• Published on Dec 4, 2017
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    Parents try to guess movies explained by Kids! Watch to see their reaction!
    This episode feature the following Reactors:

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    Can Parents Guess a Movie Explained by Kids? (React)
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Comments • 3 782

    REACT  Year ago +1285

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    • lunaaa
      lunaaa Year ago

      REACT Do this bit the other way around. Adults describe, kids guess.

    • Alex Wattley
      Alex Wattley Year ago

      REACT pls do this video again a and also tell me how I can be a reactor on this channel

    • Shehadi -_-
      Shehadi -_- Year ago


    • BDS.Z Time
      BDS.Z Time Year ago +1

      REACT plz plz plz do more of these

    • Jessica Bushell-Hale
      Jessica Bushell-Hale Year ago

      Have college kids react to these! Or teens react.

  • Cholo
    Cholo Year ago +5

    "... and then she got hit by a bus" *LMFAO*

  • Sabrina Hart
    Sabrina Hart Year ago +3

    Do more of this !!!! It's amazing !!!!!!!!! I got 3/5 :))) it's quite good :)) how about you ? :))

  • Shy Thalia
    Shy Thalia Year ago +4

    Moana was the most obvious. lol

  • jimin is very no tall

    i legit thought it was casper bcs of "ghost"

  • Sandy Apostol
    Sandy Apostol Year ago +1

    Jamayla looks similar to Venus Williams 🤔

  • Edda Ayuste
    Edda Ayuste Year ago +3

    Oh lucas, he's grown..

  • ItzCreep 175
    ItzCreep 175 Year ago +2

    I WANT MORE!,!

  • Gianna Russo
    Gianna Russo Year ago

    Love this video

  • Beau Gill
    Beau Gill Year ago

    Yes do this again

  • bobertabc
    bobertabc Year ago

    This was awesome!

  • sam benigno
    sam benigno Year ago

    I was wit ya faith and Jakayla!! I thought it was iMovie

  • Test O
    Test O Year ago


  • Clemintine
    Clemintine Year ago

    I got it all right cause I watched all those movies my favourite was Mean girls

  • lunaaa
    lunaaa Year ago +3

    Do these but the other way. The adults describe, kids guess.

  • Mena The Official
    Mena The Official Year ago +4

    Moana is easy
    A dad who doesn't want his daughter to get a gem to save the world. Easy!

    Transformers are easy
    Robots saving the world by destroying a laser.

  • Lillianawishes4
    Lillianawishes4 Year ago +2

    Do this again!!!!!

  • Liv Car
    Liv Car Year ago +1

    Loved it

  • Arnar Máni
    Arnar Máni Year ago +2

    I loved this!!!

  • Gymnast.Dancer Eilish

    3;25 gem from her grandma im like MOANA MY HOMIE

  • Mercy Wanjiru
    Mercy Wanjiru Year ago +3

    This was fun, they should do more of these😊

  • Sunny Choi
    Sunny Choi Year ago

    Scott would be a great dad

  • SpriteGod
    SpriteGod Year ago +3

    Is it weird that I got all of these except for one?

  • Jazbel Kokoro
    Jazbel Kokoro Year ago +3

    React to junior eurovision song contest

  • Dorkalicious
    Dorkalicious Year ago +2

    Play more of this

  • Learyin Martin
    Learyin Martin Year ago +417

    Absolutely adorable!!! Please do more of these!

  • Et tu, Brody?
    Et tu, Brody? Year ago +2

    I am begging for a Part 2

  • SneakyAutobot
    SneakyAutobot Year ago

    #Transformers for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Movel Reid
    Movel Reid Year ago +4

    Who else got the mean girls correct

  • KItty Sparklez
    KItty Sparklez Year ago +6

    “ it belongs to a demigod “
    MOANA MOANA MOANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordyn Miles
    Jordyn Miles Year ago +4

    I'm only at 1:27 and it's the Lion King.. DUH

  • erin likes bread
    erin likes bread Year ago +2

    8:01 I WAS WINNING! LOL cracks me up XD

  • Shadow M
    Shadow M Year ago +1

    I thought transformers were like alien type creatures that came from space

  • saturnbubble
    saturnbubble Year ago

    1:11 bruh that mans board spinned 360°.

  • Alicia Baldwin
    Alicia Baldwin Year ago +5

    Scott looks like keemstar 😂😂

    • JumboGamer
      JumboGamer Year ago +1

      he looks like the guy from dude perfect

  • Justine Walters
    Justine Walters Year ago +3

    U should do kids explain pop songs to the parents

  • Orlando Leonard
    Orlando Leonard Year ago +5

    This was suuuuch a cool idea!!

  • Ashley
    Ashley Year ago +1

    This was so cute 😂👍🏼

  • ZG - Games and more

    5:28 What did she say???

    • Im A little lime
      Im A little lime Year ago

      Emraan Miah she said “Transformers” which was the name of the movie so they bleeped it out so the parents wouldn’t know

  • Abram Ibarra
    Abram Ibarra Year ago +1

    4:41 looks like she saw a damn cockroach

  • Erian Gurifin
    Erian Gurifin Year ago +1

    lol I got the mean girls one and I have only ever even looked at it while scrolling down Netflix XD

  • Jimmy Wirsborg
    Jimmy Wirsborg Year ago +22

    TheXvidrs or teens guess computer games described by kids

  • Omegafaf
    Omegafaf Year ago

    Do kids react to ROBLOX

  • David Letona
    David Letona Year ago

    Now im thinking in what she says in the fifth movie

  • David Letona
    David Letona Year ago +10

    0:17 her name literally means "nothing" in spanish

    • Abram Ibarra
      Abram Ibarra Year ago +1

      *at the hospital*
      "What do you wanna name her"
      "Why not "
      "Oh no what what I wanna name her"

    • Dieng on
      Dieng on Year ago

      yup lol

  • Kathleen Russo
    Kathleen Russo Year ago +10

    🤣 I was dyeing when the little girl said “ and then one of the girls got hit by a bus.”

