WATCH LIVE! Elon Musk presents the new Tesla Cybertruck Launch

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
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  • Pappy Clappy
    Pappy Clappy 5 hours ago

    Wassup with the glass again???

  • •Nyan Narwhal•
    •Nyan Narwhal• 5 hours ago

    My only question is, why does the wheel holder square but the wheel is circle?

  • Xkvng savageX -
    Xkvng savageX - 6 hours ago

    elon musk at the presentation : the best truck in the world

    when he leaves the presentation: gets in a ford f150

  • XxEvil_Armyx X
    XxEvil_Armyx X 10 hours ago

    Use it in bullet proof vests

  • nevermore
    nevermore 10 hours ago

    that not sexy or strong man hit the white door twice as hard as the ugly ass tesla wedge

  • Rob Dixson
    Rob Dixson 12 hours ago

    Anything you can really call a work truck should be able to carry 4x8 sheet material. I don;t think this is being picky, its the standard building material size.

  • ttv_Thor_651
    ttv_Thor_651 13 hours ago +1

    See if you can break the glass
    *breaks glass*

  • XxWinterFlare
    XxWinterFlare 13 hours ago

    Why is everyone saying no? It low key looks nice. Imagine seeing that down the road you’d be like damn. It’s a head turner. Plus everyone can see it’s stronger than a normal truck.

  • Yeefu lor
    Yeefu lor Day ago

    Wice- warfighter thank me later

  • Credible Dumper
    Credible Dumper Day ago


  • Bentley Yanez
    Bentley Yanez Day ago

    7:55 wOw suCh dUraBilIty

  • Iron Music
    Iron Music Day ago +2

    Elon Musk: So what do you think?
    Bruce Wayne: *Does it come in black?*

  • kane rowe
    kane rowe Day ago

    I have a kinda guilty pleasure for this. It reminds me of old PS1 graphics,and makes me really nostalgic.

  • J S
    J S Day ago

    good business man

  • Tomathon Smith
    Tomathon Smith 2 days ago

    I wonder if they are gonna make a camper to go with that will recharge it with solar


    This is Karma telling Elon Musk what a D-BAG he's being.

  • Melodyweeps
    Melodyweeps 2 days ago

    I love Elon

  • rick grove
    rick grove 2 days ago

    Do they have an altornater in it to charge the batteries up are do they think you should spend money plugging it in to charge.

  • Ari Gilder
    Ari Gilder 2 days ago

    danggggggggggg so much for for glass

  • BryanFTW13
    BryanFTW13 2 days ago


  • Clown Shoes MMA
    Clown Shoes MMA 2 days ago

    He could have shat on stage then played in it and those people would have laughed cheered and clapped.
    Ugliest “truck” ever.

  • John Sneen
    John Sneen 2 days ago

    Ugly!!!!! I'll stick with my Old school chevys with small or big blocks!!!

  • NFL
    NFL 3 days ago

    Looks like my car in roblox

  • Nathan Wuotila
    Nathan Wuotila 3 days ago

    Honestly it looks terrible 😂

  • ScrewgeTv
    ScrewgeTv 3 days ago

    He really should’ve had somebody else do the speech because he’s annoying as fuck

  • Nitish Bansal
    Nitish Bansal 3 days ago

    Elon has to be the original thug life guy!! That level of smugness isn't normal!!

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog 4 days ago

    If it wasnt for Elon no one would buy it

  • Davy Roger
    Davy Roger 4 days ago

    Looks like something from a dystopian future

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 4 days ago

    how does this truck pass emissions?

  • Taxavie Bro
    Taxavie Bro 4 days ago +1

    7:54 thank me later

  • Berk Berk
    Berk Berk 4 days ago +1

    Elon:plays minecraft

    Again Elon: I have an idea

  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez 4 days ago

    Love how a quad drops the piece of crap backend right to the ground! What moron buys this stuff? I alone know of 4 people that bought model S's and sold them after left stranded multiple times. Don't get me wrong battery operated cars are a good idea, unfortunately the technology is not here yet to convince me to ditch my reliable F150.

  • Farhan Usmani
    Farhan Usmani 5 days ago

    15:56 one more thing

  • MoonLiT Lx
    MoonLiT Lx 5 days ago

    they be getting ready for the purge

  • Jeffrey Turnage
    Jeffrey Turnage 5 days ago

    That isn't a sledge hammer

  • CCG Respawns
    CCG Respawns 5 days ago

    So what Elon is saying is that I can crash it into a tree now 😂😂

  • Isaac Jacks
    Isaac Jacks 5 days ago

    ngl that truck looks hideous

  • Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    but like seriously Elon musk is the most awkward representative in the world. He's a tech guy and sounds soooo out of his comfort zone when talking about this "Cyber-Truck". I could literally feels every kindergarten teacher in the world starring daggers at him when he was doing this thing.

  • Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    Oml there is soo many memes that this video is going to generate... good lord...

  • Kozmo Graham
    Kozmo Graham 5 days ago

    Ur funny

  • DaWarren Sands
    DaWarren Sands 5 days ago

    that truck looks ugly

  • Xander Films
    Xander Films 5 days ago +4

    He's the kid who missed the whole week of project making and now is forced to present something he just saw.

  • Elite TerryYT
    Elite TerryYT 6 days ago

    Now we’re going to have a Real life GTA Tesla

  • Nick McThicc
    Nick McThicc 6 days ago

    What if u have to break a window to save a dog or baby

  • Someguy
    Someguy 6 days ago

    Elon should send a copy of the Star Wars intro into space letting it drift off

  • Safe Jence
    Safe Jence 6 days ago +1

    How Many Time Did He Say Yehh

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner 6 days ago

    There's nothing cool Bout this. It's a delorian truck. Holy shit that will never sell

  • R Mawhorter
    R Mawhorter 6 days ago

    what the hell is that

  • Fui Gebhardt1
    Fui Gebhardt1 6 days ago

    I swear I heard an audience member say "Shit-X".

  • Josefina Magallanes
    Josefina Magallanes 6 days ago

    trolls need to back off! what are you driving now?

  • Josefina Magallanes
    Josefina Magallanes 6 days ago

    so much less expensive then the gas vehicles 2x. you save on the cost of the truck at 40k plus you save the $80 in gas per week, plus you save the environment, plus you are safe... so many pluses.

  • Josefina Magallanes
    Josefina Magallanes 6 days ago

    i am buying it

  • Josefina Magallanes
    Josefina Magallanes 6 days ago

    it is amazing

  • Josefina Magallanes
    Josefina Magallanes 6 days ago +1

    love it

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 6 days ago

    1 tug of war means nothing typically the vehicle that gets the first tug and is going to get the win almost every time

  • Mr. Gacha09
    Mr. Gacha09 6 days ago +8

    If another car crashed into this it’ll most likely turn into dust

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 6 days ago

    Look at all the dislikes from commie protesters

  • Colby Lott
    Colby Lott 7 days ago +2

    Me:hits truck with basketball
    Me: oh no!
    Me now: hits cybertruck with basketball
    Me now: hits harder

  • Pleading Mule
    Pleading Mule 7 days ago

    Who is here because of what's inside