THERE, THERE RADIO 07 🌠 🌠 🌠 AObeats

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • THERE, THERE RADIO featuring AObeats of Moving Castle. (tracklist below)
    Tune in every Monday 9PM ET for a new episode of There, There Radio.
    Curated by AObeats:
    Moving Castle
    Artwork by Jabba the Kid
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Comments • 83

  • Austin smith
    Austin smith 6 months ago

    We need episode 08 😞

  • PunusPlays
    PunusPlays 8 months ago

    song at 11:25

  • Stephanie Mo
    Stephanie Mo Year ago +1

    anyone know the song for 20:30 I LOVE LOVE THE SONG but i have no idea who it is!

  • Nymphix1
    Nymphix1 Year ago

    Anyone know the song or artist at 19:40?

  • CTFO
    CTFO Year ago

    37:00 this track omg

  • logical Vulcan cat

    What's the song in 40:00

  • some random person

    Where's the song list tho ????

  • Isabelle K
    Isabelle K Year ago

    This is actually making me be really productive thanks for the mixtape :))

  • TheMindyourManners
    TheMindyourManners Year ago +1

    Can we get the tracklist put in the description? It isn't there when it says it should be...

  • 2 EZ
    2 EZ Year ago +3

    oy what happened to the other playlists? my favourite got deleted. Feelsbadman

  • Givanda Eka
    Givanda Eka Year ago

    Who knows the second song pls?

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin Year ago

    29:30 What is the song name? THANKS

    • estxsia
      estxsia Year ago

      Ivan Lin teenage fantasies - jorja smith

  • collusifiction
    collusifiction Year ago

    Second song? Or singer's name at least?/

  • RiceReaperX
    RiceReaperX Year ago +2

    Are you ever going to upload the other episodes of THERE, THERE RADIO as videos like these, instead of them just being livestreams?

  • Krew Grrr
    Krew Grrr Year ago

    9:46 is the shit thank you!

  • elitebadger
    elitebadger Year ago

    who's is the remix of dido? at 53:15?

  • Empty
    Empty Year ago

    what is the first song ?

    • Empty
      Empty Year ago

      why the voice is diffently ?

    • Empty
      Empty Year ago

      thank u

    • Ezra
      Ezra Year ago

      SATICA - Honey Whiskey

  • Matthew Crabtree
    Matthew Crabtree Year ago +9

    ...What happened to There, There Radio 06? It was so good, then it disappeared.

  • sab
    sab Year ago +1

    listening to this while cooking breakfast

  • Viv Wang
    Viv Wang Year ago

    48:49 mint

  • Jeffry Schmidt
    Jeffry Schmidt Year ago

    the fkn blaise railey track is sooo nice omg

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii Year ago +1

    This shit is awesome u guys should keep making these livestreams

  • Hexa Promos
    Hexa Promos Year ago +1

    This is living.

  • Phu Le
    Phu Le Year ago +4

    shits so good... just wish there were more song IDs

  • Lymih
    Lymih Year ago +1

    What's the second song plez *burning*

    • BaoNa
      BaoNa Year ago

      Lymih it's AM 2 PM BY SWIMS :)

  • Vade
    Vade Year ago

    Shit what's the 2nd song

  • Becket Clark
    Becket Clark Year ago +1


    JAY2THEKIM Year ago +6

    no one will read this but I'm lonely Korean boy and make some songs for fun if u wanna u can check it out but don't judge me pls

    • DarksidePhotography NJ
      DarksidePhotography NJ Year ago

      Jay2theKim damn, i just heard about 30 seconds and am hooked already, keep it up!

      JAY2THEKIM Year ago

      thanks man!

