X-MEN Outdated, Time for X-WOMEN | Disney is Trying to 'Captain Marvel" X-Men: Dark Phoenix?

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • It appears Marvel may be trying to "Captain Marvel" the latest and last X-Men film to stir up a bit of controversy to get people to buy tickets IMO. Too bad it isn't going to work. Too little too late on X-Men:Dark Phoenix. For this to work people have to actually care for the franchise.
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  • Ian Kunecke
    Ian Kunecke 4 days ago

    Get the Washington Redskins to change their "racist" names before you get the X-Men to change their "sexist" names.
    Just saying.

  • Emanuel Landin
    Emanuel Landin 4 days ago

    I'm from Argentina, I'm really sorry... you can send her back and we will return your ambassador to you.

  • Scott
    Scott 6 days ago

    Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition

    1 B
    The Human Race:ManKind

  • Scott
    Scott 7 days ago

    Lets make a deal, all women around the world need to change the name they go by to something other than woman because that has man in it it it should be offensive. They also need to find an alternative to female because it has male in it and that is offensive as well. Than you can change the name of the comic books. Sound ridiculous, so are your reasons for changing the name of the comics

  • Xen Xander
    Xen Xander 8 days ago +1

    You could have stopped at 'then there's 'Agenda'.' Seriously that's the reason.
    Never hire women to run a male-dominated group.
    NEVER. Women ruin male spaces.
    X-factor, x-Force.. you forgot X-Excalibur. I had the first four issues of that series :3

  • R T/X
    R T/X 13 days ago +2

    These Liberal Turds still working on Social Engineering trying to teach us What's Good and What's Bad. The Soviets tried it back in the 50s

  • strikeslifer
    strikeslifer 13 days ago

    Feminists sjws just can't leave well enough alone can they?

  • Emerl The Ultimate Gizoid

    How has humanity devolved so much?

  • Dave Gorman
    Dave Gorman 13 days ago


  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig 13 days ago

    X-men so formerly men like Bruce Jenner, no?

  • Just Bobby
    Just Bobby 18 days ago

    Lmao a EVP said this and I knew you weirdos would lose your shit 😂 the trolls are finally being trolled lmfaoooo
    First of all..the person that said this isn’t even in the position to make these kinds of calls in the MCU.
    Second, “..trying to Captain Marvel X Men: Dark Phoenix...”....wut 😂 Captain Marvel has been a woman for the most part in comics so you can’t use that as a base for trying to say they’re feminizing Dark Phoenix. If that’s even what you mean. And it’s obviously fucking brilliant what they did with Capt. Marvel, as far as capitalizing on her being a woman...numbers don’t lie 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Face it. The X Men have been shit since 2000. Anything Disney puts out will probably blow every single story from Bryan and Simon away. Quit acting like what we’ve been getting from Fox was any kind of decent. Those are not what the X Men are suppose to be.

  • niizzy a
    niizzy a 19 days ago

    But I thought Disney didn't had anything to do with Dark Phoenix? It was under production before disney bought Fox, so they didn't had any say in the movie, thats why they will reboot everything about X-Men when they come to the MCU.

  • A Knight Betrayed
    A Knight Betrayed 24 days ago

    I see all this shit about how oh this and that needs to be more inclusive, but don’t get it. Why is it only traditionally male entertainment is being completely changed - whitewashed in a way. I don’t see rom coms or disney’s precious fucking princess movies making the same sorts of moves to accommodate men and boys. This shit is just baffling: JUST MAKE A GOOD MOVIE, QUIT PLAYONG GENDER POLITICS EVERYWHERE.

  • bluestripetiger
    bluestripetiger 24 days ago

    Is it like an unwritten rule that Disney absolutely must SJW everything? (lol using SJW as a verb!) It is extremely annoying. if they do this i predict it will bomb harder than the latest X-Men film.

  • Eat shit
    Eat shit 24 days ago

    This shits like a disease and why does always seem to come out of left field.

  • Michael Langdon
    Michael Langdon 24 days ago +1

    They change the name of the x-men, I’m done with comic movies all together

  • Joseph Lind
    Joseph Lind 25 days ago

    Please get it right Dark Phoenix was the last Fox owned X-Men movie released, it wasn't made by Disney.
    It was distributed by Disney but it wasn't made by them.
    So please don't shit on Disney for the crap that Fox made

  • Chewybrand
    Chewybrand 25 days ago

    All "cookie cutter" CGI GARBAGE!

