Paris Berelc & Isabel May on How "Alexa and Katie" Show Strong Female Friendships

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • You can catch the first season of "Alexa and Katie" right now on Netflix. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Monday, April 2, 2018.

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  • Kamal srour
    Kamal srour 11 days ago


  • DuckSuicer
    DuckSuicer 12 days ago

    Did they actually shave their heads?

  • Rin riding hood Gaming


  • Djpuppygirl 19
    Djpuppygirl 19 26 days ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t actually shave the hair

  • Djpuppygirl 19
    Djpuppygirl 19 26 days ago

    We need season 3

  • Will Tate
    Will Tate Month ago

    I hope there’s gonna be a third season

  • lily and jades fun and other things

    Omg love this show bring out season 3 PLEASE

  • Cappuccino Chase
    Cappuccino Chase Month ago

    Season 3?!

  • ma naal
    ma naal Month ago

    Alex look like Salena Gomez

  • Reborn babies
    Reborn babies Month ago

    I need a season 3 NOW

  • Reborn babies
    Reborn babies Month ago

    I love Alexa and Katie I just love love that show .

  • ØreØ*Aqua Foxy
    ØreØ*Aqua Foxy Month ago

    I love how Katie and her mom (Isabel May and her fam) always steal Alexa’s families food (;-;)

  • DIY Donut Duo
    DIY Donut Duo Month ago +2

    Love the show Alexa and Katie

  • G. Neil Battles
    G. Neil Battles Month ago +2

    That show is a so powerful

  • meu brotinho
    meu brotinho Month ago +1

    sou Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Kaylee_Plays_ Roblox
    Kaylee_Plays_ Roblox Month ago +5

    They don’t really look like there friends!

  • Venessa DeAnda
    Venessa DeAnda Month ago +1

    I am all ready done with season 2 in one day

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz Month ago +7

    I cant believe paris is 20 and isabelle is 18😧

    • Nina Bueno
      Nina Bueno Month ago +1

      Rose Quartz ya but Isabel was 16 when they shot the first season. Paris was 18

  • Maya Campbell
    Maya Campbell Month ago +2

    They look so cute! And very pretty I LOVE there show ALEXA AND KATIE! Me and my best friend are just like them in the show! (I am like Katie and she is like Alexa)

  • S a r a E r o n e n
    S a r a E r o n e n Month ago +2


  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift Month ago +2

    I ❤️Alexa and Katie

  • pauliner100
    pauliner100 Month ago +1

    They really cut their hair for season 2. Bless them

  • TrendyTexting 2
    TrendyTexting 2 Month ago +1

    How is this Isabel’s first role!? She is incredible

  • Jane Da Costa
    Jane Da Costa Month ago +1

    Katie kind of looks like candice king

  • Kalani Lu
    Kalani Lu Month ago +2

    Did they really shave their heads? I really hope there is a season 3❤️❤️

  • Mel_Mak 14
    Mel_Mak 14 Month ago +1

    I was watching it when watching this

    BOSCO MTIGA Month ago +1

    Wow i love this show

  • Myrto Png
    Myrto Png Month ago

    I think isabel looks like Ariana Grande

    • Flash
      Flash Month ago

      Its her dimples that looks like Arianas

    • Posie Ray
      Posie Ray Month ago +1

      Myrto Png she does not, are you blind

  • signer25
    signer25 Month ago +14

    I had always wonder if they shaved their real hair for cancer awareness or if it were just wigs. so a Disney star was dating a nickelodeon star. not sure how they met but they make an incredible couple. I cant wait to see season 3 come out.

    • pigeon151
      pigeon151 Month ago +1

      signer25 I think they went to like premieres or some parties or something. It makes sense, they’re child actors so they’re in the same area in a way.

  • Annalena B
    Annalena B 6 months ago +23

    OMG Isabel may look EXACTLY like Jennifer Lawrence

  • Angelica 104
    Angelica 104 6 months ago

    Yeah now second season.

  • : M E X I C O ;;
    : M E X I C O ;; 6 months ago

    Season 2??

  • kiwa scoodover
    kiwa scoodover 6 months ago +2

    Do more of the show!!!

  • Sangamitra Chakraborty
    Sangamitra Chakraborty 6 months ago +6

    Isabel May is my favorite.

  • Fatma Jabal
    Fatma Jabal 7 months ago +32

    Who else gets selena gomezs vibes from paris [alexa]

  • Netsirk Krismi
    Netsirk Krismi 7 months ago

    Just watched it in two days it's such a good show

  • A girl named Louren
    A girl named Louren 7 months ago

    I really want to see how did they cover their hairrr !!😫😫😫

  • Girafa2323
    Girafa2323 7 months ago +88

    They look like adults in these interview!

