Our Alligator Gets a New Toy!

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
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    Crocodilians are smart. Sometimes too smart for their own good. Because of this, enrichment opportunities are essential for their mental well-being. In this video we introduce Rexy (our alligator) to a brand new toy and her reaction is priceless!
    Music by Bensound and TheXvid creator studio library used under the creative commons license.

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  • Soapy Kid
    Soapy Kid 10 hours ago

    Nice Mrbeast merch

  • Jerrie Thirwards
    Jerrie Thirwards 23 hours ago

    Maybe you could put something small inside so it makes a noise (maybe a bell) but in a way that makes it impossible for her to take it out. That might be interesting for her, or doesn't Rex like weird sounds?

  • Chaste Grace Acain

    I think she likes her new toy and I agree that the toy will last forever

  • Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101

    She loves it awww😂😂🥰

  • Desmond Baiz
    Desmond Baiz 4 days ago

    Rex thing is a giant lemon that's what in her mind she thinks

  • Miley Canada
    Miley Canada 5 days ago

    I love your channel you made me love snakes i am 8 years old.

  • Nicole Velasco
    Nicole Velasco 7 days ago

    The results (or reaction) from both Emily and Rex-(san) is*EPIC* !!!!!! LOL OMG :D ;D

  • Margot Matin
    Margot Matin 8 days ago

    I love her belts

  • Broken sister
    Broken sister 8 days ago +1

    yay you r so good yay

  • Broken sister
    Broken sister 8 days ago +1

    hi ☺😊

  • MiaK!!!!
    MiaK!!!! 8 days ago +2

    You should put a peace of rope through the white tube and tie it so she can pull it around lol

  • MiguelXD XD
    MiguelXD XD 9 days ago +1

    Hola me encanta este canal 👍❤

  • Vixen 525
    Vixen 525 10 days ago

    I imagine it would also work for semi aquatic big-cats like tigers and jaguars, as well as polar bears and grizzlies.

  • Midnight Roses
    Midnight Roses 11 days ago

    Who knew that the word buoy came from the dutch word boei??

  • Team Train-Wreck
    Team Train-Wreck 11 days ago +1

    I own a Schneider's Dwarf Caiman, would you recommend picking up something similar but more approapriately sized as a means of enrichment?

  • bendy en de ink machine

    Your alligator is cute if he opens his mouthe

  • AmyBumble
    AmyBumble 12 days ago +1

    I was so confused hearing Booey.
    I thought buoy was pronounced just like boy. Because it's buoyant. BOY.
    Am I wrong? Have I been saying it wrong for my whole life? 😂

  • Prankster Gangster Homie Hero Brian MLG

    Alligators are beautiful animals

  • Hayden Cheater
    Hayden Cheater 15 days ago +1

    Rex:what is this yellow lemon
    Her:it is not a lemon it is a boui

  • Silent Huntress72
    Silent Huntress72 15 days ago +2

    Okay am I the only one who starts hearing SimplyNailogical when Emily says "What do you think?"

  • Chloe Trosvig
    Chloe Trosvig 15 days ago

    rex is SOOOOO cute

  • Konny :3
    Konny :3 16 days ago +3

    Then my cats
    me: *proceeds to buy expensive toy*
    Cats: *pOoP oN iT*

  • Blair Watson
    Blair Watson 17 days ago

    Rex!! She has beautiful eyes and looks so happy xx

  • James Cornwell
    James Cornwell 18 days ago +1

    Give me my toy and go away and let play with my new toy

  • Elizabeth Fromm ElizabethFromm

    Rex:what this thing so shook that I gotts to open my mouth
    It's your new toy

  • Elizabeth Fromm ElizabethFromm

    Red the best! Love you Rex

  • Heather Ingram
    Heather Ingram 22 days ago

    You should add rope so Rex can hold on to the boy

  • Shannon Wojtaszek
    Shannon Wojtaszek 22 days ago

    Update? Has it kept her out of trouble anymore than before?