  • Ray Sullivan
    Ray Sullivan 26 days ago

    OK female type people, its your turn but I would ask for equality. Take all the genders and reverse them equally. You must however understand that a MAN will potentially become the most powerful force. Instead of the Phoenix Force, we could have the Dragon Force but you'd probably have to pay royalties. Hang on a sec... We would also have a female Juggernaut... A FEMALE Juggernaut! This could potentially be VERY INTERESTING, and for the female fans, a male Mystique. A female Colossus, a female Sabertooth, yes, allot of female muscle will be in this... By order of EQUALITY! Ok ladies, I am intrigued. Show us what you can do, on the silver screen and in animation and potentially, in videogames and remember, you must do this as it was originally done back in the day!

  • o0Desimere0o
    o0Desimere0o 26 days ago

    what a cunt

  • Chuck Bartowski
    Chuck Bartowski 26 days ago

    How are you possibly this stupid? Disney had no influence on X-Men whatsoever because Disney didn't own Fox until that movie was way finished filming. Seriously dude...how are you this stupid?

  • Jonathan Jay
    Jonathan Jay 27 days ago

    Women has men in it.......X-Men can apply to both Men and woMEN. Or do we need to call them something else these days? Females? Oh no, has male in it. Errrrr Girls and ladies it is! - Look at Doom Patrol, strong female characters with interesting stories and well written scripts. Not once (from what I've seen) have they gone the route of "LOOK AT US, WE HAVE STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS"......it can be done.

  • Mouthy Merc
    Mouthy Merc 27 days ago

    good luck getting to get people to see youre woke x-people movies lol

  • LordMalice6d9
    LordMalice6d9 28 days ago

    That line needed to be cut from the movie. Was that line added in in the reshoots?

    PHOENIX MINISTRY 28 days ago

    It’s not Marvel or Disney. Simon Kinberg, Of Fox, wrote that line and I’m pretty sure Disney and Marvel are against it. Misleading and incorrect title of this video.

  • Guillaume Internoscia
    Guillaume Internoscia 28 days ago

    X= kiss : kiss-men

  • Joe Turbo
    Joe Turbo 28 days ago

    I'm waiting for a pressed hand political thumb gesturing forward calling them "X-Folks"

  • Joe Turbo
    Joe Turbo 28 days ago

    🎶Naughty turds nees love too....🎶

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 29 days ago

    It’s bullshit that they had to ruin an excellent series in order to further their agenda. No corporations give a flying/falling/failing fuck about you in any capacity or on any level.

  • New Order of Alexandria

    Remember when Deadpool joked that the name should be called x-force to be more progressive... You know Deadpool is parody, right? ... Disney?

  • Michael West
    Michael West 29 days ago

    The X-Wamen clip was the very reason I didn't see the movie.

  • gyice
    gyice 29 days ago

    Let's face it Marvel will go through a Major Woke phase which will probably result in the loss of 2 to 500 Million Dollars. It will take around 5 to 10 years before Disney throws in the towel and does a reboot of the original MCU and with the additional characters now available to them they could do a great Job with the Fantastic 4 and the Xmen/Women. It's too bad that the DCEU can't put together a team to do a long term grouping of shows and just base their shows on great story telling. They are going to have a great opportunity here for at least a decade while Disney tries to not listen to any of the MCU's fans and build a group of shows that no one will pay to watch or see. It's interesting that even after the challenges associated with the Guffaws that have surrounded Star Wars they seem to be bound and bent to do the exact same thing to the MCU. Oh well it will be interesting to see how everything works out over time

  • Michelle Girard
    Michelle Girard 29 days ago

    I hear the Golden Girls are coming back and all they are casting is woman! Charlie's Angels not only will be a[l women (gasp) but one of the Bosleys will be one too! The horror, the horror!

    I sure do miss when we talked about the quality of the movies and shows, how well they were written, how well they were acted, and just left politics and crap out? You used to have really insightful reviews of the CONTENT and EXECUTION of movies. Miss that. Sorta over your outrage at stupid marketing choices or socially immature, homeschooled young women with foot in mouth disease and resting bitch face. Howsabout you talk about options to improve, different casting, different director choices, better story adaptations? You are kinda brilliant at that. My husband and I miss it.

