• Published on May 14, 2019
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    I cried the whole time making this video so i imagine you are going though the same thing, i just felt like i had to do something even though nothing was going to make this better! maybe if we let Harry do some good in this world for the short time he is here, it might bring meaning to his life.
    On 29 April 2019 five-year-old Harry Shaw was given 1 week to live after a 9 month battle against Ewing’s Sarcoma; a rare bone cancer. Despite this terminal diagnosis he's still fighting to stay alive.
    Harry’s parents, Charlotte and James, set up Harry’s Giant Pledge working with giantpledge.com and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Their aim is to raise money for research into Ewing’s Sarcoma and other childhood cancers to ensure children like Harry have a better chance of surviving.
    Harry was diagnosed with cancer on 2 August 2018 when a routine scan on a small lump showed a tumour the size of a large baked potato inside Harry’s right chest. Harry was 4.
    In the space of a few minutes on that hot sunny afternoon the Shaw Family's life was changed forever.

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Comments • 2 076

  • Keira McCloskey
    Keira McCloskey 12 hours ago

    My step mum had sarcoma. Luckily she has been clear for around 5 years. I’m praying for Harry and his family. ❤️❤️

  • Maisie Shea
    Maisie Shea 13 hours ago

    My prays are with George and his family and Harry and his family, I hope both boys are still fighting today :(

  • Rhi Myself and I
    Rhi Myself and I 13 hours ago +1

    I've got goosebumps and tears. My boy is a similar age and I couldn't imagine this, my heart goes out to his family. Poor poor boy

  • Georgia Pickering
    Georgia Pickering 13 hours ago

    Absolutely heart breaking. Praying for Harry and his family and all the other families who go through this ❤️

  • Daisy Anne
    Daisy Anne 14 hours ago

    this is heartbreaking, praying for harry’s family💜💜

  • Eleanor Alice
    Eleanor Alice 14 hours ago

    ‘I’m going to be really nice to George because he’s feeling a bit poorly’ - Emilia is such a caring and beautiful child, truly💛

  • Snowy_ Owl06
    Snowy_ Owl06 14 hours ago

    Praying for Harry x

  • createto plan
    createto plan 14 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Thoughts and prayers are with Harry, George and their families This feels very raw as a beautiful little boy at my kids' school tragically lost his battle with cancer last week. Life is precious 💕

  • Teg Lord
    Teg Lord 14 hours ago

    This is the first thing I saw this morning. I send all my love and prayers x

  • TamiShey
    TamiShey 15 hours ago

    I just had my first baby and watching this was so emotional and anytime any day can happen anything you never now what to expect which is so sad 😭 it’s heartbreaking that little kids go through this pain this made me cry. My grandma lost her boy when he was 32 after that my grandma lost her mind for 20 years and passed away. Life is so hard and we need to live each other and appreciate each other.

  • Here’s TheTea
    Here’s TheTea 15 hours ago

    Hi , this is me trying to raise money for a little boy called seraph he has severe nueroblastoma which is usually a type of cancer that returns in children when it returns 9/10 will die. There is a vaccine in New York which will prevent this from happening but unfortunately it is a lot of money and his parents can not afford it. So they have set up a charity called Super Seraph so if you can please go and donate to them they are nearly at their goal also go and follow them @teamsuperseraph to spread awareness and possibly even donate xx

  • Grace Tyrrell
    Grace Tyrrell 16 hours ago

    I wish I could help you soo much 😓 keep your hopes up little lad ❤️ stay strong while you can 💗 I pray and pray for you 💖 you gorgeous little boy 😭😭 xxxxx

  • Grace Tyrrell
    Grace Tyrrell 16 hours ago

    Awh poor little boy 💗 I send my love to you harry ❤️ you gorgeous little boy 😭

  • Sofia Karli
    Sofia Karli 16 hours ago

  • A Wilc
    A Wilc 17 hours ago

    Donated 🙏🏼

  • Sylvia Hastenteufel
    Sylvia Hastenteufel 17 hours ago

    Harry was on German television this week, they showed the video about Lewis Hamilton and how he dedicated his win to Harry. Such a little trooper. Life just isn‘t fair, I feel so sorry for the parents.