  • Shannon Wojtaszek
    Shannon Wojtaszek 22 days ago +1

    I love Rex's tlking captions too cute! Your an amazing person for being HER in and taking on the responsibility.💯

  • Spring Nash
    Spring Nash 23 days ago +3

    *4:01** Im getting Simply Nailogical vibes on the word lol!* 😂😂

  • Eva. Ok bye
    Eva. Ok bye 24 days ago +2

    1:22 "I have no idea why there's a sign on this head"

  • Hinata Uzumaki
    Hinata Uzumaki 25 days ago

    Dang I’m always late


  • catherine lockhart
    catherine lockhart 25 days ago

    That is a really cool toy

  • Nibu _ Wolf
    Nibu _ Wolf 26 days ago

    Whenever you don’t know what something is...
    *Boop it.* :3

  • Kenneth Abucay
    Kenneth Abucay 26 days ago

    So cute girl rex is girl

  • Stuff STUFF
    Stuff STUFF 26 days ago

    So cool

  • Harlee Roy
    Harlee Roy 26 days ago


  • Harlee Roy
    Harlee Roy 26 days ago


  • claudia tulumari
    claudia tulumari 26 days ago

    you can nickname rex roxina i ran out of ideas so i only could think of roxina :/

  • Blue Reptile
    Blue Reptile 26 days ago +3

    What did the librarian say to me?

    *Read more*

  • Blue Reptile
    Blue Reptile 26 days ago

    Lady, there's a frog on your shoulder.. Oh, lizard..False chameleon...

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Yashiel Bachoolall
    Yashiel Bachoolall 26 days ago

    Rex looks soo happy

  • Devin Culbertson
    Devin Culbertson 27 days ago

    Bob's burgers cook book a woman of taste I see

  • The Slayer Plays
    The Slayer Plays 27 days ago

    That lizard has some parkour skills better the me in Minecraft and roblox

  • Hannah Baker
    Hannah Baker 27 days ago

    sariah baker

  • Grace Upstone
    Grace Upstone 27 days ago


  • tazsnuts99
    tazsnuts99 28 days ago

    Love to have a pet aligator

  • RetroBitGamingMat
    RetroBitGamingMat 28 days ago

    If I ever got a pet Alligator i would make them Gatorade

  • Klmp13
    Klmp13 29 days ago

    My birds react the same way to new toys!
    Day 1: "How dare you! What is this THING?! Remove it at once!"
    Day 2: "Don't touch it, it's MINE!"

  • Lauren Bailey
    Lauren Bailey 29 days ago +1

    "The world's most pampered alligator" is a TheXvid video I came across, and it really displeased me. please do something about this owner snake discovery, I feel like this alligator "Lilly" can have a better life.

  • Turtle Human
    Turtle Human 29 days ago

    I wish I could have a pet dog or anything but I live in a condo that is not big enough for a dog to play in properly :(

  • Hannah Margaret
    Hannah Margaret 29 days ago

    Honestly Can't tell if you are 12 or 30

  • Natalie Taylor
    Natalie Taylor Month ago

    Rex is so cute!!!!!

  • Edward Dilellio
    Edward Dilellio Month ago

    Until she gets bigger than it would be a problem

    • Sam George
      Sam George 28 days ago +1

      Rex's previous owner kept her in a 4 foot wooden box for 28 years. She is 32 and only 5 feet long and won't get any bigger

  • ashley ryley
    ashley ryley Month ago

    I looked at Rex and I could tell Rex is really a girl

  • willian davenport
    willian davenport Month ago

    she’s so adorable...love this good doggy

  • Jacey Long
    Jacey Long Month ago

    Is this an unboxing channel now?

  • Lycaon 1765p
    Lycaon 1765p Month ago +1

    3:55 that scared me

  • Mette Marie Min Young Swiatecka

    why do you talk about Rex as if he was a girl??? you say she and not him in the video

    • The Phantom Crusader
      The Phantom Crusader Month ago +1

      They call her a he out of habit they originally thought she was a male

  • Just3CrazyGirls AndImTheBigSister!

    Emily "There's no way your going to break that!"
    Rex "Why you put a lemon in my pool? And you dare challenge me?"

