43 KG Motor Meltdown - Huge Copper & Aluminium Haul - ASMR Melting Metal

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Awesome melt today as i melt down a big 43 KG motor and extract all the Copper & Aluminium from it to make a huge haul of Ingots.
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    43 KG Motor Meltdown - Huge Copper & Aluminium Haul - ASMR Melting Metal
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  • bigstackD Casting
    bigstackD Casting  28 days ago +35

    Now guys this motor was destined for the scrapyard even though it was only a bad bearing in it , this site I work on is phasing out these types of motors and the boss said i can only take it if I was to melt it down otherwise I wasn’t allowed to touch it, trust me if you saw some of the stuff that they throw in the bin where I work you would be very disappointed like me That’s why I try to re-purpose them into some nice clean Ingots for future casting projects.
    Hey guys if you want to do this melting stuff yourself at home I can offer 5% personal discount code off the cost of a furnace just email me on bigstackddddd@mail.com for your personalised discount 😁👍🏻

    • Infinity Gamer
      Infinity Gamer 12 days ago

      bigstackD Casting where do you get your molds????

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting  14 days ago +2

      Kurst the boss loves the channel and just wanted to see it melted and he knew Ide love to melt it 👌🏻its as simple as that .

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting  14 days ago +2

      jack unknown matey my current propane cost over my last 55 vids (12 months worth) is average at about $5-$7 AUD per per melt per week . Total gas cost for the year around $280-$360 AUD max.

    • Kursk Firebrand
      Kursk Firebrand 14 days ago

      Why was the stipulation "It had to be melted down" what did he care if you took a "busted" Motor? not like scraps high, at least over here in the states it's not.

    • jack unknow
      jack unknow 21 day ago

      bigstackD Casting ah okay Whats The gas Price u pay for smellting on a average month and year ?

  • Sgt. Andy
    Sgt. Andy Hour ago

    how mush does theis pour cost in gas?

  • TheCsel
    TheCsel 4 hours ago

    whats actually in the slag that you skim off, and what do you end up doing with it?

  • Count Pastacreep
    Count Pastacreep 11 hours ago

    0:43 sounds like that thing flung across the room and broke a window!

  • Christ Is God
    Christ Is God Day ago

    This is really cool stuff. It looks like a very fun hobby.

  • Nick Firth
    Nick Firth Day ago

    Every time you open the furnace, I cant help imagining a leather-gloved 'thumbs up' sinking into the molten metal.

  • Alp Uysal
    Alp Uysal Day ago +1

    5:42 when my momy make bad cookies

  • Hawk eye
    Hawk eye Day ago

    Very cool BIG STACK

  • Hawk eye
    Hawk eye Day ago

    He'll yeah God bless America and love Alaska all I can say is WOW love where you live love your channel bro God bless

  • Jay-DJ- 06
    Jay-DJ- 06 2 days ago

    How come you don’t melt steel

  • Raj Athwaal
    Raj Athwaal 2 days ago

    Thumbs up for quality controller 👍

  • T S
    T S 2 days ago

    What's your pups name ?

  • Jerry Kinnin
    Jerry Kinnin 2 days ago

    Trash to treasure. Very cool.

  • Larry Hinds
    Larry Hinds 2 days ago

    Do you sell them or something

  • D and F Garage
    D and F Garage 2 days ago

    Why would you destroy that motor!!! It’s worth 2500 bucks!!!!!

    • José Gaming
      José Gaming 2 days ago

      @D and F Garage si you'll get fired for a 100 dollars motor

    • D and F Garage
      D and F Garage 2 days ago

      José Gaming yes. But you don’t have to listen

    • José Gaming
      José Gaming 2 days ago

      Have you read the pinned comment?

    SAKUBAR SATHICK 3 days ago

    It's like new motor

  • RP Ink
    RP Ink 4 days ago

    Recycling at its finest XD I might look into getting into this kind of work someday in the future ...idk if my apartment complex would appreciate me doing this though XDXD

  • Dmi4yk
    Dmi4yk 4 days ago

    it's just the perfect condition for the motor, we Russian all rusty and old, but it works for centuries and keeps on a strong Mat )

  • Sonali Tanwar
    Sonali Tanwar 4 days ago

    Bro please make a iron sword of Minecraft by melting iron ingots:) I would be so happy

  • Азамат Абилтай


  • Jaime Monzon
    Jaime Monzon 4 days ago

    You deserve more subscribers than presstube you have more awesome video than presstube

  • Sebastian Montenegro

    aqui esta el comentario en español que buscas

  • Furio
    Furio 5 days ago

    *iron jack?*

    *nah water first* 😂😎

  • Whiskey Shaw
    Whiskey Shaw 5 days ago

    statue of liberty *made of copper*
    Bigstack upload: What can I melt while the wife is go- ... HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Z-hsan
    Z-hsan 5 days ago

    نفسي اجمع قطع نحاس 🧡🧡🧡

  • Nick Cormier
    Nick Cormier 5 days ago

    Cool man.

  • Jeffrey Barker
    Jeffrey Barker 6 days ago

    That was a beautiful motor. Surprised that ended up in a scrap bin.

  • Psycho
    Psycho 6 days ago

    Thank you for the video! Can I ask you to indicate the total cost in rubles?

