How To Make Your Crush And His Girlfriend BREAK UP!

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
  • How to make your crush and his girlfriend break up. This way when he is available you can be with him! All it takes his careful planning and he will be single again in no time!
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  • Genese Salnave
    Genese Salnave 8 minutes ago

    Orion Ryan

  • hope fullaway
    hope fullaway Hour ago

    my crushes name is jeffrey d***** not tellling his last name

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams Hour ago

    My crush’s name is Cesar and we’re only in 2nd and this was soooo embarrassing when we were going up stairs me and my crush fell on each other my mouth was on his cheek 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Yasmine de Rond
    Yasmine de Rond 2 hours ago


  • Sydney's world
    Sydney's world 2 hours ago


  • Nevaeh McCarty
    Nevaeh McCarty 3 hours ago

    My crush is on Roblox and he has a crush on me to he said I’m cute and sweet

  • Leana Benavides
    Leana Benavides 4 hours ago

    Your not going to take my crash ok dan and his name is jake

  • Nirmala Sadarangani
    Nirmala Sadarangani 4 hours ago +1

    My crash is Holden

  • Vanessa Salcido
    Vanessa Salcido 4 hours ago

    Love you videoes

  • Vanessa Salcido
    Vanessa Salcido 4 hours ago

    My crushes name is Johnny orloundo

  • Dilan Gul
    Dilan Gul 4 hours ago

    My crushes name is Bell

  • 999 888
    999 888 5 hours ago


  • Madison Owenby
    Madison Owenby 5 hours ago


  • Nettie Logan
    Nettie Logan 5 hours ago

    My crushes name is Jack

  • Vayda Merrill-Mackay
    Vayda Merrill-Mackay 6 hours ago +1

    Max aden wesley and Jagger

  • benard obudi
    benard obudi 6 hours ago

    My crush is called henry

  • Hyper Skittles
    Hyper Skittles 8 hours ago

    I have a crush


    my crushes name is Jurek. 50 likes and all tell him !

  • jade riv
    jade riv 8 hours ago


  • Isabella Benavides
    Isabella Benavides 9 hours ago

    This is from sandra and my crush is Richard

  • Kimberly Tillar
    Kimberly Tillar 9 hours ago

    My crush is a boy and his name is dominic

  • chuck leidholdt
    chuck leidholdt 10 hours ago

    jay c is my cruush

  • fatima thamer
    fatima thamer 10 hours ago

    my crush name is me

  • Katie Ceron
    Katie Ceron 10 hours ago

    My kinda crushes name is jared he is my bsf and doesn’t believe in love I don’t ethier but he just gives me a feeling that makes me happy 16 likes and I will tell him

  • Belle Xiong
    Belle Xiong 10 hours ago

    My crush I used to like is Christian and I already told him I like him

  • Ellie Anderson
    Ellie Anderson 11 hours ago

    My crushes name is Henry❤️

  • Kyndal Hiatt
    Kyndal Hiatt 11 hours ago +1

    My crush is liam

  • Celeste Lambert
    Celeste Lambert 14 hours ago

    Classes start today he's in fourth grade and I mentor

  • Celeste Lambert
    Celeste Lambert 14 hours ago +1

    Yeah done

  • Crystal Ace Lover
    Crystal Ace Lover 15 hours ago

    My crush’s name is Haruto 20 likes and I’ll tell him..

  • Brett Jaggard
    Brett Jaggard 16 hours ago


  • Maria Pavon
    Maria Pavon 20 hours ago

    Mi crush is Ronaldo he is soooo ciute

  • Raul martinez
    Raul martinez 20 hours ago

    Stupid and gay you suckered me hard guys

  • Juan Macedas
    Juan Macedas 20 hours ago +1

    1. I wake up
    2. I look at the window
    3. I see Dan and Riya
    4. I cry
    5. I hug them
    Now read, 2, 3, 5, 1, 4

  • Mary Dietz
    Mary Dietz 21 hour ago

    And if this get 30 I’ll kiss her

  • Mary Dietz
    Mary Dietz 21 hour ago

    My crushes name is Briana

  • Slime YouTuber
    Slime YouTuber 22 hours ago

    William franklyn Miller I love him so much and he is a acter and I love his eyes and hair and everything

  • Lillyanna Hernandez
    Lillyanna Hernandez 22 hours ago

    my cruise is Aydin his cut😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Avigahil Gonzalez
    Avigahil Gonzalez 22 hours ago

    My crush is name is Joe if you guys want me to tell him give a tumbs up ⬇️

  • Charles Naiwah
    Charles Naiwah 22 hours ago

    My cush name is EMMA if this get 1.3M like I will ask had on a date

  • Charles Naiwah
    Charles Naiwah 22 hours ago

    Mine Crush name is Emma

  • Rachel Z
    Rachel Z 22 hours ago +1

    How does Daniel know what tootsie posted?

  • Leuda Morales
    Leuda Morales 22 hours ago


  • rylee michel
    rylee michel Day ago

    I'm rylee I go to Julia b Maitland and my crush is timothy and we are in 4grade 25000 likes and I'll tell him I love him

  • Crystal Chavez
    Crystal Chavez Day ago

    I like ur style riya

  • Maria Olson
    Maria Olson Day ago

    My crush is Josh my brother doesn't like me with him lol but he likes me to I asked him today I'm so happy he is my boyfriend

  • puglover 123
    puglover 123 Day ago

    my crushes name is Nate his whole family ships on us and his father said this to me! "soooo when are you going to mary Nate?" and then I said "I'm only 21 " and his father said "so what" eventually me and Nate started dating then he actually proposed to me when I was 22 and we are getting married in 6 months! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo scared and excited!

