• Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • Sorry kung na late yung 2nd day! sobrang busy po kasi sa workshops huhu pero eto na siya, sana mag enjoy kayoo. Finally met yoongi! HAHAHAHA i love y'all! STREAM MY DEBUT SINGLE “SORRY NOT SORRY, GOODBYE” ON SPOTIFY AND DOWNLOAD IT ON ITUNES, YOU CAN WATCH THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!
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  • MiyakeTakoyaki
    MiyakeTakoyaki  Year ago +2373

    Ang daming na t-triggered dahil ginamit ko daw name ni yoongi to gain viewers? Hahaha, I’ve already said sa twitter na ka-look alike lang siya and FUN FACT. Army ako at Bias ko si yoongi. So if u don’t like watching my videos, u don’t have to. I’m making videos because it’s my hobby and to entertain people. To all co-armys na na triggered. Okay, I’m sorry. Iloveyou all ❤️

    • Carmela Coral
      Carmela Coral Day ago

      Don't give up, you'll find your bias one day. 😊

    • Nicole Camarao
      Nicole Camarao 16 days ago

      Same bias po atw

    • Jin Tea
      Jin Tea 20 days ago

      You just want views? Really? You lied to all your subs. Now I’m unsubscribing

      LISA BLACKPINK Month ago

      I love you 💕

  • amy rockafela
    amy rockafela 21 hour ago

    i love jimin very much

  • Epic bruh
    Epic bruh 2 days ago +1

    what spider tongue is this

  • Suhaylah Ali
    Suhaylah Ali 3 days ago

    Fake suga

  • Kim naio Araújo
    Kim naio Araújo 3 days ago +1


    SIFA ZR 4 days ago

    He is not Suga!,-

  • 손양래
    손양래 4 days ago +1


  • ᅵᅢᄑᄃᄉᄆ디ᅣᅮᄆ

    Em jbsbs não entedi

  • 지현입니다
    지현입니다 7 days ago +2

    The title should be "I met bts's suga's lookalike" 😄😅

  • Jhen Navalta
    Jhen Navalta 7 days ago

    thats yuuki

  • Jhen Navalta
    Jhen Navalta 7 days ago

    bruh tats yuuki

  • Mianova Sabrina Nasrullah

    itu bukan suga itu orang lain aku kasih tau deh

  • Siti Khadijah Nadzim
    Siti Khadijah Nadzim 8 days ago +1


  • Carlene A.
    Carlene A. 9 days ago

    buti nalang ako hnd si suga/yoongi pinunta ko dito HAHAHHAHA

  • BTS Jin
    BTS Jin 9 days ago +1

    All i just wanted was min suga and you just want views ! Im not hated but let me ask you a question . Where was Suga ?

  • xla jiso0x
    xla jiso0x 10 days ago


  • dhenize hpt II
    dhenize hpt II 10 days ago

    Hug to hug

  • Kristel Rondina
    Kristel Rondina 11 days ago

    Grabe kayo Kay ate galit kagaddi Lang nakita si suga

  • keisha malikaputriarmyshalehah

    Kirain aku orang Indonesia

    KIM CEDIE 13 days ago

    Kasama pala si vishnu diko napansin

  • Ashlei Legaspi
    Ashlei Legaspi 14 days ago

    umabot talaga 1m toh syempre bts i love bts

  • Candy's Vlog
    Candy's Vlog 14 days ago

    Yess muka nga ni yoongiii

  • U dont need to know me


  • BTS girl Kelly
    BTS girl Kelly 15 days ago

    So SUGA was only a click-bait. But anyways, I liked your video 😊
    And OMG, so many shippers have written Vkook & TAEKOOK upright everywhere esp that one on the glass door. I hope it don't get embarrassing for the boys 😣😔

  • Madison Hickingbottom
    Madison Hickingbottom 16 days ago

    not yoongie and not his voice

  • Wais Sidiqi
    Wais Sidiqi 17 days ago


  • Diane Shapiro
    Diane Shapiro 17 days ago

    tôi không biết

  • Anggia Putri Pelangi
    Anggia Putri Pelangi 18 days ago

    We were watching for nothing

  • Rania Allysha
    Rania Allysha 19 days ago

    So yeah i never see yoongi's looks like that! Btw yoongi's voice is so slow and deep☺️👼

  • Pemba Sir
    Pemba Sir 19 days ago

    Give me back my precious time😠😠

  • Gabizona Novaex
    Gabizona Novaex 19 days ago

    안녕하세요 pfv 저를 브라질 인으로 지정하고 모든 동영상이 나를 사랑하는지 확인하십시오.