    • TwoCoolFourYou
      TwoCoolFourYou Year ago +1

      Yo, usually I never really click on promos but this time I was like fuck it so I pressed play on loner and I was pleasantly surprised! Keep doing stuff like that, I hope you get to experiment, grow and glow up as an artist. For real I hope for the best in your career. :)

      JAY2THEKIM Year ago

      preciate that bro

    • multiversal r i c e farmer
      multiversal r i c e farmer Year ago

      Jay2theKim πŸ”₯ just followed u

  • Furry Scythe
    Furry Scythe Year ago +2

    SWIMS is so underrated. He got that cheesy lyric vibe combined with original an unique beats.

    • Jeffry Schmidt
      Jeffry Schmidt Year ago

      + he does pop music with gay lyrics wich is so fresh

  • lifeissometa
    lifeissometa Year ago

    just incredible

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago +2

    2nd song?

  • Piero Estay
    Piero Estay Year ago

    Y el there there de yaeji porque no lo suben πŸ˜•

  • Chris Sellerz
    Chris Sellerz Year ago

    I wish he had Magnetic (AOBeats Remix) queued up too

  • venomaura
    venomaura Year ago +2

    where the download link at

  • yadira m hernandez
    yadira m hernandez Year ago +9

    can u guys update the list in the description when the unreleased music gets released please and thank u

  • the real jesus
    the real jesus Year ago

    Where did the comments go lol

  • Treds
    Treds Year ago

    What's the first song?

  • Lukma Hadiansi
    Lukma Hadiansi Year ago +7

    hypnotized by the artwork and the beats..

  • Jon Jupiter
    Jon Jupiter Year ago +53

    Truly, if just one person reads this it will make my day. I am a music artist from Los Angeles. I am know that folks write this stuff all the time, but I really do believe that I will be the one that you will be happy you actually did listen to. I am nearly at 6,700 subs and rising. If ONE PERSON could just give this a thumbs up, you'll be a great step closer to helping a person's dream come true. I swear I don't suck and you will not be dissapointed. I just need one chance and 3 minutes

    • PunusPlays
      PunusPlays 8 months ago

      holy ur famous now

    • woozy woo
      woozy woo Year ago +3

      Jon Jupiter I'm kind of skeptical about self promoters but oh Lord, you're good.

    • mish lol
      mish lol Year ago +2

      Omg I saw you comment on another video recently and I checked your stuff out, and it's soooo good. KEEP IT UP PLEASEEEEE~~

  • Pala Uso
    Pala Uso Year ago

    Can you your please upload There,There Radio 09 Mix?....

  • H.E. Pennypacker
    H.E. Pennypacker Year ago +59

    Damn the first song is lit. Who's the artist and song?

    • Colliding With Mars
      Colliding With Mars Year ago +1

      her EP Drippin is out now (:

    • Ezra
      Ezra Year ago

      Jenna Le I think her voice kinda sounds like Elohim, I really love it

    • Jenna Le
      Jenna Le Year ago +5

      Yeah it's Honey Whiskey by SATICA according to Shazam but I don't think it's released yet!

    • Nimbus
      Nimbus Year ago

      It's still probably unreleased

    • H.E. Pennypacker
      H.E. Pennypacker Year ago

      ragil surya I couldn't find the song on her soundcloud. Any links?

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna Year ago +3


  • Pixelated Noose
    Pixelated Noose Year ago +3

    Wait why is there only one plug for the computer

    • Sk8erMorris
      Sk8erMorris Year ago +3

      Christiaan Boshoff there's no such thing as a dumb question

    • Christiaan Boshoff
      Christiaan Boshoff Year ago +1

      That is such a dumb question, but here is the answer: You get cables that power the screen as well as the PC itself using only one wallport.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Year ago +17

    someone tell 88 to get Higher brothers to bring back their sound cloud account

  • Steviee kann
    Steviee kann Year ago

    early woohoo

  • I’m Really Ronin


  • Paper Plates
    Paper Plates Year ago


  • Lunao
    Lunao Year ago


    • Lunao
      Lunao Year ago

      1st like !!!!

  • madu
    madu Year ago

    omg YAS

  • BluePatty 420
    BluePatty 420 Year ago +3

    first lmao