"We deserved to win" | Man United 1-1 Liverpool | Marcus Rashford Post Match Interview

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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    Marcus Rashford speaks following Manchester United's 1-1 draw against Liverpool stating he believes his side should have won the game.
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Comments • 632

  • Sano Lal
    Sano Lal 2 months ago

    Don't know which game Rashford was watching. 32% possession at home. Disgrace

  • Diddly Squat
    Diddly Squat 3 months ago +2

    Rashford is the worst main striker United ever had and ever will have. Worthless player!

  • Mark Tredgett
    Mark Tredgett 3 months ago

    He says they deserved to win but his goal shouldn’t have counted and mane couldn’t do anything about the hand ball

  • Deepheats GAmer
    Deepheats GAmer 3 months ago

    Deserve to win?? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Royal Potato
    Royal Potato 3 months ago

    This man talking like they dominated the game😂😂

  • internet champ
    internet champ 3 months ago

    He should have been subbed at half time. Walking around for most of the 2nd half.

  • rat neck
    rat neck 3 months ago +1

    only comes on camera when he scores , which is not a lot ,DELUDED

  • Will Ellis
    Will Ellis 3 months ago +1

    everyone saying '32% possession'. true, but liverpool only looked dangerous from the 75th minute and a couple of other small patches in the game. was extremely more even than stats suggest

  • Pranay Mohanty
    Pranay Mohanty 3 months ago +3

    Rashford just has one good game every season.........
    Rashford : "They were not good enough to beat us"
    Maybe you were not good enough for champions league, unlike them and you still have no wins in the last how many games. Trashford

  • Kon Zaros
    Kon Zaros 3 months ago

    lmao, man talking as if his midtable club should be beating the champions of europe, take your point in your cup final and be happy.

  • H H
    H H 3 months ago

    I agree we deserve to win I have prepared a celebration party but had to cancel last minute. Rashford thank you for all you do we appreciate you. I watched how you overpowered Van Dyke and that was CUTE!!!! and amazing skill

  • 5th wayan Bro
    5th wayan Bro 3 months ago

    Yh but rashfords goal came from a foul. I’m a Liverpool fan but for some reason for the past few years we’ve struggled against Man U I do give it to them but honestly I don’t think anyone derserved to win that game. I actually think it’s a great result for united. I mean if my team was struggling and we were 12 but then just drew with top of the league team that hasn’t lost a game yet I would be over the 🌑

  • Ayaan Ibrar
    Ayaan Ibrar 3 months ago +1

    Both teams deserved to get slapped for such a observed game. Utd are Utd but Liverpool mugged the fans to watch this game. Apart from last 10 minutes this match was dead as a Utd chances of making top 4 this season

  • killerpants
    killerpants 3 months ago +2

    next game Rashford won't score against lower teams.

  • Andre Samir Solomon
    Andre Samir Solomon 3 months ago +1

    Rashfordinho you had to score 2 but nice work all around love it

  • Learning Again
    Learning Again 3 months ago

    There one goal shouldn't have been allowed, so no they didn't deserve to win.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago

    Nicklas Bendtner is more efficient than Rashford.
    Every Man U fan, get out of Rashford’s ass and look at stats

  • Chryss
    Chryss 3 months ago

    "We deserved to win" hahahahh your a joke. should been 1-0 to Liverpool

  • Green BlueGaming100
    Green BlueGaming100 3 months ago +1

    If it was a different ref then Liverpool should’ve won 2-0

  • ATS_
    ATS_ 3 months ago


  • vacantplanet
    vacantplanet 3 months ago

    Of course you deserved to win, with your two shots on goal, your 35% possession, and your ref-gifted goal. By the way, when was the last time you won against anybody?

  • Jusstjosh
    Jusstjosh 3 months ago +2

    You didn’t score a legal goal mate, don’t be chatting that you deserved to win and LFC didn’t deserve a draw 😂

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson 3 months ago

    Of course ur gonna say you deserved the win when u play a big team

  • Lovinglife forreAal
    Lovinglife forreAal 3 months ago

    Liverpool fans salty af

  • A26F
    A26F 3 months ago +1

    Should have been 0-2 Liverpool? What do you mean marcus😂

  • Sadio Salah
    Sadio Salah 3 months ago

    Marcus....Pass the bong son!

