Who Owns The Statue of Liberty?

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • It's New Jersey vs New York in Bizarre borders part 4!
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    What is Federal Land? Like what does it mean? (For real though?) thexvid.com/video/LruaD7XhQ50/video.html
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  • Joaquin Augusto
    Joaquin Augusto 42 minutes ago

    6:40 the court has already ruled there's really no point on fighting over something already settled

  • Mauricio Marquez
    Mauricio Marquez 13 hours ago

    "The F stands for 'forever', you idiot"
    "You pretentious bitch. I hate you. Forever"

  • KING Fahad
    KING Fahad 16 hours ago


  • my life
    my life 20 hours ago

    japan own it or something

  • TheWeirdOnes
    TheWeirdOnes Day ago

    I really like how you explained this. I just learned about the colonies but the way you said it made it entertaining as well educational

  • AdamentGamer IVM

    Just put the deeds for the island under New Ceasoria. Now nobody owns it, and everyone can visit it. A small percentage of the countries taxes go towards repair and utilities every year, and NO MORE BORDER BULLS***

  • Litten14
    Litten14 2 days ago

    All your island belong to us, make your time

  • helperbot 2000
    helperbot 2000 2 days ago

    0:40 holy shit, whats wrong with Norway Sweeden and Greenland???!! XD

  • Smiley Ramon Happytime

    You say 'the gift shop' too delightfully ;D

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas 3 days ago

    Making an island larger by dumping land on it is something China actively uses to extend its teritorial waters so it could tax passing ships. Altrough New York probably did it first.

  • UnderTownstruction
    UnderTownstruction 3 days ago

    France: The F stads for 'forever', you idiot.
    USA: You pretentious bitch. I hate you. Forever.

  • Coolman1938 Yes
    Coolman1938 Yes 4 days ago

    By the way, Lady liberty was orginialy light-brown. She became green because of the oxydation of the copper who compose it.

  • Fun Time World!
    Fun Time World! 4 days ago

    Thats not frances old flag

  • rtobin666
    rtobin666 4 days ago

    NY NY NY

  • Samuel Fawdry
    Samuel Fawdry 4 days ago

    these videos are entertaining keep them up

  • AA Gacha
    AA Gacha 4 days ago

    6:01 why Ontario's flag

  • Clay Oxenam
    Clay Oxenam 5 days ago +1

    The f stands for forever, you idiot
    You pretentious bitch. I hate you. Forever

  • Delano Foster
    Delano Foster 5 days ago

    i hate history class but you explain this clearly and it makes it easier

  • Aleksi Eilola
    Aleksi Eilola 6 days ago


  • JWil42
    JWil42 6 days ago

    4:45 wrong French flag; that flag wasn’t used in France until after their revolution

  • Nacho Qualsevol
    Nacho Qualsevol 6 days ago

    Almost the same happened between Argentina and Uruguay over the Martín García Island. Everything above the water is Argentina, an the surrounding waters are Uruguayan.

  • CreeperBoss9986
    CreeperBoss9986 6 days ago +1

    *America reaching for her pocket pew pew cannon*

  • Lebu Mia
    Lebu Mia 9 days ago

    I am still confused ............

  • It__ YaBoo
    It__ YaBoo 9 days ago

    wow rude finger to the judge

  • SalaZin
    SalaZin 9 days ago

    Your stick figures are always so adorable!

  • Rafael Torres
    Rafael Torres 9 days ago

    freemasonry owns it

  • kang C
    kang C 10 days ago

    lmao new york now has a page specifically for the giftshop.

  • Gamer_lawz
    Gamer_lawz 10 days ago

    Didn’t France make the statue? So does that mean France owns it!

  • The PO From Hell
    The PO From Hell 11 days ago

    Why is NY dumping dirt on Ontario @ 5:59 ? Am I missing something?
    -also why does Ontario look like waifu material, the fuck-

  • stellar702
    stellar702 11 days ago +1

    Bigger -navy- -army- -stick- ding dong diplomacy

  • Firman N
    Firman N 11 days ago


  • Johnny Ravenclaw
    Johnny Ravenclaw 13 days ago

    Does this matter since you can move freely between states?

