My Rich Bf Didn't Give Me Even Two Bucks To Keep Me From Trouble

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Hi guys. My name is Julia and I am now seventeen years old. Want to hear a story of true despair? Then I will simply tell you about my life. I have lost a lot and haven’t gained anything in return. The last hope that I have left is to try to take my life into my own hands. But I don’t know if I have enough strength for this.
    My first loss happened within a few minutes after my birth. My mother suddenly faded away. The doctors did not have time to take control of the situation, and she... passed away.So I don’t know much about maternal love.
    My father did not try to replace her for me, and not even because it was impossible - for him, the loss of his wife was a big blow. He started to experience heart problems, even though he was not even forty years old back then. And, even worse, he didn't pay attention to those problems.
    However, when I was almost ten years old, he seemed to wake up. And suddenly, he made a firm decision to find a stepmother for his daughter, that is, me, so that I would grow up in a real family - a big and friendly one.
    My dad was a handsome man, and pretty wealthy - he owned a large and successful pizzeria, and we lived in a big beautiful house... in general, from the point of view of the quietly aging housewives dwelling in the neighborhood, my dad was a very attractive catch. But in some evil twist of fate, among all the available candidates, my father chose Emma. The woman who would soon turn my life into a living hell.
    Emma was an ordinary middle-aged divorced woman. And she had two daughters from her first marriage: Mia, who was one year older than me, and Amanda, who was two years younger than me. And all together, we had to form the very family - large and happy - my father had dreamed about. I don’t know if it was possible. But for some time... for three years, I think, we lived peacefully. Until my father died from a heart attack. Dad was only fifty-one, and I was thirteen when I became a total orphan.
    It was natural that social services showed no interest in me - I had a stepmother, and on top of that, Emma remained a very wealthy widow - my dad did not leave any will, and Emma turned out to be the heiress of both our home and my father’s business.
    Almost right after my father’s funeral, Emma began to clean out our house. First of all, she took away every picture of my mother that she could find. I tried to protest, so then Emma allowed me to keep one picture of my mother - on the nightstand in my room. In my NEW room. Before my father’s death, Mia and Amanda shared one bedroom on the second floor, and the other was solely mine, now Emma gave my bedroom to Amanda, and I was moved to a room on the first floor. It was next to the kitchen, and till now we used it as a pantry. I was shocked, but I had no idea how to confront Emma, and, besides, I had no moral strength for it.
    And that was just the beginning. As soon as Emma received all the documents for the house and pizzeria, both she and her daughters changed. I had never been close to Mia and Amanda before, but now they began to openly show their negative attitude toward me. They taunted me. They made mean jokes about me and pranked me. They hated me. And I absolutely did not understand why! My stepmother also became very strict with me. She put all the housework on my shoulders: I had to cook, clean the house, and take care of the garden and the pets of my stepsisters.
    But the worst part was that I had to look after my stepsisters myself. And they did nothing at all! Emma completely spared them from any work and did not even try to hide the unequal treatment of her biological children from me. Any whims that Mia and Amanda had were fulfilled right there, while I didn’t even get pocket money. For Mia and Amanda, Emma bought expensive gadgets, branded pieces of clothing and jewelry... but I could not even get money from her for a new cellphone when I accidentally broke the screen on my old one. I turned into a slave in my own home, deeply unhappy, without any rights, and with all the chores on my shoulders.
    Therefore, when I got a little older, and my stepmother decided that I should go to work in my father’s pizzeria, I was almost happy.It was a way to get at least some money. In addition, working in a pizzeria allowed me to spend less time at home, where I had to serve my sisters. Amanda was home-schooled, (it was her desire to not go to school) so she had the whole day to come up with new ways of tormenting me.
    Speaking of education, Mia went to an expensive private school. And I, of course, attended the most ordinary one...

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  • Ayno Sille
    Ayno Sille 14 hours ago

    I hate when people pick on and mistreats innocent kids that have no means or strength to fight back. Bullies 😠

  • Jatara Bentley
    Jatara Bentley 16 hours ago

    Cinderella all the way

  • Sozib Rahman
    Sozib Rahman 17 hours ago

    Moral of the story.....
    Cinderella is not 18 yet

  • Stone Dragon
    Stone Dragon Day ago

    Hey beautiful. Loved your story. Happy to know your not going to settle for the Cinderella 😉 role forever ❤️

  • Srija Muralidhar

    I hope there is a part 2 sometime in the future with a happy ending like that of Cinderella's

  • Ashton Cartwright

    Go to court and sue

  • Connor Kirby
    Connor Kirby Day ago

    Time to crunch 542 bones

  • Sigrid Froberg
    Sigrid Froberg Day ago

    Steal your step moms jewelry sell them and get a new life

  • Anthony Quiroz
    Anthony Quiroz 2 days ago

    When ur step mom lost her thing I'll tell back "GIRL U STUPID"

  • Arianna Costa
    Arianna Costa 2 days ago

    Cinderela ?

  • Spectre
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    Late as hell but seeing a 17 year old in prison just sittin around reminds me of certain emo with a weird ass hat

  • ungameable !
    ungameable ! 3 days ago

    I feel so bad
    I am so sorry I thoght my family probloms was bad but you I wish you were my sister so I can take your pane on to my sholders because I am very good at salving family problems but I really think that your mom was an ungreatful gold digger

    and dont remember always be happy for what you do have not what you will

    FUN.PLAY. UNICORNS 4 days ago +1

    My name is Mia🙈😅😂🤣

  • Vesna K
    Vesna K 4 days ago

    You're dad should have made sure, that she didn't get any of his assets. And left everything in the will to you.

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    SaMyah ' 4 days ago

    This sound like Cinderella

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    You should take her stuff and get the money

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    Mya the Greatest 8 days ago

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    some fucked up inheritance rules you have there

  • C A T H E R I N E Time

    This is just Cinderella with a bad ending

  • angelo casimiro
    angelo casimiro 9 days ago

    Just try to move on with your life and forget about the past

  • Shanille UvU
    Shanille UvU 9 days ago

    All these girls telling the story act the victim and and act like wussies i would have killed them 2 sisters right on the spot and blamed the mom -.-

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    Sebastian Casas 9 days ago

    Hurt them very very bad

  • 1,000 subs With no videos

    You don’t just ask people from money

  • 1,000 subs With no videos

    This isn’t very realistic as she would inherit the house

  • Jason TOC
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    If you ask me I think you should set that house on fire they don’t deserve it🏡🔥

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    Is this Cinderella?

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    erica hoffman 10 days ago

    Ema took her father's money. Evil lady

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    This is the plot of a cinderella story

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    I hate unfinished stories

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    Umm I’m sorry but is no one gonna talk about how she wanted $4,000 from bill?

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    I feel so sorry for you and your story is like Cinderella

  • Arnette
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    This is what you do. Get you a lawyer, get emancipated, and sue your step mother for half your father’s estate.