F1 Paddock Pass: Post-Race At The 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • It was a dramatic finish in Brazil - join us behind the scenes in Brazil as we get all the reaction from the inside the F1 paddock...
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Comments • 1 497

  • WheelSports
    WheelSports 20 days ago

    Interlagos is crazy magical!

  • mossmusic
    mossmusic 22 days ago

    Will we be seeing Will Buxton in the pits next year?

  • mstar011
    mstar011 23 days ago

    thats why i love lewis, truth, skill and never giving up. He gave it everything

  • iRacing Rookie
    iRacing Rookie 23 days ago

    Mercedes crumbled without toto

  • Don Ferguson
    Don Ferguson 23 days ago

    Daniel Ricciardo! Now theres a man you can trust with success of your team right there!

  • Lemukani Maluvana
    Lemukani Maluvana 23 days ago

    Did you interview Bottas?

  • FT 3
    FT 3 24 days ago

    Wy dont you pair up wit Will buxton ...???

    • FT 3
      FT 3 24 days ago

      I ment whit joylin palmer....??

  • herman groenewald
    herman groenewald 24 days ago

    Excellent feedback

  • Konstantinos Sevliadis

    And that's why brazil should be the last race

  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell 24 days ago

    Next year's Drive to Survive series is going to be great!

  • w sánchez
    w sánchez 24 days ago +2

    I liked the comment Lewis said, “I actually was the torpedo...”

  • Flavio Rosa
    Flavio Rosa 24 days ago


  • Vicious Mixes
    Vicious Mixes 25 days ago

    Carlos the best driver in the field

  • Daniel Sánchez G.
    Daniel Sánchez G. 25 days ago

    Nice turn around with the latest news of carlos podium's when recording it! a shame we couldn't really see how hard he defended against a world champion after two restarts, just few images of a remarkable fight between them.

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    F1 Stewards are working so slow!! Changing podium after the podium ceremony is very lame 😒
    Sainz & McLaren were deprived of a pure podium happiness. Pity

  • Saurav Sen
    Saurav Sen 25 days ago +1

    Respect for Lewis, admits his fault no excuses. Thats a champion right there. Really wanted Albon up there though, sad he missed out.

  • Ubaid Ikram
    Ubaid Ikram 25 days ago

    You neeed to admire and talk more about carlos sainz now atleast.

  • gay freakin frog
    gay freakin frog 26 days ago

    another race proving how great f1 would be if mercs bulls and ferrari where fucked off

  • nvt nvt
    nvt nvt 26 days ago

    Hamilton is just an asshole first he like I am wrong bla bla greatest fans ever and than he goes i leave nothing on the table. He fucked up Albons race end of story I really don't get it you are already WC can't you just give it away for ones and leave it.

  • Desert Sky
    Desert Sky 26 days ago +1

    Nice work, Will! As for Seb attacking Charles, it's easy to see who the child is, and who the adult is on Team Ferrari. Seb needs to be fired. He's toxic and counter productive. Sebastian Vettel cannot own the horrible things he does when he loses control of himself. Dishonorable Discharge from Ferrari !

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson 26 days ago

    ...and ti's no coincidence the new shirt/jacket matches Red Bull livery...hmmm?

  • Richard ter Veen
    Richard ter Veen 26 days ago

    Massive fight with Lewis?? Max clearly was the best, there was no doubt he was going to take the 6 time world champion .... he did it twice .....and so convincing ......hopefully max will have a compatible car next year, and preferably all year long

  • Richard Patton
    Richard Patton 26 days ago

    Magnunssen and Grosjean are the Williams of drivers

  • Simon Steffen
    Simon Steffen 26 days ago

    am i the only one getting richard hammond vibes from will?

  • imbrawler dubz
    imbrawler dubz 26 days ago

    Carlos is such a boss. All season. McLaren has two potential future champions.

  • XQCmoi
    XQCmoi 26 days ago

    Also thumbs up for Max's comments afterwards. Could one accuse him of immature off-track comments (regarding Ferrari) the last GP, there's no trace of that this GP.

  • fr0ntl1n3r
    fr0ntl1n3r 26 days ago

    i love it how torpedo became a thing. thexvid.com/video/Sd0HuQs_KRQ/video.html

  • Ringer Adler
    Ringer Adler 26 days ago

    Next race I want to see Lewis leave the podium and let Carlos hit the podium

  • F1 gaming
    F1 gaming 26 days ago

    Imo toro roso is 4th team in f1 maybe generaly renault are taking places , during the history toro roso has better history and better rezults like more podiums firstly our russian hero danyl kvyat , than incredible piere GG , future for F1

  • freshlysquosen
    freshlysquosen 26 days ago

    Buxton was sniffing his mic during the post race interviews like someone farted on it.

