Sunday League Football - MAN DOWN

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • Welcome back to Sunday League Football where today is all about securing promotion, let's go!
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Comments • 172

  • Tom Bissett
    Tom Bissett Month ago

    Number 9 (big josh)

  • Brandon Stanko
    Brandon Stanko Year ago

    Congrats to you and the rest of your team Smiv, an award well deserved. Can't wait to watch the new content that's to follow.

  • TTV_ ZackyChan999

    Get a new kit for next season you only have to spend money

  • Carrowdore Young Men FC

    Great vid guys. We try to be the northern Ireland version of you haha

  • Pat Byrne
    Pat Byrne Year ago

    Congrats on the award lads :) COYP

  • Emily Salinas
    Emily Salinas Year ago

    He needs someMILK

  • Daniel Watson
    Daniel Watson Year ago


  • Gekko Wizard
    Gekko Wizard Year ago

    well done tommo i like the new tactic

  • Football Freestylers

    Video should be called Pinball Machine

  • JordanC7
    JordanC7 Year ago

    Garron dives in net and out field

  • nicholas mcnab
    nicholas mcnab Year ago

    Celtic football club double treble !!! 💚🍀💚

  • kenny brydges
    kenny brydges Year ago

    Enjoyed the game as always. I was just wondering, do the pitches ever get rolled? Ball was bouncing all over the place! Thanks Kenny.

  • Gooders
    Gooders Year ago

    How are people noticing someone’s boots change?

  • matty ingham
    matty ingham Year ago

    Quality Palmers, great game!

  • Ben Sowerby
    Ben Sowerby Year ago

    You get so many penalties, in my league we hardly get any

  • Anotida Choto
    Anotida Choto Year ago

    Henry is such a quality player

  • Matt James
    Matt James Year ago

    Yome on you yalmers

  • Jens Kold
    Jens Kold Year ago

    What happened to big goalkeeper Lee?

  • Aydin TPS
    Aydin TPS Year ago

    I’ve been here since 20k first season! Great to see you become so successful! Hopefully more to come in the future

  • Craig Mann
    Craig Mann Year ago +2

    mmm, Nicky's volley ... unlucky son!

  • Ibrahim Chemad
    Ibrahim Chemad Year ago

    Where's Jaime the previous captain?

  • Glen Duffy
    Glen Duffy Year ago

    Goalkeeper in midfield, midfielder in defence, defender in goal???????

  • The Woolly Eel
    The Woolly Eel Year ago

    What about the away kit, is that one staying as is next season too?

  • VictoriaGooner
    VictoriaGooner Year ago

    Second place Treble! 🥈 🥈 🥈 The main thing is that there is consistency all season by the First Team and Reserves. It can only get better in 2018/19 Thurrock Association Sunday League - Division One. #COYP Supporting from the beautiful 🇨🇦 west coast

  • BaranGOAL
    BaranGOAL Year ago

    You need to get someone on a weed whacker to trim the grass around the nets!

  • Spectre playz
    Spectre playz Year ago

    Why is garron not in goal

  • James Curran
    James Curran Year ago

    Oml Louis is too good

  • Neil Grant
    Neil Grant Year ago

    Haha the comment on the insta post at the start, come on palmers!

  • james johnstone
    james johnstone Year ago +1

    Thank god that wasn't a Mitre

  • ThatGuyAlly
    ThatGuyAlly Year ago

    Cheeky “fuck hashtag” left in the instagram hahahahaha

  • Me
    Me Year ago

    Why not play the keeper in net rather than cdm

  • Dat_One_guy 025
    Dat_One_guy 025 Year ago

    Lewis at the start of the game was socking. You kicked off and he stood there not even looking or paying attention to the ball and game. I dont know if hes injured but all he does walk around you hardly see him helping the RB out. Hes a good player but really doesnt defend

  • Arbiplays
    Arbiplays Year ago +1

    Where is Kieren

  • Marcus Hunter
    Marcus Hunter Year ago

    Nicky is so underrated imo

  • SkTheJanner
    SkTheJanner Year ago

    Gotta love the hair on number five/backwards two

  • Spencer Wright
    Spencer Wright Year ago

    Well done boys for getting the three points, hopeful next week's video will be a goal fest , would love to see that

  • Zak Beer
    Zak Beer Year ago

    come on you palmers!

  • Aron Maddocks
    Aron Maddocks Year ago +1

    Where are the reserve games??

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies Year ago

    You need to do a live stream of one of the games next season

  • KrisCozy
    KrisCozy Year ago

    forever my second favourite

  • Solomon Gorringe
    Solomon Gorringe Year ago +1

    you guys are the opposite of SEDONS, polite, and you have the refs on your side where the dons dont

    • usetheforza 11
      usetheforza 11 Year ago

      you do know refs screw palmers over a lot go watch their other videos

  • Gaming Central
    Gaming Central Year ago +6

    When you have English lit exam tomorow but palmers and smiv videos are more important

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +38

    Wait... are all of Mossops captain?

    • Michael Milicic
      Michael Milicic Year ago

      Sam no, those a bands of respect for various things like world issues

    • Frank Abe
      Frank Abe Year ago +1

      Sam I

  • FIFA-_-PRO
    FIFA-_-PRO Year ago +1

    No more Sunday league extras :(?????

  • Bek Howell
    Bek Howell Year ago +1

    Just seeing tommo in goal makes my Monday better

  • Logan Hutchinson
    Logan Hutchinson Year ago +1

    Well played palmers

  • James Brownley
    James Brownley Year ago +1

    Cracking vid as always... love the smivism’s... this weeks ‘it’s got wheels on, wahoo’

  • Daniel Nevinson
    Daniel Nevinson Year ago

    No 🚌 this week 🙁

  • Joe Platt
    Joe Platt Year ago +2

    I've never understood as to why the grass cuttings go back onto the cut grass. Is anyone able to inform me as to why it happens?

    • oves2006
      oves2006 Year ago +3

      I’m not much of a gardener mate, but apparently the cuttings release nutrients back into the ground and helps the grass grow 👍🏼

    • Joe Platt
      Joe Platt Year ago +1

      cheers mate!

    • WuLe993
      WuLe993 Year ago +3

      It is called GRAVITY :D

    • Logan Hutchinson
      Logan Hutchinson Year ago +1

      Joe Platt because they have a grass cutter that sprays the clippings everywhere instead of collecting it

  • George Howson
    George Howson Year ago

    How come lewis’ boots change half way through the first half from magista’s to mercurials

  • EAD1E1986 _
    EAD1E1986 _ Year ago

    I voted for use

  • DrewH01
    DrewH01 Year ago +2

    Is Lee Henry right or left footed?

    • Sam
      Sam Year ago +1


  • Callum _photography2019

    Legend smiv

  • Eoin Deane
    Eoin Deane Year ago +2

    Where is kieran

  • Adam Betts
    Adam Betts Year ago +11

    All I’m saying is Thames Gateway will bottle it and Palmers to win the league like if you agree

  • Mckenzie Marshall


  • Joe Tait
    Joe Tait Year ago +12

    Smiv remember last season when you played the u17 lads (can’t remember where they were from) and switched up the positions and everything. I think it’d be nice to play that lot again at the end of this season? Just an idea

  • Finn Staples
    Finn Staples Year ago +1

    Where is big lee the gk

  • Maz
    Maz Year ago

    Congrats with the award! Totally deserved! Let's go Palmers!!

  • Cody Garth
    Cody Garth Year ago +5

    Fuck Hashtag.