    Oh, and to your pleas for girls to read comic books, you are aware that a lot more do than ever before, right? And as a woman of a certain (old) age, I have been a regular reader of comic books since 1977, serious since 1979, and as my first gig was at a comic book & used book store, and I chose to be paid in back issues, I had pretty comprehensive exposure as far back as the late 50s. Still reading now. So, I think, genitals aside, my opinion is as or more valid than most, be they chicks in it so they can sexy cosplay or impress boys, or pissed off fanboys who have been reading since they were 10 about 15 years ago.
    Do you read your comments? Do you see all the trolls you are attracting? All the women-bashing bullcrap? Is that how you and your wife want to raise your son? To automatically doc a female led movie or show because it is led by a female? There are plenty of things to legit give a critical review about in Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, Star Trek Discover, Dr. Who that don't deserve the pass they get due to the anti-WOKE whining. Kinberg as crapped the bed twice on Dark Phoenix. Why the hell was he given a second chance? How's that for a topic?

  • Highwayanimatic674
    Highwayanimatic674 29 days ago +1

    People who say the X-Men name is outdated are just pissing on Stan Lees grave very disrespectful.

  • Darth Danka
    Darth Danka 29 days ago

    George carlin once said...when you start using their language they own you. Know a persons master by the words they use.

  • Mitchell Bailey
    Mitchell Bailey Month ago

    in space: Nightcrawler teleports everyone in and out of the space ship. Mystique: the women are doing everything around here. the Marvel division of Disney only needs to look toward Star Wars to see what going woke will get you. or look toward Ghostbusters. or Ocean's 8.

  • RetroBros
    RetroBros Month ago

    "play the game before you can change the rule" - they should print that on our money

  • DyersEve
    DyersEve Month ago

    There are even some, feminists that are getting fed up with this kind of constant pandering to women in films as well... FEMINISTS.

  • Kev's Collectibles
    Kev's Collectibles Month ago +4

    Feminism used to stand for equality of the sexes. Now it stands for Man hating. Any movie or TV series with this forced SJW crap I'm instantly boycotting.

  • Bodhi Mantra
    Bodhi Mantra Month ago +2

    I wonder (((who))) is always at the end of the rabbit hole when you follow the money

  • fernando ramirez
    fernando ramirez Month ago

    All this stupid "wokeness" bullshit is getting out of control, I hate this pussy generation and I think it'll get worse

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    I just wish these "woke" companies would fook off with their Libtard ideas.

  • Jordan Moir
    Jordan Moir Month ago

    I agree,xmen are outdated.x-women...fuck no you stupid are something

  • Dennis Berg
    Dennis Berg Month ago +1

    Effects of Stan Lee death is all this wokness. When he was alive, we didn't have any if this.

    • o0Desimere0o
      o0Desimere0o 26 days ago

      thats what happens when patriarchy dies

  • Watta World
    Watta World Month ago

    OK........... Let's start sending women to fight all of our friggin wars.............. OH, that's right........... That's a different subject.
    NO. X-Men is not outdated........... X-Women is fucking idiocy.

  • pdxeddie1111
    pdxeddie1111 Month ago

    how bout somebody's X-wife

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    These deluded PC types have been changing (trying to change) everything in our civilization that rubs them raw. They've changed BC and AD to BCE and CE because of their aversion to the Christian religion, although it has only caught on with the world class's stick in the mud hypersensitive atheists in academia. Everywhere else in civilization it has been ignored. Yeah that's the first SJWs that appeared way back as early at the 90's. I wonder when they'll get around to changing the word universe, uni= one and verse= "Let There Be Light."

  • Brad Starnes
    Brad Starnes Month ago

    Video games and comics were far better when they weren't mainstream.

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    Mystique was full of typical SJW bull feces when she went with that "Wamen are always saving the men around here". It's good that this garbage bombed in the box office. Captain Marble should have bombed too, but it was fixed just like Killery's election as DNC frontrunner.

  • Hector V
    Hector V Month ago

    I think you’re over reacting with Disney getting it.

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance Month ago +1

    A wealth of good writing:
    Any diehard fandom:
    Producer: we can make some money if we make this a film! Any money! Money money money!