  • Maria Solano
    Maria Solano 17 hours ago

    Heartbreaking 💔💔💔💔

  • Kristen Moran
    Kristen Moran 18 hours ago +1

    My thoughts and prayers are with Harry and George 💗. My heart goes out to these boys and there families. My Best friend of 43yrs passed away in Aug 14th of last year exactly a month from her Birthday fron Sarcoma we grew up together on the same street and had such an amazing friendship, I can't imagine these little children there all to young far to young to have this horrible disease...... You and your family are great for using your vlog to raise money and Awareness and LOVE for these young boys 💖💖💖

  • neve vanhaeften
    neve vanhaeften 18 hours ago

    sending my love x

  • Ann Her
    Ann Her 19 hours ago

    My heart literally broke 😭💔

  • Selina Thacker
    Selina Thacker 19 hours ago

    Prayers for Harry and his family. ❤️ Our daughter was just about to be 2 when she was diagnosed in 2017 with Leukemia. She went into remission and is due to be done with treatment this September. It is hard to put into words what it is like going through childhood cancer. My heartaches for those families who are going through harder diagnoses.

  • ginaeliza85
    ginaeliza85 19 hours ago

    Thank you for using your platform for something bigger . Cancer is a horrible thing, parents should never have to bury their children. My prayers for this family .

  • Stacy Klein
    Stacy Klein 20 hours ago

    I’m officially bawling

  • Tara Boyle
    Tara Boyle 21 hour ago +1

    I really hope there's a miracle and Harry survives just like george

  • chellbie
    chellbie 21 hour ago +1

    So heartbreaking bless that little boy. He’s giving it all he’s got. Thank you for sharing Harrys story xo

  • E M
    E M 21 hour ago

    Where is this family from? Where is the accent from?

  • Sammi G
    Sammi G 21 hour ago +1

    As a nurse who cares for very poorly kids on the daily ... it’s hard to try to not let your emotions in the way whilst working, especially when the kids are so tough like Harry! But this video just makes it more of a check to say it is okay to cry and let it out .. because it’s hard man. Bless the little boy and the family with the next journey that will begin ❤️ and bless your family for recognising and contributing to such a heart breaking way of life ❤️

  • Sunset Kiss
    Sunset Kiss 22 hours ago

    Oh my god. Crying my eyes out. I can’t even imagine. Prayers and thoughts are with Harry and his family. ❤️

  • These Are The Good Old Days

    Thinking of Harry and his family during this heartbreaking time....sending so much love and prayers to all xxx

    FRAMYFILMS 22 hours ago

    So beautiful of you to be sharing this story on your platform. Thank you for bringing it attention so people are able to donate, show love and support to this beautiful family. I'll be keeping Harry and his family in my prayers. ❤️

  • Jess Wright
    Jess Wright 22 hours ago

    So sad. Cancer so mean. For a sibling to understand her brother is die so hard. He will be pain free but cause more pain for the parents

  • Fatima Begum
    Fatima Begum 23 hours ago +1

    Please keep us up to date on Harry 💔

  • epy.megan_.x _
    epy.megan_.x _ 23 hours ago

    Nobody should ever have to deal with cancer, especially children. I suppose that life becomes harder, but you have to give them your everything. None of the two lovely children you talked about deserves to suffer with such a nasty disease. However, we can try to make it as good for them as possible by showing love and care and of course that is not always going to fix it. But everyone deserves to be happy. My heart and prayers go out to Harry and George as well as any other child or person going through cancer. ❤️

  • Michelle Tynski
    Michelle Tynski 23 hours ago

    Sending love to all of these families.
    I know this life all too well. I lost my little newborn baby to Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. He was only 2 weeks old. He never got to come home. He never got to experience his first birthday. He was sick from the start.
    So, I make it my mission to spread awareness about childhood cancer. It’s under funded and not advertised.

