Our Alligator Gets a New Toy!


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  • Edward Brink
    Edward Brink 7 hours ago

    I usually really dont like lizard and snake pets, something about them just creeps me out, but I like Rex. She's actually cute and has more of a personality than most reptiles

  • mary Lovell
    mary Lovell 8 hours ago

    I have a giant yellow boa and he isn't a fan of playing just trying to stick his face in my cup of water. He does love to cuddle and hide in the clothes basket.

  • Jalen G.
    Jalen G. 9 hours ago

    5:26 that neck bend thooo😂💀

  • Asa Shaw
    Asa Shaw 12 hours ago

    Whats the sound

  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 16 hours ago +1

    why are monitor lizards called monitors? what do they monitor

  • Coen M. Vannote
    Coen M. Vannote 17 hours ago

    Thats a good toy and your channel is so awsome

  • Grace R
    Grace R 21 hour ago

    At first I had no idea what she was talking about because we pronounce buoy as "boy"😂

    POTATO Day ago

    Cool looking dog.

  • Lucia Klebba
    Lucia Klebba Day ago

    At the begging of the video was it just me or did that lizard look huge until I realized it was in front of the camera

  • Taran Raj
    Taran Raj Day ago

    Love Rex and your videos

  • LahzahIianni Elle
    LahzahIianni Elle Day ago +1

    Awww.... She is soooooo cuteeeee

  • Wolf Tales
    Wolf Tales Day ago

    I am 2 weeks late

  • IndigenousPotliquor

    Ah a Alligator and her buoy! Yay that was so nice of them to send her a toy!

    ASL ROCKS Day ago

    Thai is the cutest most pure thing ever

  • FuriousToucannon

    The alligator, the perfect combination of traits and behaviors to create an extremely dangerous reptile, and then there’s Rex, sitting in a pink kiddie pool pushing a buoy around.

  • I I EmilyXoXo I I MSP


  • domien klerx
    domien klerx 2 days ago

    thats one tuffboii :o

  • RKBGaming
    RKBGaming 2 days ago +1

    Get a Komodo dragon

    • Yoshi Yoshi
      Yoshi Yoshi Day ago

      I think they're a bit big and, you know, venomous

  • Enimo
    Enimo 2 days ago

    When you handfeed her does she ever accidentally bite your hand?

  • michel salazar
    michel salazar 2 days ago

    Looks like she enjoyed too much
    She looks cute

    Though I think the people thought it was a full grown alligator 🧐
    Might be wrong

  • BMT115
    BMT115 2 days ago

    What are your plans when she get bigger, a larger living space, wild life preservation?

  • Genesis Anthony
    Genesis Anthony 2 days ago

    Mosy people have gaurd dogs but you have gaurd snakes and rex!

  • Quinn Enestvedt
    Quinn Enestvedt 2 days ago

    Well that was adorable

  • Editing Potato
    Editing Potato 2 days ago

    I would put rope through it so it gives her a bit extra to grab onto

  • Caden S
    Caden S 2 days ago

    I love Rex 🐊

    • Caden S
      Caden S 2 days ago

      Do you have a green anol if you have one do a video or get one they are so much fun I have one

  • ZeoN TDB
    ZeoN TDB 2 days ago

    Rex when she is 15. mom I’m going to sink buoys with the girls

  • Fan OfBioshock
    Fan OfBioshock 2 days ago

    She's hot

  • Zaro The Husky
    Zaro The Husky 2 days ago

    The cutest thing about Rex is that is jaw is curved upward and always looks so cute and happy!

  • Alexandria Lester
    Alexandria Lester 2 days ago

    Is there anyway to get in contact with you I have a few questions I would like to ask in regards to you job

  • bridget holladay
    bridget holladay 2 days ago

    At first she looks so scared at first

  • Sneakydragons unite
    Sneakydragons unite 2 days ago

    Why are peole disliking this

  • Lauren Reynolds
    Lauren Reynolds 3 days ago

    Does she mean a buoy? As in boy. I'm so confused. I've never heard it pronounced that's way

  • Australien
    Australien 3 days ago

    i feel like your boyfriend is just in for the ride

  • Eeveebeth Sylveon
    Eeveebeth Sylveon 3 days ago

    "When you go to a zoo and see a tiger pacing back and forth in front of its cage, that means it's bored." Not quite true: if its head is hanging while it's doing that, that means it's bored. If it's looking around while pacing, that means he/she's patrolling his/her territory, totally normal. (Total fact, I work at a place where I need to make sure people follow the rules around animals and I'm often stuck near a tiger. They do have toys they can play with, but a lot of the time they are just either sleeping - which is like 90% of the time - or checking out their territory.)

