Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: What loot is the Tower hiding?!

  • Published on Jan 6, 2022
  • David sits down with Tom from D11, our partner studio, to give you the latest news about Minecraft Dungeons: Seasonal Adventures! Learn more about Cloudy Climb, the new progression system, weekly challenges, what loot you can expect, and which rules you need to follow in the Tower. (Spoiler: there are no rules, so get up there!)

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  • eddic123
    eddic123  +35

    adding multiplayer to the tower will make it more fun

  • Markus Janz

    the dungeon could be more exiting like it having different floors every time you go in and random bosses for the boss floors and the last boss floor could be a new boss only found in the tower

  • gaza1121
    gaza1121  +74

    Please tell me you have more loot management options available. A loot based dungeon crawler needs a robust inventory.

  • Dragon Slayer

    I personally liked the tower just make it playable multiplayer and I'm pretty much set cause lets be honest this game is the best when you play with friends

  • Kolkagaming

    Minecraft dungeons is one of my favourite games by far but the only thing that I would like better is the tower to be playable when your offline rather than just having to be online

  • JS Productions

    I find the tower too difficult. Even in default, the first boss I fought: the corrupted cauldron, I could get almost one hit killed. I don't know if its just me being bad at the game. Another bit of feedback I have is that I played the tower twice and killed two bosses each time, but I didn't even get a whole rank up.

  • Zegxispeed

    I love the tower but i think it’s commonly accepted that it should be multiplayer and give more adventure exp cause holy the hours I’ve plummeted just to barely get anything is so discouraging. If multiplayer was added maybe it wouldn’t have to give adventure xp or not nearly as much as you would in single player just to balance it out but I was looking forward to play it with my friends just for multiplayer to not be an option

  • 郝过
    郝过  +8

    I wish Mojave could ad secrets to the tower to make it more interesting.

  • Ichi Nine
    Ichi Nine  +83

    Based on the feedback I''ve seen, definitely think about at least being able to make the tower a 2''s experience. A lot of people seem to play with a partner usually. I play both alone and with people so by at least making it playable with a partner (1-2 players) it will make the tower succeed more imo.

  • HellFireCannon66

    A nice idea for a level would to be to fight yourself, like a zombie with your gear or something

  • Falcon Summit

    It's so nice to see a company who makes spin off games off their main game and actually focuses on them too.

  • Vegan Cheese

    I always loved playing Minecraft dungeons

  • __С_а_н_я__ Бро

    Я фанат вашей игры спасибо что радуете на новым контентом в вы лучшие!)♥️

  • The ClubbedCrton

    It would be nice if the towers had a random loot tables instead to the same lott every time cause to be honest that makes the towers COMPLETELY boring

  • MouhOpy

    I really like the way the tower works. It have a amazing game design, I have so much fun playing and grinding new itens on it.

  • So ein Spast

    The Tower is essentially a rogue-like and I love it!

  • Internet

    I was in a minecraft server and eventually the mods made a story and also made something exactly like this tower. It was all a mixture of puzzles, parkour and mob fights. There was even incredibly op bosses at the top and a prize :) I miss that server

  • LegoNinja8411

    I have an idea for cloudy climb. Maybe instead of you fighting one of the normal bosses at the top, it could have its own unique boss.

  • wariodude128

    I like that even when the season is over, it will apparently still be available when the next one starts up. No FOMO here. Makes me think other games could learn from Dungeons developers.