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  • Snobe
    Snobe 7 hours ago

    The guy in the middle right is so cringy

  • Genesis Ramirez
    Genesis Ramirez 7 hours ago

    Why are they #1 on trending ew

  • big d mafia
    big d mafia 7 hours ago

    they high as FUCCKK

  • Phantastic Sundae
    Phantastic Sundae 7 hours ago

    2.7M Subs? Who are these people and why do I not know them? They remind me of team 10 lmaoo

  • David Villanueva
    David Villanueva 7 hours ago

    bro how can you be this old and still act like this... so sad, hahaha

  • Josh Newman
    Josh Newman 7 hours ago

    Wouldn’t you know it it was chocolate just by the weight

  • Oluwole Olowu
    Oluwole Olowu 7 hours ago

    Do more of these videos

  • Snobe
    Snobe 7 hours ago

    It’s not even in his mouth at 6:27

  • Reynaldo Botteri
    Reynaldo Botteri 7 hours ago

    This is faker than nicki minaj's ass

  • GC3
    GC3 7 hours ago

    Congrats in #1 on the trending list I love you all #dobre army

  • DuderFox
    DuderFox 7 hours ago

    The first one that dude ate a nut

  • Snobe
    Snobe 7 hours ago

    I like how he tried to act like a badass at 5:20 and they all pretended it was real too

  • Angelica Maria Puga
    Angelica Maria Puga 7 hours ago

    SinPijama is and always should be #1 trends all the way forever 💛❤

  • Alexa Sanchez
    Alexa Sanchez 7 hours ago +1

    Please get more choclet

  • Angelica Maria Puga
    Angelica Maria Puga 7 hours ago

    Why #1 trends just asking not advance but kinda dumb 😐😶

  • Tayler Elizabeth
    Tayler Elizabeth 7 hours ago


  • Brianna Gonzalez
    Brianna Gonzalez 7 hours ago +1

    Congrats 🎊 for getting #1 trending

  • Snobe
    Snobe 7 hours ago

    This is the fakest thing ever

  • Jacob Ramsey
    Jacob Ramsey 7 hours ago

    when im older im buying a merch

  • Tatianna Royer
    Tatianna Royer 7 hours ago


  • baby
    baby 7 hours ago

    who’s this?

  • Yolanda Montes
    Yolanda Montes 7 hours ago


  • Saira Gomez
    Saira Gomez 7 hours ago


  • Faith Causey
    Faith Causey 7 hours ago

    U should

  • 6 1
    6 1 7 hours ago

    Today I just drank beer and watched Pawn Stars

  • AwkwardIt'sSadiyah
    AwkwardIt'sSadiyah 7 hours ago

    "You're trending!" *I think they're aware..*

  • Sean R
    Sean R 7 hours ago

    Fuck these LA douchebags they need to get off youtube

  • Lexie Rivera
    Lexie Rivera 7 hours ago +1

    This is so fake

  • NB
    NB 7 hours ago +1

    your acting is so shit omg lmfao

  • Aidan S
    Aidan S 7 hours ago +1

    That first one was awesome! You cut actual threads into a chocolate nut and bolt. That's pretty neat. Oh and the monkey wrench. That was cool too

  • John Choi
    John Choi 7 hours ago

    The chocolate challenge is a TOTAL ripped off from a Japanese game show!!!

  • me llamo juliette y tu

    Buuu sin pijama deveria estar en 1 tendensias

  • Chill With Xavier
    Chill With Xavier 7 hours ago

    Why are these fuckers 1 on trending the fuck

  • P H Y S C H I C Igotchu

    This video is SO fake.
    Metal is usually hard, cold, and heavy. Nice skit asholes

  • dorianjp
    dorianjp 7 hours ago

    Dumbest video ever

  • Beast Nation
    Beast Nation 7 hours ago

    Why is this number 1 on trending? They're trying fucking CHOCOLATE! AN amazing song artist just died and THIS is trending of dumbasses trying CHOCOLATE!

  • Bryan Haney
    Bryan Haney 7 hours ago

    Y’all we should be worried that this is the #1 trending video for real 😳

    xXFAHIMXx 7 hours ago

    How can these get on trendings and not my video :(

  • Master OG
    Master OG 7 hours ago

    The gayest shits trending

  • Kay Gameing
    Kay Gameing 7 hours ago

    #1 on trending congrats

  • Cody
    Cody 7 hours ago

    Sssstart sssaaaving your time

  • Kira Da’Nae
    Kira Da’Nae 7 hours ago

    Heck yeah make another 😂

  • suela Christensen
    suela Christensen 7 hours ago

    You should do this again

  • Master OG
    Master OG 7 hours ago +1


  • JosiahDulan
    JosiahDulan 7 hours ago

    Wth is this

  • Fraggel Rock
    Fraggel Rock 7 hours ago

    My last 4 brain cells

  • San Ban
    San Ban 7 hours ago


  • Sarah Seepersad
    Sarah Seepersad 7 hours ago

    Do another one plzzz

  • Ngoc-Anh Ly
    Ngoc-Anh Ly 7 hours ago +1

    This is number 1 on trends

  • Lilyisawsomesoareyou HD

    1 on trending

    SERENA OBUCHI 7 hours ago


  • Araseli Segoviano
    Araseli Segoviano 8 hours ago +1

    On 3:59 the hammer is vandy

  • Niftyport -
    Niftyport - 8 hours ago

    Yes, or just go to

  • Galaxy Gamers
    Galaxy Gamers 8 hours ago

    Congrats on #1 on trending

  • Noah Beitzel
    Noah Beitzel 8 hours ago

    Video starts at 2:20 . Dont thank me later because this video is autistic

  • neo94503
    neo94503 8 hours ago

    who are these kids?