  • Lucero Zagada
    Lucero Zagada 3 days ago

    You should have added a rope not hating

  • Luis Lozano
    Luis Lozano 3 days ago

    Rex is so adorable.
    Who would’ve thought a gator could have such a nice personality?
    Rex vids are my fav!
    Give us more please. 👍🏼

  • Ahotolu Adler
    Ahotolu Adler 3 days ago

    She loves it

  • Talia Kilstock
    Talia Kilstock 3 days ago

    So cute

  • Megan Mahony
    Megan Mahony 3 days ago

    I just found your channel last night and have already watched over an hour of videos! So amazing to watch you interact with Rex and the snakes. I grew up with a 5 foot green iguana as a kid, we had him for 20 years and he was one of my best friends. Love what you do and looking forward to more updates!

  • saint5367
    saint5367 3 days ago

    So basically you bought a Gator Aide

  • TheOneCalledJakko Bad vlogs and less

    Jeremy corse is right. I also only watch TheXvid for your channel (and a few memes)

  • TheOneCalledJakko Bad vlogs and less

    Instead of saying “go commit suicide” they should say “go commit bit by Rex”

  • Alexis DIY
    Alexis DIY 4 days ago

    Rex's mouth was hanging open cause she was shook

  • LiL Nc BlackCatCece
    LiL Nc BlackCatCece 4 days ago

    *Whatta​ happy​ greeny potatoe child.*

  • Thunder Star
    Thunder Star 4 days ago


  • All Might! Its Me Again To Anyone? Pascual

    You treat animals really nice

    Basically hope for Humanity thx for making my day

  • All Might! Its Me Again To Anyone? Pascual

    Rex: Hmmm how ami gonna break dis

  • Captain Swagger23
    Captain Swagger23 4 days ago

    the smile on that crocodile is actually the best thing ive seen all day. she looks so happy

  • Samantha Woodhouse
    Samantha Woodhouse 4 days ago

    'Boy' is how it is pronounced in English.I have never heard of a boo-ee until now. Haha

  • Ame Inthedark
    Ame Inthedark 5 days ago

    Rex is sooo adorable i died for a minute there😍

  • Aadit Lele
    Aadit Lele 5 days ago

    why di\ont you have a cat

    • Enimo
      Enimo 2 days ago

      If she had a cat it wouldn't get along with her other animals

  • jocax188723
    jocax188723 5 days ago


  • Charlotte Renae Gray

    This animal is my BIGGEST fear

  • SocietyNeedsToCrumble

    You could put some of that tubing through the holes so she could grab and drag it!

  • kawesome 248
    kawesome 248 5 days ago +1


  • KawaiiPotato
    KawaiiPotato 5 days ago

    I love that face that she does with her mouth gaping open. Its so cute

  • Lord of Tartar Sauce

    I feel a little bit embarrassed to say this, but the image of the lizard on the box kind of made me think that the lizard was on your counter.

  • Melissa Raymond
    Melissa Raymond 5 days ago

    Do you keep Rex in her room all the time? And if so...why? No hate just a question:)

  • LOLthisfun
    LOLthisfun 5 days ago

    I get scared when she hisses

  • •Average Potato•

    this made my day

  • enchanted-diamond-creeper

    THIS IS A-MAZE-ING suggestion dough you should put like a stick or a tube on the bouy so rex can drag it around or bring with her :DDD but rex is soooo coool and wonderful i was sad but now im happy

  • Ali Baebee
    Ali Baebee 5 days ago

    the seal @ 1:21 tho.. 😍😍😍

  • Abby Duncan
    Abby Duncan 5 days ago

    she needs like a night vision camera for rex to see when she's playing with it

  • Redd
    Redd 5 days ago

    Has Rex ever accidently snapped you? I'm honestly in love with Rex
    More videos please!

