PLAYING WITH FIRE Official Trailer (2019) John Cena Comedy Movie HD

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • PLAYING WITH FIRE Official Trailer (2019) John Cena Comedy Movie HD
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Comments • 248

  • cherry hyd
    cherry hyd 10 hours ago

    John sir I'm a big fan of you from India🇮🇳

  • Guap Boomin
    Guap Boomin 15 days ago

    John Cena following the rocks footsteps Finna start seeing him in a lot of movies

  • Edwin Alic
    Edwin Alic 17 days ago

    Never give up

  • aisha ibrahim
    aisha ibrahim 21 day ago

    Uh oh uh oh my love is on fireeee

  • Jon Klomp
    Jon Klomp 23 days ago

    I am a big John Cena fan and can't to see it and buy it

  • K
    K 24 days ago

    Keegan's in there? I'm in.

    OVOXO TINGS 26 days ago +1

    Idc i love john cena

  • Sofia Jerez
    Sofia Jerez 26 days ago +1

    0:40 why nikky bella left him

  • sauron's eyeballs
    sauron's eyeballs 27 days ago

    this stupid

  • snake510ful
    snake510ful 27 days ago +4

    Cena has some good acting potential, but he needs to stop coming out in these Nickelodeon movies. Nick movies never end up good

  • Laurie Niedermeier
    Laurie Niedermeier 27 days ago

    Can’t wait to see it

  • Emilia NGOMBE
    Emilia NGOMBE 28 days ago

    BLACKPINK has a song called PLAYING WITH FIRE
    and this MOVIE is called PLAYING WITH FIRE

  • Ajaksjosh Entertainment

    Gotta watch this

  • HackFuey
    HackFuey 28 days ago +1

    Great John Cena just made a song from Social Distortion lame.

  • mr đậu
    mr đậu 28 days ago +6

    My name is john cena =)
    Shut up bit** :john cena
    Ok man
    Good🖒 :john cena
    Hey kid you ok? : john cena
    I'm fine thank😢
    =) :john cena

  • captainjack8319
    captainjack8319 28 days ago

    What’s more egregious: the cheap movie or the horrible cover of a Johnny Cash song.

  • B21RebelAmerican
    B21RebelAmerican 28 days ago


  • Shanique Rodney
    Shanique Rodney 28 days ago

    Sorry mark walhbergs you miss this one

  • Abi A
    Abi A 29 days ago

    This looks chaotic and funny af...smh

  • samm s
    samm s 29 days ago

    when u run all the ideas making movie.

  • 50 subs without vids

    So this is what Freds dad was always busy doing

  • Abhinav Acharya
    Abhinav Acharya Month ago

    This feels like despicable

  • Haydini leafini
    Haydini leafini Month ago

    Where tf is John?

  • tim Jamieson
    tim Jamieson Month ago

    Looks stupid

  • YouTubeBoss899
    YouTubeBoss899 Month ago

    what dog breed is that? anyone

  • Cheezukeyku
    Cheezukeyku Month ago

    Liked it.,, reminds me of 90’s comedy movies

  • Ozyman73
    Ozyman73 Month ago

    Oh look, it's Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Sabretooth in the same film.

  • Lady Warrior
    Lady Warrior Month ago +17

    Lmao that part that lil girl comes walking up to cena lol he grabs her head and turns back around 😂😂😂😂plus my boo is a wildland firefighter anywho gotta watch dis😂

  • Rhodri James
    Rhodri James Month ago

    Live action fire man sam

  • Rudy Lerma jr
    Rudy Lerma jr Month ago

    Looks like good movie and funny bad ass

  • Spider Bite
    Spider Bite Month ago

    So this isn't a Key and Peele skit?

  • Marcel Hraboczki
    Marcel Hraboczki Month ago

    I like this. I like this. It's funny 😊

  • Brien Van Dyke
    Brien Van Dyke Month ago

    I feel like John Cena tries too hard. His acting isn’t natural at all.

  • Blue Violets
    Blue Violets Month ago

    The murder-y looking girl from Trinkets. I enjoyed The Pacifier so I might watch this

  • Elsie Clayton
    Elsie Clayton Month ago

    I love the trailer and the best bit is when the little girl stops the dog

    KHAN IBNA ESAAFI Month ago

    future news: nunber 1 super-duper flop movie

  • ZachWhosoever
    ZachWhosoever Month ago

    this looks baaaaaad

  • Mark Reece
    Mark Reece Month ago +1

    Funniest man on the planet?
    Michael Keegan Key!!

  • Boi Chuah Sang
    Boi Chuah Sang Month ago

    Is that girl Tina Fey's daughter? She looks kinda like Tina Fey. She has Tina Fey-ish looks even though she's young...

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Month ago +3

    Great to see leguizamo back at work.