  • jenny xo
    jenny xo Day ago


  • Get Clean and Tidy

    Being a parent I couldn't help but feel for Harry's parents. No mum or dad should out live their children. This disease is horrible. It destroys and rips families apart and leave us empty. Sending prayers and love. God bless to you all 🙏

  • Holly Maxwell
    Holly Maxwell Day ago +1

    I really understand your pain, when it hits home, but you’re also on the side lines 😰
    My nieces was born missing 2 chromosomes, it is terminal, and I just feel helpless, but every day I fight to do everything I can for my sister and raise awareness.
    Having children is a precious gift, no matter how they come into our lives.

  • Marley’n’ Me

    I know how it feels my nan has cancer and she’s had it for a bit more than 2 yrs and there is no way of treating her anymore. She only has what we think a month or two left of her life. Our community has raised a lot of money by charity runs and school fun days. Our s school is famous for how much money we earn for Macmillan. It’s just every little helps you know cus one in two of us get cancer whether it’s treatable or not and we need to find the cure so please don’t be lazy and get up do as much as you can to raise money for this horrible diagnosis. I’m counting on whoever reads this to at least donate £5 to a cancer fundraiser it would mean a lot. One day I know
    we can beat it xx

  • Sophie Kinsons
    Sophie Kinsons Day ago

    Poor little guy. A very forced thumbnail though, come on.

  • youloveme041
    youloveme041 Day ago

    God Bless you!

  • Burka Karaali
    Burka Karaali Day ago


  • Alex Car
    Alex Car Day ago

    My hearts with this little boy and his family! Wish people could shed light to this rather than drama 🚯 x hugs

  • holly grace
    holly grace Day ago

    I send all my love and prayers xx

  • Andrew Mcfadden
    Andrew Mcfadden Day ago

    Love what your doing ❤ heartbreaking. Your such an amazing family xxxxx

  • Marlee Goodwin
    Marlee Goodwin Day ago

    Sending love

  • Nicole Vettise
    Nicole Vettise Day ago

    I’m pregnant with my third (unplanned) and I am soooo busy worrying and stressing about finances and how can I possibly make it work... it’s irrelevant. This hits home. At the end of the day life is precious and should be celebrated while we can.
    Thank you for this. It has put my own life of perspective and I need to count my blessings which are my children and family.
    Thinking of Harry and his family but particularly his sister 💕

  • Ameliaxxjaxon
    Ameliaxxjaxon Day ago

    Poor sweet little boy ! ❤️❤️

  • The Dibs Life
    The Dibs Life Day ago

    Praying for George and Harry

  • Jade Dalton
    Jade Dalton Day ago

    Sending my thoughts x

  • dewar white
    dewar white Day ago

    Heartbreaking. Love to Harry and his family

  • Life Love
    Life Love Day ago

    My little brother was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer when he was 22. He died when he was 28. This was three years ago. Now that I have a little boy myself and when I now see videos like this one I am scarred to death - literarilly - that he could be taken from me brutally and way to early. I feel so so sorry for Harry‘s parents. They are going through hell right now. I hope they have a lot of strong people around them giving them love and support. 💙

  • Ava's edits
    Ava's edits Day ago

    I started crying , it’s so sad how young you can get cancer or any terminal illness so happy that George is recovering, Harry and George and there families are in my prayers ❤️

  • AnnaRoseDesigns
    AnnaRoseDesigns Day ago

    Thank you so much for using your platform for good. Unfortunately cancer hits too close to home too many times. Please let the family's know they are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray God gets them through this unimaginable time. We need more influencers like you in this world. Thank you again. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    HUGGS Terrie (new subscriber)
    HUGGS Terrie

  • Kiwi Water
    Kiwi Water Day ago +29

    If you disliked this I hope you step on a Lego brick

  • BxbyMillie X
    BxbyMillie X Day ago

    I cried so much 😢

  • Velvetcoleman.mp4

    This video really puts things in perspective. Life is so fragile and it can be taken away in a second.
    Breaks my heart that this innocent child is suffering awfully and no one can help him. Thoughts and prayers are with Harry’s family💔

