"If I was Kane I'd be gone!": Ferdinand and Crouch debate Spurs' ambition

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Rio Ferdinand, Peter Crouch, and Glenn Hoddle debate Spurs and whether or not trophies need to be secured before Pochettino's reign can be declared a success.
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Comments • 887

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 21 hour ago

    If I was gone I'd be keen


    If anyone should be pissed it would be Eriksen, first Kane claimed his goal then Vertonghen claimed his wife

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown 2 days ago

    Ferdinand talking about loyalty, sounds about right.

  • Claude Makelele
    Claude Makelele 4 days ago +1

    So...Rio is advising the captain ( vice) to leave the ship first while it's sinking? Okay!!

  • bjoern007
    bjoern007 6 days ago +2

    can anyone really take rio seriously as a pundit anymore, after that “Ole’s at the wheel” scene?

  • Sesh Ødi
    Sesh Ødi 6 days ago +2

    The only thing Kane will win is Eriksens goals

  • John Popovich
    John Popovich 10 days ago

    Only silverware Spurs are gonna get is the fork and knife at dinner

  • salsabil44
    salsabil44 14 days ago

    How can anyone say Spurs are just ´a couple of players away from challenging´ when the back four and their best midfielder all want away? Tottenham clearly need some major investment just to stay in the top 4 in the EPL, and it might be that selling their most valuable asset, Kane (like Liverpool did with Suarez and Coutinho), is necessary for this to happen. Otherwise I can see Kane ending up like Gerrard - but without a CL winners medal.

  • Yer Mano with the hair From down the Road

    Of course Rio would go, the man has no loyalty, swapped Leeds for United.

  • Kev Irl
    Kev Irl 15 days ago

    If I was Rio Ferdinand I would be pinching myself, how is that gimp on tv, worst pundit ever.
    Pro Boxer - Fail
    DJ Career (yes he told Alan Hansen on that show he wanted a music career after football) - Fail
    TV Pundit - Epic fail ('United are back baby' and Ole is at the wheel :)

    Better Pundits out there, wise up BT.

  • Sydney Duke
    Sydney Duke 15 days ago

    Hey Rio, what about Rashford, Pogba, De Gea, Martial - surely they should be leaving Man Utd to chase trophies?

  • Hoopspur
    Hoopspur 16 days ago +2

    This is the same clown who was saying Man Utd are back 😂😂😂

  • Noreens song o leary
    Noreens song o leary 19 days ago

    Harry kane is an overrated donkey, if i was son heung min id be gone not that big dopey dummy that only scores penalties, rio ferdinand is a spud

  • BoxOfOranges84
    BoxOfOranges84 20 days ago

    I've noticed over the last 5 years that these supporters of bigger clubs first called Kane a one season wonder, then they got upset that he seemingly showed no interest in leaving Spurs for their teams, so now they just call him overrated

  • David Noonan
    David Noonan 20 days ago

    Crouchie only one talking

  • Carbon Cell
    Carbon Cell 22 days ago

    Harry Kane should just go! Tottenham is a very unsettling & unserious team.
    Coming from a spurs fan.

  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins 22 days ago

    What silverware are Spurs supposed to be winning, when in the domestic league City outspend them by over 500million, and in Europe a few more teams do that as well. Poch getting 3rd, and CL final is a resounding success, above Spurs station. They can slowly close the gap year on year, they need Poch in charge though, no other manager would close that gap.
    Spurs first eleven is more than a match for most teams, they just don't have the depth City and Liverpool have. In a few years they might be in that group.

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 22 days ago

    if ole dont get top four utd will take kane and pocci . Its what they need !

  • Sihle sihle
    Sihle sihle 22 days ago +1

    The English media must accept that giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona don't sign overrated english players

    • jamaal jones
      jamaal jones 19 days ago

      They broke

    • Sihle sihle
      Sihle sihle 19 days ago

      @jamaal jones but Barcelona and Real Madrid won't go for them...why?

    • jamaal jones
      jamaal jones 20 days ago

      Salty English talent is the best rn

  • James Attwood
    James Attwood 22 days ago

    Banter fc 2.0 lol and kane is overrated big time hes good sure... but not as good as people claim he had his one season... and thats been about it... he does not excite me as a footballer at all

  • Peng Seong Tiew
    Peng Seong Tiew 23 days ago

    Don’t blame d club, d coach is great but not smart ... u know u can’t win PL & CL, the focus on FA Cup & League Cup for winning a silverware, but he screwed himself at the latest league cup by taking it lightly!

