Calum Scott - You Are The Reason (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 4, 2018
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    There goes my heart beating
    Cause you are the reason
    I'm losing my sleep
    Please come back now

    There goes my mind racing
    And you are the reason
    That I'm still breathing
    I'm hopeless now

    I'd climb every mountain
    And swim every ocean
    Just to be with you
    And fix what I've broken
    Oh, ‘cause I need you to see
    That you are the reason

    There goes my hands shaking
    Cause you are the reason
    My heart keeps bleeding
    And I need you now

    If I could turn back the clock
    I'd make sure the light defeated the dark
    I'd spend every hour, of every day
    Keeping you safe

    I'd climb every mountain
    And swim every ocean
    Just to be with you
    And fix what I've broken
    Oh, ‘cause I need you to see
    That you are the reason
    You are the reason
    Yeah, yeah...

    I'd climb every mountain
    And swim every ocean
    Just to be with you
    And fix what I've broken
    Oh, ‘cause I need you to see
    That you are the reason

    Music video by Calum Scott performing You Are The Reason. (C) 2018 Capitol Records

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  • Michael Nainggolan

    I am an orphan, i lost both my mom and dad in cancer. This song remind me to them. I missed my dad jokes and smiles in every minute and everyday. And I'm so damn missed my mom hugs and laugh also. For all of you who's struggling in cancer, may God giving you His mercy and love so you will be cured suddenly. And to all of you people who read this, may God blessed you with more health. Love you all ❤️

  • lol
    lol Day ago +130

    Música para a vida toda , você é a razão 🎶🎶❤️

  • Aquib Ibn Amin
    Aquib Ibn Amin 28 days ago +732

    Almost 2022 and I'm gonna cherish this song for the rest of my life. As I get older I know this song is teaching me how to value things before it's too late. What beautiful lyrics ..

  • ZackyBloxGaming56
    ZackyBloxGaming56 21 day ago +416

    It's been 3 years but this song is never get old, never get bored. Truly a masterpiece 😢

  • The Infinite Family
    The Infinite Family 14 days ago +148

    My 3 month old baby loves this song. It calms him down every time he’s out of control and puts him straight to sleep. Thank you for this song 🖤

  • mitchell alego
    mitchell alego 4 hours ago +16

    this song is everything its a song me and my bestfriend loved though we are far away from each other whenever i listen to it i feel her

  • Tirtha Dutta
    Tirtha Dutta Year ago +6

    This song is not just about your girlfriend or's about the people you's about the people you can do anything for...

  • ドラえもん
    ドラえもん 21 day ago +321

    Verse 1]

  • Mark Justus
    Mark Justus 21 day ago +278

    Just lost my mom recently, every time I hit the play button of this song, tears and emotions fill thy soul, I'm trynna be strong , and I know I'll make it through, if you still listening this song till Christmas 2021,hit the thumbs up icon, love you all❤️

  • Heather Craig
    Heather Craig 4 hours ago +9

    What a beautiful song..will now have it on my playlist even though it makes me cry....i have lost my love a few years ago and my heart bleeds😢😢❤❤

  • Enomfon Ekenson
    Enomfon Ekenson 4 hours ago +7

    It’s almost 4 years now and this song is still one of my best .

    NARDITO FORTEZA Day ago +4

    A beautiful song performed by an amazing artist. It reminds me of love and care for everyone specially in this trying times of pandemic. Love you all and God bless everyone.

  • Miso Stanek
    Miso Stanek Year ago +2

    Once a famous person said,

  • Dwight Howe
    Dwight Howe 21 day ago +68

    This song hits the feelings and makes you appreciate your loved ones, amazing song

  • ZackyBloxGaming56
    ZackyBloxGaming56 21 day ago +65

    This song was stamping my heart and made me cry. Truly a masterpiece

  • Find the Secret in my channel

    This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored.

  • Hardly Surprised
    Hardly Surprised 28 days ago +58

    This was played at my cousins funeral a month ago. I cannot listen to this without crying but for him, I must be strong. YOU HAVE STRENGTH. NO MATTER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU REALIZE AND YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON.

  • Raymara Reis
    Raymara Reis 19 hours ago +23

    Essa música é perfeita. Apareceu como descoberta da semana no meu spotify e foi uma das melhores descobertas. Obrigada por essa obra prima!❤🇧🇷

  • Muhammad Rizqallah
    Muhammad Rizqallah 2 years ago +20

    This song reminded me about my girlfriend.....she was passed away due to cancer....and she ever said to me like this "Darlin, if i lost from this world, don't worry...i only leave you from this world. But your heart is mine"

  • Nancy Wright

    Perfect song for his voice. Best voice that was ever found on a singing show.