Dear Eleanor Official Trailer #1 - Jessica Alba, Luke Wilson Movie HD

  • Published on Apr 26, 2016
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    Dear Eleanor Official Trailer #1 - Jessica Alba, Luke Wilson Movie HD
    Two teenage girls travel across the U.S. in 1962, during the chaos of the Cuban missile crisis, in search of Eleanor Roosevelt.
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Comments • 563

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago

    I feel like El and Max are inspired by these. Like don’t they seem similar!?
    (Stranger Things)

  • Kerstin
    Kerstin Month ago

    This looks like something I'd watch someday

  • danashane
    danashane 2 months ago

    why did I think this film was about Jessica Alba's winning smile?

  • Brittney Loza
    Brittney Loza 2 months ago

    I love this movie!

  • Tami D
    Tami D 2 months ago

    Omg I want to watch this

  • Pen Muni
    Pen Muni 2 months ago

    Why show the best scenes from the film? And what do we get when we actually see the movie? the boring parts?

  • Blaine Curtis
    Blaine Curtis 3 months ago


  • Amit Zinman
    Amit Zinman 3 months ago +3

    I was hoping Jessica Alba would play Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • Jack Mathis
    Jack Mathis 3 months ago

    Looks good, glad to see Arnold's son getting his chance

  • Tajda Hvala
    Tajda Hvala 3 months ago

    I watched this movie and I loved it so much!

  • Lady pilliwick
    Lady pilliwick 3 months ago

    It's the sidecar..... all about the sidecar

  • Sam Eovaldi
    Sam Eovaldi 3 months ago

    So they just start going on a road trip with an escaped prisoner, WTF is that logic

  • Spear Bee
    Spear Bee 3 months ago

    this looks like funnn !

  • JC Quirante
    JC Quirante 4 months ago

    Liana daine liberato

  • Dudozilia M
    Dudozilia M 5 months ago +1

    Am my favourite people in this movie....must be great😍😍

  • Sheri
    Sheri 5 months ago +1

    The 15 year old looks like shes 25.

  • Georgia Bentley
    Georgia Bentley 5 months ago

    that is true best friend goals.

  • Stephanie Kao
    Stephanie Kao 5 months ago +1

    jessica Is Not That Attractive And her honest company Is Not Honest.

  • Sha Ingram
    Sha Ingram 6 months ago +1


  • Trent Sysouvanh
    Trent Sysouvanh 6 months ago

    Freak came for Jessica Alba clickbaited

  • PinkiethePanda
    PinkiethePanda 6 months ago

    you lost me at 'gosh I love america'

  • Minecraft Master
    Minecraft Master 8 months ago

  • Silver Snow
    Silver Snow 8 months ago +1

    Americans have such awful films. No wonder they copy off everyone else, especially the English.

  • Sasha McComb
    Sasha McComb 9 months ago

    Omf one of the wee girls of from “Orphan”

  • Sherry Mohamed
    Sherry Mohamed 9 months ago

    The other sister iz the little actress from Orphan movie..izn't??..😀😏😏

  • Mr Sinatra
    Mr Sinatra Year ago +1

    This movie, shows you the world through the eyes of 60s teenagers, you will be happy, sad and even angry but at least you will feel something and Jessica Alba,, can i just say, she is that much of an epic Star..

  • EmEiAi Jei
    EmEiAi Jei Year ago

    Esther is alive

  • saving1catatatime

    watched this movie. had to fast forward through the parts with the girls talking over and over. never were my friends and I so clueless at 15. the most irritating characters.

  • Hue Lu
    Hue Lu Year ago

    Yeap, then they were all trashed

  • mia4224
    mia4224 Year ago

    two young 16 year old girls on a cross-country trip who accept invitation from a strange couple to stay in their house, I am surprised they weren't chained in the basement and murdered.


    I have to watch this movie any how!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari Gold
    Ari Gold Year ago

    Eric Murphy directed this?

  • Yeyeh
    Yeyeh Year ago

    Im gonna watch this no matter how bad it is because 2 words: PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER! 😂❤️

  • Jam Pablo
    Jam Pablo Year ago

    ya’ll shouldn’t make assumptions about a movie based on its trailer. this trailer obviously doesn’t do the movie any justice since what i watched was more than that. this movie was actually good.

  • Jam Pablo
    Jam Pablo Year ago

    this was so good

  • alie
    alie Year ago

    This makes me so happy but sad. Sad because it’s so long scince the good old 60s and Eleanor Roosevelt died and the vibe of the time and happy just because of the vibe
    Edit: oh and Frank Morris was a real prisoner

  • Edward Creter
    Edward Creter Year ago

    So it's the Cuban missile crisis, and Jessica Alba is the one whose body is nukular, ahem, nuclear!

  • Gym Style
    Gym Style Year ago

    Looks cute

  • 0bstinacy
    0bstinacy Year ago

    its the girl that went with a pedophile in that other movie

  • Elle
    Elle Year ago

    Its actually a good movie

  • Filmytrailerz
    Filmytrailerz Year ago

    wow..... Nice...

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD Year ago

    The actress from Orphan and masters of sex....

  • Han Tran
    Han Tran Year ago

    there is he Josh Lucas. anyone his fan?

  • Crazy Raani
    Crazy Raani Year ago

    Who else came here for Jessica alba

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Year ago

    So this is the entire movie.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Year ago

    Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't THAT great tbh

  • Marion West
    Marion West Year ago

    isnt that girl from the movie orphan?

  • Tally Fitzpatrick
    Tally Fitzpatrick 2 years ago

    All I see is doctor who

  • puddlemini
    puddlemini 2 years ago

    It's like some weird sequel to Flipped that got lost in a Wes Anderson movie

  • soulshaker205
    soulshaker205 2 years ago


  • Mike Woodson
    Mike Woodson 2 years ago

    Arnold’s son, Patrick is in this movie. (Better actor than his father.) Maybe watch online. Not going to big screen for this one. Coming of age movie w some funny lines, should be entertaining. No Oscars.

  • Denisha Aya Stottlemyre

    Has this movie already come out?

  • Kayla Lum
    Kayla Lum 2 years ago

    this looks really cute but really white.. im conflicted....... i'll probably see it anyway lol

  • Sans Kari
    Sans Kari 2 years ago

    Is it from a book

  • _Rose04_ H
    _Rose04_ H 2 years ago

    I just saw this movie and it was so cute and amazing! It might look a bit weird in the trailer but if you watch it, it will all make sense and stuff. It’s really good and I enjoyed it (edit: I put ‘so’ instead of ‘saw’)

  • Jin's Badjokes
    Jin's Badjokes 2 years ago

    This was such a great movie, y'all should watch stuff before judging.

  • linlee morrison
    linlee morrison 2 years ago

    Lol they filmed some of this in my town. The shot at 2:16 is a couple blocks from my house. It was a kinda big deal for a fairly small suburban place.

  • Shellene
    Shellene 2 years ago

    white girls..

  • Kokomiu
    Kokomiu 2 years ago

    I rate this movir 10/10

  • Sudan Magar
    Sudan Magar 2 years ago

    Is Jessica alba back