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox 23 days ago +1

    Gary’s need to do overt hand gestures whilst talking is mightily irritating.

  • Atom Alisaid
    Atom Alisaid 23 days ago +2

    Harry Klaim is no where as good as Aguero 😤

  • Decyferme
    Decyferme 23 days ago

    This video should have come after the Carabao Cup defeat yesterday

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 23 days ago +1

    Cant help but think united should sign "son"... He'd be perfect for them

  • 1101010 00101
    1101010 00101 23 days ago

    Go where Rio? UTD? wot a step down that would be. These fkn pundits are joke fairplay, just because they played the game they think they know it all....very few of them know anything, money for old rope, the fans know a hell of a lot more than the likes of Rio.

  • Usual Suspect
    Usual Suspect 24 days ago

    I don't know why this idiot Rio is invited to these shows. He is a bloody cheerleader commentator, not a football pundit. Just talks about show factor and fan popularity, which is the fan side of football, not fit for a punditry.

  • David Piper
    David Piper 24 days ago

    If I was the west ham manager I be getting the sack in the morning

  • Swagmuffin
    Swagmuffin 24 days ago

    Kane should take up deep sea diving, the grass is a bit restrictive...!!

  • czechpirc
    czechpirc 24 days ago

    Liverpool only bought two players?? 160 mil quids worth, spuds arent doing that even if they could recruit two top players

  • cwaddle
    cwaddle 24 days ago

    Spurs is still a third placed club with Kane. Without kane, spurs got through quarter and semi finals of CL, but Kane played poorly in the final, and they lost in the final. If he was so good, why are they only third with so many other fine players at the club?

  • Peter Bishop
    Peter Bishop 24 days ago

    Rio where would he go better than Spurs? He wouldn't fit in at Man City or Liverpool, the others in the top 6 would be a step backwards. Although Arsenal have firepower and would not need him.

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    Man Utd should try to sign Kane next summer.

  • bamboo zooka
    bamboo zooka 24 days ago

    why all the england so called greats are never wanted abroad?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 25 days ago

    Rio the drugs cheat

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko 25 days ago

    I hate Ferdinand proper Muppet loved it when LIVERPOOL wiped the smile off the MESSI FANBOI BAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power 25 days ago

    Guys these days play for the wage packet...nothing else... ITS CLEAR!!! The only thing that motivates trophies is the guys that buy them,,,,

  • rman
    rman 25 days ago

    Spurs should sell Kane for 200m+ and use that money to rebuid whilst placing their faith in son and moura as an attacking force when Kane got injured last season they looked better without him. Pace kills and in the modern game it’s needed. Kane is no slouch but he doesn’t have the blistering pace son and moura do. Plus he’s done all he can at spurs. I don’t see him going up a level. Where as moura and son I think have got another level they can tap into

  • Tony 94
    Tony 94 25 days ago

    Seems like people forgot Van Dijk played in the loss against Real. The two signings are Alison and Fabinho

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 25 days ago +1

    Ferdinand advice to kane: "go to a club that's gonna win something".....okay.... That leaves 4 clubs in europe... Man City, Liverpool, Barca and Juve.....(does he realise that man united don't win anything anymore?)

    • Lilskruf
      Lilskruf 24 days ago +1

      Lol wtf has Juve won outside of the league? And don't try to bring up the two Champions League wins from the 80s-90s because that isn't even remotely relevant to today's situation

    • nauxsi
      nauxsi 25 days ago

      Munich... Domestically.

  • Malcolm Middleton
    Malcolm Middleton 26 days ago

    Kane should have refused to take the golden boot in the world cup. Embarrassing!

  • Malcolm Middleton
    Malcolm Middleton 26 days ago +3

    How can he leave? I haven't heard of one other club after him. If he was the player everybody makes him out to be all the other top clubs would be chasing him... but they aren't... because he's totally overrated!

    • mit _
      mit _ 23 days ago +1

      He is not worth the money he costs. Simple as that.