  • ProfessorSmick
    ProfessorSmick Month ago

    I’m Gonna Be Real With U That’s A Massive water snake

  • Political Spectrum
    Political Spectrum Month ago

    Hey sweetie how you feel about me right now come here no w orfk I was finna day

  • Blood Doll
    Blood Doll Month ago +1

    this would also be great for tigers and bears in zoos as well.

  • SeleneTheWerewolf
    SeleneTheWerewolf Month ago

    Does Rex still like her buoy? XD

  • Kara Burr
    Kara Burr Month ago

    I see pickle rick

  • Kara Burr
    Kara Burr Month ago

    Or that’s a sign of Zoochois

  • Tiffany turnipseed
    Tiffany turnipseed Month ago

    100 subs till 1 mill!!!! Congrats

  • Raptormann0205
    Raptormann0205 Month ago

    Interesting how she goes for the white parts; I wonder if she thinks that's where its head is.

  • Zoe Edwards
    Zoe Edwards Month ago +3

    Hhhhhssssssss, I don’t like this big ball
    1 day later
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BIG BALL THING, he’s my friend, he floats with me!

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago +1

    3,000 more subscribers!! We can do it!

  • A random Petuber
    A random Petuber Month ago +1

    U mean marine animals or marine mammals

  • Lps Tails
    Lps Tails Month ago

    Gieant lemon toy 🍋

  • Madzol
    Madzol Month ago

    That's a weird looking dog.....

  • theLavender Arts
    theLavender Arts Month ago +1

    i didn't know alligators hiss

  • becca au
    becca au Month ago

    They change the pool how did she pop the pool if it was plastic

  • N S Sisters
    N S Sisters Month ago +1


  • Tatyana alexandra
    Tatyana alexandra Month ago

    I love how she looks like shes smiling. Shes so happy

  • Kaiden Benning
    Kaiden Benning Month ago

    you should leave a camera in her room

  • Tania Marais
    Tania Marais Month ago

    I adore Rex! It looks like she is always smiling lol ❤️

  • Lacie W.
    Lacie W. Month ago

    You should try getting her a jolly ball. They are used as toys for horses are are pretty sturdy and they come in different sizes

  • annacatcat kitt
    annacatcat kitt Month ago

    what is on your shoulder

  • Tycoon Raptor
    Tycoon Raptor Month ago

    Rex is my favorite animal, ever. Apart from my own pets, of course.

  • Esteemed 64
    Esteemed 64 Month ago

    Rx got herself a Tuffbouy

  • Cj Parisien
    Cj Parisien Month ago

    I think she's mad

  • tony vela
    tony vela Month ago

    her:you ganna do it
    lizerd:its my time to shin


    her:you made it

  • Phantom Flames
    Phantom Flames Month ago +1

    And to think that these things can kill humans

  • Becky Turner
    Becky Turner Month ago

    When you give her an outdoor space, will it have a bigger body of water for her to swim in? Because I have a feeling she might like a bigger space. Just a thought though. Love your videos btw, keep-em up!!

  • JustJordan33 Fan
    JustJordan33 Fan Month ago

    rex looks so happy with her new toy! This made my day🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Wøølfi
    Wøølfi Month ago

    6:02 it looks like Rex is smiling with her mouth open lol

  • Tanner Brockman
    Tanner Brockman Month ago +1

    I would put a rope with knots through the pvc so she could drag it

  • Kid Parent
    Kid Parent Month ago +1

    We need to get to 1million

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago

    Emily: "what are you going to do?"
    Rex: *seranade it with my singing*

  • Risa Rose
    Risa Rose Month ago

    Omg yessss

  • crazy king
    crazy king Month ago

    rex is the cutest little thing too

  • Marta Lana
    Marta Lana Month ago

    Rex is a girl

  • Kay Kay Studios
    Kay Kay Studios Month ago

    Theres 666k views ur channel is now haunted

  • Gracie Burrows
    Gracie Burrows Month ago


  • Kun Fused
    Kun Fused Month ago

    One minute into the video and I just spotted a reptile on her

  • Adam Ellis
    Adam Ellis Month ago

    That is soooooo cute and funny