• Published on Mar 5, 2018
  • Soooo happy I was able to capture these special memories, and even happier to have my baby Elijah finally born! I was super nervous about getting induced but it actually went way smoother than I expected.
    As far as how Elijah is doing, it's been a great recovery for him. Although we were hoping to have him home sooner, We're continuing to pray and be positive about it. We will of course be updating you guys and telling you more about his situation.
    Much love! ♥

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  • That Bitch
    That Bitch 7 days ago +1

    I'm getting induced the 17th and I'm absolutely terrified! 😂

  • Emmas VeeLOG
    Emmas VeeLOG Month ago +1

    Im 40 weeks 😍😍😍😍

    • Jodiann Reid
      Jodiann Reid 29 days ago

      Emmas VeeLOG me too am 40 days and 1week my daughter refuse to come

  • Kayda Joseph
    Kayda Joseph Month ago

    “oh fuck” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Annabelle Collins
    Annabelle Collins Month ago

    Your gonna be a great mother!!💕

  • Ohana Martinez
    Ohana Martinez Month ago

    Fuck can he breathe ??? Lmfao it sounds like he weighs 200 pounds 🤣😂🤣😂

  • The Reyes Family
    The Reyes Family 2 months ago +2

    I’m getting induced tomorrow at 8 am I’ am so nervous 😭

  • erin england
    erin england 2 months ago +2

    I’m being induced on Wednesday I’m crying my eyes out I cannot wait

  • Evelyn Moses
    Evelyn Moses 2 months ago

    such a beautiful couple! thank you for this video! i’m 34w today and baby is measuring at 6lbs! i’m scheduled to be induced at 39w because i’m diabetic (i got diagnosed at the same time i found out i was pregnant). we’ll see if baby allows me to have a vaginal delivery so far it’s still up in the air but this gives me a means to remain calm amidst the anticipation!!!

  • Christel chan
    Christel chan 3 months ago

    He made really good questions

  • Doll face Ee
    Doll face Ee 3 months ago +1

    Mine in 4 days !💙1st baby and it a boy

  • Stacia Martin
    Stacia Martin 4 months ago

    Birth defects scare me. I’m literally crying because I get induce Friday May 24th and I’m so nervous. I wanted a baby so bad now I’m afraid for her health and her getting here.

  • Dahlila Hansen
    Dahlila Hansen 5 months ago

    My baby girl has gastroschisis too and I'm getting induced tomorrow morning 🖤

  • Dominique Tucker
    Dominique Tucker 5 months ago +2

    You’re man is soo supportive and sweet! I hate watching videos of where the guy is a complete douche or doesn’t seem like they care. Y’all make a cute family ♥️ congratulations!

  • Destanie Haney
    Destanie Haney 5 months ago +2

    Scheduling to be induced today hopefully it will be soon

  • Nicole Dow
    Nicole Dow 6 months ago

    When he scared you in the beginning, I lost it 😂

    • Nicole Dow
      Nicole Dow 6 months ago

      Btw I'm being induce in 6 hours :) that's why I'm up at 12 am lol can't sleeeeep

  • Kiara :
    Kiara : 6 months ago +3

    Getting induced in the morning 😆 I’m so excited to see my baby boy.💙

  • Katie Compton
    Katie Compton 6 months ago

    Maybe your partner should have made you jump a few more times. Could have induced your labour naturally 😂😂😂. I'm due in 2 days time. If he hasn't come on time I've been booked in to be induced on 12th April. I don't want to be induced as heard it's not very nice so I'm going to do my best to start labour naturally haha

  • Megan Ellen Johnson
    Megan Ellen Johnson 7 months ago

    The 'huge needle' wasnt a needle so have no fear. It's a peice of plastic with a small little hook on the end. Congratulations you guys!

  • Sarah Navarro
    Sarah Navarro 8 months ago +10

    I'm getting induced tomorrow night and I am going to glam as well! It's important to me to look good while I'm feeling pain! Haters gone hate! Lol

  • Jessica Hubler
    Jessica Hubler 8 months ago +1

    That belly doesn’t go away right away. It sucks The first thing my husband said to me when my son came out was “you still look pregnant”. Gee thanks hon!

