XBOX 2 Announcement (E3 2019) Project Scarlett

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
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  • Angelo O'Dorisio
    Angelo O'Dorisio 6 days ago

    Do I have to get the new xbox in order to play?

  • Chris stenton
    Chris stenton 11 days ago

    awesome looking forward to getting this.

  • frzn
    frzn 19 days ago

    I just hate how people foght over consoles when I don't see a difference but the looks and names.

  • Armando Loya
    Armando Loya 22 days ago


  • how not to be cool !!!

    The human eye can"t even see 4k!!!
    Why bother with 8k???
    And if I need to prove a game belongs to me..."SAY GOODBYE TO SECOND HAND OR EVEN OLD DISCS!!!"
    Making it "POINTLESS" to have backward compatibility...
    Therr goes my dreams of playing "COMMAND AND CONQUER KANES WRATH!" ;(

    • Kiran Parmar
      Kiran Parmar Month ago +1

      how not to be cool !!! When is the Xbox 2 coming out

    • how not to be cool !!!
      how not to be cool !!! Month ago

      P.s,this is my friends account,he uses my mobile sometimes,my name is OMNISLASHER1000,message me there bro. 😎

    • how not to be cool !!!
      how not to be cool !!! Month ago

      @Kiran Parmar Nah,I just play last shelter on mobile now,takes up all my time.
      Ill probably just play that till I get my xbox 2 in late january,or february.
      I have a ps4,but I just use it to play netflix and prime now.
      I was playing stellaris for a bit,but got bored with it.
      Id like to give minecraft a try,I liked Terraria,it was relaxing.
      Ill look you up if I decide to get it. :)

    • Kiran Parmar
      Kiran Parmar Month ago +1

      Do you have fortnite or Minecraft? If so, what’s your name on fortnite? What’s your name on Minecraft? My name on Minecraft is CreeperBomb192, and on fortnite my name is Bikram1112

    • Kiran Parmar
      Kiran Parmar Month ago

      You can see 4K, you just can’t perceive the difference between 1080p and 4K. So actually yeah I guess you’re right, why bother with 8k?

  • Martin Quirex
    Martin Quirex Month ago

    I dont see any playable demo of this power... Bullshit the technology go forward everywhere not only in Xbox

  • The Haven
    The Haven Month ago

    Can't wait for Xbox Series X!

  • Troy Simonds
    Troy Simonds Month ago


  • Ridwan Nur
    Ridwan Nur Month ago

    This people don’t even look like they play xbox

  • carlos 2020
    carlos 2020 Month ago

    Which one should I get a ps5 or the Xbox scarlet

  • bankroll Ghost
    bankroll Ghost Month ago

    Make online free then you’d for sure beat PS5 I’ll buy the Scarlett anyways but still

  • metal garurumon
    metal garurumon Month ago

    Xbox vs PS vs Nintendo. Woah which one ?

  • Guapo Y Rico
    Guapo Y Rico Month ago

    Xbox always looks better than PlayStation

  • CruelPanther
    CruelPanther Month ago

    120fps my ass. Hell, just get a pc.

  • Jamar Lewis
    Jamar Lewis Month ago

    What about VR

  • josephine simbajon
    josephine simbajon Month ago

    That beard is heavy 🔥🔥

  • Truly Justin
    Truly Justin Month ago

    I wonder how much it's gonna cost 🤔

  • DoggoLeaker
    DoggoLeaker Month ago

    Xbox is shit we already paid 400 + usd dollars for it and charging 10 usd dollars for multiplayer.

  • Eddie maiden
    Eddie maiden Month ago +2

    3:17 is that guy from lord of the rings.......... 😲

  • D3zMadre
    D3zMadre Month ago

    Sounds like a big chunk of shit!

  • عراقي هاوي
    عراقي هاوي 2 months ago

    I really hope this project already comes backward compatible .

  • Helix Dubz
    Helix Dubz 2 months ago

    Xcloud is like stadia

  • Kadaidrick Sanders
    Kadaidrick Sanders 2 months ago

    They need to put xbox on phones we can play on our phone

  • 90’s Flav
    90’s Flav 2 months ago

    better come out before christmas because my dad will get me a xbox one he said but if it comes out i’ll get the new one

    PC GAMING IS DEAD 2 months ago

    After the hardware failure of Xbox 360 and the flop that was the Xbox 1 what fucking idiot would be excited about this? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matty
    Matty 2 months ago

    I just hope you'll be will able to play the games on Xbox 1

  • Willz Waughz
    Willz Waughz 2 months ago

    I’m kinda p***sed about this coming out because I really don’t wanna buy another console the Xbox one is fine

    • smoke. - documentary
      smoke. - documentary 2 months ago

      UNREALCAVE PLAY’S MC true, I don’t want my Xbox friends to switch over to another console, I also don’t wanna waste more money on another Xbox.

