🌟MEGA BIG WIN🌟Lighting Link WILD CHUCO Slot Machine Max Bet Bonus Won| Better Than HANDPAY JACKPOT

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • lighting link slot machine max bet bonus ,lighting link slot machine high limit huge win.
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  • NG Slot
    NG Slot  24 days ago +20

    PART-2 WILL BE TOMORROW. CLICK TO THE LINK AND SET THE REMINDER thexvid.com/video/Rn9a93mrijw/video.html

  • Sydney Slots!
    Sydney Slots! 8 days ago

    Oh no

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  6 days ago

      Sydney Slots! but it was great win !

  • Nivesh Komal
    Nivesh Komal 10 days ago +1

    This is not better than a hand pay lmao

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  9 days ago

      Nivesh Komal for me its better to win like this than $1200 !

  • Steven Lowe
    Steven Lowe 22 days ago


  • francisco jose pardo murcia


    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  21 day ago

      Hey francisco jose pardo murcia !

  • Kenneth Walton
    Kenneth Walton 22 days ago

    You da man N G

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  21 day ago

      Thank you Kenneth Walton

  • Ryan23
    Ryan23 22 days ago

    Nice win NG, keep on spinning🤙

  • Jackie McFaull
    Jackie McFaull 23 days ago

    Nice profit. Looking forward to part 2! X 💲💰🎰🎰🎰

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  22 days ago

      Jackie McFaull Thank you , here is the PART-2 thexvid.com/video/Rn9a93mrijw/video.html !

  • Linda Chinn
    Linda Chinn 23 days ago

    Nice payout,I've played that before but never got free games. It's helpful to see what a bonus game is like. Good job NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  22 days ago

      Linda Chinn Thank you ! yeah hard to win on this game for sure ! Good luck to you !

  • Belen Babao
    Belen Babao 23 days ago

    You love Mini Jackpot NG hehehe

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  23 days ago +1

      Belen Babao lol ! yeah !

  • HotSlots
    HotSlots 24 days ago

    I find the major hits better when it is lower. When it was maxed out I have seen it stuck like that for several days but I have seen one hit three times in one night at $500.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      HotSlots yeah when it is max out it can stay like that over weeks , i saw one time lady next to me hit $1000 major and it resets to $1000 again, after that she got again that major , and then it resets to over $800

  • Pirate Sparrow Slots
    Pirate Sparrow Slots 24 days ago

    Fantastic Chuco adventure! Congratulations 🤠💰💰

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      Pirate Sparrow Slots Thank you

  • Missy B
    Missy B 24 days ago

    Well played and thanks for link to part two!!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Missy B Thank you , yeah it was great run !

  • mercdan
    mercdan 24 days ago

    Was really pulling for you to hit the grand, almost. Great win NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      mercdan I hope will hit that grand on LL or DL this year !

  • Randyslots
    Randyslots 24 days ago

    Chuco can be so mean, but not this time!! Awesome BIG WIN this time on Wild Chuco!! Good Job, NG!! Can't wait to see Part 2 some time today, looks very exciting!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Randyslots yeah this one was really nice and paid good !

  • Liliana Alvarez
    Liliana Alvarez 24 days ago +1


    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Liliana Alvarez Thank you

  • Albert Trujillo
    Albert Trujillo 24 days ago

    NG the best on TheXvid my friend

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Thank you so much dear Albert Trujillo, i appreciate it !

  • Awoopa_ Paul
    Awoopa_ Paul 24 days ago

    Good job NG 👍

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      Awoopa_ Paul Thank you

  • Shhh Slots
    Shhh Slots 24 days ago

    Good job NG! I love to see you having fun! I can't wait to see you hit a grand!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Thank you Shhh Slots

  • Angelo Cianfrocco
    Angelo Cianfrocco 24 days ago

    Excellent job NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Thank you Angelo Cianfrocco

  • Patti Smith
    Patti Smith 24 days ago

    Wow, great wins. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s wins ❤️

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Thank you Patti Smith

  • Meffa Mass
    Meffa Mass 24 days ago

    Good video next time fill up the board brother

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Meffa Mass Thank you bud !

  • Belen Babao
    Belen Babao 24 days ago

    Here in Phillipines so much hard bunos not like there casino USA they always given win to the player,here in Philippines casino always win casino goverment everytime people play all money is lose many people regret play casino here cuz is not good

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      Belen Babao its too hard to win here also, i lost $300,000 from 20107 January until now !

  • Jackpot Juggler Slots
    Jackpot Juggler Slots 24 days ago +1

    Nice session ng .such a tough game, chuco

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Jackpot Juggler Slots Thank you

  • Mohammad Sali
    Mohammad Sali 24 days ago +1

    I can’t believe you keep changing bet !!!!
    You think is work? If me I never ever drop my bets. Weird

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      Mohammad Sali yeah it worked a lot of times and i got handpays, and here also i won $1K !


    SALUDOS NG SLOT!!!! ❤💋❤💋❤💋🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago


  • Slot Angel
    Slot Angel 24 days ago +1

    Nice Run! changing denomination definitely works..good luck NG

  • Michael Abdoulah
    Michael Abdoulah 24 days ago

    A $1,000 is a “Super Big Win”?? Really??