  • Nirav Choudhry
    Nirav Choudhry 8 hours ago

    get a axe remote and a screwdriver

  • Dylan Meador
    Dylan Meador 8 hours ago

    DanTDM did this a few years ago and also got trending, screw off obsolete retards

  • Ritesh
    Ritesh 8 hours ago

    No 1

  • Izellah Gwyneth
    Izellah Gwyneth 8 hours ago +1

    *#1 on Trending😱*
    I just posted a VLOG, tell me what you think? Your comment would mean a lot

  • Kerry Cronic Vlogs
    Kerry Cronic Vlogs 8 hours ago +1


  • Helenia Davis
    Helenia Davis 8 hours ago

    I love you guys

  • Sophia Herrera
    Sophia Herrera 8 hours ago

    Prepys 😫

  • Dhhsgd Dhsgsh
    Dhhsgd Dhsgsh 8 hours ago

    Love you guys I also have twin so we should call it dobroe sisters

  • Malchore.
    Malchore. 8 hours ago

    This is why mental illnesses exist.

  • Jores Fidele
    Jores Fidele 8 hours ago


  • Popular Creeper
    Popular Creeper 8 hours ago +1

    Ay Number one trending

  • Brady Bubar
    Brady Bubar 8 hours ago

    Fucking gay

  • TransparentLabyrinth
    TransparentLabyrinth 8 hours ago

    Jesus christ, what a dipshit example to set. Kids are probably watching this and they're going to think it's cool to break their teeth like idiots on stupid shit.

  • Mickey Williams
    Mickey Williams 8 hours ago

    dore brothers fanu

  • CandyandFruit c:
    CandyandFruit c: 8 hours ago

    2:08 your welcome

  • Tiny Staryu
    Tiny Staryu 8 hours ago

    wtf is this random shit doing in my recommendation

  • CandyandFruit c:
    CandyandFruit c: 8 hours ago

    any one knows what time of the video the actual video starts?

  • Alexandre Meyer
    Alexandre Meyer 8 hours ago

    This was the worst fucking video ive ever seen on trending

  • Amaya
    Amaya 8 hours ago

    Number 1 on trending!!

  • Gigi Doll
    Gigi Doll 8 hours ago

    Why just why

  • Alondra Almendarez
    Alondra Almendarez 8 hours ago

    wow they're #1on trending😲😲😲👍

  • Dasia Ruiz
    Dasia Ruiz 8 hours ago

    dobre brothers I love you guys

  • Rafael Negrete
    Rafael Negrete 8 hours ago

    What happened to the trending

  • jaimes H23D
    jaimes H23D 8 hours ago

    these niggas look like some faggots

  • sugatowng
    sugatowng 8 hours ago

    OMGOSH guys #1 on trending! You guys deserve it, wi wish parents understood that you tubers are people too and that conventions held by you tubers are the most lit thing in the world. Love you guys so much ps do more backflips, do a part 2 of backflipping in Walmart, and 1 more request bring it back and dance in a grocery store :) 👏🏻😍🙂 love y’all

  • jaimes H23D
    jaimes H23D 8 hours ago

    pinches jotos

  • Mickey Williams
    Mickey Williams 8 hours ago


  • José Tobias
    José Tobias 8 hours ago

    TheXvid's algorithm is fucked up. How much are you guys paying to put this shitty ass video on #1 with this shitty number of views and like/dislike ratio?
    Fuck this shit, fuck TheXvid.

  • Grubb Grubb
    Grubb Grubb 8 hours ago

    How a great time having your management taking 75% of your profits

  • Mike Pass
    Mike Pass 8 hours ago

    Part 2

  • Jalen Carton
    Jalen Carton 8 hours ago +1

    Plz do more of these

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 8 hours ago

    Lord god, get this off trendig

  • jonathon alama
    jonathon alama 8 hours ago

    And who the f*** are you guys

  • Sarah Marie
    Sarah Marie 8 hours ago +3

    Why is this trending #1 I feel like I actually lost brain cells watching this

  • cali_you tube
    cali_you tube 8 hours ago +1

    At 6:23 he didnt even bite the hammer

  • Edward Ningxi
    Edward Ningxi 8 hours ago

    Why would this even be the first on trending?

  • werty fghjk
    werty fghjk 8 hours ago


  • Winnie Ochieng
    Winnie Ochieng 8 hours ago


  • xxadvancedmanxx
    xxadvancedmanxx 8 hours ago

    u can tell the ones that are fake

  • Kommentator
    Kommentator 8 hours ago

    Having a stroke is more productive than watching this crap.

  • JoJo 517
    JoJo 517 8 hours ago +1

    Dang #1 in trending!

  • SandyBeans
    SandyBeans 8 hours ago

    Hey guys! Today it is sooooo hard to get noticed on TheXvid! If anyone could take a second out of their day to check me out it would mean the WORLD! If not thats cool too:) Thanks and have a great day!