ice hatching.
    The way they carry out this unique ability is by entering what we call a “Tun formation”. Basically, what that means is the tardigrades condenses into a sort of rectangular shape (you can look up pictures) and decrease its metabolism drastically. It covers itself up in its cuticle, made of chitin protein primarily, and this also allow it to conserve any little materials it needs. The tardigrade initiates this state whenever it is lacking liquid water. So when it’s frozen in ice or even when it’s desiccated in the desert.
    In your microscope, there is a way to see tardigrade tun state. Unfortunately though I must warn this method might kill the tardigrade on the slide when done using home equipment. You can take a few tardigrades and place them on a slide. Cover up the slide and make sure to not let the cover slip. I suggest you use a flat slide rather than concave slide also so you can hold the tardigrades in place. Position your microscope over a tardigrade in the water on your slide, focus the slide in your lens, and then leave it there right under the microscope with the focus to dry so you can observe it once it’s done. Once all the water has evaporated from around the tardigrade, usually within a few days from what I’ve seen, you can observe and see that instead of the tardigrade, you are left with this box shaped thing that’s a little bumpy. That’s the tun! You can then attempt to rehydrate the tardigrades though this might be a risky process from home. It’s very very easy in a lab but we need tools to measure amounts very accurately. In labs we also have slide drying machinery so it’s easier to do the whole process anyway.
    Great video on the tardigrades, subscribed!

    • sussy baka
      sussy baka 10 months ago

      YOU WORK AT NASA?!?!?!

      ASTROCHRONIC 10 months ago +1

      @LilDicc lol not mad about long comments...I am annoyed with a person who lacking introspection, posted pseudo intellectual long winded blather that ultimately says nothing of value and now pseudo intellectual clowns are triggered by me.

    • LilDicc
      LilDicc 10 months ago

      @ASTROCHRONIC I love how you liked all your own comments, why’d you get so mad about his long comment though? Are you a slow reader?

    • Douglas Harley
      Douglas Harley 10 months ago

      ​@Dylan B lol, that's quite an ironic "comment", considering that you generated it ON A COMPUTER CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET, which required that humanity master several important fundamental aspects of physics. 😂 the truth is, there have been no earth-shattering developments in physics since einstein's relativity, more than 100 years ago, which germanely, has been proven to be correct several times already, and whose very precepts preclude interstellar travel (i.e., severe time and density dilation effects of near-light-speed travel, and related unimaginably huge energy requirements). sorry, but your hopeful assertions of some magical horseshit physics, that is somehow gonna enable starfleet (DILITHIUM CRYSTALS AND WARP DRIVE!), is just mental onanism for the somewhat-educated.

    • Dylan B
      Dylan B 10 months ago

      @Douglas Harley laughable that you think humans have enough of a grasp of physics to know whether or not interstellar travel is possible.

  • Keith Nash-Kyrish nadine Cortado

    I don't know much but when it starts to roll that's there defensive mechanism I think it gives them the ability to survive anything

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores 21 day ago +1

    Can you leave them there for multiple days and see if they're still fine

  • GITA
    GITA 10 days ago +3

    I was curious at first "Wow, how long they can live?" then i realized "Oh yeah ... forever."

  • Kavindu Anthony Dionysius
    Kavindu Anthony Dionysius 4 months ago +3

    The living embodiment of the phrase "oh no, anyways"

  • Potato
    Potato 11 days ago

    Who else wants to sign a petition where scientists take waterbears, put them in rocks then launch said rocks to space?

  • Stoikusu
    Stoikusu 2 days ago

    Do you think waterbears will evolve into an animal? They said that waterbears become bigger by the years

  • fyicetea
    fyicetea 10 days ago

    I still remember the live waterbear hatching what a phenomenal sight was that

  • I Am One With The Force

    Where did you collect the tardigrade samples from, I’ve been wanting to view them through my microscope?

    • Dratylapio
      Dratylapio Month ago

      You can usually find them in moss like stuff like in your gutters or drains

  • Insect Slayer
    Insect Slayer 8 months ago +13809

    Tardigrades: _"do you really think that killing me is enough to make me die?"_

    • Yogendra Hawk
      Yogendra Hawk 8 months ago

      Coincidentally I have been watching it recently..

