Tucker Carlson Cold Open - SNL

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat), Jeannine Pirro (Cecily Strong), Ann Coulter (Heidi Gardner), Wilbur Ross (Kate McKinnon) talk about the government shutdown and Roger Stone (Steve Martin) stops by to talk about his arrest.
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Comments • 7 839

  • TheLionofJudah
    TheLionofJudah 3 hours ago

    Democrats are the real clowns and they do their own show. No need to outdo that show.

  • serene2681
    serene2681 3 days ago

    Tucker Carlson always has the same look on his face as an old man, walking into a Best Buy, confused and angry.

  • Randal
    Randal 4 days ago

    I've been on an SNL binge and you really don't realize how shitty the newer seasons are until they pop up after watching stuff from 10 or 20 years ago. This is hot garbage and political pandering masquerading as comedy. Sad really. But that's life I guess.

  • Melissa Cotter
    Melissa Cotter 6 days ago

    Kate McKinnon is one in a million. Cecily is amazing too. The writing however, it is a bit meh..

  • Ray White
    Ray White 7 days ago

    PLZ tell me u didn't all miss his throwback to 2 wild and crazy guys.

  • Mary Wiley
    Mary Wiley 10 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing at the Wilbur Ross impersonation. It was right on. Lmao 🤣🤣🤣😢😢😢

  • rosasaria
    rosasaria 11 days ago +2

    i still can't get over how good this tucker impression is....oh my god

    • aonewomancrowd
      aonewomancrowd 9 days ago +1

      rosasaria I swear!!!! That voice modulation is pure perfection.

  • Redcatrobe
    Redcatrobe 12 days ago

    I love that Tucker is using his head voice 🤣 The dog face tilt is great, too

  • Darin Gregory
    Darin Gregory 12 days ago

    Man this was so funny. Especially after 3 ms-13 scum bags raped. And murdered a teenage muslim girl on her way home from her mosque. Really funny you snl fucks.

  • S4njuro
    S4njuro 12 days ago

    "I'm just a normal and strait forward guy!" callback!

  • Stella Ap
    Stella Ap 13 days ago

    Leander tu. Si tienes los pantalones Bien tú y Guaidó son un orgullo para venezuela son los primeros que deberían habrá zar cuando venezuela logre la libertad dios los vendiga

  • William Gum
    William Gum 13 days ago

    Not funny

  • helveticaification
    helveticaification 14 days ago

    It's not in Steve Martin's nature to capture Stone's arrogance, creepiness and slyness.

  • tlak
    tlak 14 days ago

    Snl does it too good if you can't stand to watch them doing the two asshole tucker and genni

  • Aryan Marathe
    Aryan Marathe 14 days ago

    Lol these toothless sister fucking trumpers gettin mad😭😭

  • Richard Smart
    Richard Smart 15 days ago +1

    "You could have your horses attend public school..." - utterly brilliant!

  • Callsign Bama
    Callsign Bama 15 days ago

    Bruhhhh her voice impression is fuckin spot on lol. SNL truly is a National Treasure.

  • Larry Haney
    Larry Haney 15 days ago

    I’m pro trump and this is HILARIOUS!! Love it!!

  • mobrules29
    mobrules29 15 days ago +1

    So much potential for a Roger Stone impersonation, but so little in delivery. I am underwhelmed.

  • mrfayetteville91
    mrfayetteville91 17 days ago

    Tucker is the man, he hasn't been caught lying a dozen times like Don lemon. It's a shame that snl is so biased. There used to be some bias in the old episodes but at least they were funny. I miss the days of Chris Farley and Eddie Murphy.

  • Generalsaurkraut
    Generalsaurkraut 18 days ago

    Pardon Roger Stone.

  • Michelle Landreth
    Michelle Landreth 18 days ago +1

    Steve Martin, you are amazing

  • jakebeauchamp3com
    jakebeauchamp3com 18 days ago

    Fucking Kate McKinnon! 😂

  • Raptorman0909
    Raptorman0909 19 days ago

    Usually in a skit like this you have one strong performance and the others merely suffice, but in this skit everyone was on their A game. Kate McKinnon's Wilbur Ross is literally perfect as is Cecily Strong's Jeanine Pirro. Alex Moffat and Steve Martin were top notch as well. This skit will be remembered a long time and for good reason.

