5 TIMES Floyd Mayweather almost been KNOCKED out

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
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    Over the long history of professional boxing, there have been only a few boxers who have completed their careers without a single defeat. Floyd Mayweather Jr. He made his debut in the professional ring in October 1996 at the age of 19; in his career as a professional boxer, Mayweather had 50 fights and won each of them in 27 of them he was able to knock out an opponent. In this video, we look at 5 cases when Floyd Mayweather Jr. was almost on the verge of losing.
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  • _JB_ PREME
    _JB_ PREME 55 minutes ago

    U mean 5 times he didn’t rig the fight

  • Lag Akuh
    Lag Akuh 2 hours ago

    Maidana lose???

  • Ass& Tiddies
    Ass& Tiddies Day ago

    Dude was use to winning he didn’t even smile on the one 3min in

  • Javier Rueda
    Javier Rueda Day ago +1

    Como no le partieron su PUTA MADRE puto no era un fajador siempre se la llevó corriendo

  • Abdelkader Elbali
    Abdelkader Elbali 2 days ago

    The mafia referres saved him

  • ArmitronFusion 7
    ArmitronFusion 7 3 days ago +3

    nope im still think he's no champion, like just lose and accept.

  • Rene Cortina
    Rene Cortina 3 days ago

    What made Floyd a undefeated fighter because of money

  • Mauricio_0fficial
    Mauricio_0fficial 4 days ago +3

    As much as I don’t like Floyd you cannot deny his amazing recovery and adaptation after he gets hit with a big punch.

  • izak games
    izak games 4 days ago +1

    Click bate

  • Sensi Milia
    Sensi Milia 4 days ago

    floyd is the number 1 haters gonna hate and floyd never get Ko and ko means over.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 4 days ago

    Great video thank you!!!

  • Whatsup Whatsdown
    Whatsup Whatsdown 4 days ago

    Lmaoo why did he fall when maidana barely touched him n why does he hug gloves😂

  • Whatsup Whatsdown
    Whatsup Whatsdown 4 days ago

    Lmaoo stopped the fight cus he hurt his wrist lol

  • Darrein Robinson
    Darrein Robinson 4 days ago

    Dig da white gloves as a statement

  • vince skeen
    vince skeen 4 days ago

    Floyd ain't the best, referees protect him, arrogant prick

  • teint viking
    teint viking 4 days ago

    You can't have a champion from el Salvador Hernandez had that fight lost when it was announce in the news. Floy Mayweather was that guy who gives millions

  • popcopone
    popcopone 5 days ago

    What fuking warrior

  • linuxisbetter0
    linuxisbetter0 5 days ago

    He LOST against José Luis Castillo. Still the greatest p4p boxer of all time

    NOBLE NODE 5 days ago +1

    Floyd is a fake champ. Apparently he bought many fights.

  • Frankie2Gats
    Frankie2Gats 5 days ago

    Floyd knew how to absorb the punches, just like Jake Lamotta. Only Floyd rarely got hit solid. Hate him or love him you cant deny his obvious talent.

  • Marquis Mazyck
    Marquis Mazyck 5 days ago +3

    Well, he has a rep for running away, like he did in the first fight after getting rocked.

  • Liam Ferris
    Liam Ferris 5 days ago

    Almost ....exactly almost !!! Who cares about almost the guy's a fucking G.O.A.T!!!

  • Supremekidd
    Supremekidd 5 days ago

    Why tf does he look like kratos a lil bit... but kratos without his white skin and red pattern.

  • Señor Snipey
    Señor Snipey 5 days ago

    How did the guy at 4:00 not win over Floyd......rigged I tell ya.

  • Kevin Ramos
    Kevin Ramos 5 days ago

    Floyd is a good boxer, but he *Isnt the Best* as he thinks, he is an ego bitch who paid to win as aways (Its been proven every time, he just hide behind everyone) and will *Not* survive a Street Fight.
    Theres also the Fact that Floyd lost alot of his figths that he won due the Referee & judges who were sold out by Floyd.

  • Marvin's Reviews ETC.
    Marvin's Reviews ETC. 5 days ago +1

    shane fight was set up, shane didnt even try to capitalize after he hurt mayweather

  • juanLG -
    juanLG - 6 days ago

    El Chino Maidana le ganó. Fue un auténtico robo

  • beyne arega
    beyne arega 6 days ago

    From all 50 fight only find this.Floyd is the greatest hate him or love him.Wow I was very disappointed by this video nice try LoL

  • Savage Batman
    Savage Batman 6 days ago

    The thumbnail is so wack

  • Josh Milian
    Josh Milian 6 days ago

    the fact that cotto isnt in this video is just sad

  • JosH TV
    JosH TV 6 days ago

    I hate when Mayweather always holds his opponent arm, body and head

    • faze_ bigpapa
      faze_ bigpapa 5 days ago

      You obviously don't know anything about boxing, it's called clinching it's to help u regain ur breath or stamina

  • Thas Neck
    Thas Neck 6 days ago +1

    7:40 though 7:55 He gets punched in the head, an nuts in got no points taken from him wtf? But when Logan rocked Ksi in is fixing to win the fight they take 2 points aways okay??🤷🤦

  • Larrissa White
    Larrissa White 6 days ago

    Im sorry floyd i cant find any entertainment watching you scoring points i miss the clasic boxing where everybody goes for the k.o

  • Cantankerous Twat
    Cantankerous Twat 7 days ago

    ALMOST just isn't good enough though is it? I almost became an astronaut but................