  • michael88h
    michael88h 13 days ago

    Man he loves them fireworks

  • CICADA omega osirus
    CICADA omega osirus 13 days ago

    The f stans for forever
    You pretentious b&&& i *H A T E. YOU FOREVER*

  • B Mimis
    B Mimis 14 days ago

    4:38-4:46 my favorite part

  • Daniel Cachor
    Daniel Cachor 14 days ago

    USA vs USA

  • Fun With Little Oliver
    Fun With Little Oliver 15 days ago +1


  • Its Katz
    Its Katz 15 days ago

    This is too funny

  • markus lejon
    markus lejon 16 days ago

    4:34 ERECTION

  • Timothy Rice
    Timothy Rice 16 days ago

    .5 speed = drunk
    .75 speed = drunk but less so
    1.25 speed = normal

  • burnt f1ames
    burnt f1ames 16 days ago +1

    America owns the statue

  • CaptainSkelebones
    CaptainSkelebones 17 days ago

    i own it, i peed on it

  • Austin Wasserott
    Austin Wasserott 17 days ago

    Actually the French becuase the French made it as a gift

  • dogman
    dogman 17 days ago

    I love all these people in the comment thread saying that it actually belongs to ___ country.

  • Sua Bo
    Sua Bo 17 days ago

    A lesser videomaker would've backed down after making the joke 2 or 3 times but you took it all the way.

  • Matthew Meade
    Matthew Meade 17 days ago

    That single frame at 4:59 had me dying.

  • JesusFreak1701
    JesusFreak1701 18 days ago

    Listen to the tone of Grey's voice at the end. He knows exactly what he's doing 😂

  • Obergruppenführer John Smith

    Imagine caring about what people from New Jersey think ...

  • GamerCreep80
    GamerCreep80 19 days ago

    Every country and state has a gender? And the same gender?

  • Phoenix Stephenson
    Phoenix Stephenson 19 days ago


  • Bryan Elder
    Bryan Elder 19 days ago

    2:59 We need more stick figures flipping pixelated birds. 😄 Great video, as always, CGP Grey!

  • Bryan Elder
    Bryan Elder 19 days ago

    The secret way from New York to New Jersey: Exit Through the Gift Shop.

  • GD PolarBunny
    GD PolarBunny 19 days ago +2

    5:00 freeze
    Now tell me you just noticed that.

  • Feng Alan
    Feng Alan 20 days ago

    is this story real or fake

  • Isaac Vox
    Isaac Vox 20 days ago

    5:59 s/o to Canada woohoo

  • Georgia Peeches
    Georgia Peeches 20 days ago

    France owns the statue.

  • ellis westreich
    ellis westreich 20 days ago

    my life is a lie. i was named ellis after ellis island because my parents thought that the statue of liberty was on ellis island. time to change my name to liberty!

  • Sovath Kim
    Sovath Kim 20 days ago


  • Cubing Adventures
    Cubing Adventures 20 days ago

    Best friends forever forever, or bffs forever

  • Coda Mission
    Coda Mission 21 day ago +1

    5:50 The South China Sea strategy.

  • Confused Ducky
    Confused Ducky 21 day ago

    Okay so they wont fight anymore, i own it.

  • Noah Sanders
    Noah Sanders 21 day ago

    New York!!!!!!!

  • mohammed sarker
    mohammed sarker 22 days ago

    1:59 I have never been so proud to be a New Yorker

  • hackisonjd
    hackisonjd 22 days ago

    Grey: "Liberty Island"
    Liberty Island:**fireworks**

  • Clever Man
    Clever Man 22 days ago

    What a surprize! The statue of *L E B E R T Y* on the *L I B E R T Y* island is beeing *O W N E D*

  • Gustavo Rehermann
    Gustavo Rehermann 23 days ago

    "The F stands for 'forever', you idiot."
    Ha! I found it!