  • bellinghammond
    bellinghammond 23 days ago

    SNL: witless, humorless, Establishment, PC, partisan, bullshit!
    Here are the "hilarious™" obese, sub-intelligent, Feminist™/Lesbians of SNL warbling for the TPTB....

    CREOLE DADDY 23 days ago

    Funny as a dead baby..., oh yeah, liberals love that.

  • Marcus Fontaine
    Marcus Fontaine 24 days ago +1

    Don’t drag Marie Kondo’a good name through the mud!!!!!

  • Troll General
    Troll General 24 days ago +2

    The actor playing Tucker needs to be fatter and have his mouth open wider when listening to the guest speak

  • Kelly Kerr
    Kelly Kerr 24 days ago +1

    This needs to be done again only even more racist to be true

  • Jason Usry
    Jason Usry 27 days ago

    Way too on the nose. The problem is not that it's political. It's that it's not clever. All the performers in this sketch are great. They (especially Cecily) deserve better. Lorne once said SNL works best when it's giving you what you expected in a way you did not expect. Since the Fey era, it's way too often given us what we expect exactly the way we would have guessed. Thankfully, great stuff still happens too!

  • Moe Greene
    Moe Greene 27 days ago

    Now what would be funny: would be a good lampooning of SNL. They're obviously politically contrived to the point of being stale.

  • Ivan Nanotech
    Ivan Nanotech 28 days ago

    Tucker Carlson is aweosme

  • Paul Charvet
    Paul Charvet 29 days ago +1

    Tucker is such a douche!! People need to start pointing fingers at the idiots hiding behind the camera. The idiots hiring these idiots should be culpable as well.

  • Mikee One
    Mikee One 29 days ago

    Saturday night live sucks now .Im sick of dumb Liberals .

  • Davis Fred
    Davis Fred 29 days ago

    Nothing like stone, stupid! Year and years of stupid political crap, too bad Snl not worth watching! Toilet paper!

  • Hippy Wizard
    Hippy Wizard 29 days ago


  • baby trump
    baby trump Month ago

    crosseyed carlson is a joke.........

  • bellinghammond
    bellinghammond Month ago

    the amerikan Left has devolved into pure Marxism....and SNL has become a DUMB propaganda outlet for them...fuck it

    • Peter
      Peter 29 days ago

      bellinghammond Go read your cult leaders twitter instead, only people with the IQ of a walnut still believe and support the liar in chief

    • Ceco Elvisa
      Ceco Elvisa 29 days ago +1

      Political comedy = Marxism in your head ? You so obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about

    • bellinghammond
      bellinghammond 29 days ago

      no better way to advertise your lobotomized NPC status than by using the word "Orange". what a dullard you are +Peter

    • Peter
      Peter 29 days ago +1

      bellinghammond so you’re against satire and freedom of speech, perhaps you and the orange buffoon should move to Russia, trumps real birthplace

    • Debra Combs
      Debra Combs Month ago +2

      At some point in your life, you might want to open a book, ANY book.

  • Dallana Rivera
    Dallana Rivera Month ago +2

    SNL just became my favorite show. I can’t believe I just started watching it.

  • Clinton Alford
    Clinton Alford Month ago

    When art meets reality. Very scary

  • Aida Averett
    Aida Averett Month ago

    Hey Tucker you big fat oaf have you looked in the mirror lately you ignorant piece of s*** and Jeanne Pirro have you looked in the mirror you're not white you're from the Mediterranean your Sicilian your brown

  • Ricky Tubens
    Ricky Tubens Month ago

    Awwww. 6200 people didn’t like this.

  • toney ingram
    toney ingram Month ago +1

    Carlson is just another racist devil. Lying bitch

  • Felony Strutter
    Felony Strutter Month ago

    I love you MIss Strong.

  • Mama Clack
    Mama Clack Month ago

    Kate McKinnon is my favourite by far!

  • Mr. D
    Mr. D Month ago

    You know, there are some comedy gold targets on the left too, AOC, shiff, Pelosi etc. In my opinion snl is missing a great chance to be even funnier, but who needs laughs when you can virtue signal?

