Joe Bob Briggs Interview (Cinemassacre)


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  • Willy Beamish
    Willy Beamish 12 hours ago

    Joe Bob Briggs is Legend!

  • Fafnir Icingdeath

    omg Joe Bob Briggs? Im in all day, every day, this guy is a fucking champ. If I could make a movie with Joe Bob, Bruce Campbell and Norm Mcdonald and Patrick Warburton in any scenario I would, I would.

  • uncoveringthelost
    uncoveringthelost 9 days ago

    Wow, this guy is way smarter than he initially is portrayed.

  • Wesley26505
    Wesley26505 10 days ago

    Thanks for using my question guys. Look me up horror, sci-fi and video game nerds. @WesinHF

  • James Folds
    James Folds 12 days ago

    God bless Joe Bob.

  • vfxfan
    vfxfan 15 days ago

    I wish he was Gene Siskel's replacement.

  • Paul Mueller
    Paul Mueller 16 days ago

    We do have 100 million great indie films made for nothing. It's called TheXvid

  • Donor of Ruffled Feathers

    To his point about people not making thousands of movies because it's cheaper now, he forgets that millennials have taken all of the cheap camera hardware that exists today and are applying it to the video entertainment found on sites like TheXvid or streaming on Twitch. People are definitely putting those cheap cameras to work, just not for the traditional motion picture.

  • CFH cowboy
    CFH cowboy 25 days ago

    Great interview james . Enjoyed it so much .

  • J M
    J M 26 days ago

    I loved watching him as a kid in the 90s.

  • John Calcano
    John Calcano 28 days ago

    Joe Bob Briggs: Just google that fucker 90,000 times.

    EL WAYNO Month ago

    2:51 holy fucking shit

  • HPL* Arkham
    HPL* Arkham Month ago

    Love this guy!!! Great interview! !!

  • SWR 360
    SWR 360 Month ago

    this was really interesting

  • corder1991
    corder1991 Month ago

    Well that was awesome

  • pancaster
    pancaster Month ago

    We need these two men hosting a fucking horror movies marathon together

  • Max Bates
    Max Bates Month ago

    One of my favorite James moments ever. What an epic interview!

  • Prodigy 1098
    Prodigy 1098 Month ago

    James fighting that smile when joe bob himself calls James a horror host just like him, only on another platform. Almost makes me wanna cry, seeing dreams come true like this.

  • Gerald Perez
    Gerald Perez Month ago

    New York Times is trash.

  • Mermaid Man
    Mermaid Man Month ago

    Joe Bob was an anti film critic, James rolfe is an anti game critic

  • Darric P.L
    Darric P.L Month ago +1

    Wow great interview Nerd! Its amazing you got Joe Bob! This felt like it ended way to fast, I could have watched this for hours

  • mike z.
    mike z. Month ago

    Briggs is right about L.A. One of the top 10 film schools is in Arizona.

  • cinematedman
    cinematedman Month ago

    Awesome. So great! I'd love to see the full interview, all the bits cut out. Joe Bob was ranting about technology and the topic changed abruptly, I'd like to see more of that. at 29:48. Thanks. Cheers from Tokyo.

  • jmpmo03
    jmpmo03 Month ago +2

    If the Nerd says "Mmhmm" or "Okay" one more time..

  • Adam Sweeney
    Adam Sweeney Month ago

    James this is by far your best video so far, it was really great to see you sit down with Joe Bob.

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin Month ago

    17:00 - James looks like he felt so proud in that moment.

  • stuffmadebetter
    stuffmadebetter Month ago

    James you need to improve your interview skills. Whats up with the, 'uhummm, ahuh, hmm', etc... Come on dude, you can do much better than this. Get professional.

    • stuffmadebetter
      stuffmadebetter Month ago

      You missed the point. Allowing Joe to speak is excellent and I wish more would do that. However, James making noises like 'uhummm, ahuh, hmm' constantly is utterly amateur.

    • Prodigy 1098
      Prodigy 1098 Month ago

      hes allowing the man to fuckin speak, its more of a sit down, than an interview. So yeah, maybe the title is a little misleading. But id much prefer he let the man speak, James listens more than he speaks, a dying skill in the interview world.

  • jmpmo03
    jmpmo03 Month ago +1

    I never got a notification for this.

  • Brett Baerhold
    Brett Baerhold Month ago

    That's so great James! Glad you got to meet Joe Bob. Haha :)

  • ChristBurner
    ChristBurner Month ago

    the slasher genre, seen it, its been redone. classic universal/hammer horror, seen it, love it, its been done, done, and re done. i dont know how many... countless, supernatural/paranormal remakes and sequels galore. Aliens, monsters, ghosts, zombies have all been done. So what about a true horror serial killer series? not like a documentary thing but a real big budget portrayal of the crimes of serial killers? i can think of a couple that exist but why not a big reboot? Yay? Nay? idk ...