  • Miranda Marquez
    Miranda Marquez 7 months ago

    I almost cryed when the show ended I want them to make another season 😘

  • Selenator Belieber
    Selenator Belieber 8 months ago


  • Avery Alls
    Avery Alls 8 months ago


  • Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson 8 months ago

    so did they actually shave their hair

    • shauu ty
      shauu ty 8 months ago +1

      Olivia Anderson no they literally said it wasn't 😹

  • AwesomeOwlDesigns
    AwesomeOwlDesigns 8 months ago

    U2 looks so mature !!!!

  • Hi iammona
    Hi iammona 9 months ago +6

    I wish I could talk like them in spot, bc I’ll definitely freak out and freeze and maybe cry.
    I like the way Isabel talks in a funny way, and I like how Paris handled every well the stupid question that they asked, it was a personal thing and it wasn’t funny Idk why they laughed.

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims 9 months ago

    I love them so much

  • PandaLion 12
    PandaLion 12 9 months ago +34


  • gracie katherine
    gracie katherine 10 months ago +156

    Who else thinks Isabel May looks like Jennifer Lawrence!! Just me?😂

    • Ollyym
      Ollyym Month ago

      Pewwww! Not just me then

    • PrincessMedia2011
      PrincessMedia2011 Month ago +1

      Omg! 😲I just realized that. And doesn’t Paris kind-of look like Selena Gomez from “Wizards of Waverly Place”?

    • Wille och Noah
      Wille och Noah Month ago

      Me too lol😂

    • Catherine Alysha
      Catherine Alysha 6 months ago +2

      Gracie the Girfaffe I think the same!

  • 14diga
    14diga 10 months ago +5

    3:48 butter... 😳 just watch it

  • Leo Dunka
    Leo Dunka 10 months ago

    No Paris you cut your hair

  • Jolea Alcain
    Jolea Alcain 10 months ago +6

    pleaseeee doooo seaaaaassooonnnn 22222!!!!

  • OfficialMichellemarie 26
    OfficialMichellemarie 26 10 months ago +10

    The only thing i dont like that their saying is that theyre "normalizing cancer" i dont think cancer should be normal, becsuse it isnt and i want it out #fuckcancer but i love this show and its amazing

    • Ailsa Judge
      Ailsa Judge 7 months ago

      OfficialMichellemarie 26 1 in 2 people get cancer so, nowadays it is normal.

    • Call me Your Dai5y
      Call me Your Dai5y 10 months ago +6

      OfficialMichellemarie 26 I don't think they meant they're saying cancer is normal but they're trying to desensitise the idea of kids with cancer so they don't feel so outcast in school or general life. There's a lot of references in the show to #fuckcancer or rather kicking cancers butt.

  • o o
    o o 10 months ago +1

    2 temporada

  • Magatsu Cimorelli
    Magatsu Cimorelli 10 months ago +7

    Finished watching Alexa and Katie in three weeks along with Sword Gai (Mar. 26-Apr. 13, 2018).

    • honeymoon babe
      honeymoon babe Month ago

      it literally took me a day to watch it 🤣

    • The End
      The End 4 months ago

      Nailed it is a show BTW

    • The End
      The End 4 months ago

      It only took me 1 weekend (2 days) to finish it and nailed it

  • MarkBam
    MarkBam 10 months ago +29

    wow thats amazing katie shaving her hair for her best friend

  • Octava
    Octava 10 months ago +17

    Omg, the last question hahahaha!!😂😂😂 savage

  • Blondeandbeyond
    Blondeandbeyond 10 months ago +12

    Awe I didn't know they were dating irl how cute! I just finished Season 1 and I love it. Please keep making episodes!!

  • eden cotterell
    eden cotterell 10 months ago +1

    i love your show soooooooooo much! i want season 2!!!!!!!

  • This Gal
    This Gal 10 months ago +4

    They actually shaved their hair??

    • shauu ty
      shauu ty 8 months ago +1

      This Gal did you watch it? they clearly said "no it was not our real hair" lml

    • Call me Your Dai5y
      Call me Your Dai5y 10 months ago +1

      They cut their hair short for a wig cap but not shaved

    • Slime Baby
      Slime Baby 10 months ago


  • Liliana Oliva
    Liliana Oliva 10 months ago +137

    Isabel is so beautiful, and she's an amazing actress, I'm surprised this is her first role.

