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  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • An accurate depiction of life in the Zone.
    Roadside Picnic (English Translation):
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  • Bone Smoker
    Bone Smoker Hour ago

    Roadside Picnic is a great book

  • PsDnK
    PsDnK 10 hours ago

    So you are from Sweden. Clever girl

  • #ZedPLAY#
    #ZedPLAY# 20 hours ago +1

    боже мой, что за дичь? почему сразу Советский survival? поумнее что нибудь придумайте.

  • Draugo
    Draugo 21 hour ago

    There's a second exit in Clear Sky? I always just went past the machine gun. Hard but doable.

  • Lionblaze XIII
    Lionblaze XIII Day ago +2

    You forgot the part where the guy in a warehouse says _Get_ _out_ _of_ _here_ _Stalker_ multiple times until you leave

  • aptspire
    aptspire Day ago

    10:00 I just brute forced my way through the first exit oops

  • Royal Ts
    Royal Ts Day ago

    Um dagga der borboll...

  • EDG
    EDG 2 days ago +1

    За Монолит!

  • Arrout
    Arrout 2 days ago

    I've read Roadside Picnic upon this video's recommendation and I can say that it was a spectacular idea. Listen to Sseth, it's a spectacular and genuinely deep read.

  • Erekle
    Erekle 2 days ago

    Actually the best order in terms of storyline is as following: CS --- SoC --- CoP. In terms of gameplay it's SoC --- CS --- CoP, as SoC is the earliest and thus the least developed release. For example, you can't repair or upgrade weapons and armor in SoC, or sleep at base instead of wandering in the dark.

  • RUSK1 1
    RUSK1 1 2 days ago


  • A Potato
    A Potato 2 days ago

    Nigga there are people besides slavs in USSR

  • KoTu
    KoTu 2 days ago

    this is very accurate...

  • ma'am
    ma'am 3 days ago +1

    nice 4.67 GB hard drive my dude.

  • Blue-Eyed European
    Blue-Eyed European 3 days ago

    This narrator is so annoying. He's not clever or funny, just plain obnoxious.

  • Scarz Mj
    Scarz Mj 3 days ago

    i dunno why people aint got no love for clear sky.. im a hardcore gamer and i played lots of titles from bethesda to the witchunters and darksouls. i played all the stlkers titles too..and tbh i prefer it mre than fallout titles. why? coz of exactly how some people hate. ur not spoon feed in this game and its hella more diffcult.. awesome gunfyts..great monsters.. great ai.. plus the random emissions which almost always seem to happen whenever your out inthe field with no cover makes it a very challenging and enjoyabl game to play.

  • Flamma
    Flamma 3 days ago

    based on fictional country xd

  • Abathur Master of Evolution

    Being Ukrainian? More like cheeki-breeki iv damke
    P.S. Trust me, im Ukrainian!

    GENERAŁ WIEDŹMUN 3 days ago

    oi łódź is in poland

  • Peta Zazigalkin
    Peta Zazigalkin 4 days ago

    С проститутками я проорал аххахахахахах 1:00)

  • Kuhoin Kurenai
    Kuhoin Kurenai 4 days ago

    lol my first stalker game is clear sky so I haven't touched the title ever since.

  • connorbnelson
    connorbnelson 5 days ago

    Where can you get these games for a dollar and Roadside Picnic for free? Love the video as always, btw

  • Mike Bertelsen
    Mike Bertelsen 5 days ago

    BEST... Review.. EVER! Jesus it's so accurate it's ridiculous haha

  • J.R. B.
    J.R. B. 5 days ago

    11:25 Duck Tales Moon Theme starts playing

  • czester9991
    czester9991 6 days ago

    he should try Dead Air xd

  • Filip Kotlaja
    Filip Kotlaja 6 days ago

    0:20 So this is where Quasimodo went after the Notre Dame burned down......... too soon?

  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 days ago

    The engine is absolutely brilliant, but it's not complete.
    The mods speak for themselves.

  • Alexander Degtyarev
    Alexander Degtyarev 6 days ago

    Footfags rise up

  • Go Away
    Go Away 6 days ago

    your old microphone sounds like the sound that Saturn makes

  • Pro Toss
    Pro Toss 7 days ago

    Łódź is in Poland that for purpose? =P
    Call of Chernobyl MOD + Stalker Anomaly ...its the way to go. I worked on some code for Misery 2 that Anomaly was based on, but until those mods came i simply could not play Misery due to direction main dev drove it...pity. Problem with Call of Chernobyl MOD + Stalker Anomaly mod pack other than lack of certain plugins, is you can't play "whole story" like this, you have a sandbox and story-sandbox hybrid, but its something else with a mix.

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me 7 days ago

    or play STALKERSOUP... its free to download and is all 3 stalker games in -one, plus over 54 maps, over 250 weapons, teleports, more mutans, stalkers and other things to much to list..
    the Game has two modes...
    1. Story mode.. the whole stalker story and extra quest that werent added in the original game.
    2. The collector mode.. freeplay mode meaning full free access to all areas of the zone and has its own story and quests..