    YINGMONGYANG 23 days ago

    Is new york status

  • Miranda B Films
    Miranda B Films 23 days ago

    I don't even live in the east! LOL! 🤣

  • 9090fighter
    9090fighter 23 days ago +1

    Is there a reason why America doesn’t have a curl at the end of her hair?

  • Jules
    Jules 23 days ago

    Its France

  • LunarYeti
    LunarYeti 23 days ago

    5:00, the quick frame where CGP changes what USA and France were saying.
    France: "The F stands for 'Forever', you idiot."
    USA: "You pretentious bitch. I hate you. Forever."
    i don't understand but ok.

  • MannOfMen
    MannOfMen 23 days ago

    "The F stands for 'forever', you idiot."
    "You pretentious bitch. I hate you. Forever."

  • Christion Cofield
    Christion Cofield 24 days ago

    You do realise that if a New Yorker or a New Jerseyan watches this, they’ll go notify their governor and the war over Liberty Island will start?

  • SHAKETH Qveen
    SHAKETH Qveen 24 days ago

    This is so easy the owner is California wtf

  • Carmack Sanderson
    Carmack Sanderson 24 days ago

    OMG, I just realize the ships in the river at 4:00 are called Gibbons and Ogden, after the supreme court case Gibbons v. Ogden, the court case that gave the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce. Nice touch, Grey.
    Also, even nicer touch with the hidden frame at 4:59.

  • Shashank Sharma
    Shashank Sharma 24 days ago

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  • Gracie Grace
    Gracie Grace 25 days ago +1

    Maby the statue of liberty is owned by the gift shop

  • Dr Swagnuggets
    Dr Swagnuggets 25 days ago

    Now I'm waiting for the Great Giftshop War of 2020. State vs state, no hitting below the belt.

  • Ryan Keller
    Ryan Keller 25 days ago

    So New York pioneered the island building land grab that China is using in the South China Sea.

  • NHL Videos
    NHL Videos 26 days ago

    Ok I'm not from new Jersey but, the island definitely belongs to New Jersey. New York just squeezes through some technicalities

    LED–Z REE 26 days ago

    -looks like it's in new jeryork.-

  • The Void
    The Void 26 days ago

    Can we get an anime

  • Robert Getty
    Robert Getty 26 days ago

    The federal government. State gifts have a long precedent.

  • Liza Piashko
    Liza Piashko 27 days ago +1

    6:00 my Ontario

  • BTVL Leader
    BTVL Leader 27 days ago

    Why is everyone a girl?

  • JayNxx
    JayNxx 27 days ago


  • Massimo Crisologo
    Massimo Crisologo 28 days ago

    Neither the answer is France

  • Ohoho Oushaku
    Ohoho Oushaku 28 days ago

    That was cute af tbh

  • Dave Starsign
    Dave Starsign 28 days ago

    As a recent New York transplant, this video echoed some very confusing conversations I had about this topic.

  • MemeMations
    MemeMations 28 days ago

    What even is land anymore

  • Ryan Gamer
    Ryan Gamer Month ago

    2:34 Then why don't you make yourself split the river

  • Vinnie Cheng
    Vinnie Cheng Month ago +1

    4:59 At A Split Second France Says
    F: The F Stands For 'Forever', You Idiot
    US: You Pretentious Bitch. I Hate You Forever.

  • Rikto Draper
    Rikto Draper Month ago +1

    Answer: New York

  • kyle dunne
    kyle dunne Month ago

    As a person who lives in nj although it being south nj it’s New York

  • Aidan gamer Tv
    Aidan gamer Tv Month ago

    New York City 🗽

    ANA BEJAR Month ago +1

    It’s New York

  • Marc O0
    Marc O0 Month ago

    Damn NY is savage

  • Diego Ezequiel Pérez

    jajaja qué bardo!

  • Zhu Bajie
    Zhu Bajie Month ago

    NY sounds like China, fill in some water with some sand and you get a new part of your country.