  • Laura_angel Kaneko
    Laura_angel Kaneko 6 days ago +1

    Its not really asmr your just watch with entertainment and satisfaction

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved 6 days ago

    yeah, you should find an old scrapyard motorcycle, take it apart, and melt the aluminum bits, probably the case, (the case is where the crank and botom end of the enine is housed along with the transmission) and melt it all down, along with the small ammount of coper you will find from the coil pack that is the ignition and charging system. or. an old aluminum block lawn mower.

  • Saratov Luebeck
    Saratov Luebeck 7 days ago


  • David Spencer
    David Spencer 7 days ago

    Can you make azula

  • cesar Leo
    cesar Leo 7 days ago

    So how much money do you have on that wall??

  • Daniel Powers
    Daniel Powers 7 days ago

    Is that a carburetor?

  • Central Jersey Conrail in N Scale

    I know nothing about metallurgy, but I really enjoy watching your videos. So satisfying. It actually making me want to learn more. Thanks for the great videos!

    CORE CORE 8 days ago

    Один вопрос,нахуя?

  • Akbar Fiqrian
    Akbar Fiqrian 9 days ago


    ERUS THE DEER 10 days ago

    12:59 holy shit that collection is awesome, im subscribing

  • Code 3 Gaming
    Code 3 Gaming 10 days ago +1

    You should melt scrapped car body. Like the doors, hood, and trunk

    • Code 3 Gaming
      Code 3 Gaming 10 days ago

      @bigstackD Casting oh yeah. I thought car doors, trunks and hoods were made out of aluminum lol. Well how about an old refrigerator. Theres some aluminum on them.

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting  10 days ago +1

      We do have plenty of scrapyards around but unfortunately I can’t melt steel as the hottest I can get the furnace to is to melt cast iron, I did that once just to see if I could do it . It made a pretty good ingot which I shined up, I never thought cast iron could shine like that.

    • Code 3 Gaming
      Code 3 Gaming 10 days ago +1

      If you have car scrapyards

  • Code 3 Gaming
    Code 3 Gaming 10 days ago +1

    I love the aussies mate. Some are crazy some are relaxed. But this one melts stuff. You're cool.

  • Hannible 100
    Hannible 100 12 days ago

    I am suprized you have never been robbed! Good vid btw.

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting  12 days ago

      It’s all good my friend I live in a gated community and my house is pretty heavily armed. I am in Australia so we don’t have guns but trust me I would love to see someone tried to get in here 😉👊🏻💪🏻😁

  • Антон Амплеев

    ты коньченый!?

  • Michael Gomes
    Michael Gomes 13 days ago +1

    Such a rad channel. Ausi! Ausi! Ausi!!!

  • David Alberts
    David Alberts 13 days ago

    I would like to see you melt a whole engine

  • Mark Stone Limited
    Mark Stone Limited 14 days ago

    I subscribe to your channel and will you will to to me

  • Muchtar Muchtar
    Muchtar Muchtar 14 days ago


  • Charles B
    Charles B 15 days ago +1

    I am getting old, back in the 60's we melted coins, copper pennies were worth 2 cents. A pre 1982 penny was 95% copper. A pre 1965 quarter is worth over $4 in silver. To this day i check my pennies, and quarters, its very rare to find a silver quarter now. The best way to check was throw it on the table, they make a distinct sound. Yes it was illegal,but highly profitable.

  • TicKle Me SkITzO
    TicKle Me SkITzO 16 days ago

    I didnt know you could cut stuff with a hammer

  • Edward Weisenburg
    Edward Weisenburg 16 days ago

    If you forget that your dog is tied up to your truck and drive away , it going to be a real drag.

  • ulysses diaz
    ulysses diaz 16 days ago

    Would this be a good hobby that you could make some money off of. Because I need another hobby other than guns to balance out the finances

  • Ken Wiggins
    Ken Wiggins 16 days ago

    Ok what do.you do with the slag skimming? I believe this is mostly magnizium is there a chemical process to recover it.
    Can I assume that it's now aluminum and not an a lot
    3 do you separate or mark your ingots as what they come from? I would think engine wheel can after the smelting process they are the same????

  • Михаил Шестерников

    Я понял на кой это делать! У Русских есть такая пословица " коту делать нехер он яица лижет"

  • Sam Boyd
    Sam Boyd 18 days ago

    I was about to question the sheep baa-ing then i saw it was bunbury in WA

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting  18 days ago

      Hey Sam how are you buddy? Yeah mate my weird neighbour down the road has a bloody lamb tied up out the front of his house eating the lawn . WTF is that all about???

  • Jonathan Wilfred Michelin

    I kind of want to know why these motors being thrown out, most of them look pretty good

  • Andy Jordan Male
    Andy Jordan Male 18 days ago +1

    Wish you all the best.Jesus bless. The Gospel is 1Corint 15:1-4

  • Ethan Fyfe
    Ethan Fyfe 19 days ago +3

    this a dream of mine. To melt stuff. But my mom says no as it is dangerous. LOL

  • Greg Thomson
    Greg Thomson 19 days ago

    How much did you spend on LPG? The 9 kg bottles sell for about $35 at the petrol stations around here. You'd almost be making about $3.00 an hour if you paid for the LPG from a servo.

  • gus superman
    gus superman 19 days ago

    Hey M8 what did you scrape from the top of your aluminum smelt ?
    Keep on scrapping . God bless y'all

    • Tripper flipper
      Tripper flipper 19 days ago +1

      It's called slag, it's a build up of oxdized metal and you have to remove it if you want to pour the liquid metal into the castings.

    MOHIT MOBITECH 20 days ago +1

    Goodd job sir keep it up

  • Сергей Мурышкин