  • Kyla Hollingshead
    Kyla Hollingshead 8 months ago

    I'm almost 40 weeks with my first baby and my doctor already scheduled an induction and I really wanted to let my body try to do it on itself own an have that experience. I got checked 2 weeks ago with no progression of dilation so I've been 1 cm dilated for 2 weeks and 70% effaced. Idk whether or not to tell my doctor I want to wait and see if my body goes on it's own or if I should go through with an induction.

    • Arina
      Arina 6 months ago +1

      Kyla Williams if I have time for epidural I definitely will I'm barely at 1cm. And I'm trying all the natural right now and hopefully hell come on his own if not inducing it is! Trying To see everyones experience!

    • Kyla Hollingshead
      Kyla Hollingshead 6 months ago

      But they changed the numbing medicine when I went into get the csection and it numbed me completely.

    • Kyla Hollingshead
      Kyla Hollingshead 6 months ago +1

      @Arina yes! I got the epidural so it wasn't a scheduled csection so I was numbed from my chest down. But I got the epidural aswell because when they induced me they gave me the cervidil and it put me in active labor at 2 cm. I knew I couldn't hold out until he was coming so I got the epidural and it helped a lot! I could still feel my contractions but I was numb. It feels like when they numb you when you go to the dentist to get a cavity filled.

    • Arina
      Arina 6 months ago

      Kyla Williams do they! Just as long as hes fine and healthy! 😌

    • Kyla Hollingshead
      Kyla Hollingshead 6 months ago

      @Arina oh girl! They numb you! You can't feel a thing. Literally. I didn't feel anything! They also can give you pain meds to manage after.

  • Madamevivivi
    Madamevivivi 8 months ago +1

    Ahhhh I'm getting induced on Thursday 1/24/19 at 41 weeks. It's currently Sunday and I'm going to try to get walking so that my baby comes naturally or I get dilated because I was 0cm at 40 weeks. I just hope everything goes okay. I'm really nervous...but watching these videos makes me feel less stressed 😅
    Also Omg "orale" lmao my husband is Mexican so that made me lol.

    • Madamevivivi
      Madamevivivi 6 months ago +1

      @Arina at 41 weeks I was hardly dilated. They had to induce me. I got a Foley balloon put in to dilate me and being in different sitting positions helped me. Epidural was a lifesaver with the induced contractions and made the labor not that bad at all 😅😅 good luck to you!!

    • Arina
      Arina 6 months ago

      Madamevivivi Me! Right now.. Only 1cm im 40 weeks getting induced april 5th i want him to come natural . did you have to get induced after all??

    • Mari Arellano
      Mari Arellano 8 months ago

      tomorrow!! Jeesh good luck! ❤️

  • Jocelynn Torres Morales

    I’m scheduled for an induction on Tuesday the 22nd

  • Elmo Armenta
    Elmo Armenta 10 months ago

    So damn blurry!

  • Veronica Rios
    Veronica Rios 10 months ago

    Hi were you dilated when you got induced? How many weeks were you😬

  • Katherine Richardson
    Katherine Richardson 10 months ago

    Why Uber? You could drive yourself

  • Aka Yaamii
    Aka Yaamii 11 months ago

    “ órale “

  • jair cortez
    jair cortez 11 months ago +1

    In my prayers hope he’s okay I’m super nervous my wife is supposed to be induced tomorrow for our beautiful baby boy to be here I hope your beautiful baby boy is okay ❤️

  • D. A131618
    D. A131618 Year ago +4

    I don't get why ppl wana vlog the labor and delivery if they arnt gana show the whole thing like when she in pain and all that tf

    • Yosselin
      Yosselin 10 months ago +1

      Because certain rule, there’s times when there are more important things to do than to hold a cam, and because damn girl some people just want privacy cot dammit!!!

    • Crystal VC
      Crystal VC  10 months ago

      D. A131618 you didn’t miss much lol he vlogged what he could not every labor is like the one you see on shows

    • Ranishia C
      Ranishia C 11 months ago +3

      well for 1 most hospitals dont allow recording during certain times. plus this is an important time for both of them. they need to focus on each other.

