Lemaitre - We Got U ft. The Knocks (Official Music Video)

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    Music video by Lemaitre, The Knocks performing We Got U. (C) 2016 Astralwerks
    #Lemaitre #WeGotU #Vevo #Electronic

Comments • 80

  • Salim Maleka
    Salim Maleka 4 hours ago

    fifa 17 ;)

  • Kevin Tish
    Kevin Tish 3 days ago

    This song is in the drug's perspective... Listen to the lyrics...

  • Spaztik Horse
    Spaztik Horse 3 days ago +1

    The start of the Corona Virus

  • Keyzar 22
    Keyzar 22 5 days ago

    FIFA 17 guys?

  • Michel Valencia
    Michel Valencia 7 days ago

    No mames la del fifa 😂

  • GamingBear
    GamingBear 7 days ago

    Wtf is this

  • ליעד יצחק
    ליעד יצחק 10 days ago

    Its still in my mind😟

  • Kshmr Arumin
    Kshmr Arumin 10 days ago


  • Nicolas Vega
    Nicolas Vega 11 days ago

    Fifa 17

  • Evan Boyce
    Evan Boyce 12 days ago +1


  • MrWolf Hunt3r
    MrWolf Hunt3r 13 days ago

    Never destroy a man best friend

  • ƵiRro
    ƵiRro 16 days ago

    This is just depressing

  • berrytee
    berrytee 16 days ago +1

    Asian cuisine

  • Maria Lust
    Maria Lust 17 days ago

    Gomez noooooooooooooooooo(

  • Bathtoaster335
    Bathtoaster335 17 days ago +4

    i miss 5 minutes ago when i didn’t know this existed

  • Baran Berk Küçüköz

    FIFA 17 beeeee

  • Mr. Niu Si
    Mr. Niu Si 23 days ago

    wait, did Madeon deliver the pizza!?

  • Ommadow
    Ommadow 24 days ago

    Shit I knew it
    He's the guy from Norsemen

  • moosesss moosesss
    moosesss moosesss 27 days ago +1


  • [] Duyrth []
    [] Duyrth [] 27 days ago


  • Mint
    Mint Month ago +1

    For some reason the big guy kinda reminds me of someone like Trevor or Michael from GTA 5

    DON WOLFE_ Month ago

    Im 14 and this just got dark

  • Erick Said Quety
    Erick Said Quety Month ago

    Poor lord ugly things happened to him :(

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha Month ago

    A música do pés kakkak

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight Month ago

    *You can hurt a man... but never his dog.*

  • Nugget de perro con cancer

    Poor guy

  • Alejandra Franco
    Alejandra Franco Month ago

    How it feels being ouf of school :^

  • LeFREAK 19
    LeFREAK 19 Month ago +1

    Fifa 16... good old times...!

  • Better Tomorrow
    Better Tomorrow Month ago

    Why are there norwegian actors here?

  • bitspot
    bitspot Month ago

    I like how you can see that the neighbour just wants to be left alone. Cus he's so bored after beating him up

  • Kakhi
    Kakhi Month ago

    Eat your cereal kids :)

  • João Victor XP
    João Victor XP Month ago

    Fifa 17

  • Sample Lab 取樣實驗室

    You know Pi~ka~chu

  • Kelvツ
    Kelvツ Month ago


  • MonkeyPerson18
    MonkeyPerson18 Month ago

    wtf why did they eat the dog

  • myungskywalker
    myungskywalker Month ago

    Quite the useless video.

  • damir kazic
    damir kazic Month ago

    3:36 u can actually see the boobs hahahahaha

  • Grisha Petrov
    Grisha Petrov Month ago +1

    Миша говорит что не хватает какой-то финальной точки, чего-то не хватает

  • johs
    johs Month ago

    i'm honestly on the big dudes side

  • Hypo Dryo
    Hypo Dryo Month ago

    honsestly i thought it was funny to begin with but after watching the entire video i kind of hate it........

  • Banana killer
    Banana killer Month ago

    Don't ever payback!