  • PandoraTroll
    PandoraTroll Month ago

    Not single funny part was detected

  • Kim Poy
    Kim Poy Month ago

    Looking forward for this movie and cant wait to watch it 🤩🤩🤩

  • stephen kroll
    stephen kroll Month ago

    This looks very b movie straight to dvd ish.....

  • Udita Pal
    Udita Pal Month ago

    reminds me of Pacifier

  • WestNileSnipes
    WestNileSnipes Month ago


  • Clout Claudius Charles
    Clout Claudius Charles Month ago +14

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THIS IS THE BATTLE OF “Who will be the next Rock??”

  • rhonda bullard
    rhonda bullard Month ago

    Love it 😍

  • iwasanangryyoungman

    Gnasher goes Hollywood...but leaves Dennis the Menace behind!!!
    Maybe he was denied a US visa

  • Aziz & Serg
    Aziz & Serg Month ago


  • AC Lagua
    AC Lagua Month ago +3

    I find it funny.
    Like a "pacifier" "Spy"Of Jackie Chan hahaha

  • Maria do Carmo Monteiro

    muito legal, parabéns

  • Ryan Polak
    Ryan Polak Month ago

    3 men and a baby the newer version.

  • ana raijeli
    ana raijeli Month ago

    Can’t wait💯❤️

  • Asep Septian
    Asep Septian Month ago

    jhon cena is next the rock

    • Raymon Danielson
      Raymon Danielson 29 days ago

      No he's not,he's only getting good roles all thanks to his agent,The Rock appear in many different genres he did ok in them what John Cena has done outside comedy and military roles ? You don't need to be a huge star to sell a movie nowadays so that alone makes a job even harder to get on the same level as The Rock.

  • Joan Jose
    Joan Jose Month ago +1

    my first thought in my mind when i saw the title : BLACKPINK

  • Craig Rhodes
    Craig Rhodes Month ago

    I hate to see it but the chances of Cena coming back to the wwe is not looking good. He's having alot of success outside of it which is good for him but wwe is missing him. A loud let's go Cena Cena sucks chant broke out on Raw during the womans match

    • Raymon Danielson
      Raymon Danielson 29 days ago

      John Cena is not enjoying the type of success that you think.

    • Craig Rhodes
      Craig Rhodes Month ago +1

      Good point Prince those Cena sucks and you can't wrestle and the fuck you Cena chant at wrestlemania 22 doesn't sound like appreciation to me lol. It's like that old saying you don't know what you have till he's gone.

    • Prince Zane
      Prince Zane Month ago

      Well considering majority of the fans took him for granted all those years..I'm laughing at it now. Where was this appreciation for him when he was there? Lol

  • Subhodeep Ghosh
    Subhodeep Ghosh Month ago

    You know when I see John Cena speaks in WWE, I thought he was a very natural actor but I changed my mind after watching couple of his movies. I thought John Cena's acting in blockers was better than this. This is really bad

  • kris matt
    kris matt Month ago +1

    I couldn't even finish watching the whole trailer, I can't imagine having to go through the whole movie.

  • King Ozymandias
    King Ozymandias Month ago

    Along with other 1 million movies similar to this

  • RagingUtai
    RagingUtai Month ago

    John cena looks like a bulked up ted price

  • tetrulz jam
    tetrulz jam Month ago +1

    Omg dont we have enough movies like this? Toothfairy, The pacifier, the spy next door etc.. Whats happening to hollywood?

    • Nick Valentin
      Nick Valentin 5 days ago

      tetrulz jam Needs youth with fresh ideas

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf Month ago

    The Pacifier 2

  • Bhm Mhd
    Bhm Mhd Month ago

    When the Rock unavailable, who do you call? John Cena!

  • Cassandra C.
    Cassandra C. Month ago +1

    Isn’t that Ellie from Deadpool?

  • Peter Felt
    Peter Felt Month ago


  • Lars Werner
    Lars Werner Month ago

    you won`t have us accept Cena as the new Rock. Its hard enough with him already.

  • Wayne Kent
    Wayne Kent Month ago

    The nanny 2?

  • since1999 uwu
    since1999 uwu Month ago +2

    my 7yearsold childhood crush along with shawn michaels and triple H. yeah i know my soul was awake too early 😂😂

  • The 2nd Best
    The 2nd Best Month ago

    The Pacifier but with Firefighters

  • The Darkhorse Effect

    Stuber looks much funnier

  • ShiveRaye
    ShiveRaye Month ago

    The films not rated because it's not guaranteed to make it to theaters

  • Jay Shan
    Jay Shan Month ago +28

    I'll watch it, the hate is just unreal and not necessary

  • Rio Ubatay
    Rio Ubatay Month ago

    damn it Cena, i'm eating!