  • Felony Strutter
    Felony Strutter Month ago

    The impression of Piro is so great they should mock her show every week, make her the feature and not just a guest. IN fact I iwsh SNL was the woman doing Piro for an hour and then the rest Pete Davidson. Also get rid of the music segment....the bands they have on suck andit usually is just horrible rappers anyway

  • Jeff Harmon
    Jeff Harmon Month ago

    So stupid. SnL used to be hilarious, now its just a sad parody of itself. Its a joke, but not a funny one.

  • Trying to make sense

    "I call it, dog looking into mirror"

  • Valerie Favazza
    Valerie Favazza Month ago

    I still think the season 1 cast was the best of all time...

  • Fritz
    Fritz Month ago

    The actor couldn't imitate Tuck's signature
    "Tuck attempting to understand Leftist Antifa/Marxist interviewee's warped, and insane viewpoint while trying to hide disgust, contempt, etc."

  • Terrance Miller
    Terrance Miller Month ago


  • communistjesus
    communistjesus Month ago +8

    Steve Martin still has it....Kate McKinnon impersonations RIGHT on the mark....Just freaking hilarious..

  • Raoul Sombrero
    Raoul Sombrero Month ago

    I love Steve Martin doing Roger Stone. I would have thought Steve would have picked up on Roger Stone's 'Meth Mouth' where he is constantly licking his dry thin lips during interviews and especially when he is about to lie.

  • Ramon Arellano
    Ramon Arellano Month ago

    This show hasn’t been funny in 20 years.

  • Trying to make sense

    Cecily Strong does Jeannine Pirro better than Jeannine Pirro.

  • Rod Deming
    Rod Deming Month ago

    i do got to say I always enjoy Steve Martin hes funny

  • Rod Deming
    Rod Deming Month ago

    im A Republican but I have to say this video is funny its good to have laughs too

  • Reynir Rúnarsson
    Reynir Rúnarsson Month ago

    This is as much of a comedy show as Louder with Crowder. It´s blatantly obvious, they promote the leftist narrative on everything. It feels more like manipulation than comedy.

  • aaron bush
    aaron bush Month ago

    He's not as handsome as Tucker

  • dmodmodmo
    dmodmodmo Month ago

    Holy shit that's a good Tucker Carlson

  • Jeff Daniels
    Jeff Daniels Month ago +1

    Did anyone else think that Steve Martin simultaneously looked like Mandy Patinkin and Dennis Quaid‎?

  • Vaun
    Vaun Month ago

    They should make a CNN Anderson Cooper version

  • ariane caskey
    ariane caskey Month ago

    I was really looking forward to watching this but it really isn’t funny.

  • Golden State Warriors

    Love the clip from civil war

  • Nate W
    Nate W Month ago +1

    I actually met Tucker Carlson once. The minute the show cut to commercial, Tucker pulled out a bottle of (what I assume was) Rolling Rock. All I could think was, “Yeah, I need to be drunk to watch this channel too.”

  • Dan Mat
    Dan Mat Month ago

    Don't know who to believe now a days, Fox or SNL! Nailed Carson!!👍

  • Beux J
    Beux J Month ago

    McKinnon's Wilbur Ross will HAUNT MY NIGHTMARES until the day I die...

  • Patricia Loaiza
    Patricia Loaiza Month ago

    I LOVE YOU and WHATEVER happens. I want you in my reality.
    Apollo special.

  • James Mines
    James Mines Month ago

    & day of the dead IS a real holiday.

  • James Mines
    James Mines Month ago

    DAYUUUM!!!! .... thought it was the real jeanine Shapiro!!! fooled me the entire skit! too convincing! not funny!


  • vova47
    vova47 Month ago

    Now, was this supposed to be funny? This is pathetic. The actor impersonating Tucker sounds nothing like him, though his look are flattering to Tucker. "Judge Jeannine" got her voice intonation right but looks flabby in comparison.
    And what happened to Steve Martin, who was funny and talented once? No wonder left comedy is in shambles - they are so full of TDS they forgot they're supposed to be entertaining. Sad.....

  • a35362
    a35362 Month ago

    Holy cow, Sting is actually 67 years old!

  • Phyllis P
    Phyllis P Month ago

    Thank goodness Freedom of Speech, and comedy! As an artist we
    I say to the government, “back off “ ! And yes , SNL has been political for years . I was fortunate to have been raised at a time when shows like “ Good Times”, All in the Family “, “Mash “ to name a few openly discussed topic on racism, war and yes, even politics !