  • Evelyn’s Life
    Evelyn’s Life Year ago +2

    I Can’t Believe You’re Trying To Look Pretty To Give Birth🤔
    When I Was In Labor It’s Was All Natural And I Look So Bad.

  • Ches Kha
    Ches Kha Year ago

    How many weeks are you?

  • pretty_vanilla
    pretty_vanilla Year ago

    I was born with this same defect. Can I have an update on how’s he doing?

  • Savannah Fox
    Savannah Fox Year ago

    The moment where you see the baby holding her hand 😭 whew child, I’m too emotional

  • Jashira Santiago
    Jashira Santiago Year ago

    Thanks for posting this. This video made me appreciate my baby. I've had a difficult pregnancy and haven't been excited about it, but seen the baby in delicate condition made me realize I really be devastated if something happens to mine. God bless you guys!

  • Creamy B
    Creamy B Year ago

    Getting induced in 2 days! Super nervous I am totally getting the epidural

    • Dayja Venable
      Dayja Venable Year ago

      Brenda Acuna I get induced Sunday ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nichole Kruse
    Nichole Kruse Year ago +2

    Hope you tipped your uber driver

  • Mariah Brown
    Mariah Brown Year ago +7

    It's so crazy I go in Sunday to get induce but I looked this up to see what it's like and my baby name is Elijah as well wow omg would crazy and congrats

    • Jackee June
      Jackee June 9 months ago

      I might have to be induced also why im watching this abd my sons name is Elijah too 🥰

  • Victoria Popescu
    Victoria Popescu Year ago

    I love watching this video I was also born with that u guys r so cute congrats

  • London Slick
    London Slick Year ago

    I Get Induced Thursday 9/13 Just 2 Days Left 🙌

  • Savannah McLaughlin
    Savannah McLaughlin Year ago +1

    They will induce labor for me next Sunday
    Great Video
    Thank you Guys

  • Stephanie Salan
    Stephanie Salan Year ago +36

    lmao "7 meters dialed"

  • Katerina G
    Katerina G Year ago +1

    Haha you look pretty miss Diva . Congratulations btw I’ll be induced tomorrow.

    • Jehan Atog Omar
      Jehan Atog Omar 6 months ago

      Katerina G hello i wanna try induced by they end of the month , cause my due date is already done inshort my i am overdue already. Let me know what you can feel of induced.i need to worry or no cause i dont know really. What i feel when my doctor said we need to induce you? I am scared plss . Let me know its hurt or normal pain .?😢

  • Ms Piggy
    Ms Piggy Year ago

    The epidural helps make it not hurt but later like 4 months later it causes severe back go natural ladies :)

    • nardaam
      nardaam 2 months ago +1

      Ms Piggy 7 years later no back problems

    • Scarlett Murray
      Scarlett Murray 7 months ago +1

      Here’s some better advice ladies: do whatever tf you want :)

    • Jess Faldet
      Jess Faldet Year ago +1

      Terrible back pain!! Had an epidural with my first and went all natural with my second... best decision lol!

    • Crystal VC
      Crystal VC  Year ago +5

      Ms Piggy it’s been 6 months and I haven’t had severe back pains once lol

  • Sharm's Kitchen
    Sharm's Kitchen Year ago +1

    How long was ur labor and how many weeks were you?

  • FrankJDM
    FrankJDM Year ago +9

    I'm only watching this because my Girl is being induced at the hospital right now with our first baby and I'm excited and sort of emotional has already 1 week and 5 days past due date. This is a very touching video

    • J J
      J J Year ago

      FrankJDM : thanks for your information and share! I knew when you said 1 weeks and 5 days over the due date means nearly 42 weeks because doctor try to make sure we are in 40 weeks to cook the baby inside.
      Wow 2 hours in labor after being induced, what an amazing! My doctor told me that I could be probably 12 hours in labor. I hope not! I’m seriously nervous because this is my first time! But I know the medical here one of the best.
      Once again congratulations for your baby boy! 😊

    • FrankJDM
      FrankJDM Year ago

      J J I'm sorry it wasn't 40 weeks us guys don't have a good sense of keeping track of these things, she was actually 41weeks 5days in total exactly and the baby came out very healthy baby boy. So you are good, Im sure that's what the doctor said to not go over 42weeks would be best. It took her around 2hours 25 minutes for the pushing and that time I feel flew by real fast you get better at pushing after a few minutes pretty much they said the pushing feels like when you have to go poopoo.

