The Player Who Has Gone UNDER THE RADAR This Season Is… | #SundayVibes

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
    We're mixing things up this weekend, we're being positive and focusing our attentions on the players who deserve more credit!
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  23 days ago +34

    Which player hasn't had the plaudits that they deserve?

    • TheBigNoodle
      TheBigNoodle 16 days ago

      I think Mahrez he is underrated

    • IE
      IE 18 days ago

      @Daniel W Not Guendouzi. He gets overrated by everyone but every time he plays Arsenal lose or draw. He brings down the winning percentage of Arsenal.

    • Daniel W
      Daniel W 18 days ago

      Callum Wilson, Chris Wood, Dwight McNeil, Youri Tielemans, Daniel James, Scott McTominay, Matteo Guendouzi, Gabriel Martinelli, Todd Cantwell, Neal Maupay, Wesley, Jack Grealish, Chris Wilder.

    • Dud
      Dud 22 days ago +2

      Marvelous Nakamba

    • IE
      IE 22 days ago

      @EvO No one cares about the Golden Boy awards. I told you that already in the other thread. He helped get Lorient relegated when he was in the French league, and he helped Arsenal drop out of the top 4 last season.

  • Cvetomir Georgiev
    Cvetomir Georgiev 5 days ago

    8:28 the ginger twat just proposed playing Ross Barkley over Jorginho. Irish guy has a point after all

  • Corey Reilly
    Corey Reilly 12 days ago

    For the most fun season by one player definately vardy

  • GEN TV
    GEN TV 15 days ago

    This channel is just 3 nerds talking stats from a site...some of the stuff being spewed you can tell these guys dont really watch football but just search up statistics.

  • Sean Whitmore
    Sean Whitmore 16 days ago

    As soon as they mention expected goals their arguments go out the window.

  • Robert Nicholls
    Robert Nicholls 16 days ago

    How did Jamie Vardy not get a look in for team of the decade??

  • SilkEShaY
    SilkEShaY 17 days ago

    The only reason Liverpool fans moan is because almost every member of team FD hates Liverpool/Liverpool fans and lumps them all together as a really hateful/annoying fanbase

  • ayrtun Buckley
    ayrtun Buckley 17 days ago

    14:41 when they telepathically drink cranberry juice at the same time

  • clem fry
    clem fry 19 days ago

    Joe talked about mind control on the funniest vyb podcast ever

  • Ryan Sagar
    Ryan Sagar 19 days ago

    Well I don’t think joe is a good host....

  • Press Start Gaming
    Press Start Gaming 19 days ago

    Just realised that Pato looks like Howard from Fresh Meat

  • Press Start Gaming
    Press Start Gaming 19 days ago

    Just realised that Pato looks like Howard from Fresh Meat

  • Jack J-Hammer
    Jack J-Hammer 20 days ago

    Should be called Man united daily😴

    RUDI LUFC 21 day ago +1

    10:07 kalvin Phillips??

  • Carlos Melendez
    Carlos Melendez 21 day ago

    After disastrous performances for Real Madrid, where does Courtois go if they decide to sell?

  • martin lift
    martin lift 21 day ago

    where is the video with them choosing the premier league XI of the last decade?

  • Chaitanya Kandwal
    Chaitanya Kandwal 21 day ago

    #SundayVibes as u guys did a podcast regarding the last decade, who do u think will win the most titles in the best decade?
    I think chelsea with their academy and cash have a fair chance and so do man city

  • Pjanic! at the Isco
    Pjanic! at the Isco 22 days ago

    As soon as the question said "superpower" i knew Joe would say mind control. #NSFWPodcast 😂😂

  • David Peniel
    David Peniel 22 days ago

    The weakness has been through the right in the first 4 games , and setpieces for the remaining. Man do your research.

  • A N
    A N 22 days ago


  • A N
    A N 22 days ago

    Jorginho is levels above Rodri and Fabinho

  • A N
    A N 22 days ago

    Jorginho never pushes forward that much

  • A N
    A N 22 days ago

    Joe is so dumb
    Kante isn’t a DM you illiterate cunts
    Barkley is dross
    At least Pat has half a brain

  • A N
    A N 22 days ago

    Jorginho is world class
    That’s common knowledge
    Kovacic has gone under the radar

  • Ethan Shrapnel
    Ethan Shrapnel 22 days ago

    Jorginho is the too important to Chelsea. Taking him out of the side would be a mistake. We looked terrible whenever he didn't play or was subbed off last season because we lose complete control of the game and switch to panicking and defending rather than pressing and attacking. It would be worse in this setup with the teams lack of experience.