  • B Rock
    B Rock 7 days ago

    Almost don’t pay the bills

  • moretti Tombing
    moretti Tombing 7 days ago +1

    Floyd may be a good fighter technically.. but he aint no warrior

  • I'm wrong because,
    I'm wrong because, 7 days ago

    Lmao that photoshopped ass thumbnail pic

  • 10,000 subscribers wit one video Challenge

    That thumbnail photo shop weak on god

  • Lamar34
    Lamar34 7 days ago

    That fake ass thumbnail

  • t
    t 7 days ago


  • abdul bari
    abdul bari 7 days ago

    maidana got robbed, he is better the mayweather and thats a fact

  • BH Durze
    BH Durze 7 days ago +18

    No ones better then the king 🤴 my guy mike Tyson

      NLE COCKA 4 days ago +1

      Tyson is a heavyweight you cant compare him to mayweather they are both different mayweather is better in defense while strength wise Iron Mike wins

    • Snober Rana
      Snober Rana 4 days ago +1

      Yes he was a complete knockout artist

    • G Ry
      G Ry 5 days ago +1

      MixedPlays Nah I just actually watch boxing. P4P Tyson isn't in any GOAT lists. Ali, Lewis, Foreman, Holmes, Johnson, Louis, Holyfield etc. are all above him, and that's only counting heavyweights. He wouldn't be top 50 P4P. Mikes best wins were a bloated LHW(Spinks) and a 38 year old Holmes. The eye test can only get you so far, his resume is average

    • MixedPlays
      MixedPlays 5 days ago +1

      G Ry your dumb Lmfaoooo

    • MixedPlays
      MixedPlays 5 days ago +1

      BH Durze fr fr 🤴🏽

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 7 days ago

    Learn to speak English

  • Michael Johnny Ringo

    TMT all day

  • John Monty
    John Monty 7 days ago


  • Victor Bravo
    Victor Bravo 7 days ago +1

    He can sure take hits and recover quickly.

  • Giovani Montenegro
    Giovani Montenegro 7 days ago

    Nice click bait

  • Juan Valencia
    Juan Valencia 8 days ago +7

    I wonder how much of his profits he invests on the judges.

    • brooklyn560
      brooklyn560 4 days ago

      Whatsup Whatsdown just go rewatch the fight non of the head butts Ortiz used were accidental nor was Mayweather clinching at the tome the last head butt happened. Also the ref said Go and motioned for them to continue.

    • Whatsup Whatsdown
      Whatsup Whatsdown 4 days ago +1

      brooklyn560 oh u forgot mayweather was holdin his gloves as usual when he saw a threat.. hugging not lettin go when under pressure the head butt was accidental its normal to try n be released.. let go.. whatever u wana say that was suppose to be dq for mayweather punching not once but twice without referee saying anything.. lmao nice try.

    • brooklyn560
      brooklyn560 4 days ago

      Whatsup Whatsdown he had it coming. Ortiz was head butting Mayweather all night and that last one split his lip open

    • Whatsup Whatsdown
      Whatsup Whatsdown 4 days ago

      Most of it, u remember he knock out ortiz without the referee call to continue

    • Kevin Ramos
      Kevin Ramos 5 days ago


  • Louis Morello
    Louis Morello 8 days ago

    As much as i dislike Floyd the dude will go down as the best boxer in history

    • rockstarcrossing
      rockstarcrossing 6 days ago

      Muhammad Ali will always have that title- Mayweather isn't worthy of it.

  • Moises Garcia
    Moises Garcia 8 days ago +4

    Of course he wins all his matches he buys the judges

    • Christopher Banuelos
      Christopher Banuelos 7 days ago

      Is that why a judge gave 6 rounds to Canelo in their fight? Canelo lost every round. If Floyd "pays the judges", then I guess he forgot to pay that judge huh? #FakeNews

  • Tony Pizano
    Tony Pizano 8 days ago


  • Leonardo Maki
    Leonardo Maki 8 days ago

    He don't have style or art of fight.

  • Jaytay
    Jaytay 8 days ago

    KSI would destroy this guy like he did too Pogan Laul

  • Nunya Bidnez
    Nunya Bidnez 8 days ago


  • LeoAP87
    LeoAP87 8 days ago


  • Segro Originpark
    Segro Originpark 8 days ago

    Poor Pacquiao he never be legend like floyd Mayweather.

  • Devin mccampbell
    Devin mccampbell 8 days ago +1

    Shane Mosley has the strongest chin in the world

  • TGK Spooks
    TGK Spooks 8 days ago

    Mike Tyson would kick Floyd’s ass

  • Szechuan Dogg
    Szechuan Dogg 8 days ago +1

    Thumbnail trash lmao

  • vcwchen
    vcwchen 8 days ago

    tactical fighter