The Most Horrible Plane Crash Accident In The World

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • The Most Horrible Plane Crash Accident In The World !
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    Worst Aviation Disasters And Plane Crashes In History
    Lauda Air Flight 004 - 223 dead: On 26 May 1991 flight 004 from Bangkok to Vienna broke up in the air near the Burma-Thailand border after the thrust reverser on the left wing fired. Reports indicate that it’s subsequent dive could have exceeded mach 1 (the sound barrier). There were no survivors.
    China Airlines Flight 611 - 225 dead: On 25 May 2002 flight 611 from Taiwan to Hong Kong disintegrated mid flight due to faulty repairs 22 years earlier.
    Korean Air Flight 801 - 228 dead: Despite protests from the flight engineer that the captain was not detecting the correct signal for landing, he pressed on and guided flight 801 from Seoul, South Korea directly into the Guam mountainside leaving only 26 survivors.
    Air France Flight 447 - 228 dead: 1 June 2009 flight 447 disappeared on its way to Paris from Rio de Janeiro. Although the wreckage was found after 5 days the black box was recovered 2 years later. The cause was found to be an inappropriate pilot response to faulty air speed indicators due to bad weather conditions and ice.
    Swissair Flight 111 - 229 dead:On 2 September 1998 Swissair flight 111 from New York to Geneva crashed into the ocean just off of Nova Scotia due to a rapidly spreading cockpit fire.
    9/11 flights:Although not a single air disaster, the four flights involved in 9/11 were responsible for the greatest single day loss of life in commercial aviation history. Two of the flights, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 each were responsible for thousands of casualties after being driven into the World Trade Centers and are considered the largest and second largest losses of life due to individual plane crashes in all of aviation history with 1700 and 1000 people killed respectively.
    Tenerife Airport Disaster - 583 dead: In terms of passengers and crew killed this collision between two Boeing 747s on the Spanish Island of Tenerife is considered the deadliest plane crash in history.
    Japan Airlines Flight 123 - 520 dead:On August 12, 1985 a flight from Tokyo to Osaka crashed into Mount Takamagahara leaving only 4 survivors.
    Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision - 349 dead: The deadliest mid-air collision in history, Saudi Arabian airlines and Kazakhstan airlines crashed just west of New Delhi killing everyone on both planes. An investigation found that once again a lack of English language skills on behalf of the Kazakh pilots was the primary cause.
    Ermenonville air disaster - 346 dead:After a Moroccan baggage handler was unable to read the proper latching instructions in either English or Turkish on Turkish airlines flight 981, the latch blew off mid flight as the plane crashed into Ermonville forest near Paris, France. Furthermore, the latches had a known design flaw.
    Air India Flight 182 - 329 dead:On the 23 of June, 1985 a bomb exploded onboard Air India Flight 182 as it was flying between London and Montreal. The plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Ireland. A Canadian Sikh militant group was responsible.
    Saudia Flight 163 - 301 dead:This flight from Rihadh to Jeddah caught fire shortly after takeoff. It turned around and made an emergency landing but everyone on board died of smoke inhalation before fire crews could get inside. The fire was started due to butane stoves used by Muslim pilgrims because of their strict dietary restrictions. Saudi Arabia has since banned the stoves but some people still smuggle them onboard to make tea.
    Iran Air Flight 655 - 290 dead: During the Iraq-Iran on July 3, 1988 the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 665 going between Tehran and Dubai due to confused communications.
    Iranian Air Force - 275 dead: On the 19th of February, 2003 an Iranian Air Force plane carrying Revolutionary Guards on an unknown mission crashed into the mountains near Kerman leaving no survivors.
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    The Most Horrible Plane Crash Accident In The World Part 2

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    Why dose this have to happen to people

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    Wasnt 911 the most horrible though?

