Best new cars coming 2020-2022 - my A-Z guide of the Frankfurt Motor Show

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Mat is on a mission… To bring to you every new car that was on show at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show! While electric & hybrid were big talking points, there’s so much more to be explored! Join Mat for a full run down from the show, and then let us know in the comments - which new car are you most excited for?!
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Comments • 3 293

  • J G
    J G 2 hours ago

    Damn those cars are ugly!

  • Chuxi Wen
    Chuxi Wen 5 hours ago

    rs6 for Max

  • Lihle Bengu
    Lihle Bengu 12 hours ago

    You and Supercarblondy in one video. That was an iconic moment. I will never forget this moment 🙌🙌🙌

  • Michael Silbert
    Michael Silbert 22 hours ago +1

    Great video. Now pass us a tavascan.



  • Juan Herraiz Hernandez

    Dr. Audi:
    I'm considering the purchase of an Audi RS6 next year, really i want to, but my religion does not allow to go against Mat's Will, so please, let me get the blessings first. Give him the bloody car. I want mine.

  • Whippy
    Whippy 2 days ago

    Mat just doesn't give a fuck and I love it

  • Matt_in_Tucson
    Matt_in_Tucson 2 days ago

    Better?? It's a station wagon!! Smh

  • D Williams
    D Williams 2 days ago

    When is the 2020 sclass coming out?

  • Muqtadir Abdul
    Muqtadir Abdul 2 days ago


  • Anthony Donov
    Anthony Donov 3 days ago

    get matt an rs6

  • Anthony Donov
    Anthony Donov 3 days ago

    honda civic EV !!! OMGGG

  • ☞ ♾️ 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓

    All brands are now just copying eachother and becoming less defined and more one big pool of car.
    Especially bmw and audi, they're all the same. Uninspiring.
    That EQS Mercedes is mad though, looking forward to that.

  • Janus Prinsloo
    Janus Prinsloo 3 days ago +1

    Get Mat RS6 tdi

  • Liam Cottier
    Liam Cottier 4 days ago

    You are such a bellend

  • jon lewis
    jon lewis 4 days ago

    Get Matt and RS6 !!

  • alfredlikc00
    alfredlikc00 4 days ago +4

    I don’t like how the car industry is going with just bombarding car interiors with huge screens, it looks ugly

  • Hr H
    Hr H 4 days ago

    german auto makers can never ever complete a AD level 5 car. they just don't have the technological and willingness to do so. The required tech is just too complex to be handled by german old fashioned engineering, technology, and management style.

  • alfredlikc00
    alfredlikc00 4 days ago

    Give Matt an rs6

  • Being Mr perfect
    Being Mr perfect 4 days ago

    I saw super car blonde while reporting BMW

  • Allan Smillie
    Allan Smillie 4 days ago

    Please drop the "super"

  • sali man
    sali man 4 days ago

    How full of shit the legacy manufacturers are. Look at our electric concepts, we are soo green and production cars? Mostly diesel.

  • Ps3&pc Gamer
    Ps3&pc Gamer 4 days ago

    Get Matt an rs6 so he can talk about the fake exhausts and poke it with a big stick

  • Виктор Костадинов

    Buy Honda E!
    Guys give him an rs6

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me 4 days ago

    who would buy a new car now,desils are a crime these days,in fact driving is a crime now,,meanwhile its animal food industry caursing the biggest climate change (150m animals killed everyday for food )

    • StuTheBru me
      StuTheBru me 4 days ago

      ps its my 30th years driving with a 60-75miles per gallon car (peugeot diesel) never had engine work,a clutch,exhaust even and ive had over 250k onto 2 cars,,my 30years cost about 7k to buy the cars,,only running gear so yer less than 10k all in,,also still got a clean license :-)

  • KB402
    KB402 4 days ago

    The Nexo is the devil's car!

  • tremann salh
    tremann salh 5 days ago

    hyundai for sure

  • YC Y
    YC Y 5 days ago

    5:10 oh I see what you doing

  • Duncan Glover
    Duncan Glover 5 days ago


  • Aritra Banerjee
    Aritra Banerjee 5 days ago

    Supercar Blondie spotted at 20:08.

  • Alexander Kragh
    Alexander Kragh 6 days ago +7

    "Oh its tight, but it just about a threefinger pass" best quete ever

  • RastaManProduction VIP

    4.48 SKINNY VERSION OF SHMEE OPENS X.6 Door almost takes Mayy out the game lolz Four Fifty Eight mins in lolz 😂

  • Linda Thusi
    Linda Thusi 6 days ago

    get Matt an RS7. yep "RS7"

  • Raul Roca
    Raul Roca 6 days ago

    Get a Dacia mat... after Brexit will be ruin to get spare parts from audi

  • Dylan Wells
    Dylan Wells 6 days ago

    If Europe gets an M3 touring model of this new G20 3 Series, I will be very jealous...

  • Koushik Sharma
    Koushik Sharma 7 days ago

    Get mat rs6

  • Designer Ivan
    Designer Ivan 7 days ago

    So... you got Laura´s phone apparently .

  • Trigger Shot
    Trigger Shot 7 days ago +1

    The Ford Explorer is coming to the UK in April so mat is wrong on that one

  • Lynn Goldberg
    Lynn Goldberg 7 days ago

    You’re truly the best !

  • blue head
    blue head 7 days ago

    Do you really need to repeat "click subscribe" so many times? We heard you the first time.

  • Josh Chapman
    Josh Chapman 8 days ago

    Get Mat an RS 6 what are you guys doing!! ;)

  • Lakshay Tewatia
    Lakshay Tewatia 8 days ago +1

    Matt watson is Johnny English of car world...but a bit sensible ✌️😂

  • George Simpson
    George Simpson 9 days ago

    Thankyou for saying "from A to Z (zed)" rather than Zee as most youtubers would.. It just sounds better.

  • Erik
    Erik 9 days ago

    look at Bmw 520 d there is no better car when it comes to saving the plane

  • Erik
    Erik 9 days ago

    what load of crap

  • Mugabi Kolping
    Mugabi Kolping 9 days ago

    Get Matt an RS6

  • tesla cars
    tesla cars 9 days ago +1

    honda interieur very nice

  • 空山闻鸟音
    空山闻鸟音 10 days ago

    why every car company building electric cars?

  • Yardleythegaming God
    Yardleythegaming God 10 days ago

    You forgot N

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii 10 days ago

    Who buys these armored cars

  • Jaimari Washington-Thomas

    It's Z"

  • Arjel Kaca
    Arjel Kaca 10 days ago

    Get mat an Audi

  • Vikram Kasinathan
    Vikram Kasinathan 11 days ago

    Bmw 4 was the ugliest of the lot

  • FunnyAF
    FunnyAF 11 days ago

    Man this is future and shit

  • ali mohamed
    ali mohamed 11 days ago

    You mate ..
    That is by far the best coolest video review I’ve ever seen ..
    Sound 👊🏽

  • HawtChili
    HawtChili 11 days ago


  • BinauralWalks
    BinauralWalks 11 days ago

    Hey Matt, buy a Honda E for me please. Thanks.

  • BinauralWalks
    BinauralWalks 11 days ago

    Chicago businessmen, your vehicle is at 7:25

  • David Freeman
    David Freeman 11 days ago

    no cap, this is the most amount of cursing from Matt

  • karan kale
    karan kale 11 days ago

    What a bitch,supercarblondie! I wonder why people respect such arrogant bitches