  • D Booth
    D Booth Month ago

    Two people I admire coming's like a dream come true :)

  • The Wogan Transformers bloke

    I love Joe Bob 💀🖤✌

  • ronald sugden
    ronald sugden Month ago

    and yes i grew up on these movies to but the amount of content you own is unreal.i would swim in that amount of information these days you can just get an snes with hardrive and download all its incredible.

  • ronald sugden
    ronald sugden Month ago

    were living in a perelel univer sort your names james my names james you have a friend named michael i have cousin named michael. bearenstein bears situation

  • Cam Williams
    Cam Williams 2 months ago

    It's great to see James here meet one of his heroes. I know James has worked hard and deserves this reward.

  • Cam Williams
    Cam Williams 2 months ago

    I totally forgot about monstervision, I used to watch that on cable back in school

  • CodeOuch
    CodeOuch 2 months ago

    the thumbnail makes it look like joe bob briggs is wearing a starfleet uniform!

    PATTERSON 2 months ago

    That's Norm MacDonald though right?

  • Beer Books and Movies
    Beer Books and Movies 2 months ago

    This was a lot of fun

  • Water Kloset Cartoons
    Water Kloset Cartoons 2 months ago

    Omg wawa coffee lol

  • MasterStryfe
    MasterStryfe 2 months ago

    Damn Joe Bob looks old as shit.

  • GabeTheGrump
    GabeTheGrump 2 months ago

    Now you need to do a monster madness with him.

  • M 6
    M 6 2 months ago

    So the thumbnail looked like you were interviewing Q from tng for a sec

  • the alaskan
    the alaskan 2 months ago

    I think the change of tone towards these movements alot of these movies gained some respect or distributors were bought by bigger companies

  • Jack backerrack
    Jack backerrack 2 months ago

    Holy Miller time it's Joe Bob Briggs

  • GaryWRNY
    GaryWRNY 2 months ago

    James this is great, man. Thanks for this!

  • ansiaaa
    ansiaaa 2 months ago

    this is interview is awesome :D you should see if you can get one with Cassandra Peterson next!

  • Ugly Troll
    Ugly Troll 2 months ago +1

    I 100% agree with him about L.A. not existing anymore. people are slowly but surely learning though! love Joe Bob!

  • Dr Wolfenstein
    Dr Wolfenstein 2 months ago

    This is amazing, James. Thank you.

  • ACook94
    ACook94 2 months ago

    This was awesome and i didnt even watch joe bob!

  • evilsWa - beyond pandora films

    Joe Bob dressing like a Starfleet Cowboy and shit.

  • WrecklessEating
    WrecklessEating 2 months ago +2

    This was so great.

  • Goofy8907
    Goofy8907 2 months ago

    Joe, you are an adult and don't even know the basics of how markets work
    1. There are more movies being made today
    2. Even if there weren't, you live in a mostly capitalist world
    Movies are commodities
    If there is no one to pay to watch movies then professional movies can't be made
    Amateur movies are partly connected to this as well, but there you simply have other competing interests or problems
    For example, there might be other things that are more interesting to more people and therefore less people pursue film making careers
    Or people may perceive film making as not being as likely profitable (tied to capitalist point above) as other professions resulting in less people getting on that track as well
    There are like hundreds of other factors
    The fact that you act as if it is exclusively tied to technology is fucking scary ignorant and/or stupid
    Holy fuck

  • Dan Challis
    Dan Challis 2 months ago

    Shudder blows. They screwed the pooch big time on this one. Joe Bob deserves better.

  • hondacivick20
    hondacivick20 2 months ago +1

    Joe bob gave you a shout during the last drive in!

  • SpoonerXYZ
    SpoonerXYZ 2 months ago +1

    This entire interview just makes me happy.

  • saintgauden
    saintgauden 2 months ago

    Nice interview. I really dig Joe Bob Briggs and watched all those late night B-movie review programs back in the day. Kinda sad to see Joe Bob getting old; shows the aging of icons and the passage of an era.

  • Cowdinator5000
    Cowdinator5000 2 months ago

    That was beautiful.

  • F3ldman
    F3ldman 2 months ago

    He’s a poor interviewer but he’s so happy and excited to be talking to his hero I don’t give a shit

  • Admiral Tug Benson
    Admiral Tug Benson 2 months ago +1

    Looks like Shudder is dropping the ball, servers went down right when it was supposed to start. They say they're working on it, looks like they didn't realize how popular Joe Bob is. Luckily I have a shitload of Monstervision reruns on a USB drive to fall back on.

  • Modest Gamers
    Modest Gamers 2 months ago +1

    Joe Bob has broke the Internet nobody can get on the shutter live stream.

  • Lamano Quetodo Lofusiona
    Lamano Quetodo Lofusiona 2 months ago +1

    I was waiting for Mike's peewee Sherman laugh the whole interview

  • Oscar Diaz
    Oscar Diaz 2 months ago


  • AbooV2
    AbooV2 2 months ago

    indentity politics rots the mind

  • V.ChiLL 79
    V.ChiLL 79 2 months ago

    Joe Bob is so much more informed and professional than James, that's the generation gap

  • Noel Hauldridge
    Noel Hauldridge 2 months ago

    Joe is the man!