  • Racine Uentillie
    Racine Uentillie 2 months ago

    Wow dant wait for "scarlett"

  • Sarvesh Raja
    Sarvesh Raja 2 months ago +1

    Bro Xbox for life amazing

  • Teo
    Teo 2 months ago

    4 times better then xbox one x sounds very nice :)))

  • Andrew Presley
    Andrew Presley 2 months ago

    Will original Xbox 1 still be able to play with people who have this one

    WEAVE SNATCHED 2 months ago


  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker 2 months ago

    More seamless worlds. Just hope it’s not like fallout 76

  • yourboyduck1300 Marshall

    I bet it'll be $1000 consoles

  • DaSeamonster66
    DaSeamonster66 2 months ago

    I don't know why but I feel like at X019 they are gonna show a trailer for a new console thats like 3 times better than scarlett.

  • Orbz
    Orbz 2 months ago

    show the fucking xbox, im switching to nintendo switch, goodbye

  • Orbz
    Orbz 2 months ago +2

    fuck you, its the same bullshit.

  • Edwin Palacios
    Edwin Palacios 2 months ago

    4:18 ... this hoe must not own a gaming pc , catch up

  • Matt Hart
    Matt Hart 2 months ago

    All this talk about cross-platform. It will never happen until the two companies, Microsoft and Sony, team together and agree to cost-share and profit-share. This will never happen unless customers are willing to pay enough to support both companies loses. Its economics pure and simple.

  • Mike Money
    Mike Money 2 months ago

    I’m an rpg gamer and loading time is a thing .... you’re all also old and fugly as fuck and don’t know shit about gaming ya fagots.. didn’t see shit but an infomercial for Erectile dysfunction

  • Seagull Mater
    Seagull Mater 2 months ago

    They adding vr where their no wire and a mat where it show the bouders

  • Seagull Mater
    Seagull Mater 2 months ago

    Can you link your old profile

  • Kirby The God
    Kirby The God 2 months ago

    I had my Xbox One in years now, but now when this comes out, Imma get this.

  • Speedyfaux69
    Speedyfaux69 2 months ago

    Xbox 2: release
    Xbox 1: I don’t wanna play with you anymore

  • Itz 420 erday BITCH
    Itz 420 erday BITCH 2 months ago +1

    Just make Xbox Live For FREE AND I'm GOOD

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy
    yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy 2 months ago +2

    PC gaming will always reign supreme.

  • Akram Games 11
    Akram Games 11 2 months ago

    Finally no waiting

  • Dube Face
    Dube Face 2 months ago

    Man again I just got xbox 1 and now their is a xbox 2, well I guess there is no more games being made for xbox 1

  • Novus Cologne Music
    Novus Cologne Music 2 months ago

    I’ve always had both consoles however money is an issue and i love and prefer Xbox due to its multiplayer experience its better faster and the UI Right now is excellent and immersive... i don’t feel the same on my playstation sadly... and i cant move back to xbox cause of my friends... we really do need cross platform.

  • Aero 45632
    Aero 45632 2 months ago +2

    Ps5 is about to come out
    Xbox: welp it’s time for a upgrade

  • I Hate Money
    I Hate Money 2 months ago +1


  • X _Rare_Instinct_X
    X _Rare_Instinct_X 2 months ago

    Wait so it won’t be out by Christmas?☹️

    • Ronan P
      Ronan P Month ago

      X _Rare_Instinct_X and it’s coming out next December so it will be just not this year

  • Angelo Vidal
    Angelo Vidal 2 months ago

    Spiderman can play with xbox 2 scarlett?

    FUBAR FUBAR 2 months ago

    Still pc is far ahead lol

    • Matt Seseri
      Matt Seseri Month ago

      FUBAR FUBAR true but 8K 120FPS is more then enough for the average gamer. Hell I’m happy with 1080P 60 FPS lol.

  • KeepFit Daddyuk
    KeepFit Daddyuk 2 months ago

    8K ......>>>ROTFL> 4 Generations of Gaming! >>>>>> PMSL!

  • Logan Shortridge
    Logan Shortridge 2 months ago +59

    Which team are u on?
    Xbox 2 = like
    Ps5 = comment

    • Poke Gaming
      Poke Gaming Month ago

      C H I L L stop or else I will block u

  • Crazy Bros Cael
    Crazy Bros Cael 2 months ago +45

    A console that can finally beat the gta v waiting time.

    • Jdogg4089
      Jdogg4089 3 days ago

      I have a feeling rockstar will bar this gta v from bc and re-release it for next gen with 4k graphics. Their next cash grab will we wait for their new game on ps6

    • Teo
      Teo 2 months ago

      Yeah finally :D

    • Robert Bowser
      Robert Bowser 2 months ago +3

      Crazy Bros Cael lol nope. The guys at rockstar will screw Sony and Xbox and make the load times 2 hours lol

    • Golden
      Golden 2 months ago +1

      Yeah! 😂

  • Yosef Showtime
    Yosef Showtime 2 months ago +5

    Only reason im buying the XBOX2 is for FORZA HORIZON & MOTOSPORT ❤

    • Yosef Showtime
      Yosef Showtime 2 months ago

      @Loso Banks what do you mean?

    • Loso Banks
      Loso Banks 2 months ago

      On xbox store they only have 734 the rest is not on their

  • Branon Lamphere
    Branon Lamphere 2 months ago

    All for a cool 1,500 dollars. (Might be slightly exaggerating here but it will be very pricey)

  • xxpro master34567
    xxpro master34567 2 months ago

    And be come with it