    • L4so
      L4so 8 months ago

      Haha I loved this show

    • Ryles T-Knuckles
      Ryles T-Knuckles 8 months ago

      This reminds me of a Whose Line game where Colin says:
      "Last time I saw him, he tried to murder me. But when you kill someone by... chopping off their head, rolling 'em up in a carpet, and burning it, you better make sure they're dead."

    • PaRtY PaRtY YeAh
      PaRtY PaRtY YeAh 8 months ago


    • Zod1ac Flicz
      Zod1ac Flicz 8 months ago

      They did die they more of a hibernation.

  • Astro Katt
    Astro Katt 20 days ago +1

    Ok but why wasn’t the introduction of life to the moon not a massive deal when it happened??

  • GermfreePizzaWI 1
    GermfreePizzaWI 1 2 days ago +1

    “God damn it Jerry, you contaminated the mood.”

  • ExoLier
    ExoLier 4 months ago

    Dude if i had your lab equipments i would stare at those little bears all day and also cause a bit of chaos

  • Moonblade
    Moonblade 5 days ago

    These things are wild lmao, they can survive frigid to molten temperatures, radiation, vacuums, but can't survive anything that actually matters.

  • Glitchy Ghosting
    Glitchy Ghosting 5 months ago +9201

    Fun fact: People think they're borderline invincible but they actually have a fearsome predator that absolutely bodies them...snails

    • Tom ass
      Tom ass 6 days ago

      @Konstantinos Vaneste I’m French

    • Tom ass
      Tom ass 6 days ago

      @Konstantinos Vaneste I love escargot

    • Konstantinos Vaneste
      Konstantinos Vaneste 6 days ago +1

      @Tom ass I mean in the context French people consider snails a delicacy

    • Tom ass
      Tom ass 6 days ago

      Not on the moon

  • jarredofhearts
    jarredofhearts 26 days ago

    Some tardigrades can survive being exposes to radiation and still reproduce. One was rehydrated on a 100 year old leaf. It reanimated and died 5 minutes later.
    Not bad for a critter with a 6 month lifespan!

  • Myku11
    Myku11 Month ago

    Im wondering, Is it possible to *"Squeeze"* it to death? Or maybe vaporize the water they live in?

  • ipnade
    ipnade 14 days ago

    Imagine if these things were the size of actual bears...

  • P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer

    Do that for years to see if they could survive on the moon

  • Randomricecake
    Randomricecake 8 months ago +7363

    the reason they stopped moving and rolled into a ball is because Tardigrades can go into a "tun" state which is when they dry up and look like a lifeless ball. when the environment seems to be back to normal, their bodies leave the tun state and they go back to living life. such amazing animals. they can live in a volcano for 10 years and be completely fine.

    • Yuni the Fox
      Yuni the Fox 18 days ago

      @Nathan nope, their bodies are only as indestructible as they are because they're so small, if one were sized up to an elephants size it would immediately burst due to the increased gravitational pressure.

    • Yuni the Fox
      Yuni the Fox 18 days ago

      No no no, tun does not meaningfully increase the lifespan of a tardigrade. They live for 2 years on average, if tun did extend their lifespan then they'd do it a lot more often, no mates around? Just rest until one comes close, no food? Just sleep and hope the problem sorts itself out. And even then Tardigrades are particularly weak against warm temperatures. They die in 100°C temperatures after 3 days so I find it very hard to believe they could survive inside a volcano for longer than that.

    • Joey Cottrell
      Joey Cottrell 8 months ago

      Soooo...they.are the key to immortality? I need one's DNA to

    • Spife
      Spife 8 months ago

      Holy shit that's op

    • MirumExMachina
      MirumExMachina 8 months ago

      When i do that it’s called a depression nap

  • kestrel archer
    kestrel archer 6 days ago

    You gonna have to factor in radiation + vacuum + extreme temperature before making any judgement in their survivability

  • SaturnSix
    SaturnSix 9 days ago

    Imagine you're tough AF but other organisms like fungi, small insects, predatory microorganisms, hunger and etc can still kill you.

  • Hadiqatuha
    Hadiqatuha 5 days ago

    Please tell me I don’t have to worry about my water being contaminated with these little guys

  • Mike Roshe
    Mike Roshe 4 months ago

    I was like "thats it? Just a few seconds"
    "I left them in there for 30 minutes"
    Me: Well damn, thats good enough lol

  • chriserony
    chriserony 10 months ago +10114

    Actually answer: Tardegrades can survive in the vacuum of space, but they can only survive without food or water for 2-3 months wherein they would die out. Therefore we don't have to worry about Tardegrades colonizing the moon.