    • J J
      J J Year ago

      FrankJDM : congratulations to you! I’m sure you and your wife are glad overcame thru this and have your baby with you now!
      The normal full-term is 37 weeks but the babies will do best after 39 weeks. The doctor keeps maintaining me for 40 weeks pregnancy and my due date shall be next week. But if there is nothing yet until next week and if I pass 40 weeks then they will schedule me to be induced in 41 weeks.
      My question is...
      1. do you think 41 weeks is not too long for the baby even though they need to be cooked longer than premature?
      2. After being induced, how long did finally your wife have the baby? I mean how many hours?
      Thanks! I’m really nervous

    • FrankJDM
      FrankJDM Year ago

      J J well my Girl was almost 40 weeks pregnant by 1 day she almost got to 40 weeks but don't worry everything will come out fine there was actually a few women that were induced while we were there Baby was Healthy 6lb 8.7oz, you will be Good. They told my girl Women usually get induced 1-2weeks after their due date if baby isnt born yet but I'm not sure on your case.

    • J J
      J J Year ago

      FrankJDM : you mean you are induced in 42 weeks pregnancy?
      I’m in 39 weeks now and no signs on anything yet. The doctor said that if there is nothing next week so I have to be induced in 41 weeks! I start to be worried!

  • rinne hiatt
    rinne hiatt Year ago

    How do you break someones water

    • Crystal VC
      Crystal VC  Year ago

      rinne hiatt

  • Hailey Fair
    Hailey Fair Year ago

    I'm being induced in 3 week's with our Gastroschisis baby. You stayed so calm it was good for me to see!

  • Sylvia Negrete
    Sylvia Negrete Year ago

    Love this delivery vlog, got me in tears 😥❤️

  • Selena Candelaria
    Selena Candelaria Year ago +3

    Your man should be a neonatal nurse cause he seems so calm and interested with the labor and delivery for your baby... 🧐😁

  • Madelaine Landeros

    Aww, your baby and I are birthday twins except I’m from 95. Great day to be born lol. Thanks for sharing and congrats!

  • Kat Dorsey
    Kat Dorsey Year ago +2

    Lol your bad weather is Canada’s good weather in winter lol

  • Noella Aviles
    Noella Aviles Year ago +5

    Getting induced tomorrow at 730! Terrifieeeedd

  • Angel Eyes
    Angel Eyes Year ago

    But it look like it was a walk in the park for u. Wish mine went well like urs

  • Angel Eyes
    Angel Eyes Year ago +1

    I'm going to be induce 3 weeks from now I'm like really really afraid.

  • Passion Green
    Passion Green Year ago +1

    I'm due April 27th I'm getting induced APRIL 26 ♥️😍 I can't wait to have my baby girl 💯 congrats u guys

  • Terry Oates
    Terry Oates Year ago

    Me and my husband will be going thru that July 27

    • Maria Ramirez
      Maria Ramirez Year ago

      Terry Oates im getting induced on July 25th 😩 good luck 👶🏻

  • karina martinez
    karina martinez Year ago

    Such a little handsome baby💕😭

  • Honey Bun
    Honey Bun Year ago +2

    This video high key made me not feel so scared when I have my son I’m due July 29th and I’m literally so scared 😭

  • Kelsey Jo
    Kelsey Jo Year ago +3

    I’m only 4 months and I’m so impatient 😫

  • Stefi Smith
    Stefi Smith Year ago +1

    7 metres dialated lmao I love that 😂 congratulations on the new baby! May God bless your family abundantly

    • Crystal VC
      Crystal VC  Year ago +1

      Stefi Smith he’s cute hahaha😭 thank you so much love!