  • sean2015
    sean2015 Month ago

    OMG this is a spot-on impression of Tucker Carlson. Alex Moffat is the man!

  • Andra Liquori
    Andra Liquori Month ago +1

    OMG! Priceless (and accurate). SNL hits the nail on the head again.

  • peter lockwood 57
    peter lockwood 57 Month ago +2

    For everyone that thinks this is unbiased, @snl would never do a video like this about cnn or msnbc

  • Joseph M.
    Joseph M. Month ago

    One my all-time favorite SNL skits!

  • Peter Fountotos
    Peter Fountotos Month ago

    Steve Martin does a better Roger Stone than _Roger Stone_

  • mary perry
    mary perry Month ago +3

    How does this actress outdo herself over and over? Absolute genius actress Kate McKinnon, that Wilbur Ross 👍🏆🎭

  • Eddies Labor
    Eddies Labor Month ago


  • Christopher Parks
    Christopher Parks Month ago

    That is an amazing Tucker impression.

  • John Wright
    John Wright 2 months ago

    you even wonder why snl attacks tucker? because he's number 1 in political shows at that time slot beating everyone else.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 Month ago


    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks Month ago +1

      Or because he lies constantly while asking misleading questions and ridiculing every guest who doesnt share his opinion.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 months ago +1

    My dog is named Tucker

  • Skin Splash
    Skin Splash 2 months ago +1

    Y’all really keep on bitching about snl being political bruh just don’t fuckin watch it

  • c that
    c that 2 months ago

    Steve Martin nails Roger Stone and Cecily as Jennine is over the top. Kate as Wilbur Ross, well sh'e's Kate and there's no person she can't play...the Trump administration has certainly made America laugh again

  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy 2 months ago

    this was funny and i love Steve Martin as much as the next comedy junkie but that was a terrible impression.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 2 months ago

    “For a period of time you could have your horses attend public school... small things add up”
    Lol that’s some of the funniest shit I’ve ever heard

  • Trump Supporters at Mar-A-Lago

    Dumbest show ever

  • Kirubel Ayni
    Kirubel Ayni 2 months ago

    0:57 LMAO 😂 she is on point.

  • trugangsta4real
    trugangsta4real 2 months ago +14

    Tucker Carlson impression pretty darn good

  • Sheriff Burford T. Justice

    He's still got it!

  • matthewtattoo
    matthewtattoo 2 months ago +2

    These Trump wackos allow for infinite folly...#FuckTrumpAndCoForever

  • Thomas Jennings
    Thomas Jennings 2 months ago

    I loved the captain American clip lol

  • Thomas Is In Space Thomas Is In Space

    this is '80s SNL. well done. lol.
    and the second act is creepy. ok.
    it's on tone with what i grew up with, truly. lol

  • righteous truth-speaker

    The fact you libtards have to TRY to make fun of these people shows how much the truth they spew scares you!

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe 2 months ago

    Those ridiculous glasses! I lol'd so hard when I saw this for the first time! It's a piece of comedic ART that deserves its place in history. Cecily Strong nails it as Jeanine Pirro, that thing she does with her mouth is freaking genius! It's a scary-true caricature. ...as is Tucker's "listening face." And don't even get me started on the makeup for Wilbur Ross. My GOD! I want an Emmy for this department of SNL. Now please allow me to gush about Steve Martin for a moment, a largely underappreciated unsung hero of US comedy! His blinking is so outrageously funny that I had to watch his entrance twice! DeNiro was off his game in the first couple of sketches, but seemed much better in his last one. Here, Martin OUT-ACTS DeNiro by miles! Let me assert that again for the record: STEVE MARTIN nailed his SNL sketch BETTER than ROBERT DE NIRO! De Niro needs to step up his game to run with the likes of Martin.

  • ZMC
    ZMC 2 months ago

    I’m conservative and I found a lot of this to be funny... unlike the left who cries whenever they’re made fun of.

  • Adina Lesperance
    Adina Lesperance 2 months ago

    "We should take a Marie Kondo approach to cleaning up the country - if it doesn't spark joy, throw it out." What an interesting concept. I know where I'd start, and it's in a big white house...

  • Daniel Asmus
    Daniel Asmus 2 months ago

    No bow tie on Tucker, SNL is low energy.😪