  • Doctor Octagon
    Doctor Octagon 2 months ago

    Read joe bob Briggs books in the late 80’s as a kid. compilation of his articles. Hilarious

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    This Is Such A Great Interview 100% Keep Up The Great Work Sir.

  • Jon Siewert
    Jon Siewert 2 months ago

    So if a woman has to direct Frankenstein does that mean only a man can direct Dracula.

  • mdmeyers1982
    mdmeyers1982 2 months ago

    This is beyond awesome. Joe Bob seems like a real cool mofo ... watching James face when he says "people like you" ... dude could not hold back a smile. Really enjoyed this interview. I'll be checking out that Shudder show as well.

  • ComaProductions
    ComaProductions 2 months ago

    So many good memories from this late night show.

  • Super Vazquez 64
    Super Vazquez 64 2 months ago

    Throughout this interview, James sounds like Bryant Gumbel.

  • Crazy Joe
    Crazy Joe 2 months ago +1

    Google that fucker

  • Matthew Eargle - AirborneSurfer

    Living the dream, James! Living the dream!

  • He Man
    He Man 2 months ago

    *Why is he wearing Jean Luc Picards captain uniform??*

  • Dylan theVillain
    Dylan theVillain 2 months ago

    ( I mean this in a nice way) James sound like he’s always about to start crying whenever he speaks during the interview, good for him

  • machngunjoe
    machngunjoe 2 months ago

    Great interview! Wow I miss Joe Bob Briggs.
    0 breasts in this interview

  • Dresden Graves
    Dresden Graves 2 months ago

    Joe bob is doing an ama on twitter Tuesday and is asking for questions on his twitter, you all should go to his twitter and ask some under the tweet because there are very few questions so far.

  • Kelly Lupo
    Kelly Lupo 2 months ago

    I loved this. Brought back some good memories.

  • AroundIndiana
    AroundIndiana 2 months ago

    This was so fun to watch. Excellent interview

  • Aaron Foreman
    Aaron Foreman 2 months ago

    So many times I got grounded for watching monster vision. That show needs to come back.

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 2 months ago

    Awesome guy! Awesome interview! Thanks

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens 2 months ago

    Joe Bob made crappy horror movies great. Hes da man

  • lwvmobile
    lwvmobile 2 months ago +1

    I remember watching Monstervision all the time after WCW and on the weekends.
    I remember one time he was showing "Carrie" and one scene had a wall with "Carrie White Eat Shit" on it and Joe Bob came back from break and went off on how TNT wouldn't let him say "Shit" but it was okay for it to be written on a wall in the movie. I loved Monstervision and that one scene stuck in my head to this day.

  • Maku Kenobi
    Maku Kenobi 2 months ago

    Great bond between you both, more interviews with bob in the future????

  • Finarvas
    Finarvas 2 months ago

    What a nice guy!

  • Brad Grierson
    Brad Grierson 2 months ago

    Thank you, James. This is honestly one of the best interviews I've ever seen. The honesty in it is greatly appreciated.

  • RettMikhal
    RettMikhal 2 months ago

    Joe Bob's Drive-In introduced me to Big Trouble in Little China, and for that he has my eternal gratitude.

  • Rogue Weeaboo
    Rogue Weeaboo 2 months ago

    His comment on how there should be more movies makes me think of games, because i feel like thats what did happen with games. Some very popular games the last few years have been made almost exclusively by one person. I think that it being not very practical to make a movie solo is a big reason why there aren't the kind of movies he's looking for.

  • The J-Man
    The J-Man 2 months ago

    James is living his dream! It's cool to see James balance being an interviewer and being a fan.

  • Dalton Swayze
    Dalton Swayze 2 months ago

    To answer Joe Bobb’s question as to why independent filmmakers aren’t making more films; they are. But they’re not being released in art house theaters anymore. They’re being posted on TheXvid.

  • Jose Luiz
    Jose Luiz 2 months ago

    Classic! Great interview, JBB is a fucking Legend I grew up watching monster vision. Who remembers when he did “The Warriors”? And he pulled out and train map and showed how he would have gone home. Lol

  • Brendan McCabe
    Brendan McCabe 2 months ago

    Another victim of aliens theft was the doctor who episode ark in space

  • Ronan O'Callaghan
    Ronan O'Callaghan 2 months ago

    Thought it was Q from TNG on the thumbnail

  • AlmiNia
    AlmiNia 2 months ago

    This guy looks and sounds a bit like Norm McDonald. Also, awesome interview! If you'd do more like this I'd be way down :) cheers

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood 2 months ago

    HOLY CRAP!!!!

  • corrado
    corrado 2 months ago

    THIS WAS GREAT.. glad you were able to pull it off, James!

  • Robert Green
    Robert Green 2 months ago

    I'm subbed. How did I miss this? Stupid TheXvid

  • greeeenjello
    greeeenjello 2 months ago

    This was awesome, this dude is legit.

  • Sergio Manzur
    Sergio Manzur 2 months ago

    That was an amazing video James! Thanks for posting it!