  • Shayne Urban
    Shayne Urban 7 days ago


  • Depressed Pilot
    Depressed Pilot 7 days ago

    Wait... there was a 200 IQ Exit from the Swamps? Then what the fuck was all those dying for then? Even I didn’t know such thing exists. The Zone is truly a harsh place.

  • Retrix
    Retrix 7 days ago

    ITS the best bugged Game i know

  • SkyboundLight
    SkyboundLight 7 days ago

    Still haven’t played the games but I loved the book, feel like it’s time to finally delve in

  • Sethery
    Sethery 8 days ago

    Hey >:( I like feet. Where my foot gang at

  • Mason Martinez
    Mason Martinez 8 days ago +1

    I had heard a few comments now and again about the Stalker series but this video finally made me buy one of the games. 4 months later I've become a die-hard fan of the series who spends 50% or more of my free time playing Stalker and trying out a variety of mods. Thank you, sir, for introducing me to the best videogame franchise of all time.

  • mrcheesemunch
    mrcheesemunch 8 days ago

    I recently started playing these(well, only Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat) and overwhelmingly I saw people say CoP is the best but...I find it kinda shit.
    I feel like anomalies in SoC were way cooler, way more alien and unpredictable. In CoP they just feel like gamey challenge zones somebody set up, rather than some fucked up phenomenon that happened on it's own.
    It's stupid easy too, I haven't faced the slightest bit of challenge and I'm terrible at FPS games on PC, I literally sit on my couch and use my phone as a mousepad.
    SoC had such a good atmosphere if you ask me, it was a bit empty at times but that was also kind of a good thing, it just felt _wrong_ but in a good way.
    In CoP it just feels like more of a mess but people often say it's the closest to being the game the devs were aiming for...I kinda hope not.

    • Jixijenga
      Jixijenga 6 days ago

      I've been on /k/ since it started and somehow I just never got around to playing any of it. Though just from a glance even to me it seems that CoP is a bit lacking compared to SoC.

  • Sargis Hakobyan
    Sargis Hakobyan 8 days ago

    10:09 Mr. Trump?

  • xllo5 3.0
    xllo5 3.0 8 days ago

    Whats with that dildo at the begining of the video?

  • Slavs 101
    Slavs 101 8 days ago

    You remind me of raccooneggs

  • BenziLLLa GG
    BenziLLLa GG 8 days ago

    XyN KoJla.
    А ты смешной.

  • Getald Rivia
    Getald Rivia 9 days ago

    Хуй кола. Probably the most powerful energy drink on the market

  • Nick Shaeffer
    Nick Shaeffer 9 days ago


  • Hazkil
    Hazkil 9 days ago

    whats the song at 5:19?

  • Roflshot
    Roflshot 9 days ago

    Saw that dildo, lmao! instant sub.

  • kakluS
    kakluS 9 days ago

    "most of the guns, feel really good"
    yeah SsethTzeentach, that's a big no for me

  • Armin Hoffmann
    Armin Hoffmann 9 days ago

    Ukrainian vanilla prostitues. Hot.

  • cristyan Celemín murcia

    who is the fucker that seems like a mutant

  • Shawn Anderson
    Shawn Anderson 9 days ago

    I was hoping the entire video was drunkssian man yepotyl

  • Resus !
    Resus ! 9 days ago +1

    Нихера не понял , но очень интересно !

  • Estrogen Fury
    Estrogen Fury 10 days ago

    So are we gonna talk about the clip at the beggining. Any context?

  • slebonafide kappa
    slebonafide kappa 10 days ago

    Im actually from Łódź xD

  • SweetRadiation
    SweetRadiation 10 days ago

    i would like to have the video at 0:30

      JOHNNY SPORK 8 days ago

  • Bart Bartolo
    Bart Bartolo 10 days ago

    Lost Alpha is really great

  • Insert Lock
    Insert Lock 10 days ago +1

    чики брики

  • Pengull
    Pengull 11 days ago +5

    In a perfect world,
    Men like me would not exist.
    But this is *not* a perfect world.

  • El oso del acoso sexual
    El oso del acoso sexual 11 days ago +1

    5:45 is why i subbed to this channel and watched every single video several times.

  • ricardo12382
    ricardo12382 11 days ago

    Where you get that Felix pillow tho

  • Quick Talmos
    Quick Talmos 11 days ago

    Нахуя вы все претворяетесь анг говорящими , вы все же Русские

    • Quick Talmos
      Quick Talmos 11 days ago

      Не мой аккаунт , а твоей матери

  • Nova Bella
    Nova Bella 11 days ago +1

    Wtf was that clip at the beginning of the screaming guy

      JOHNNY SPORK 8 days ago

  • The Angry Cat
    The Angry Cat 11 days ago

    I need to know who those dudes at 7:54 are. Does anyone know?

  • stavik96
    stavik96 11 days ago

    call of pripyat was my favourite out of the 3. I played all 3 with the overhaul mods, I then played pripyat with the misery mod and oh man, that made the game so unforgiving, it also killed my fps because the game's engine is actually garbage.
    10:06 I remember this part so well, man that place fucking blows, died so many times trying to get past that turret.

