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  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • An accurate depiction of life in the Zone.
    Roadside Picnic (English Translation):
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  • Doom Machine
    Doom Machine Hour ago

    Це правда, я бачив п'ять ноги ведмедя в лісі тільки минулого тижня

  • seneca983
    seneca983 5 hours ago

    You didn't mention the movie.

  • Blandi Blue
    Blandi Blue 7 hours ago

    You fucking need spanish tranlation man, ur vids are so good

  • Laffen47
    Laffen47 11 hours ago

    I read the book on your recommendation, and it was fantastic. Thanks sseth

  • Richard ps
    Richard ps 13 hours ago

    the song at the end is one of the worst I've ever heard in my life

  • Jon St Pierre
    Jon St Pierre 14 hours ago

    Super_Sus !

  • Daclunator
    Daclunator 14 hours ago +2

    "Oh no. My stalker keeps crashing. Wah"
    Put it in windowed mode, stupid. You act like you've never played a slav game. Windows within windows fix everything

  • Darrenprender
    Darrenprender Day ago

    This was the most fantastically dry, sarcastic positive review of a game series I’ve ever watched. You sir, have earned your like!

  • Nikoslav
    Nikoslav Day ago

    "fictional country of Ukraine"
    to quote Homer (Simpson): *IT'S FUNNY CUZ ITS TRUE*

  • чево bljet
    чево bljet Day ago

    Reason why people started coming to the zone in the first place is because of artifacts. They were sold for piles of money. So its certainly not like "there is no rational reason why is everyone here".

    BUTT-ASS 2 days ago

    "Prem-eyes." Come on, man.

  • MeepHasNoLife
    MeepHasNoLife 2 days ago


  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man


  • Vadis Quite
    Vadis Quite 2 days ago


  • IconOfSin24148
    IconOfSin24148 2 days ago +3

    Okay so clearly you have to do a C&C Generals review sometime
    Or C&C in general! You know what they've done!

  • Professor Mobius
    Professor Mobius 2 days ago

    Was that a fake pp on the wall

  • YogurchiK
    YogurchiK 3 days ago +6

    Спи спокойно, Вова Вист.

  • Vitya Pryahin
    Vitya Pryahin 3 days ago +3

    Ставь лайк, если хотел что бы папич прошёл сталкер 👑

  • mc purs
    mc purs 3 days ago +1


  • Adrian Gore
    Adrian Gore 3 days ago

    Ill dog ear bad boy y'all!

  • Dovydas Levanavicius
    Dovydas Levanavicius 3 days ago +3

    somehow, there wasnt no glitches in stalker for me. wierd huh?

  • Mark Penhall
    Mark Penhall 3 days ago

    Is this some yanky western view?

  • HildonNaturalWater
    HildonNaturalWater 3 days ago

    Where is the video at 0:20 from?

  • Andrei Alexandru
    Andrei Alexandru 3 days ago

    What the hell is the song at the end

  • 社会のダニ
    社会のダニ 3 days ago


  • Thee Lodge ov Keku
    Thee Lodge ov Keku 4 days ago

    I love John Maus.

  • Deapcrash
    Deapcrash 4 days ago

    Music video at the end is Ятинсотэстс

  • Arctic Flame
    Arctic Flame 4 days ago

    Who is the guy at 0:22? I know he’s a TheXvidr.

  • jojohernandezGames
    jojohernandezGames 4 days ago

    0:16 thru the entire gopnik shitting himself while the door is opening...
    whats that song that plays in the backround... i know it,but can't remember from what movie/game its from... its killing me trying to find out... any help?

  • Jamal g
    Jamal g 4 days ago +2

    0:31 Soviet reactor operators, Chernobyl, April 26, 1986

  • Sir Dusky
    Sir Dusky 4 days ago +7

    Bold move revealing you have a Felix body pillow.

  • The Finnish Mad Lad
    The Finnish Mad Lad 4 days ago

    I gave up half way on this

  • Смотрю YouTube по фану

    Лол, привет

  • Kozakowskyy
    Kozakowskyy 5 days ago

    What's the music at the end?

    • nanana batman
      nanana batman 4 days ago yatinsotests

  • Ahmadreza gh.abolfazl
    Ahmadreza gh.abolfazl 5 days ago +5

    junkie crack den anomaly!!!
    a laughed so hard i fell from chair!
    thank you

  • Isaac De Paula
    Isaac De Paula 5 days ago +4

    I was trying to pay attention to the video, but the 0:20 took all of it

  • DatMemelord
    DatMemelord 6 days ago +11

    There's something about the guy in your thumbnail.
    I don't know what. But it kinda makes me uncomfortable but it also puts me at ease at the same time.