  • Jackie Carr
    Jackie Carr Day ago

    I am beyond humbled...I am grabbing my 5 year old son and squeezing him like I never have. Life is a gift and I wish and pray more than anything we could find a way to cure this. Very touching moved beyond words. Thank you for spreading things we should be engulfed with not drama of nonsense topic. Ty so much

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  • Tilly Baxter
    Tilly Baxter Day ago

    God bless him and his family !❤️☹️

  • Ciara Cheevers
    Ciara Cheevers Day ago

    Praying for harry

  • Lilly and Things

    I will be praying for his family. So sad! Thank you for using your platform to help others, it is very kind of you.

  • Demi Pop
    Demi Pop Day ago

    That made me cry so much, thank you so sharing this story Jonathan. It's very sad to hear this news, it would be good if people can help out with this cause. ❤

  • Jade Robinson
    Jade Robinson Day ago +5

    Praying for beautiful Harry such a brave sweet little boy and his family are amazing and strong typing this with tears rolling down my cheeks just so utterly heartbreaking Keep Fighting Harry! X

  • Kirra Lorenz Lorenz

    God bless your heart ❤️ always

  • nicole thomas
    nicole thomas Day ago

    Heartbreaking. Thank you for using your platform for such a cause.

  • Shelley Thornton

    Heartbreaking - my thoughts are with Harry & his family xx

  • Jodie
    Jodie Day ago

    cancer is such a sin, this video broke my heart. What you're doing with your platform is amazing

  • kelseyFYI
    kelseyFYI Day ago

    Thank you for this video Jonathan. Life can be so cruel. I wish Harry and his family all the best. I cried my eyes out hearing his story. God bless ❤

  • meg oneill
    meg oneill Day ago

    This broke me. Absolutely heartbroken💔. Thoughts are with Harry’s family x

  • Katie Luckings
    Katie Luckings Day ago

    This is the best but most heart breaking video Iv ever seen on you tube 💔

  • Valerie Varjak
    Valerie Varjak Day ago

    Praying for a miracle, stay strong Harry but know you will be missed

  • Amber Wild
    Amber Wild Day ago

    4mins in and I'm already crying. I lost my grandad to Cancer it's so bad:(

  • Amelia Bailey
    Amelia Bailey Day ago

    It’s been a long time since a video really got to me☹️ Life is so cruel and there is no happy ending for Harry or his family. What can you even say to a family who are going through their absolute worse nightmare. I just hope they find some peace through their charity knowing they are going to be helping other children. I’ve donated and I hope by such a little donation they are able with others to get to the funding they need.
    Thinking of all Harry’s family and friends through this awful time and of course Harry himself😔❤️

  • Smiley Y
    Smiley Y Day ago

    So greatful that someone that has a platform to talk about issues like this. As a cancer teen I feel like nobody talks about the fact that kids get cancer too and how much of a taboo the ‘C’ word is. Much love xx

  • Vicky Xoxo
    Vicky Xoxo Day ago

    this made me cry that poor boy

  • sister Abs
    sister Abs Day ago

    Truly heartbreaking ♥️♥️

  • sum nahr
    sum nahr Day ago

    Does anyone the song being played in this video during kontages of the boys.
    Hope he finds all love in the end of tunnel

  • Ashleigh Jayne
    Ashleigh Jayne Day ago

    My grandad has had cancer about 3 times now and he has beaten it every time. At first he didn’t want to have chemo or operations or anything but then he realised he was strong enough and I’m so proud of him. He has recently been given the clear of cancer and I’m so relieved. I don’t know much about cancer but what I do know is that it is the worst thing to go through and this video was so heartbreaking. RIP Harry you beautiful angel🥺 ❤️🙏🏼

  • Maisie Robinson
    Maisie Robinson Day ago

    Just donated 💘


    Great work u guys xxx

  • Kimily Hagerty
    Kimily Hagerty Day ago

    Sending love and prayers...to the family...