    Stoked to hear the stalker series is being picked back up now, can't wait to see what game we might get with current technology.
    Also I am a big footfag, fuck you. xD

  • Mikola Zemlyanskiy
    Mikola Zemlyanskiy 11 days ago

    Заебись, в натуре классно!

  • Steven Stapleton
    Steven Stapleton 12 days ago

    6:28 lmao...

  • D PS
    D PS 12 days ago

    Clear sky is my favorite stalker game

  • no
    no 12 days ago +1

    he solved the JFK murder!

  • Sir Joey of The White
    Sir Joey of The White 12 days ago

    I got Call of Pripyat and played it about 2 hours. It has a very spoopy atmosphere, the missions you could go around and get from people seemed interesting and so did the world. But I stopped playing because of the obscene difficulty. I also tried playing it on the harder difficulties like some people recommend, but when you're in 1 v 5 and you get insta-killed no matter the distance or weapon and you have to hit them like 5 times minimum to kill them it kinda ruins it for me. FeelsBadMan.

  • Sir Joey of The White
    Sir Joey of The White 12 days ago


  • Jake Diaz
    Jake Diaz 12 days ago

    loved clear sky. i didnt leave the tutorial map till all the bandits were dead and everything was explored. and you can survive the one exit if you time things right. hahaha

  • Ginto Sakata
    Ginto Sakata 12 days ago

    >shows Karina
    I died

  • Rustard Gaming
    Rustard Gaming 13 days ago

    ХуN Кола 3:30

  • EiNyx
    EiNyx 13 days ago

    Would the "Female (Male)" be a trap? 4:18

  • Harr32xis
    Harr32xis 13 days ago

    Wtf was that cunt screaming at the door ahaha

  • luciano Oliveira
    luciano Oliveira 13 days ago

    wait a minute, are you white?

  • jell0sh0ts
    jell0sh0ts 13 days ago


  • _Monewski_
    _Monewski_ 13 days ago

    4:08 Łódź is a City in Poland

  • Allu N.
    Allu N. 13 days ago

    0:15 I see something big and purple flailing around

  • Megaroad Producciones
    Megaroad Producciones 14 days ago

    2 mistakes:
    1- The right order to play it, is Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.
    2- The zones in Roadside Picnic, aren't extraterrestial, are unknown.

  • Balin Fundin
    Balin Fundin 14 days ago

    Mmm... "хуй кола" it's awesome!

  • Ghosteriz
    Ghosteriz 14 days ago

    Wait a minute... Doesn't Ukraine exist?
    Wait a second...
    FUCK!! I'm in a parallel universe!!!

  • Loki Farbautason
    Loki Farbautason 14 days ago

    3:28 Da faq?

  • Loki Farbautason
    Loki Farbautason 14 days ago

    Great, now I'm gonna feel a twinge of guilt every time I snort a line of coke. Thanx Sseth.

  • Adrian Steiner
    Adrian Steiner 15 days ago

    3:29 Nice i got the same in black👍🏼

  • pedro mutti
    pedro mutti 15 days ago

    The ending song... im hypnotised

  • Lerius Lordvelle
    Lerius Lordvelle 16 days ago

    Fucking idiot

  • Keter 55
    Keter 55 16 days ago

    what is the mutant at 5:38

  • Brook Hutchins
    Brook Hutchins 16 days ago

    Ive seen the dlido on the wall twice now... wut.

  • General Willy
    General Willy 16 days ago

    I hate how the zone in the stalker games are not the same as the zones in the book

  • zeon 66
    zeon 66 17 days ago

    How am I just finding this channel? Goes to show how fucking pointless the recommended section is.

  • Nicholas Knudson
    Nicholas Knudson 17 days ago +4

    But Mandalore, I thought you already reviewed this?

  • Maksym Markov
    Maksym Markov 17 days ago

    There are no bugs in those games, just anomalies.

  • Kenny Stiles
    Kenny Stiles 17 days ago +3

    What is the song from the ending of the video 12:05 ? I'd appreciate if someone could give it, it's and enjoyable song.

    • Kenny Stiles
      Kenny Stiles 3 days ago

      +Mindaugas Petrauskas Thank you! I've been looking for this song.

    • Mindaugas Petrauskas
      Mindaugas Petrauskas 11 days ago +1

      It's from a movie "Ятинсотэстс". Video of song part:

  • Chicken Man
    Chicken Man 17 days ago

    4:20 nice little 40k reference

  • Vain4223
    Vain4223 17 days ago

    I didn't know you were Danish

  • Thib V
    Thib V 18 days ago

    No one will talk about the fucking dildo he has stuck in his kitchen's house ?! 😂 😂

  • Lego Joker
    Lego Joker 18 days ago

    huy cola ekkeke

  • Tepper
    Tepper 18 days ago

    14:09 imagine taking a walk and coming across this

  • ducciboi
    ducciboi 19 days ago

    I love Ivan's 3D models!