    • Star Quates
      Star Quates 8 months ago

      @Spark Clouding yeeeeees!

    • Dark Blaze
      Dark Blaze 8 months ago

      @Alex I love how u sinking with his random theory🤣🤣

    • Osbaldo Sanchez
      Osbaldo Sanchez 8 months ago

      @Señor Peñor end of the world type shit ..

    • Flamenc
      Flamenc 8 months ago

      I can imagine tardegrades growing to sizes of bears and taking over the moon

    • vex
      vex 8 months ago

      They don't survive they just die slowly lol

  • Brett Keeler
    Brett Keeler 6 days ago

    I’m curious to know how the moon tardigrades handle cosmic radiation

  • Average
    Average Day ago

    I heard when ever they feel like OH SHIT they curl into a ball and then just vibe until it’s safe

  • Big Q
    Big Q 26 days ago +1

    they roll into a ball so they can protect themselves, and their need for food decreases by 99.9%

  • Bearded 15yearold
    Bearded 15yearold 29 days ago +1

    Watch PETA be criticizing this video like: “OHMAGAHD! That’s abuse against a living animal!” And then proceed to sue Action Lab Man and his sidekick Action Lab Shorts Man for animal cruelty even though tardigrades live on a whole other side of reality and matter, then PETA proceeds to ban drinking water since they have tardigrades in them.

  • Muck                          yes yes in disguise
    Muck yes yes in disguise 11 months ago +2095

    So them curling into a ball is called their “Ton state” where their body basically freezes it’s cells in place so they can’t do anything that would cause them to age and eventually die pretty much making them an object.

    • BOBB
      BOBB 11 months ago

      Maybe I am a tardigrade

    • dswmetals02
      dswmetals02 11 months ago

      @Yung Moses agreed

    • dswmetals02
      dswmetals02 11 months ago

      @tacothegoldfish you know how to type a 3 letter word in a search bar...congratulations! I don't know what we woulda done without you bro

  • Average_gamerman18
    Average_gamerman18 15 days ago

    They aren't just invincible they are mostly invincible when they are in a form of sleep of sorts that they have

  • Stanley Nguyen
    Stanley Nguyen 22 days ago

    Now the crossover we all need:
    Water Bears vs. Cameraman

  • AJ Jackson
    AJ Jackson 25 days ago

    It’s really crazy those things are most likely still alive up there

  • IslamicBread
    IslamicBread 23 days ago

    When they roll up they are going into a sort of deep sleep/ hibernation to conserve any water/ nutrients they have.

  • Jeff Bourke
    Jeff Bourke Month ago

    “Their completely fine”
    Tardiagrades: *we’re dying down here*

  • Simran Dhaliwal
    Simran Dhaliwal 5 months ago

    Imagine if evolution happen on the moon, the little microbes and now these tardigrades , evolve over a million years into the ecosystem like earth but much more resilient to sunlight pressure and cold.

  • Daigan Bledsoe
    Daigan Bledsoe 11 days ago

    They go into a kind of hibernation state and I think their metabolism slows down by 98% or 99%. Maybe even 100%

  • Animatorsrule
    Animatorsrule 4 months ago

    I never seen an actual living water bear before 😮

  • Mister Joestar
    Mister Joestar Year ago +7814

    "Whoa, what just happened?" "I dunno, man. Kinda weird, though."

    • Sean Taggart
      Sean Taggart Month ago

      *lets Get into our shells*

    • Mister Joestar
      Mister Joestar 11 months ago

      @King Crimson That's definitely debatable. Let's get a second opinion. Oi, Giorno-!

    • Panriot
      Panriot 11 months ago +1

      @Diego Brando well from strength and speed alone he should be able to defeat him assuming he is within range just like how he lost to sp

    • Diego Brando
      Diego Brando 11 months ago

      @Panriot nah he cant

    • Mister Joestar
      Mister Joestar 11 months ago

      @the noodle god boi Out of 8? I'll take it!

  • Steven Burnett
    Steven Burnett 4 months ago

    Pretty sure we sent them to space so I would imagine they'd be fine