  • Laura Shallvey
    Laura Shallvey Day ago

    Sending so much love ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lydia Rose
    Lydia Rose Day ago

    this is so sad i pray for harry and hope he has the best of life he should i have a little buckit list and we make a fund to help him have his dream day xxxx

  • Fermerswife
    Fermerswife Day ago

    Thank you for making this x

  • BlovesGlam
    BlovesGlam Day ago

    I cried the throughout this whole video, how unfair life is sometimes :( I am so sad for Harry, he’s so brave and strong! Sending so much love to Harry and his family! ❤️

  • human person
    human person Day ago

    Sending love and kind wishes to George and his family and Harry and his family🌺💓
    Cancer sucks 😔

  • SnapesPrincess4
    SnapesPrincess4 Day ago

    You guys are amazing for using your platform to spread awareness. This is what every TheXvidr should be using their platforms for. There are so many that don't.
    Harry is such a brave & strong little boy!! He will be in my prayers!! His family too!!

  • Hala Adnan
    Hala Adnan Day ago

    God bless hem and help his family !its heartbreaking and i hope cancer get cancer and kill it !! Thank you jonthan

  • renee klein
    renee klein Day ago

    Omg the tears 😭 🙏 thank you for making this photo and spreading awareness ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sujibean
    Sujibean Day ago

    My 6 year old is named Harry and this hit me hard. I pray for this family and that Harry doesn’t suffer. It really puts life into perspective as a parent. I am grateful to have the ordinary moments with my children and even frustrating ones. I pray that no parent ever have to bury their child... unimaginable pain.

  • xIrisMarie
    xIrisMarie Day ago


  • it's belle
    it's belle Day ago

    I lost my best friend at the age of 10 to a brain tumour, she was my absolute best friend were we’re like sister we danced together went school together we were in the same class we’d had sleepovers her birthday is 10 days before mine and we’d always count down together and she actually beat the cancer but then a tiny tiny bit came back and it spread so quickly and that how she passed she passed peacefully in her sleep and she’s now in heaven in no more pain looking over me. I’m now 19 and 9 years on from her death it’s still just as hard 💔 her name was Eden and I always said if I had a baby girl I’d call her that and I did at the age of 17 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Eden Jean-Grace 💖she’s my absolute world and I’d be lost without her. People bashed me for being a young mum but I showed them that just because I’m a young mum doesn’t mean I’m a bad mum and when I explain her name everyone says how sweet it is and I know she’s up there in heaven looking down on my and my princess protecting us 😢 I miss her more and more everyday the pain of loosing her doesn’t get any easier but your learn to cope it will be her 9 year anniversary in June and to this day it’s just as hard 💔

  • Bee Lily
    Bee Lily Day ago

    This is heartbreaking. No parent should have to outlive their child. And the little sister, one day she’ll eventually forget life with her brother because she’s that young. It’s awful :(

  • L J
    L J Day ago

    Is his name George or harry?

  • Bethy Babe
    Bethy Babe Day ago

    I just sobbed my heart out the whole way through this video. Not only because it’s such a heart breaking situation but it hit me knowing I have 2 small children and it can happen to anyone 😭💔 awareness like this needs to be spread world wide for everyone to come together and help as 1. So sad and heart breaking for any family going through this. Lots of prayers to the family 💜

  • Elisha White
    Elisha White Day ago

    Absolutely heartbroken and distraught whilst watching this. My heart and love goes out to all of Harry’s close family&friends, cannot begin to imagine how they feel😫 cancer sucks!!!

  • Jory H
    Jory H Day ago

    That’s really sad and breaks my heart 💔

  • WhatsUpWoods
    WhatsUpWoods 2 days ago +11

    I love this family so much! You guys are pure gold! Thank you for being a lead example of a solid great genuine family! Praying for Harry’s family. There are no words..... god bless you!

  • Kelly McFarland
    Kelly McFarland 2 days ago

    Fuck , my heart 💔

  • LoveFromLily Xx
    LoveFromLily Xx 2 days ago

    This is so thought provoking well done Johnathan🙌🙌🙌