Jay Rock - The Other Side (Official Audio) ft. Mozzy, DCMBR

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Jay Rock - The Other Side (feat. Mozzy & DCMBR)
    'REDEMPTION' out now: smarturl.it/REDEMPTIONJayRock
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    Music video by Jay Rock performing The Other Side (Audio). © 2019 Top Dawg Ent., under exclusive license to Interscope Records
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  • blahblahuma
    blahblahuma Day ago

    "We live threats,gotta flip,take it all,Fuck em all, gotta ball,we stuck in that mindset,
    In the belly of the beast,this some shit you can dissect,food for thought,This reality shit you can digest,
    They feel some type of way oh yeah we see the curve,
    Ray Bans on in the summer and then we swerve..." 🔥🔥🔥

  • Googlee Dood
    Googlee Dood 5 days ago

    I need 40 on this joint with Rock and Mozz

  • UFO K.O
    UFO K.O 16 days ago

    good joob if you need beats come to me

  • Orrin Warner, Jr.
    Orrin Warner, Jr. 20 days ago

    "big choppa turn ya domepiece to a drophead"
    That's a fool there!

  • John Conner
    John Conner 20 days ago

    When I first heard Jay rock I knew you were a real person speak the real and the truth. 💯😎🤬💀💀🤘🤘

  • Ashley Hill
    Ashley Hill Month ago


  • Bbrazzy CBezzy
    Bbrazzy CBezzy Month ago

    You Dopest

  • Insomniac Audio
    Insomniac Audio Month ago

    Who made this goddamn beat?? I need to know!!

  • daniel Sasu
    daniel Sasu Month ago


  • Ronnell Macklin Jr
    Ronnell Macklin Jr 2 months ago


  • Anthony Schmid
    Anthony Schmid 2 months ago

    Get alittle footage to shut the hood down

  • Quest Barron
    Quest Barron 2 months ago

    Mozzy bodied this track!

  • Young Nuetron
    Young Nuetron 2 months ago

    Jay rock need that gangsta rap award

  • El 47
    El 47 2 months ago

    I forgot about this for second

  • D Thomas Williamson
    D Thomas Williamson 2 months ago +1

    Sounds like hollow tip

  • NichHollywood : My instagram

    PLAY THIS AT 1.25 speed. shits smooth

  • masekela lewis
    masekela lewis 4 months ago

    Mumble rappers are in danger.
    Jay Rok and O3 from the Penn. Collaboration for the babies before they gunned down. It would be powerful. And it's TRUE and living God work
    Jay and Gredo!!!
    were born to do
    Iking Allah

  • Rav Botti
    Rav Botti 4 months ago

    Nipsey would have KILLED this beat!! Excuse me, he would have HEALED it!!!

  • ivan aguielra
    ivan aguielra 4 months ago

    Trey 8 special 44 we slugin shit , you aint know? Haaa my niga

  • ivan aguielra
    ivan aguielra 4 months ago

    Those cow bells baby 🤙

  • Ya boi Crackd
    Ya boi Crackd 4 months ago

    Let’s go back to the 90’s

  • prettygirlswagg prettygirlswagga

    💞Real Music

  • Kadabra_52
    Kadabra_52 4 months ago

    Nice !!!

  • Hancho Hancho
    Hancho Hancho 4 months ago

    Major slapper

  • Old School Eazy Killz - Outlaw Jackson

    This Shit So Real. And At The Same Time So Smooth My Nigga.

  • masekela lewis
    masekela lewis 4 months ago

    Damn Classic Californian Gold
    Real life I wish MCz would yapping around the fire warm up to this chat.
    What we wished they put on the menu.
    Too much halfa fag music.. G music endangered p
    Iking Allah

  • Shaun Bomb
    Shaun Bomb 4 months ago

    Nh700Az Headhunter Crip...... Dis Cool

  • Plastun Zimbabwe
    Plastun Zimbabwe 4 months ago

    Jay Rock on t'écoute depuis la France. Gros talent 🔥

    HOSEA 4 months ago

    banger..the beat thou and chorus actully fuck the track is amazing

  • Ryan Wolsey
    Ryan Wolsey 4 months ago

    When that hook came in, I hollered something sweet!

  • Clyde Robbins
    Clyde Robbins 5 months ago

    Mozzy dun done it again..
    I B ya JayRoc..🔥🔥🔥💪🏾👌🏾💯

  • Kristy Thomas
    Kristy Thomas 5 months ago

    I remember bringing the homie bleach. Right b4 the house got raided

  • Lincoln Bothang
    Lincoln Bothang 5 months ago

    Reminds me of GTA San Andreas.

  • Christopher Henderson
    Christopher Henderson 5 months ago

    MoZzy Allll 🔥🔥🔥

  • Smoke LQECC
    Smoke LQECC 5 months ago +1


  • Jennifer Ramirez
    Jennifer Ramirez 5 months ago

    sorry im here for dcmbr. his voice is just beautiful- as he is 😍

  • Frank Tarango
    Frank Tarango 5 months ago

    Whys this got less than a mil. People 😴 sleepin

  • Jwill 1982
    Jwill 1982 5 months ago +1

    Rock sound is 🔥. Don't sleep on Jay Rock.

  • DJ Meek
    DJ Meek 6 months ago

    Damn that was groovy 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • Jermaine Faulkner
    Jermaine Faulkner 6 months ago

    Wish he would have had RICH The factor on this. MW and WC. 💯

  • Bacar Faye
    Bacar Faye 6 months ago

    I just wanna dance

  • Nelly The King
    Nelly The King 6 months ago

    YG Is missing from this song

  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver 6 months ago

    I fucks with Jay

  • Trapped
    Trapped 6 months ago

    This is sooooo dope! High as fuck when i came across this 🔥

  • IllJamez 732
    IllJamez 732 6 months ago

    Classic 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥

  • EvilTwinz Tv Official
    EvilTwinz Tv Official 6 months ago


  • twampson916
    twampson916 6 months ago


  • Frank Tarango
    Frank Tarango 6 months ago

    Still bumping since first day dropped yough! West side

  • Ali I
    Ali I 6 months ago

    10 piece of cookie in the duffel, double that later

  • Queens Mitch mfers
    Queens Mitch mfers 6 months ago

    Do some positive black uplifting music to the instrumental would be better to me just saying

  • Tom Bartner
    Tom Bartner 6 months ago

    I came from Coming soon to a hood near you!

  • siyanda mkhize
    siyanda mkhize 6 months ago +1

    Running from the cops, bustin' potshots, aiming at my enemies
    Everybody gotta die but come across me, I'ma kill first 'fore you kill me, ayy
    'Cause all the guap, all the knots, all the scars that I got, it started off the block, ayy
    Grass ain't greener on this side and on the other side my gun still cocked
    'Cause it started off the block😎 90s sh*t 😎😎😎

  • G Gmane
    G Gmane 6 months ago

    Classic cali vibe... Carolina inchea

  • LaToya Spaulding
    LaToya Spaulding 7 months ago

    I like this song💯

  • Charles Lamar
    Charles Lamar 7 months ago

    And some people acknowledge Bluefaces existence

  • Karl Sylvain
    Karl Sylvain 7 months ago

    damn ,forgot about this joint!!

  • AIT Project Profile Inc.


  • Negus6
    Negus6 7 months ago

    Brazy track

  • M Kib
    M Kib 7 months ago

    Here for Mozzy

  • G P
    G P 7 months ago

    Man if jay was on dr dres 2001