  • Jin Tea
    Jin Tea 20 days ago +1


  • Алина Кто то

    Не знаю о чём она тароторит,но когда она улыбается то и я лыблюсь😅

  • Canicz Nicz
    Canicz Nicz 20 days ago

    4:43 Hahaha

  • Finn Wolfhard Zone
    Finn Wolfhard Zone 21 day ago +2

    Everyone: That’s not his ears,hair,style
    Me: *That’s not his face*

  • Nut But 527
    Nut But 527 21 day ago

    Roses are red...
    Violets are blue...
    I know that’s not yoongi ...
    And so do you...

  • putri__qisha officel

    i don see anithing sorry

  • LᴏSᴇʀ
    LᴏSᴇʀ 21 day ago


  • Jung- hya
    Jung- hya 22 days ago

    Tirip slama bwat jk

  • Kylien xd Msp
    Kylien xd Msp 22 days ago

    It's a clickbait

  • Raiza Nuevo
    Raiza Nuevo 22 days ago

    te ang galing mo sumayaw ily tlga

  • Raiza Nuevo
    Raiza Nuevo 22 days ago

    ate 1st time ko na nood mg vid nyo pero ily ang galong myo po sumayaw pa add po sa fb RAIZA QUENCY NUEVO

  • Purple Yoongi
    Purple Yoongi 23 days ago

    sana all ate na meet si meet si suga my boyfriend hhehehehrhrhhrhrh bts are mine

  • Bangtan’s Army
    Bangtan’s Army 23 days ago

    Clickbait watta lie man!

  • Louela lafuente
    Louela lafuente 23 days ago


  • Just Kai
    Just Kai 23 days ago

    Nice clickbait😝🥺☹️

  • Mikasu-ona potato Oueen

    This maded my day 😭

  • Chloe Wolterman
    Chloe Wolterman 25 days ago

    Speak English I don't understand what you are saying 💯💔😂😜

  • Btslovergirl:3 :3
    Btslovergirl:3 :3 25 days ago

    You met suga? Great I feel like I have no chance to meet my bias suga

  • Natalee Mayorga
    Natalee Mayorga 26 days ago

    suga but where is jimin

  • Meera Ahmed
    Meera Ahmed 27 days ago +1

    Are you kidding me that’s not suga I can’t believe that you say that he is suga he is not suga!!!!!!

  • Help Me get famous
    Help Me get famous 28 days ago

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    she lied to me
    and even to you

  • 「s o o - r i」
    「s o o - r i」 28 days ago +11

    Everyone: That's not his smile, that's not his voice
    Me: That's not his aura

  • Cidney Chan
    Cidney Chan 28 days ago

    That is not yoongi ik my bias and if it was him his english tone wouldn't be like that

  • Sophia Tapalla
    Sophia Tapalla 29 days ago

    Ate hindi po yan si Suga and alam ko po smile ni Suga di katulad ng nakita ko sa vid mo and hindi po matangkad si Suga at yung boses nya magkaiba sa boses ni Suga sa lalaking diko po alam pangalan! Hehe like nyo to kung agree kayo

  • keila cruz
    keila cruz Month ago

    I have a picture with them

  • Jimin Got Jams
    Jimin Got Jams Month ago

    Or maybe thats Woozi

  • Jimin and Taehyung Vmin

    Lier I thought you meet Minyoongi

  • Erica Tosif
    Erica Tosif Month ago

    녀ㅎㅁ ㅁㅌㅅ미ㅣㅛ 드문 ㄴ*ㅊㅏ 😂😂😂😂

  • Rowena Mendoza
    Rowena Mendoza Month ago

    sana all nakita ang crush ko