    • Khadijah J
      Khadijah J Month ago

      +pigeon151 and invisible sister

    • Savanah Baxter
      Savanah Baxter Month ago

      What about Paris?

    • pigeon151
      pigeon151 Month ago +1

      Nessie Bear ! Paris has been in a few things. She was in Mighty med before too. Ive been love with her since then.

    • Nessie Bear !
      Nessie Bear ! Month ago +1

      so is Paris

  • Hunter Sinclair
    Hunter Sinclair 10 months ago +1

    I finished the first season in 1 day

  • Nia Lynson
    Nia Lynson 10 months ago +50

    If there isn’t a second season, I will cry. It was so goooood! The end made me cry because it was so SWEET! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Aini J
    Aini J 10 months ago +3

    we!! need!! season!! 2!!

  • Young Elijah The Money Maker

    I finished the show today 😣 I love it

  • mt carter
    mt carter 10 months ago +254

    Being a cancer survivor myself, I really enjoyed watching this show with my best friend and it was very relatable

    • Jameel Mohamed
      Jameel Mohamed Month ago

      I hope u get well son

    • Jill Rand
      Jill Rand Month ago

      I’m so happy that you’re a cancer survivor!

    • Jill Rand
      Jill Rand Month ago

      Turtle Pugicorns Productions I hope you get better soon and I’m glad you have a best friend to help you through it.

    • I love my Youtube sm
      I love my Youtube sm Month ago

      Omg I’m so happy u survived it’s amazing how u did that. Idk u but I’m so happy for u

    • mel
      mel Month ago

      i hope you live a long and healthy happy life.

  • Alondra Muro
    Alondra Muro 10 months ago +9

    There acting was so good I cried on the last episode

  • Sparkledazzle Productions
    Sparkledazzle Productions 10 months ago +2

    I need another season!!!

  • Jaelene Machado
    Jaelene Machado 10 months ago +12


  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen 10 months ago +40

    Need that season 2 bro

  • Papel na mão
    Papel na mão 10 months ago +1

    Os meus personagens preferidos são a alexa a Kaite e o jefi

  • Tracelin Hampton
    Tracelin Hampton 10 months ago

    Are you going to make more shows?

  • Strawberry Grace
    Strawberry Grace 10 months ago +4

    I neeeed another seasoonnnnn

  • Jahlia G
    Jahlia G 10 months ago +2


  • Maria von Hadeln Løve
    Maria von Hadeln Løve 10 months ago +134

    We need a season 2!!!!!!! (NOW) =DDDDDDDDD

    • dgsdancer Mila
      dgsdancer Mila Month ago

      Maria von Hadeln Løve it’s out

    • Jade Frias
      Jade Frias Month ago

      Ginacinnaroll samee

    • C: xX
      C: xX Month ago

      Crazy JaydGirl Ye...Totaly!

    • C: xX
      C: xX Month ago +1

      It’s just came on the 26th of December!!!!!!! =DDDDDD

    • Crazy JaydGirl
      Crazy JaydGirl Month ago +2

      Actually a season 3...

  • Naina Anand
    Naina Anand 10 months ago +61

    Just tell me if it's​ renewed for another season

  • Smile Love Live Music
    Smile Love Live Music 10 months ago +100

    Aww!!! No wonder Alexa and her boyfriends relationship is so good in the show! It's so cute that they are dating in real life! 😍😍😍

    • S a r a E r o n e n
      S a r a E r o n e n Month ago

      +Random internet girl 2.0 THEY DID WHAT 😶 i am at 5 episode at 2 season and i have to go watch netflix right now!

    • Random internet girl 2.0
      Random internet girl 2.0 Month ago +1

      Smile Love Live Music I’m sorry to break your heart but Alexa and Dylan break up in Season 2

    • Cailan Cetoute
      Cailan Cetoute 10 months ago

      Smile Love Live Music I

  • Kathy Barreto
    Kathy Barreto 10 months ago


  • Mary Jaramillo
    Mary Jaramillo 10 months ago +141

    i just finished the show
    :(( ♥
    love the showw so much

  • Jo Bangs
    Jo Bangs 10 months ago +10

    Oh, so they did shave their hair !!

    • Call me Your Dai5y
      Call me Your Dai5y 10 months ago +3

      They cut their hair short but they didn't shave it

    • Princess Joy
      Princess Joy 10 months ago +2

      Jo Bangs nope

    • briar
      briar 10 months ago +6

      Jo Bangs They didn't shave their heads

    • outer space
      outer space 10 months ago +6

      Jo Bangs no... they didn't

  • Vanessa Pedroza
    Vanessa Pedroza 10 months ago +3