  • Peter Hegedus
    Peter Hegedus 6 days ago

    3:26 dildo on the wall

  • Cole Cooper
    Cole Cooper 7 days ago +1

    Master is the only way to play

  • drinkyourtea
    drinkyourtea 7 days ago

    Wait why am I noticing all the traps on your walls? As well as the dildo stuck to one wall.

  • Renars Ozolins
    Renars Ozolins 7 days ago


  • Dániel Monostori
    Dániel Monostori 7 days ago +1

    My sub went only for the appearance of SuperSUS in the video

  • Evil Gentleman
    Evil Gentleman 7 days ago +4

    The movie is also good

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper 8 days ago

    8:33 not a footfag but you edited in a tasty ass set of stompers

  • Inshrektor Gadget
    Inshrektor Gadget 8 days ago

    *I D I K O M N E*

  • Gmyza Raven
    Gmyza Raven 9 days ago


  • Akahiro Mudamiri #2
    Akahiro Mudamiri #2 9 days ago

    Song name for the credits?

  • cockmaster1819
    cockmaster1819 10 days ago

    Who saw the the butt plug in the kitchen

  • Mᴇʟᴏɴ
    Mᴇʟᴏɴ 10 days ago

    Pretty sure I'm on a watch list after this.

  • Mic_Glow
    Mic_Glow 11 days ago

    Speaking of foot fetishes... Foot massage is great foreplay.

  • adrian green
    adrian green 11 days ago +1

    Yo what’s the name of the ending song

  • Elis Nyström
    Elis Nyström 11 days ago

    i see you like traps

  • GoTi4No
    GoTi4No 11 days ago +2

    Based on a fictional country
    Ukraine: Am i a joke to you?

  • Fu Manchu
    Fu Manchu 11 days ago +2

    eastern Lódz is way more ravaged by time than Chernobyl

  • Emil Becker
    Emil Becker 12 days ago

    3:28 What is that on your wall "discreet"

  • ThePointlessBox_
    ThePointlessBox_ 12 days ago

    my artifacts are too strong for you stalker
    get out of here

  • Pseudogiant
    Pseudogiant 12 days ago

    Most of the features you claim CoP did first was done on CS first. Also the playing order you gave is pretty stupid. Stop ruining a great game's reputation with slavic meme trends.

  • Yūi O'Neil
    Yūi O'Neil 12 days ago

    That thumbnail, western spy squat debil

  • Destiny Fan
    Destiny Fan 12 days ago +4

    I heard of places in eastern Europe where gravity is inverted like streams go uphill and when you throw a ball it rolls uphill.

    • barfek_ Swiss
      barfek_ Swiss 10 days ago

      there's a lot of them in Europe, not only Eastern Europe

  • Сергей С
    Сергей С 12 days ago

    Ahahaha Windows 7 Bandera

  • Ronald Debbarma
    Ronald Debbarma 13 days ago

    How can I fix the blue screen error?

  • desertICE
    desertICE 13 days ago

    outro song?

    RAI JIN 13 days ago

    why do you have a fucking dildo ?

  • Tim
    Tim 13 days ago

    if this video was made by russian there will be a shitstorm in comments

  • Invictus _1
    Invictus _1 14 days ago

    Shitty swamp and bandits made me quit.

  • Julian Ricardo Aparicio Sarmiento

    As a real Colombian cocaine farmer I can totally confirm that Seth is telling the truth. Thank you so much my good man.

  • P.M.
    P.M. 14 days ago

    I'm currently reading it, I like it.

  • Serial Murder
    Serial Murder 14 days ago +4

    1:01 Хрен знает, от куда ты знаешь про это, но спасибо, поорал.

  • Atreuso
    Atreuso 15 days ago

    Some games make you shit bricks. STALKER makes you shit F1 hand grenades.

  • João
    João 16 days ago

    Little known fact: Strelok is Niko Bellic's son.

  • Makalor Poots
    Makalor Poots 16 days ago

    Song name at the end?

  • KevCF
    KevCF 16 days ago

    Виндос Бандері

  • Bear Grilling
    Bear Grilling 16 days ago

    Dafuq Is this ending

  • Mah Beh
    Mah Beh 17 days ago +1

    Once I founded gravi artifact. Actually I stepped on it

  • Mate Frio
    Mate Frio 18 days ago +1

    I made the mistake of looking up windows Bandera. and the place were that image comes from was hacked or something cuz i opened it up just to find Pr0n and scams

  • Special Snowflake
    Special Snowflake 18 days ago

    "Windows Bandera"
    One of the most sensitive chuckles of my life, thanks Sseth!