  • Kaya Gwebu
    Kaya Gwebu 26 days ago

    May we please have a South African Grand Prix🥺😭

    WEATHER 26 days ago

    Vettel is feeling the pressure from Leclerc and is resorting to desperate tactics to try and keep him out but Leclerc will reign supreme in this battle of a rising star.

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 26 days ago

    The difference between the reactions of Kimi and Antonio is hilarious :')

  • Jack Notion
    Jack Notion 26 days ago

    My god, Mclaren will fight for the podiums in 2020

  • BlueFlag Alpha
    BlueFlag Alpha 26 days ago

    Carlos Pace Sainz

  • Miroslav Nikotic
    Miroslav Nikotic 26 days ago

    Great race??? Did we watch the same thing?? The race was a snooze fest until safty car! 15 laps to the end.. Before that was just boring. So they had to take out safty car to make it interesting. Its manufactured drama. There was apsolutly no need for first safty car. Valteri stopped at perfect place.. With VSC they could remove that car in 2 laps. If the first safty wasnt out,nothing would happen.. It would be just another boring 2019r ace. Lets be clear here.. Last 15 laps were one of the craziest in the last 10 years.. BUT,there was no need for that and they did on purpose to make it more interesting.. FUCK THAT!

  • Tobias Kørvéll
    Tobias Kørvéll 26 days ago

    This guy should get a F1 history podcast

  • Mohammed Rehan Nagauri

    the most interesting and entertaining post race paddock pass.. amazing race

  • Mette Ødegård
    Mette Ødegård 26 days ago +2

    Fun fact: Kobica finished in front of two Ferrari and one marchedes

  • Chris daisy
    Chris daisy 26 days ago

    Ohhhh watch out for these Mclarens as soon as they go mercedes

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts 26 days ago

    can we please get rid of this other dry ass interviewer and keep Will doing all the interviews. if i hear one more ‘walk me through it’ i’m gonna lose it

  • James  Stewart
    James Stewart 26 days ago

    17 min. Renault girl got some booty .

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 26 days ago

    Remember you have to see it from his perspective not me under the armchair talk to ship

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 26 days ago

    It was too tight return for me to even think about trying to overtake him in it

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 26 days ago

    I know he thought he could get him in the turn but these tight turns I don't want to take the chance of accelerating especially when there's two of us in this turn

  • Toby Roberts
    Toby Roberts 26 days ago

    As if i needed more reason to think Lewis is a cunt.

  • Alex Bernadina
    Alex Bernadina 26 days ago

    Thanks Will, great Paddock Pass, like always!!

  • neev Neevo
    neev Neevo 26 days ago

    Mclaren tho......making a phenomenal comeback this year....lets get behind our british manufacturer and hope they start fighting for podiums and potential race wins next season. Great job sainz you should have been on the actual podium with the others

  • neev Neevo
    neev Neevo 26 days ago

    Vettels been hung out to dry for the past 2 seasons......with the words of the great ayrton de silva ...if you see a gap and dont go for it you might aswell not race anymore! Charles left a gap and vettel took it but unfortunately they collided ....racing incident in my opinion just like hamiltons move on albon....albon left the door wide open and then shut it at the last minute.

  • Reysha Tiyardi
    Reysha Tiyardi 26 days ago

    I was genuinely worried for Will & the cameramen when I saw the forklift was coming.

  • Alex K
    Alex K 26 days ago

    Got to say impressed with Lewis for admitting fault with that collision. Was obviously all Lewis and Alex not to blame at all but there are several other drivers I can think of *cough Vettel cough* that would never own up to a mistake like that.

  • Jazz Sounds
    Jazz Sounds 26 days ago

    Both of the Ferrari drivers should be fired, 2 idiot's.

  • Boskop San
    Boskop San 26 days ago

    F1 is in good place at the moment

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 26 days ago

    Daniil Kvyat 17:37 realy nice Interview (especialy the start)

  • Marcos Torrani
    Marcos Torrani 26 days ago

    Obrigado Jose Carlos Pace - Interlagos the true spirit of Senna racing is embedded on that track. Loved it every single lap!!!!! WOW!!!!

  • r3d-soft - The Software Guy!

    Nice race. Was complaining about how boring it was but then Vettel did the usual :D and it was fun again. GJ to Gasly beating Hamilton

  • Jason Farah
    Jason Farah 26 days ago

    Investigation took way to long. Race directors should have a deadline to decide. I mean it was Pretty clear. So Lewis just got spotlight again for nothing.

  • KeyDec Entertainment
    KeyDec Entertainment 26 days ago

    A great race by Max and Red Bull and I enjoy the Brazilian Grand Prix !!! The day after this race his grandfather Frans Verstappen passed away.

  • Aléxandros III ho Makedốn

    I dont know what people think, but the FORMULA 1 TheXvid channel is producing very very good contents, glad you are here !

  • Kurt
    Kurt 26 days ago

    Seb: "yeah".......................no fucks given