  • Marcos Archibold
    Marcos Archibold Month ago

    Fifa 13 song😂😂😂

  • Máté Knyihár
    Máté Knyihár Month ago

    Still got the last laugh...

  • sami jouili
    sami jouili Month ago +1

    Poor Gomez XD

  • Filip Fjære
    Filip Fjære Month ago

    Atle Antonsen on the track!

  • DarkMageYT
    DarkMageYT Month ago +1

    poha ele matou o cachorro

  • K Cuba
    K Cuba Month ago

    where can I find instrumental at 3:31??

  • Bruno Triana
    Bruno Triana Month ago +2

    Where my fifa players at

  • SoNoMations
    SoNoMations Month ago


  • Charles DeLand
    Charles DeLand Month ago +1


  • Baguette
    Baguette Month ago

    That was the weakest, most unenthusiastic slap I've ever seen in my life

  • CKaY
    CKaY Month ago

    can't decide who's the asshole

  • Dan Nvk
    Dan Nvk Month ago +1

    And this is how you commit a murder.

  • Leonardo Perin
    Leonardo Perin Month ago +1

    Até hoje escuto está música... Muito boa!

  • british fireworks
    british fireworks Month ago +1

    Hopper is that you with a beard?

  • bb
    bb 2 months ago

    we gachi

  • Darko Black
    Darko Black 2 months ago

    This is not what I expected when I heard this on Fifa
    This turned dark wayyy too fast

  • TheAnibas1983
    TheAnibas1983 2 months ago

    The best video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dakota Bradford
    Dakota Bradford 2 months ago

    Wtf just happened?

    SIR. SCRUB 2 months ago

    Why did he buy so many pizzas?

  • Sekai
    Sekai 2 months ago

    Who else is here from SPKY

  • JustDavid159
    JustDavid159 2 months ago

    I like the fact that Gomez is teleporting from one place then in to the pot. Sorry Gomez.

  • Martin Al-Almani
    Martin Al-Almani 2 months ago

    Need Something bruh?

  • MegaMobius
    MegaMobius 2 months ago +1

    Thanks Fifa for this track :)

  • Lightnew
    Lightnew 2 months ago +2

    This song fit for fever dream perfectly

  • zix
    zix 2 months ago

    they are norwegian actors

  • Hung BM Hero
    Hung BM Hero 2 months ago

    0:37 why he still smell it ?
    0:42 damn... hes still hold it
    wheres the logic xD

  • john smith
    john smith 2 months ago

    shoulda used a gun XD. or a lawyer. (although it would get complicated)

  • simone venturini
    simone venturini 2 months ago

    Fifa 17

  • Ammofdeath Ammofdeath
    Ammofdeath Ammofdeath 2 months ago

    Wow that’s sad Gomez died bro I was like yeah kill that dude he deserves it because he killed your dog but in real life Gomez is still alive

  • LearnSomethingNew YT
    LearnSomethingNew YT 2 months ago

    Holy crap

  • Z kings videos cool itB


  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 2 months ago +3

    Fifa 17 has one of the best soundtracks of the franchise

  • Nina Unkown Wolf
    Nina Unkown Wolf 2 months ago

    deam the dude thet killd the dog is Norwigen xD .. i knew i saw him somwhere jk.. but i think hes nowigen sins the Å in hes last name is a norwigen word .s. .. eeh..

  • [ ]
    [ ] 2 months ago +102

    If john wick has taught us anything, don't mess with someone's dog dammit

    • RonSGaming
      RonSGaming 22 days ago

      Don't Mess With Another Man's Mom

  • Nic M
    Nic M 2 months ago

    mm right

  • TheRealRiskeee
    TheRealRiskeee 2 months ago

    Mmmm dog Soup My favourite

  • PhantomCorn4126
    PhantomCorn4126 2 months ago

    They are Norweigans😍😍😍

  • Jozef Waldhauser
    Jozef Waldhauser 2 months ago

    john wick alternate universe

  • Starkhz
    Starkhz 2 months ago

    Well, looks like a music for Forza Horizon 🤔

    • SNiKe Dz
      SNiKe Dz 2 months ago

      Starkhz i don’t think so