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Michael Abdoulah yeah its a super big win for such a bets ! If i bet $25 or $50 i wouldnt say that !

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 24 days ago +1

    Congratulations on your winnings NG! 😅😎👍

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Thank you Maria Perez

  • Ian Flannery
    Ian Flannery 24 days ago +1

    Nice session, love it when you laugh 😆

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Ian Flannery Thank you for support !

  • Joey H
    Joey H 24 days ago

    See $25,00 bet saved the day!

  • Nancy Mattix
    Nancy Mattix 24 days ago +1

    Great video and wins. You seem to be having an especially good time today. Always a pleasure to watch your videos.#NGSlots

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Nancy Mattix Thank you so much for watching and support !

  • Asala da Costa
    Asala da Costa 24 days ago

    Nice NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Asala da Costa Thank you

  • Ama Jaylene Ordonez
    Ama Jaylene Ordonez 24 days ago


    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Hello Ama Jaylene Ordonez

  • Mercedes Mercedes
    Mercedes Mercedes 24 days ago +1

    Great win NG congratulations ❤️

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Mercedes Mercedes Thank you

  • Pam Carter
    Pam Carter 24 days ago +1

    Very nice video NG 💜💜💜
    Cant wait til tomorrow...

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      Thank you Pam Carter

  • peter diamantakiou
    peter diamantakiou 24 days ago

    Well done NG some good paying bonuses I really like wild chuco

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      peter diamantakiou Thank you bud, yeah it was great run !

  • starquant
    starquant 24 days ago

    I swear NG.. you are the King of the Mini Jackpots

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      starquant yeah ,there were non stop minis !

  • VSK
    VSK 24 days ago

    Nice one, NG!!

  • Donna McCann
    Donna McCann 24 days ago

    cool more australian blessings coming to you

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Donna McCann Thank you so much !

  • Victory Ayers
    Victory Ayers 24 days ago

    Thank you for the video, NG! #NGisAwesome!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Victory Ayers Thank you too my friend for watching !

  • Noah Murrieta
    Noah Murrieta 24 days ago

    Good luck NG may you be prosperous!!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Noah Murrieta Thanks so much for support !

  • R G
    R G 24 days ago +1

    Very nice NG, Wild Chuco did you right.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      R G yeah it was really great run !

  • Colleen Shawhan
    Colleen Shawhan 24 days ago

    YAY NG! :) :) :)

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Hey Colleen Shawhan

  • Nuñez Arteaga
    Nuñez Arteaga 24 days ago

    Bien suerte con todas tus jugadas

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Nuñez Arteaga thanks for watching !

  • luisrp04
    luisrp04 24 days ago +1

    Funny you said it was a war, I watched the entire video where you played the 5,600 and then wont back 3k with the free play. I was like come on with this machine !lol

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      luisrp04 Thank you my friend ! :) :) :) I won back around $4,000 i think there !

  • Cathy Greenwood
    Cathy Greenwood 24 days ago

    Nice profit Ng!! Good luck on part 2

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Cathy Greenwood Thank you

  • yolanda leyva
    yolanda leyva 24 days ago

    Great job NG!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      yolanda leyva Thank you

  • gail mcadoo
    gail mcadoo 24 days ago

    Good evening handsome luck -NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      gail mcadoo Hi ! Thank you

  • Ganesh Jack
    Ganesh Jack 24 days ago +1

    Yeah NG that was super awesome bonuses. Way to go brother NG. I m happy for you. Take care buddy.👍👍😁😁❤️🇲🇾

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Ganesh Jack Thank you brother , yeah it was really hot machine !

  • kozmcc
    kozmcc 24 days ago +1

    Mr Mini is running hot tonight! ☺️👍🏻

  • Sneezing Chad
    Sneezing Chad 24 days ago +2

    NG.... When a slot on lightening isn't showing anything, it will not pay... when you have numbers rolling through the last box, there's a chance.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Sneezing Chad thanks for the info ! But in my experience it wasnt matter !

  • ricknancy7980
    ricknancy7980 24 days ago +2

    Love lighting link games! Thanks for playing them. Good luck 🍀 NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      ricknancy7980 yeah it fun game for sure ! Thank you

  • escuadra04
    escuadra04 24 days ago +1

    Bro TheXvid slaking didn’t get the notification lol

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +2

      escuadra04 a lot of my viewers didnt get notification, that is not good for sure !

  • Jazz Laurel
    Jazz Laurel 24 days ago +1

    Good job NG!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago +1

      Thank you Jazz Laurel

  • Shirley Castle
    Shirley Castle 24 days ago +1

    Yahoo you won

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Shirley Castle thank you , yeah it was nice win !

  • sabu king
    sabu king 24 days ago +1

    Bro why you tease us like that, lol awesome win bro

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      sabu king sorry bud !

  • Kim's Scented Candles
    Kim's Scented Candles 24 days ago +2

    That machine is too hot to walk away from it! can't wait till tomorrow now!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Kim's Scented Candles yeah it was really hot machine !

  • Julia M
    Julia M 24 days ago +1

    Fantastic job Narek!

  • Magnetic Man
    Magnetic Man 24 days ago

    Hey NG, Muchos Gracias to Chico today, good job;-))

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  24 days ago

      Magnetic Man Thank you bud