    • BEERR
      BEERR 15 days ago

      Pls elab. I'm out of the loop

  • mignonthon
    mignonthon 18 days ago

    funny ive done the exact map bug by accident, but clearsky is just a clusterfuck without any constistency and logic, it feel like an amont of stalker mechanics put together in any order .didnt enjoy it at all.

  • Jeremi Ranosz
    Jeremi Ranosz 18 days ago +3

    Glitches are just anomalies caused by the zone

  • SirTrident
    SirTrident 19 days ago

    who dis 0:30

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 19 days ago +2

    Does anyone know the name of the "song" thats playing during the credits?

    • Philip J. Fry
      Philip J. Fry 15 days ago

      @Karlo Mörser True lifesaver, thanks mate !

    • Karlo Mörser
      Karlo Mörser 17 days ago

      I've been looking for it as well - search for Ыын Дага Дыр Бубуль

  • wisdomelf
    wisdomelf 19 days ago

    ахаха кариночка

  • SeBu
    SeBu 19 days ago

    Description for Xray Engine 10:47

  • figureLP09
    figureLP09 19 days ago

    As an avid JRPG faggot, I'm proud to say that Shadow of Chernobyl is my favourite game of all times.
    It's the only game I beat at least once a year each year.
    Which is highly concerning, given I'm a JRPG faggot.

  • Sire
    Sire 20 days ago

    "Junkie crack den anomaly" killed me 😂

  • Philipp Lyanguzov
    Philipp Lyanguzov 20 days ago

    3:30 for anyone wandering the writing on the battle says "dick cola"

  • mdokuch96
    mdokuch96 20 days ago

    Actually, nuclear meltdown of Chernobyl still happened in Stlaker universe. Whole reason of shit happening in the so-called Zone in the period, games cover, is that after Chernobyl became itself in 1986 and Soviet Union fall in 1991, it was an empty land in the poor newly independent republic in the desperate need of money. And what was great - this territory still had access to a LOT OF energy from other functional reactors of ChAES. So, various international companies carried out shady experiments in secret labs on par with Ukrainian government, and the experiment with creating a collective telepathic consciousness leads to "second explosion" - which has created the Zone.

  • MrRey
    MrRey 20 days ago

    Oh, for the blood of the Emperor! I have so many qustions! Like how did you even came across with this game? Why was you even able to play it? How could somebody not Russian-speaking even like it? And why do you know Russian memes so well?
    P.S. Yes, as a Ukrainian, I do confirm that we do not exist, and that Zona is about to kill us all

  • Article13 F memes
    Article13 F memes 21 day ago +1

    name of song at end?

    • Gator Adee
      Gator Adee 13 days ago

      Ыын Дага Дыр Бубуль

  • Сергей Дса
    Сергей Дса 21 day ago

    Ятинсотэстс at the end. Okay.

  • Tio Miguel
    Tio Miguel 21 day ago

    Purple? I thought you'd go for mild transparent or skin-like color. Never knew you were so flashy.

  • Abc Defg
    Abc Defg 22 days ago +1

    9:26 - Is this yet another trip or do I see Мор Утопия shortcut on the left?

  • Semyon Galtsev
    Semyon Galtsev 22 days ago

    Roadside Picnic is just one of the masterpieces the two bros wrote. If you read it and it was up your alley, I also highly recommend The Doomed City. It's a truly amazing book about being a human in a society. Like Roadside Picnic, it too has science fiction elements to it, but is mostly social fiction and realism.

  • Павло Рубанов

    Windows Bandera...


  • Free North Radio
    Free North Radio 22 days ago +2

    you my sir. via sybolism and memes have earned my respect

  • Some 1
    Some 1 22 days ago

    "Хуй Кола" fucking killed me

  • James White
    James White 22 days ago

    Fun Fact: In many of Sseth's irl shots, he displays the signature SsethTzeentach LootBox purple dildo in the background.

  • AquaticChaos
    AquaticChaos 23 days ago

    no one going menton the dildos in this mans house? he has them everywhere

  • Secret Shinobi
    Secret Shinobi 23 days ago

    Bootleg prostitutes?

  • Dominik Rzeźnicki
    Dominik Rzeźnicki 23 days ago

    Jest Stalker. Jest zajebiście!

  • John Ishmael
    John Ishmael 23 days ago +9

    CNPP stands for Chernobyl *NUCLEAR* Power Plant...
    And theyre drawn to "nothing" they are drawn to the wish granter or the Monolith to grant their every desires. Only to be stabbed in the back...

    • uppishcub1
      uppishcub1 9 days ago

      calm down buddy, it was just a joke