  • Jboi X
    Jboi X 22 days ago +15

    Question: who is the best striker in the league currently
    Joe: let’s pivot this question slightly and go with what will the top 4 be this season

  • Joe Gilbert
    Joe Gilbert 22 days ago

    Jack Grealish is going under the radar, His average match rating is around the 7th highest in the Premier League.

  • IE
    IE 22 days ago

    Yerry Mina - Football Daily and other football shows never talk about him.

    • Brad Lemons
      Brad Lemons 20 days ago

      IE exactly how it should be he’s shit

  • Mr Jacara
    Mr Jacara 22 days ago

    "Landlord! 3 pints of squash please, we're on a big one!!"

  • samuel FRANKS
    samuel FRANKS 22 days ago

    Pascal gross

  • ItsAmAzZing
    ItsAmAzZing 22 days ago

    The one game Lovren came in and played this year against Leicester he was almost MOTM 😂

  • John H
    John H 22 days ago

    The football daily Palace hatred continues

  • where t
    where t 22 days ago

    Joe's Lallana comment went well.....

  • OscillatorDubzz
    OscillatorDubzz 22 days ago

    Jorginho is so overrated. He chose Italy cause he knew he wasnt good enough to break into a midfield with Fabinho, Casemiro and Arthur.

  • Myron Chetty
    Myron Chetty 22 days ago

    Week after week it can be seen that Pat chats absolute shit

  • James 丘
    James 丘 22 days ago

    can't believe hammill forgot the fpl legend lundstram


    Mount and Barkley you mean mount and RLC

  • Hunter Wilkie
    Hunter Wilkie 22 days ago

    #Sundayvibes what’s your really early team of the year so far.

  • Areef Khan
    Areef Khan 22 days ago

    Well United weren't half bad.

  • NLS
    NLS 22 days ago

    McTominay 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ been pretty good!

  • Lilia Burdett
    Lilia Burdett 22 days ago

    Nuno is clearly the best manager out the top 6 🙄

  • Veleo
    Veleo 22 days ago

    Very unprofessional from Joe in how he expressed himself concerning the question. We as fans take time out of our day to support the channel and try to be involved but this is the feedback we get?

  • Billy Bennison
    Billy Bennison 22 days ago

    Kante 100 % best cdm and ihno and rodri are better than

  • Aidan 2003
    Aidan 2003 23 days ago +5

    The thought of mentioning barkley over rlc makes me sick 🤮

  • Josh Davo
    Josh Davo 23 days ago +1

    Yes lads smashing it as always

  • Oto
    Oto 23 days ago +1

    Just to mention: KDB is the god! KDB-ism is legit religion!

  • Q-ell Betton
    Q-ell Betton 23 days ago

    X-men are the best characters - in comics - the only power is telekinesis. Fight me.

  • Drew S.
    Drew S. 23 days ago

    what are y’all drinking?

  • Even Delbekk
    Even Delbekk 23 days ago +1

    I think Ndidi has been very good. And under the radar for sure

  • jamie walker
    jamie walker 23 days ago +1

    Literally my faveourite show/ video on the whole of youtube. Lo g live su day vibes

  • Jimmy Danger
    Jimmy Danger 23 days ago

    Tryna bait Villa fans in again with the thumbnail only to make passing remarks

  • tor khombol line zig zag
    tor khombol line zig zag 23 days ago +1

    Lundstram from Sheffield is the one mark is Talking about

  • Zak F
    Zak F 23 days ago +1

    Who is going to win the golden boot?

  • legsuFIN
    legsuFIN 23 days ago +3

    Under radar: Marvelous Nakamba, been so good from his first start. He gives freedom to attack to mcginn, hourihane and grealish.

  • Alex Tovey
    Alex Tovey 23 days ago

    The only reason Bournemouth want 50m is because 25% go to Coventry city

  • Fred Schneider ate my baby

    Joe is shocking

  • Archie Warner
    Archie Warner 23 days ago

    Dale Stephens deserves a shout as he has been so much better this season

  • Noah Cristian
    Noah Cristian 23 days ago +2

    Love this. too many people have been talking smack on jorgie for no reason

  • Efifa 01
    Efifa 01 23 days ago +3

    Joe youre wrong about adama traore. Nuno subbed on Doherty and then played adama in a front 2 with jimenez

  • Kamaal Busari
    Kamaal Busari 23 days ago +1

    The last 5 minutes alone earn this video a like😂😂