The crowd made this kid’s day at the Red Wings game 🙌 |

  • Published on Jan 5, 2022
  • The crowd made this kid’s day at the Red Wings game 🙌 |
    (via kelseyvoyer)
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Comments • 1 368

  • MNDashcam
    MNDashcam  +15

    The only true case of "and then everybody clapped"

  • Joe Smoe

    Lmao can will all just appreciate the Jumbotron operator for catching on and giving the crowd what it wanted.

  • Because Reasons

    I was there, and it was hilarious! The kid couldn't contain his joy, everyone was extremely loud!

  • AWW_ YEA81

    I love how the yelling gets louder each time it goes back to the kid

  • reygan op

    The self esteem of that kid must’ve skyrocketed

  • s4muraii

    Reminds me of that one SpongeBob episode where Squidward hosts a talent show and every time SpongeBob is shown everybody cheers, but when Squidward is shown everybody boos

  • Dakota Smith

    That kid gonna remember that till the day he dies. Buddy will have season tickets and take his 10 grand kids someday and tell them all that story

  • Matthew Siegel

    Imagine being the guys in blue LMAO

  • RogueThirteen

    i was at this game. this was like the third break in play that they did this during the game, it was awesome😂

  • Mee Ma
    Mee Ma  +938

    Oh man that kids never forgetting that lol

  • Joel Candelori

    Great work from the camera crew. A life long fan with his entire life ahead of him was earned that night.

  • DelightfulDissident

    This is THE MOST WHOLESOME sports content I've ever seen

  • Cursed Paladin

    I love how our crowd reacts with the crowd, long live the yzerplan!

  • Whattatwist

    Awww, im sure even the other team was happy, especially the people they zoomed in, what moment for that child.

  • Dave
    Dave  +147

    Lmfao I hate the overused word “wholesome” but theres really never been a more fitting place for it. This video is wholesome indeed :)

  • Austin Davis

    You gotta love it when the do things like this to Amp the crowd and keep everyone involved that kid was probably hyped for days

  • Patricia Lora

    The littlest things in life can bring sooo much pleasure sometimes! Life is good👍

  • Tyler lohnes

    As if those sharks fans weren't having a hard enough time at this game.

  • Ognjen Tanasković

    That one scene with Squidward and SpongeBob on a stage be like:

  • tha koala king

    That was heart warming had to watch it a couple times