    • Wooldrog188
      Wooldrog188 25 days ago

      Part of the reason is because all the big clubs know he is a spurs fan and that is a big enough reason for them to pay him maybe 100-150 more a week just to prize him away from spurs and they would have to pay extra transfer fee on top of that aswell so it probably wouldnt be a good investment for any club

  • brocklanders1984
    brocklanders1984 26 days ago +1

    I don't think Kane would do very well at a bigger club. Smacks of what happened to Bale. He should stay as a big fish in not so big pond

    • Josh Dobson
      Josh Dobson 22 days ago

      What killed bale off was injuries. He still won a lot and contributed to those trophies.

    • slaughtered777
      slaughtered777 23 days ago +1

      What happened to Bale?!?! As in win an unprecedented 4 Champions Leagues?!?!? Kane would sell his family for that kind of success🤣🤣🤣

  • JWC Smith
    JWC Smith 26 days ago

    If a big club came in for Kane as if he wouldn't go. As Eriksen has found out though, that club would have to be willing to pay an extortionate amount to take him away from Levy. He will have to run his contract down to leave.

  • Neal Newman
    Neal Newman 26 days ago

    They'll win as much as Man U this year.😂

    • Claude Makelele
      Claude Makelele 4 days ago

      At least they won't be doing a tug of war with relegation.

  • Lamar
    Lamar 26 days ago

    But u are not , jerk so shut ur mouth

  • physcadlic khen
    physcadlic khen 26 days ago

    Does Ferdinand feel pogba should leave United???

  • Jammy Git
    Jammy Git 26 days ago

    Kane has dropped out of top striker territory since trying to 'add more to his game'. He should have taken a leaf out of Jamie Vardy's book these last 12-18 months and stuck to banging in the goals, he would have been a much more prolific goalscorer. Instead he's ruining his legacy by becoming a diver, and not a very good one at that. Watching him go sprawling in the box like he's been hit around the head with a baseball bat is cringeworthy.

  • Kristian Juul
    Kristian Juul 26 days ago +2

    This is why so many people hate the english. Harry Kane hasn't been a standout player in that team for a long time. Eriksen, Son, Lucas, Vertonghen, Alderweireld and so on are just as important, but becauce he's english, he gets all the attention. Harry Kane can finish and that's it. Put Messi and Ronaldo in a mediocre team and they would still score, but Harry Kane wouldn't. He can't do anything without his teammates doing everything for him.

  • Arsenefaithful
    Arsenefaithful 26 days ago

    These guys are disabled.

  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper 26 days ago

    Pochetino is the best in the world at the moment.out of his few signings they have all done well . Bar loriente and Jansen . With so little he does so much Lucas Moira surprised me he is great manager .

  • Jon Bloom
    Jon Bloom 26 days ago

    Bayern Barca Real all relatively poor. Realistically the only top sides are juve and the top 2.
    Kane isn't alone as a frustrated footballer. Everyone outside those 3 squads is

  • Jordan DeBow
    Jordan DeBow 26 days ago

    Kane to Man United

  • vacantplanet
    vacantplanet 26 days ago

    Not getting into the top 4, and having a go at the europa league, could be their only realistic chance for a trophy.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 26 days ago +2

    Man Utd should have gone all out for Poch. Spurs have a great setup and great stadium. He should see it through.

  • H.S
    H.S 26 days ago

    This manager is going to win totenham no trophies 🏆

  • H.S
    H.S 26 days ago

    Totenham needs an ex totenham player as an english manager not a foreign coach

    • Wooldrog188
      Wooldrog188 25 days ago

      I would love ledley king to be a coach behind the scenes maybe help the younger defenders and just let them hear him talk about playing for spurs and the passion he has about the club it could really help the development of the players

    Macro VIGILANCE 26 days ago +1

    Harry Kane is a one club player in my mind. They didn't bring the possibility of that up.

  • TheDvdral
    TheDvdral 26 days ago

    United fans need to realise that they are not the draw they were under Fergie or even LVG and Jose. They arent guaranteed to be in the Champions league anymore. Top players will want to play at the highest possible level. Are united going to be at that level under Solskjaer? Probably not

    • Oscar
      Oscar 25 days ago

      United will rise don't worry! Give Solskjaer some time we'll be back I'm sure of it.

  • Sean Wright
    Sean Wright 26 days ago

    So where does ge go ? City only one likely to win the Prem in the next few years