  • Gracie Suchecki
    Gracie Suchecki 5 days ago

    You should put a camera in rex's room for 24hours to see what shell do

  • Mythic Streamz
    Mythic Streamz 5 days ago

    Does she ever go outside if so can you record her doing it love the vids btw

  • Tom Hood
    Tom Hood 6 days ago

    You could put a rope in the bioe or boy so she can tug on it 😊

  • Chloe Bowman
    Chloe Bowman 6 days ago

    What are your thoughts on SeaWorld?

  • Mom
    Mom 6 days ago +2


    Omg but look at her I really want an alligator

    vTHExUNKNOWENv 6 days ago

    Why hasn't he-she eaten all of you yet? lol. Great video. I enjoy the video

  • Sarah D
    Sarah D 6 days ago

    When Rex open her mouthing looks like she smiling

  • April Keel
    April Keel 6 days ago

    You should put a go pro on her room so you can catch it

  • Th3FireKniF3
    Th3FireKniF3 6 days ago +1

    3:54 I literally jumped out of my chair.
    By the wau, can you make more videos with Rex, I love her!

  • Sabrina Vlogz
    Sabrina Vlogz 6 days ago +1

    5:26 *breaks neck*

  • Pawsome and clawsome

    I know its sad her mouth is deformed but its soo cute when she looks like shes smiling

  • Scott Edlin
    Scott Edlin 6 days ago

    Snake discovery has been at the Bayport Farmers Market for Kids day. What a great wealth of information for everyone interested in reptiles and safe healthy way to care for them. THANKS YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!

  • The Diamond Dog
    The Diamond Dog 6 days ago

    Awww.... Rex is the cutest thing ever! She looks so happy! ❤️😊

  • BUBU THE 1001
    BUBU THE 1001 6 days ago

    It's like a giant orange

  • rachel rewi
    rachel rewi 7 days ago

    Now I want a pet alligator it's so cute even if it got to big to have in the house I could fill my empty pool and clean it when it needs cleaning not with clorine

  • Marcos Noble
    Marcos Noble 7 days ago

    You have a gator! What to do when it gets big?

  • Cubegiant
    Cubegiant 7 days ago

    The lizard on table in the beginning of video is like help me

  • MissMelrose437
    MissMelrose437 7 days ago

    It would be really cool to have a go pro set up on the edge of the barrier aimed to show how Rex acts when no one is looking lol

  • Birdy is blue
    Birdy is blue 7 days ago

    I think your dog has progeria

  • Gachalillly
    Gachalillly 7 days ago

    Looking for a toy for my alligator I FOUND IT

    (It is my dog) lol

  • A B Cars N’ Guitars

    Such a pretty girl! The new pool fits her well ! She’s so happy :)

  • Kalynn's World
    Kalynn's World 7 days ago

    Make more Vids of Rex eating and him

  • Ellenor Weathers
    Ellenor Weathers 7 days ago +3

    She’s so cute she looks so content... you can see she has a huge smile on her face! (Soooo adorable!)

  • ScottOne
    ScottOne 7 days ago

    Have you ever taken Rex to larger pools so she can swim and go under, and such?

  • MsgtFlores19
    MsgtFlores19 7 days ago

    Put a go pro somewhere to record her when you’re not with her duhhh

  • ChaosBacon
    ChaosBacon 8 days ago

    Me: There's no way it's gonna pop
    Rex: *Pops the ball toy*

  • Ray Pablo
    Ray Pablo 8 days ago


  • Beautiful Gudrun
    Beautiful Gudrun 8 days ago

    Rex is just a dog with 48% more Scales.

  • Weeb Trash
    Weeb Trash 8 days ago

    "This thing is indestructible."
    If Rex is anything like my dogs. She will find a way to destroy that thing. To call something indestructible is not a statement but a challenge.

  • Dan Jacob
    Dan Jacob 8 days ago

    The tubes should extend outward more so she can grab it. Cool video!

  • Brandi Miklos
    Brandi Miklos 8 days ago

    What about a road cone??? The plastic is obviously durable, not to mention, it bounces back in place AND the color is usually bright!

  • RavenHawkTech
    RavenHawkTech 8 days ago

    What about putting a thick rope or something through the bouye to give her something to grab and tug it?

  • Roxy :p The gamer
    Roxy :p The gamer 8 days ago

    I think she just wants it’s out

  • Kinny Jackson
    Kinny Jackson 8 days ago

    She so cute

  • Illyanna PustulkaLOGAN

    The snow snake