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    RIP Kobe

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    The second one people were testing something

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    Is it a celebration video ? A fool can set this type background music in the video....
    RIP & Condolence for all those brothers & Sister who died in the incident ... 😓

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    Stupid Uploader why music? Is that Happy or proud moment? Shame on you 👎

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    1:00 that's not even a crash. it was a TEST

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    They look fake or is it just cause I play GTA

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    0:58 its a crash test not a real crash

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    Perfect song for peapol dying in a plane🙂🙂🙂

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    how could I possibly lose my fear of flying when I keep putting myself up to watching this kind of youtube videos?

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    You should not put this cheerful music on plane crashes!!People are dying on this plane crash, they are not playing chess or doing party!!!It's against humanity!!

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    3rd video wanst an accident. they wanted to destroy the plaine

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    Dear video editor,
    Would your soul rest in piece if this kind of music was played on your funeral?!

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    1:03 it's not a crash, it's a plane crash test and crashing on purpose. what a hoax

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    2:04 that was a test

  • 737 Max
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    Ok so if you don't know the worst fatal aviation accidents in history are the 737 Max ones because this already killed all the Passangers & crew in Ethiopian airlines & lion air because of its MCAS if you don't know what MCAS is it's something that pulls the tail up and the nose down to avoid a stall it's even worse than collision & broken horizontal stabilizers or even a plane that struck another planes vertical stabilizer the 737 Max accidents will always be the most fatal aviation accidents in history. As right now the 737 Max has been grounded by Boeing and is currently fixing it's MCAS system

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    The guy who made this video was for the views and money, bitch ass mothafucker didn't once think about the music, what a fucking choot!

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  • tide pods
    tide pods 28 days ago

    Most were caused by stupid people tryna do cool things

    • Twitch.WixGeers
      Twitch.WixGeers 24 days ago

      tide pods No,In correct the fist one was a c17 at a military bace my friend seen it.It took to hard of a bank.The second one was at Iraq it was a cargo plane and the crew loaded it up wrong which caused the plane to stall.The third one was a crash test so nobody was on it.The fourth when was in China and it was a Bird strike.The fourth when was a air show yes there were trying to do something cool but they have been doing it for years he was go to fast on the turn and lost Control.The fifth one had hard wind other know as crosswinds and caused him to over pitch and not slow down a enough. The six one was trying to do stuff cool but they have been doing it for years and the Engine failed when he was upside down which caused it to loose a lot of power. The seventh with my friend seen the pilots over banked. The eighth one was at a airshow trying to do cool stuff like I said the have been doing it for years. The rest of them were at a airshow and most of them ejected safely.

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    HA HA Losers I hope they all DIED and if you think I'm joking IM NOT

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    2:35 is it an antonov? don't look like one normally an 225 has about 6 engine s but more engines dafuq also the music 😥:'( :'(

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    Pls don't add these videos on TheXvid

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    the one in the desert and on the beach were not horrible. the desert crash was an far test and the overshot of the runaway in the water was no death...fuck your video...

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    Music is disrespectful because the one before the last the pilots could of died dude but the ejected you noob

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    Everyone is so angry about the background

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    “Most horrible plane crash accidents in the world”
    First of all: 10/10 grammar 😂
    Second: what’s up with that music? That’s disrespectful to those who did die in these clips, like, wth.
    Third: Those weren’t even close to the worst aviation accidents. You had TWO that were actually tragic: 1:23 and 2:44. The final clip was the same event as the 2:44 clip, just at a different angle. That clip was also the worst air show disaster, with or 70 deaths if I remember correctly. In some of the others, no one even died or there were few casualties. One of those clips wasn’t even real. Please research air disasters before you go making a compilation of videos you found and say that they are the worst air disasters. (This is gonna sound strange, but I counted around 140 deaths. There are videos of air disasters that total more than that in a single clip. If you title a video this way, consider using those videos instead of someone flipping their little plane at the end of a runway.)

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    Spam f to pay respects

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    R.i.p all 🙏🙏🙏

  • I can’t think of a Non cringe name

    Most of those are research planes with no one in them to research a crash or photoshopped

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    Plane crashes like oof! Feel so sorry about the people that was in there