  • T-RexLord S
    T-RexLord S Year ago +10

    Hehe they should rename mean girls "yellow bus"

  • Samantha De La Torre

    More of these!

  • ᴍᴀᴇsʜxᴅᴏs

    I got all of them right XD

  • II Taebetsu II
    II Taebetsu II Year ago +1

    Was it just me who’s COUGH COUGH A KID got only one right………lion king

    • FanBoy
      FanBoy Year ago

      ShadowKitty XOX And that's the only one I've never watched.

  • John Ferdon
    John Ferdon Year ago +6

    Clever concept! Keep em coming.

  • layla lokatmala
    layla lokatmala Year ago +6

    Do "kids react to Coco"

  • Richard Hajdu
    Richard Hajdu Year ago +7

    MORE OF THIS... Love this concept

  • the fanboy of anime
    the fanboy of anime Year ago +4

    yes do more

  • Isabelle Maurer
    Isabelle Maurer Year ago +11

    Loved this game do more!

  • Alexia Reyes
    Alexia Reyes Year ago +3

    I was mad when only some people guessed moana

    I watched it a bunch of times cause of my brother

  • Sam Dumenigo
    Sam Dumenigo Year ago

    ok the last one 5 seconds in I got it mean girls

  • Jasmine Rodriguez
    Jasmine Rodriguez Year ago +1

    lo ojgp

  • Rabia N
    Rabia N Year ago +5

    Somehow I didn't get The Lion King, but I got Sixth Sense.

    • Rabia N
      Rabia N Year ago

      lol I was so suprised with myself. Maybe Sydney is just a really good explainer xD

    • EAS Films
      EAS Films Year ago

      Same I didn't get lion king but got sixth sense.

  • Princess Yori
    Princess Yori Year ago +1

    College Kids react to Taemin - Move :D

  • Bran Hall
    Bran Hall Year ago +1

    Guess WWE Themes!!!

  • akaiyukihana
    akaiyukihana Year ago +7

    That one person who guessed nemo...

  • Vegard Agersen
    Vegard Agersen Year ago +4

    All panels React to death of net neutrality!

  • myersea2
    myersea2 Year ago +4

    Loved this concept - please do more of this!!!

    LJ THE GEEK Year ago +2

    i think u all need to take this on the road n hit up big citys in some states .would be cool

  • DDH LL
    DDH LL Year ago +6

    Me says Moana for all of them besides the one with Moana XD

  • Krazy Kidz
    Krazy Kidz Year ago +4


  • bubbles3520
    bubbles3520 Year ago +4

    It's about girls who are

  • world wide cutie guy

    Please, do another one!

  • Foe_Hole
    Foe_Hole Year ago +8

    Is it just me or does Scott kinda look like Ty from Dude perfect

  • Reveu Le'Sean
    Reveu Le'Sean Year ago

    These kids did great describing the movies. I got most of them.

  • Ryan Spierin
    Ryan Spierin Year ago +7

    mfw he said nemo.Jpg

  • Jennifer Matthews
    Jennifer Matthews Year ago +1

    Do more of this.

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le Year ago +2

    These were awesome! Do more of these please!

  • Jabz .T
    Jabz .T Year ago +1


  • 0 and a half stars
    0 and a half stars Year ago +3

    I got 3/4 but I've only seen 2 of the films. 😎

  • Renny Ta
    Renny Ta Year ago +1

    This was great! More of these, please

  • Elaina teach
    Elaina teach Year ago +1

    What did she said at 5:31???

    • Claire Foley
      Claire Foley Year ago

      Elaina teach “they found the transformers”

  • Bhavya Yatagiri
    Bhavya Yatagiri Year ago +15

    We need more of *Sharon and Scott* they are so cool

  • notsomeoneyouknow
    notsomeoneyouknow Year ago +111


  • Jeff Gabriel
    Jeff Gabriel Year ago +5

    I’d love to see more! This was so enjoyable :)

  • FreeThinker040
    FreeThinker040 Year ago +231


  • Beng beng beng
    Beng beng beng Year ago +597

    Nemo has an uncle?

  • Lilly Bwah
    Lilly Bwah Year ago +4

    How would one get one this?

  • Camryynnn
    Camryynnn Year ago +79

    you already knew it was mean girls from the first sentence

  • Hello Person
    Hello Person Year ago +33

    "And then one of the girls got hit by a bus "

  • Danielle Patton
    Danielle Patton Year ago +3

    That was really cute.

  • HDStation Official
    HDStation Official Year ago +1


  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis Year ago +3

    Please do more of this

  • Vanessa carlin
    Vanessa carlin Year ago +8

    "and then one of the girls got hit by a bus" heheheheh yeahhhhhhhhhh

  • BUNNER666
    BUNNER666 Year ago +3


  • Empressoftheflames
    Empressoftheflames Year ago +5

    This was fun. I had to guess Moana since I haven't seen it. I like that they weren't all kids movies per se.

  • Littlebitty11
    Littlebitty11 Year ago +1

    This is amazing!

  • VEMG
    VEMG Year ago +3

    I got all these immediately, and I haven't even seen half of them

  • Маряна Шпить

    arriva! promo @Babic for getting some stuff for cs:go. works on and brings $10

  • Julia Evelyn Garcia
    Julia Evelyn Garcia Year ago +3

    This was so funny! Do more of these!

  • Michael Vincent Rodriguez

    Can you do this for Elder's React?

  • Char Murray
    Char Murray Year ago +1

    Do more of these please!!!