    • White Alliance
      White Alliance Month ago

      Illuminati: we can also push any agenda, you fools 😈 They aint really woke

  • Satanen Perkele
    Satanen Perkele Month ago


  • Dan Reese
    Dan Reese Month ago

    On the title of this post is outdated too so dont say " Oh Man" , say" Oh Woman " !

  • Restless Nomad
    Restless Nomad Month ago

    There was one good thing about the new X-Men movie. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was awesome!!

  • kinesis 101
    kinesis 101 Month ago

    Stan Lee legacy is being destroyed by male bashing women with buzz cuts walking around looking like faggots on steroids. Shame his kids letting there father's legacy fall.

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore Month ago

    To be honest I think part of that angle (aside SJW politics exact...) I think Disney is trying replicate/refresh a "Disney Princess" IP out of the MCU & SW (for $$ safety net purposes) and just use that framework to death because their "traditional" hardcore consumer market is of the female persuasion. and with the "genderfluid climate" they are looking to close-in on the market leak.

  • Peter M
    Peter M Month ago

    I see the point of women wanting equal billing. The problem is "X-Men" has more than 50 years of brand identification. Suppose a Coca-Cola executive suggested the name be changed. Why would they do that? Why?

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago +1

    X-Men involves both men and women Like MEN and WoMEN. If nothing else, call it X-Force if you have to since they were called that before.
    Makes no difference seeing how in the original, you still had Jean Grey and other female mutants. They weren't oppressed or damsels or anything. Jean is one of the most powerful beings alive. As long as you have females doing something important, the names shouldn't matter.

  • JackMcMac
    JackMcMac Month ago

    Men relates to "huMAN", as in a general descriptor for both sexes belonging to the human species. The whole point of "X-men" is that these mutants are not huMAN but a new species which is the next step in our evolution. It never meant men in the gender sense. They are reading so much into this which isn't there. Why can't the interviewers, supposedly representing the fans, point this out so the producers who don't know anything about the source material get "woke" in regards to story telling. I'm getting sick of politics in my movies and will find a hundred other better uses of my time before I watch through a movie that spends more thought on virtue signalling than on story telling.

  • BossCrazyRoss
    BossCrazyRoss Month ago +5

    X-ma'am: Revenge of the Patriarchy

  • Manuel Ledesma
    Manuel Ledesma Month ago


  • Dark Sun Bright One

    I don't need Sophie working in my home state anyways. Give us our peaches and great food back too. Vomit it up and shove it in your face!

  • Dude 420
    Dude 420 Month ago

    are you EVER going to talk about something good going on or just keep complaining about EVERYTHING? little tired of hearing you cry.. you do realize you sound just like those SJW's

  • Simmy Sims
    Simmy Sims Month ago


  • Ben From Gulf City
    Ben From Gulf City Month ago

    Funny. I've got a friend who thinks this movie is comic accurate, and the best. I don't even know what to say to that.

  • lucky86first
    lucky86first Month ago

    Most of the die hard Marvel fans are nerds. Nerds are generally affable, they wont revolt. They'll will just walk away. Image and Dark Horse have great characters that smart investors could look at.

  • Ernest Oglesby
    Ernest Oglesby Month ago

    Disney is ruining the movie industry. Boycott it all.

  • darkdawnbringer
    darkdawnbringer Month ago +2

    Why dint they just make fanfics of this stuf?
    Some people would like x woman sure, but some people would like xxx girls, where the ladies all make out all the time...
    But you doint see folks asking for xxx girls to be a real thing... we have PH for that...
    But they never just want the thing they injoy... they want the thing we doint injoy...
    Its not to make them happy, its to make us unhappy...

  • travis smith
    travis smith Month ago +1

    yeah Disney didnt make this film, fox did. get your facts right if you are gonna be one of those guys

    • maxskyfan
      maxskyfan Month ago

      This person, the type that loves the character "X" as in Latin(x) & wom(x)n - there's now telling what battle over truth goes on in that head. Does she not work for Disney? Her company took out Fox, all but that wasn't nail down in a newsroom - 47 Billion was the bill which includes this film - considering they only paid 4 Billion for LucasArts, Fox is gone, many employees have been fired, it's no small thing a woman from Marvel comes to a Full Stop on identity politics, I doubt she got time from cleaning toilets to do this interview.

  • Christopher Johnson

    I would guess they call them X-men because Stan Lee and Jack Kirby named them that. One would think the creators can call the book and IP whatever they want. My 3 cents.