  • Dr. Gonzo
    Dr. Gonzo 3 months ago +17

    I didn't know Rashford was a stand-up comedian

  • Ben L
    Ben L 3 months ago +2

    I don't believe any team deserves to win, when they only achieve 34% Possession and 2 shots on target, AT HOME.

  • LegendaryChelsea
    LegendaryChelsea 3 months ago

    You deserved to win? Bitch please look at the statistics if you're going to be that delusional

  • lfc fan
    lfc fan 3 months ago

    Liverpool got Robbed moth was Atkinson

  • Franque Worren
    Franque Worren 3 months ago +1

    Nice to see Man Utd have replaced Rooney in the charisma stakes. Jesus, what a plonker. I miss van Nistelrooy!

  • Ghost
    Ghost 3 months ago

    Don't matter if you deserve to win or not. You didn't win so unlucky.

  • YoungTrewin
    YoungTrewin 3 months ago

    They just didnt deserve to win tho 😂 what a clown

  • andymassey1963
    andymassey1963 3 months ago

    Atkinson was United's best player. 32% possession, 2 attempts on goal....deserved to win my a*se... u dumb f*ck.

  • amit patel
    amit patel 3 months ago

    defo didnt deserve the win, 32% possession at home and you think you deserved to win, foul in the build up to the goal and then they created nothing. liverpool had more clear cut chances, created more and actually scored a proper goal without a foul in the build up. rashford is real arrogant, draw was the right result. as long as man utd keep thinking they deserve to win games when they dont they are going to be down in the lower half of the table and at this point that is where they belong, get used to it rashford and mr man utd manager. start being humble and maybe you will get what you deserve. that will never happen because mr man utd manager will never admit that man utd at the moment are just average, he is to big headed, was as a player and even worse now that he is the manager. i love where man utd are at right now. woo woo

  • Noelle Francisco
    Noelle Francisco 3 months ago

    Nice finish from Marcus. Onwards n upwards.

  • Roche6ix
    Roche6ix 3 months ago

    Marcus rashford = overrated.

  • Chandra Tunadi
    Chandra Tunadi 3 months ago

    lol, the possession is 32%, shot on target is only 2. You deserve to win? What kind of crap, the team that plays defends at home. Atkinson is also your 12th player. Poor Marcus

  • GeM StReTcH
    GeM StReTcH 3 months ago +2

    You didn’t deserve to win at all

  • ginger bob
    ginger bob 3 months ago

    I mean youse didn’t but ok Marcus

  • Zerg 84
    Zerg 84 3 months ago +2

    Funny rashford 🤦‍♂️

  • Aashish Pandey
    Aashish Pandey 3 months ago +1

    United should have a special league for them where they only play the "1st half" and have complete support of the referee. Probably then they wont struggle like thry are doing now. Since United fans and players judge a whole game based on their performance in the 1st half and considering how biased the ref was, i cant see why Rashford said United deserved to win. Stats proved Liverpool had more shots on target and evem though United controlled the game in the 1st half, in the 2nd they just sat back and defended like some championship team. United actually got lucky the goal was awarded to them..Lindelof did not even touch the ball when he was tackling Origi.

  • Etrur
    Etrur 3 months ago +4

    Never hated listening to an opponent post match conference as much as this, Solskjaer and Rashford r chatting shite for 2 minutes

  • Master Jay
    Master Jay 3 months ago +2

    Rashford we deserve to win 😂 stats tell you otherwise mate

  • Mb One
    Mb One 3 months ago +2

    Deserved? You score a goal when Liverpool defenders lost the concentration because there where a faul on Mane.. Otherwise you wił never score that one.. And BTW with 2 shots and 32% possession no team deserve to win.. 😂 😂 😂