    OOFERS_ OOFZ Day ago

    My crush’s name is..................... no one

  • Ana Blanco
    Ana Blanco Day ago


  • Wil Zaldivar
    Wil Zaldivar Day ago


  • rosemaire Campbell


  • Cristina Galiano

    My crush is jan

  • freya anne harris
    freya anne harris Day ago +1

    My crushes name is Cameron 100 likes ill tell him and if he say ill be yoir boyfriend ill kiss him xxx

  • Davy Duong
    Davy Duong Day ago

    My crush is butt Face

  • youtube lover
    youtube lover Day ago

    He's my bf xx

  • Erin Troxell
    Erin Troxell Day ago

    Mine is isaiah

  • NUMA !
    NUMA ! Day ago

    99% of the comments......My crush name is ‘something’ and 1% other.......

  • Isabelle Hall
    Isabelle Hall Day ago

    My crushes name is Dayton if this gets 2 likes I’ll tell him LOL

  • Viviana Vasquez
    Viviana Vasquez Day ago +1

    my crush name is salet

  • Viviana Vasquez
    Viviana Vasquez Day ago +1

    my crushes name is steven/shown mendez

  • Celeste Trujillo


  • tsm_toothytiger01 ok

    my crushes name is Eric and Brandon 2 likes I will tell him

  • Aurelia Joy Sularte

    Mine is eliezer

  • faiso mohamed
    faiso mohamed Day ago

    hi my name is rayann and my crush s rayann lol

  • Audrenna Bugarin

    My crush name is called jimmy

  • Tyanne Tyanne
    Tyanne Tyanne Day ago

    I am in love with jacob, 10 likes and ill have to tell him

  • Cute unicorn Carmen

    My crush name is cavan

  • breanna garner
    breanna garner Day ago

    In the beginning tootsie. Sounded like a man and we all know it was Dan, so like comment equals one life. For tootsies voice to get better.and comment, if you think it would be good, if they just say like that, peace out bye new to this channel police follow to talk Brianna garner fourty 6

  • Emily Banda Ceja


  • lonnie guffey
    lonnie guffey 2 days ago

    I hate tussey

  • Consider your WEaVe sNatCHeD

    My crushes name is Timberlie
    (I'm Biesexual)

  • Jazmine Duncan
    Jazmine Duncan 2 days ago


    SOPHIA LINZY 2 days ago

    I'll tell Tristan that I have a crush on and if I get up to 17 likes

  • Darcie Myers
    Darcie Myers 2 days ago


    SOPHIA LINZY 2 days ago

    My crushes name is Tristan he is in third grade he's going to force it is summer time I am in mr. Herman class

  • Bailey Ray
    Bailey Ray 2 days ago

    My crush is Levi but, he already knows because one of my friends told him. Oh and he has a gf.

  • Giselle Mendez
    Giselle Mendez 2 days ago

    My crush’s name is jose

  • Sung Sung
    Sung Sung 2 days ago

    My crush is Jahid 10 likes and I'll tell him that I like him!❤
    I will tell you why I like him!
    He's cute!
    He's caring!
    He's funny!
    And he's an important part for my life!
    And he's always make me smile!
    (Btw he's my age)
    (Hopefully he dont see this cause you know I'm the shy girl)

  • lan playz
    lan playz 2 days ago

    My crush name is latrell and if this gets 100 likes I will tell him

  • Met Spee
    Met Spee 2 days ago

    Mine is Mammad🥰🥰🥰

  • Lydia Jonkheere
    Lydia Jonkheere 2 days ago

    My crush is name Gavin and he is 11 and he is so cute

  • Elena Montgomery
    Elena Montgomery 2 days ago

    My crush name is Bren if this gets to 50 likes i'll tell him and confess to him

  • Keali Lackey
    Keali Lackey 2 days ago


  • Alize Diaz
    Alize Diaz 2 days ago

    Maria lovely it to look good

  • Dan Solomon
    Dan Solomon 2 days ago

    By the way i am a girl i use my dads phone so yeah my crush name is marco marc and grum

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith 2 days ago

    I used to have a boyfriend his name is Bradley he was the smart one but we broke up forever I love your videos and Channel and I hate cinnamon I like Tootsie and Ria and sorry if I spelled your name wrong

  • Charlie Cute
    Charlie Cute 2 days ago

    My crush is eric

  • Lidia Yusif
    Lidia Yusif 2 days ago

    My crushes name is Daniel if you get me to 100 subscribers I’ll tell him 😏😉😊

  • Remy Nguyen
    Remy Nguyen 2 days ago

    I don't have one right but my last one was called Andre. But my friend told me that my guy friend like's me and I don't know what to do. Yikes I know.😳😐

  • Susan Calhoun
    Susan Calhoun 2 days ago


  • Aj so awesome Bedford

    my crush name is ashlen this is

  • Tayla RIPPON
    Tayla RIPPON 2 days ago

    My crush is Gibson uruamo

  • killerstroke 123
    killerstroke 123 3 days ago +1

    My crush name is theone and randon

  • Awesome Sophi
    Awesome Sophi 3 days ago

    My crush is carter 🤪

  • Mend _ ussy
    Mend _ ussy 3 days ago +1

    My crushes name is Shawn Mendes :)

    B.T FOREVER 3 days ago +1

    👌 ok😓😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😖😤😤😤😤😤🙈😿

    B.T FOREVER 3 days ago +1


  • Jungkook -ah
    Jungkook -ah 3 days ago +1

    My crush's name is Jungkook from BTS XD

  • Santa Almaguer
    Santa Almaguer 3 days ago

    Ooooooooo. Tootsies. Was. Busted. Dy. Daniel

  • Roxy Rogel
    Roxy Rogel 3 days ago