    • Mb One
      Mb One 3 months ago

      @kristján örn defender error ? ahahhah there was a faul on Mane and whole Liverpool team stopped since they thought it was a faul but Scumchester had their 12th men to save your lot ass again..lmao...so the only reason Man U scored it was because of Atkinson not the defender error...and yeah i saw the game and i saw Man U 10 defenders and 30 % possession and 2 shoots on goal..so dont come here and act like Manu U played a good game..lmao.Cant beat a doubble decker bus..lmao JoseM is gone and Man U still park the bus..pathetic..lmao so Learn some stuff about football before you try to teach other s..lol

    • kristján örn
      kristján örn 3 months ago

      You obviously didnt watch the game lad. You lot were dominated for over 70 minutes and got a goal from a defender error on our part,
      This is your best team EVER and our worst team in over 30 YEARS and yet you cant beat us. Speaks volumes doesnt it!🧐

  • igorstravinsky
    igorstravinsky 3 months ago +5

    Rashford needs to lay off that crack. 2 shots all game. Lol

    • Simon
      Simon 3 months ago +1

      igorstravinsky 😂

  • owenc 2003
    owenc 2003 3 months ago +1

    did you see the stats mate 60% possession, more shots

    • Teddy Mac Mckay
      Teddy Mac Mckay 3 months ago

      owenc 2003 doesn’t matter it’s the goals that counts.

    • David Levesque
      David Levesque 3 months ago +1

      owenc 2003 you clearly didn’t watch the match now did you lil 15 yr old haha

  • Justin Liong
    Justin Liong 3 months ago +5

    United deserve to win? What is he smoking these days

    • Ben L
      Ben L 3 months ago

      Ole's cock

  • Genre Type beats
    Genre Type beats 3 months ago

    No, you didn't but if you make sure you play with the same intensity for every game then you'll do much better

  • Haja Jahabardeen
    Haja Jahabardeen 3 months ago +1

    Hey Marcus......Unsportsmanship behaviour by you and your team and you have the cheek to celebrate👊

  • Neil Fitzsimmons
    Neil Fitzsimmons 3 months ago +17

    Even with the referee being a United player they still couldn't win. That's their final done this year. Defeat at Norwich next.

    • Neil Fitzsimmons
      Neil Fitzsimmons 3 months ago +1

      @ItsSpaccythank God. I couldn't watch that Man u dross every week. Absolutely clueless.

    • ItsSpaccy
      ItsSpaccy 3 months ago

      Neil Fitzsimmons typical Liverpool fan lool

  • druzeman1969uk
    druzeman1969uk 3 months ago +9

    Atkinson the new Howard Webb. Neville creaming his pants because Marcus "Spanner-feet" Rashford scored a illegitimate goal. Sad times at Old Toilet

  • Bantam Lad
    Bantam Lad 3 months ago +1

    Seriously wot planet does rashford think he is on to say man utd deserved to win lucky goal given by inept VAR apart from that the performance was woeful at best.

  • rasher 62
    rasher 62 3 months ago +2

    How many games unbeaten in premier league are Liverpool unbeaten now?

  • rasher 62
    rasher 62 3 months ago

    Worse so called striker in man utd history

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 3 months ago

    Liverpool should be embarrassed. They are European champions and can barely get a draw against a poor United. And all klopp does is complain about United playing 3 at the back.

  • Fish Ball
    Fish Ball 3 months ago +2

    Just one goal from him, look how he is talking now .
    250k per week . Shitty player

  • TopMmaWear TMW
    TopMmaWear TMW 3 months ago +9

    You didn't even deserve that VAR assisted goal....

  • Tom
    Tom 3 months ago +1

    Yeah 32% possession, scoring a goal that should have been disallowed and conceding a goal that got disallowed when it shouldn’t have. Plus a staggering 2 shot on target, wow, absolutely robbed of a win

    • Josh Marsh
      Josh Marsh 3 months ago

      @Tom Under the new handball rule thats a handball.

    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago

      Josh Marsh yeah it touched his hand but it was by accident. His hand has to be somewhere there was nothing he could do about it

    • Josh Marsh
      Josh Marsh 3 months ago

      How was Manes goal not a handball lmao. Delusional lad

  • Shawn Adesalu
    Shawn Adesalu 3 months ago

    But you didn’t deserve the win cos we dominated even if we played bad the stats tell you and Liverpool should of got that 2nd goal and the ref was a joke